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    watching old warclaim videos makes me wonder where did we go absolutely wrong. being able to mimic this in modern day would be ******* amazing. people spamming shout, rallies coming from their own cities.


    This is what we need to return to

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    2. Fireheart


      I’m sorry you do not have sufficient casus bellis for this status update.

    3. Lionbileti


      just give me conquest again, All I want is Conquest. Nations r awful because they don’t die, and new groups cant take their place.

    4. CosmicWhaleShark


      The world was smaller and the playerbase was more divided in the past, this kept OOC out of the equation on the grand scale. People fail to play their characters as well when it comes to warclaims recently, as in the last three years. It becomes a question of a player’s skill or ability to lead and how many connections they can exploit. As a result they’ll contort RP to what is their best chance OOCly, because many feel it’s their OOC reputation at stake. If they feel they’re going to lose they’ll cheese pvp build techniques and take advantage of OOC delays and use information gained OOCly to make necessary preparations for the ideal outcome. If they lose it was due to staff corruption, normally. Warclaims were originally made for the sake of participation, and they evolved as players became less and less capable of agreeing on terms or outcomes themselves. Compensation for player behavior and lack of sportsmanship is ironically what lead to the current state. We went from interesting battles like Wrath’s Clutch and Das Boot – Orc/Dwarf honor wars - to players literally burning their city down to avoid a warclaim, or demanding a warclaim be made and then not showing up to it so they have time to evacuate their loot or important RP items during the OOC buffer due to this babying. Rather than being part of the game they became a way to avoid consequences for playing the game the ‘wrong’ way – as in being in a position to lose.


      Damn warclaims, they ruined warclaims.


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