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  1. I'm so gonna destroy that birthday cake...

    1. Space


      Yeah baby, just the way it likes it. You devour it.

  2. New avatar created, pile'o'bones deserved a rest!

  3. A year ago or so, Khedhre had awoken from a dream. His head slumped upon his desk, his clothes drenched in his sweat. His architectural drawings lay strewn across the floor, his desk instead littered with scrolls covered in scrawled symbols and runes. He had feared himself going made all that time ago and had stored the scrolls away, hoping it was just a strange dream... Yet tonight he awoke, his heart racing as he saw again his office scrambled by his sleeping maelstrom and in front of him a third scroll. He must find the reason to these dreamed messages. Night turned to day and the sun set again, still he worked tirelessly. On the third day, echausted but with a slight smile on his face he looked at what he had desiphered. He wasn't sure he fully understood it, but he had made some sense of the runes. Unaware that many others had been gifted these messages also he grabbed a loose piece of parchment, and wrote: t, £a.nºi.£,ô ôª,.ñº He stacked them all together and locked them away, safe under lock and key, until perhaps the dreams would come to him again.
  4. Why killed all our penned animals and not even leave an rp reason or note. So been ooc trolled and i don't even know who by. Pretty pointless really!



      Adunian camp or no?

  5. I feel the urge to draw some skins again... I've decided thats my plan for when i get in. PM me if you want one.

    1. Jadles


      Three requests in 2 minutes, you honour me. At this rate i'll have to open a shop again.



      I have urges sometimes too.

  6. Where are you, man?! :D

  7. Hey buddy, long time no see!

  8. *waves* Hello

  9. Feel the sky blanket you, with gems and rhinestones...

    1. Slic3man


      Aaaahh! They're too hard and pointy! It's raining down on us!

  10. A wave came crashing like a fist through a door

  11. troubled souls unite, we got ourselves tonight..

  12. Had enough trouble, but the trouble wants more...

  13. All seems a bit pointless today, a farce that seems to be ignored.

    1. ♦ Kal ♦

      ♦ Kal ♦

      I know.

      I think I'm getting to tired of this to continue fighting.

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