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  1. how do i make stone tools

    1. Aeldrin


      Use a stonemasonry table and click the chest that says tools.

  2. "Get the civilians below deck" next level boredom incoming zzzzz

  3. I think I am becoming some sort of otherkin, but i don't know what yet !

    1. Lima


      Join be as toaster-kin, become in bread.

  4. yekim8

    The Barmy Merchant Company

    MC Name: snazzyenglishman RP Name: boris tvardovsky Race: human Past Groups: n0ne Reason for joining: want to be rich mate
  5. yekim8

    Imperial Watch

    Name – Boris Tvardovsky Age – 37 Race – Human Reason to join - I have no home and want some of that sweet sweet minas Special Skills - Persuasion written by Lord Rocco on behalf of Boris Tvardovsky
  6. when does archeage get fun

    1. Raptorious
    2. Inquart


      when the game is more than boring questing, lv 20 or so

    3. Major Dom

      Major Dom

      trick question it doesnt

  7. give us the child

  8. does anyone with sonics know how to stop shadows flickering all the time

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    2. Ford


      accelerate at a rational pace to arrive at your goal

    3. JtPv


      use white out. works everytime.

    4. gam


      have you tried turning it off and back on again?

  9. anyone play planetside 2?????

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    2. IevIr4d
    3. JCQuiinn


      Yeah, I do from time to time. I run an NC on Connery with the Devil Dogs. Need to reinstall the game though.

    4. Kid Mackin

      Kid Mackin

      *cringes as he remembers hes in the same team as her*

  10. which gm would like to spawn in cows around me : - )))))

  11. always outgunned, never outnumbered

  12. is there a different way to breed horses now?

  13. rip in peace dalek348 sweet prince never forget xxxx

  14. rip in peace dalek348 sweet prince never forget xxxx