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  1. End of the day loot from #Cultists! Thanks a ton! http://prntscr.com/505aox

  2. Writing guides to plugins, lemme know which ones to do next!

  3. ((This will be put on halt until 4.0))
  4. The Engineering Guild Introduction The engineers guild was created as a way to promote learning of all mechanical works and how they operate. The guild is unaffiliated with any nation at all and will take jobs from anyone as well as train anyone. Our members pride themselves on build the most secure vaults and deadly traps. Our researching branch prides itself on creating amazing inventions that will help the people of Anthos. Our guild has a storage of our inventions as well as blueprints for every mechanical device created that we could take apart and study. Joining Joining
  5. Craftbook is fixed!

    1. LeRenardNoir
    2. monkeypoacher


      custom recipes not so much, yet.

  6. Craftbook is fixed!

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    2. Cloakedsphere


      nice hack client

    3. SortedJarhead
    4. Leland22


      It wasnt me, someone linked it. I dont even know if the person was on our side since there would be no reason to fly above it when we have a glass roof to look at it through...

  7. Good battle, not much rule breaking at all!

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