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  1. +1, this was a monster of a rewrite to get through so I am happy it is over. All of my complaints were address in its creation so I have no further issues with the rewrite.
  2. that would serve the same purpose, to stop magic usage by the deity for defiance. if you want to have the ability to disconnect or 'break' someone's magic then you need to do it in person, ether through a high ranking member of the deity magic or in theory by the deity doing it themselves (which then typically would not bother with.)
  3. In Regards to the first redline: According to current deity lore, deities cant remote disconnect their users. However if your deity would care about obeying certain rules then you can do something similar to how the Aspects deal with wayward druids. So if a druid acts against nature then the druid is required to one of the archdruids in their circle or the guide who attuned them that they have acted against nature. Then, RPly the archdruid or guide is sent a vision called a 'druidic dream' were they are shown the transgression and then archdruid or guide goes and deals out any and all punishment needed. I believe a similar system can work if your deity would care about the every action of its members.
  4. I do like this post a lot, and I think that having this would lead to good and new RP for all involved. But I do have some lore issues: 1. No matter how much I read this it smells like dark druidism. To be more more exact, this seems to be Dark Cernunnos in the same way Nemiisae is dark Cerridwen. If this the case then why not make a new Deamon of Winter that is a rouge Aspect. 2. Tayl is stated to be reclusive even by Aengudeamon standards. So why would he want to get highly active with his own cult seemingly out of the blue? It seems like a rather quick shift in motivation. Ether way I do hope that this lore is approved. Good luck BNK!
  5. Mist Druid Earendur signs the charter.
  6. +1 I like this lore, It gives some love to the goblins, but also it gives us more unique metals which are needed to add more flare into RP as it gives us some new options in regards to RP item and abilities.
  7. I love this Lore. Hopefully it will balance out the over-powered mental magics. +1
  8. Good work Sky. I would say that it is odd that a literal wood construct has the ability to have children as the sap the would come out would likely lack the ability to have the DNA required to reproduce. unless if you can add a sense able reason on how it should.
  9. Thanks Sky, your help with the druidic rewrites are helpful as always I think what people are getting hung up about is the different definitions of the word nature. The first defines purpose or a characteristic. I.E. The boy has a kind nature. It is by the wolves' nature to hunt deer. This is one land mine I avoided but there is confusion with the other two definitions that exist in LOTC. Namely, Nature is something that exists without need of a known creator or is shaped on its own accord. I.E. The river flows naturally toward the sea. The void is natural because it was not made by anything. And, Nature is a construct of The Aspects Why is this separate definition important? Because it is the only thing limiting Communion and Control to what is right now. For example, Why can't I control rocks, wind, and water? Those things exist in harmony with nature? Why can't I control the void? it naturally exists? Why can't I commune with Humans? They were created naturally? Why can't I commune with the Dragons? Aren't they natural? The answer is that The Aspects did not make the rock, the void, humans, or dragons. The Aspects created the plants, the animals, the fungi, ect. So therefore, druids who have 'nature' magic lack the ability to control things commonly called nature. As opposed to the precise in game reason for what is encompassed by what the druids say X is natural or Y is unnatural. Hope this clears things up!!
  10. will do, thank you for the notifying me about this.
  11. True but that is an internal rule of the druids which we can make unilaterally, however the reason I made it across the board is to avoid-meta and to avoid any arbitrary nature of what happens if you step in if you are x, y or z. which is exactly I wished to clear up with this post
  12. I feel it is not appropriate to have an added effect to a mage, so the overwhelming effect is across the board now. So now if -any- non-druid enters a fairy ring the a sudden kick but nothing most characters can not handle. this effect can give a low level mage a major problem, but a high level mage is ether going to have a minor hiccup or knock over a mushroom. it is sill not a 'good' idea for a mage to enter one, but now it isn't a horrible one.
  13. I have made edits based upon common feedback, thank you for you responses!!
  14. If there are rules seem too arbitrary or culturally influenced I am willing to strike them out. As for the rings dispellement you are correct we have rp them being destroyed via kick over mushroom. (I have receive messages as such form elder druids) However I am willing to change it to it being dispelled by that way.
  15. If this is too much of a contradiction I will be able to limit it is just dark mages. but the reason for it is goes back to the reason why druids and mages do not get along it is because the void is naturally between the realms and not within as such bringing the void into a realm is unnatural to druids as it needs to make room for itself by pushing nature aside. We RPly had a series of visions from the aspects stating their disapproval of void based magic as well dark magic the harms nature. that is why I stated Arcane and dark mages. it is because the aspect disapprove of the magic as opposed to holy mage which is left out.
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