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  1. All ideas are welcomed.

  2. I have an idea for your economy issue. If you still have one. ^__^

  3. User has been banned.

  4. can u mke the orn wall big3r on 3.0/

  5. Teamspeak is back up!

  6. GM Q & A on Teamspeak! Come and ask your questions.!

  7. Whitebeard

    xXFalconerXx's Ban Appeal

    Topic moved to completed ban appeals.
  8. Whitebeard

    nppeck's ideas on how to reduce server drama

    Here, here Nppeck. I think all these ideals are pretty brilliant, I like to see feedback that isn't overly agressive or dramatic but this is highly constructive. So thank you.
  9. Whitebeard

    xXFalconerXx's Ban Appeal

    What he said. You were spamming in OOC chat with the image linked above.
  10. Hmm... I haven't really seen you around much, so I guess I'll say hello. ;) I've liked the work I've seen from you so far!

  11. Dusk just asked me out on skype.... awkward.

  12. Whitebeard

    Banned But I Do Not Know The Reason

    If I unban you I want you to get onto making it look good ASAP, even when flattening land you need to make sure don't leave it look ugly. This means excavating in a natural way to make it look nice. Unbanned.