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  1. Something

    Every time I read your posts, Griff. Every time.
  2. [Denied]Gm Re-Application

    Minus juan, ese.
  3. [Denied]Cracker's Gm App

    kind of a fuccboi, still /fa/ enough I guess. +1
  4. [Denied]Dark's Trial Gm Application

    Wouldn't recommend as a GM. Extremely terrible temper and you seem to be incapable of handling anything fundamental with others whom may have opinions different than your own. Essentially, from the brief experience I've had with you, you came off as somebody who embodies all of the opposite qualities that a GM needs. As such, -1 until you prove that you're mature enough for the power that accompanies such a position.
  5. [Denied]Hunwald's Global Moderator Application

    Support for this fine gentleman. Big ol' plus one from me, best of luck.
  6. Raptor's Fm Re-Application

    Make this MF an FM or I'll call JIDF
  7. Damn homie

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Jarkarll


      Renard wanted you to know that he's not coming back ever, not even considered.

    3. MonkeyCoffee
    4. ~ Odin ~

      ~ Odin ~

      Renard, you dashing rogue you! How utterly spiffing to hear from you, old chap!

  8. [Builder] Tom's Event Team App

    Wow man, those walls have got some great structural integrity, blus one from me!!!1
  9. The Issue From An Ex-Staff's Pov

    If someone who hadn't left the server in such a way, (which I may add was as said, incredibly over dramatized) would Gaius' points be more valid? For everyone claiming hypocrisy in what Gaius has said, perhaps he feels regret and is offering a suggestion as an act of final amends before he departs, this does not make his points any less valid. The fact that the staff continues to ignore the points of this post and veils it behind "Gaius left on a bad note - all points are invalid" just shows the general attitude of many staff members on this server. Instead of most staff putting in the effort, they'd prefer to demonize Gaius and not actually work on fixing anything, this is in direct reference to you, Rhia. Your post in response to Gaius shows that you are no more capable of being constructive to this community than he was in his leaving, and mark, this post will be deleted because I'm calling you out directly. God forbid anyone call out the bureaucracy and red tape that LotC has become.
  10. RIP LaTerre, you were better at hiding than Osama.