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  1. Stop trying to interview me for admin smh

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      Man’s done his time! Let him be free! 

  2. Minecraft Name (s): (Include any alts) pinkpyro Please link the blacklist you are appealing https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/184294-pinkpyro/ Blacklist Reason: poor villainy How has your blacklist helped you improve your overall/villain RP?: The Blacklist has helped me realize that there is so much more to role play than just going around with someone doing boring villainy role play. As in the weeks I have had the blacklist I have had the opportunity to meet friendly people and have some interesting role play with them. The blacklist has also helped me to know how to approach villainy/conflict role play, if I even wished to do so, from observing others perform conflict/villainy role play. It has helped me understand how frustrating it can be when a random person approaches you and kills you when you're just minding your own business. The blacklist has caused me to go out and explore the other communities on the server and role play with them, leading to some pretty enjoyable role play for both parties involved. Overall this blacklist has made me appreciate the role play aspect of the server and has helped me find the type of role play I enjoy. Are you aware receiving another blacklist after this one, will be more severe?: Yes. And for this reason I do not intend on receiving another Why should you be un-blacklisted? I have spent my time improving my role play and thinking how I can make my role play more enjoyable for both parties. I have also grown to favor quality of life role play over villainy role play. which I have realized that Villainy role play isn't at all needed to effectively role play and as stated before I now favor other role play styles over villainy role play as it doesn't offer the encounters and role play that those other role play styles can offer. I have also read over the servers conflict rules to refresh my memory in order to avoid poor villainy and possibly ruining someones role play experience. Ensuring that I will not make the same mistake again.
  3. It was already yes you liar!!

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  5. @everyone vote no or I’ll bring back roleplay default. SAVE MY HUSBAND!!!
  6. You thought log pits was a bad meme? Just wait for what’s coming later on today!

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      flesh pits

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      F for Humans since NordicGod coup’d an Emperor.

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      i hope its for a community listening staff team

  7. MCname: Excitedly UUID: a79be6f4-01b4-49b9-b3ef-472cbea150f7 Reason: idk because he pugsied everyone and is a bad egg with big issues Evidence: Refer to his appeal I handled on this date
  8. R.I.P. “Thanks” 6-1 to 6-10 😞

  9. I will be on hiatus from the 2nd of June until the 10th. If you need assistance that I typically provide please contact either @Pun or @IZipZapManI Moderation Staff Update Log - May 2019 ‹ Introduction › Good morning and for those of you who are getting out of school for the summer or graduating, congratulations! This month we’ve seem a ramp up both in the sheer amount of tickets being submitted and also some complicated issues that have hit the community which include: Wars, indecisive moderation, and a general feeling of unfairness and toxicity that is harming the overall community. This is gonna be a focus of ours moving forward during the summer as we try to tackle these very complicated issues. You might have noticed that I didn’t include the header of “needing more moderators” at the top of the post since I wanted to really drive it here that we are in need of support and assistance. Providing feedback and giving opinions on how to fix issues as a community is always valued, but the day to day upkeep on the server is taxing, which is why I wanted to really encourage you that you should consider applying if you haven’t already or are on the fence about it. ‹ New Changes › Something I have been working on the past month is some back-end quality of life changes. Most of this has to do with disciplinary actions. This is something I have talked on quite a bit, but several months ago we rolled out an internal system of keeping track of player infractions (bans + warnings) and keeping them within a general guideline framework. These guidelines on the punishment to hand down after a player’s third time of griefing vs their first time were and still are a guideline, or a suggestion, for the length. However, it is highly encouraged and instructed to moderators to follow this unless the situation is unique and outside of the scope of what the guidelines outline. This document and structure can be found on our information post and will now be public. As always you can approach a manager to get the list of your infractions. Specific infractions which is every single mark up until level 7 will be not be held against you after the mark is a year old. Meaning, for example, if you griefed a statue of a dragon back in 2017 it will not count against you in 2019 if you are caught griefing a farmhouse. As a reminder there is a your view up relating to war rules. Please take a chance to give it a look over and provide your feedback. Recently a couple weeks ago I had a player approach me complaining about some of the rules and guidelines to heist. When I asked them if they saw the posts asking for feedback on it they said yes, but opted not to post on them since it didn’t affect them. While that might be true to you and wars you never know and we can not know if you don’t speak up. So please take a couple of minutes to read it over and post your thoughts! As mentioned on Friday the forums are going through a revamp in some areas. I hope you all have been enjoying the extra “Thanks” reputation button as we continue to live test it. Awhile ago some might remember the rework of “Appeals” and how we consolidated the sub-forum to make it more easy to work with. Alongside that now we are rolling out the second phase to this area which is hitting the brand new “Reports” sub-forum. This subforum will now house a one stop shop location for you to file player reports, magic reports, and staff reports. The hope is to make it more easily accessible. Both the reports and appeals subforum will now be OP view only sub-forums meaning that the respective staff for those sub-forums will be able to view it and the OP; no one else. This is to take into account the feedback I have received on people being scared to report players or groups due to the fear of backlash. If you are wishing to make general public feedback regarding a staff member or a specific team please use the respective team feedback forum, but make sure to follow that with an actual staff report for an investigation. These post should be constructive in nature and follow forum rules etiquette. As a final note due to the high volume of tickets and the current burden of work being placed on moderators we will be temporarily halting our service of providing fly to players. This is to cut down on the current workflow so that we can handle the more time sensitive and more important tickets such as CRP issues or other forms of player conflict issues. This is something I do want to bring back, but for the sake of the current team this has to be done to give some of us a small break from being burnt out. ‹ Current Team Roster › ‹ Monthly Statistics › Moderation Staff received a total of 5392 modreqs in May. Congratulations and thank you to: Potts24, Lomrun, and ZachsSlayer for taking the most tickets in that respective order! It was awesome seeing these individuals step into the team and really contribute a lot during their first month. The monthly quota for Moderation Staff 3%, for this month that meant an individual Mod had to complete a total of 161. Below you can view the general statistics for all members of the team. Keep in mind some new Mods were added to the team late in the month and some Mods were on leave for real life reasons. ‹ Roster Changes › + ZachsSlayer added to Moderation Staff + func_Soap added to Moderation Staff + Rwk0 added to Moderation Staff + Endershadow292 added to Moderation Staff - Murlocs stepped down as a Moderation Staff Manager - TastyCheesecake stepped down from Moderation Staff - Pandann stepped down from Moderation Staff ‹ Special Thanks › Gamma_Byte for building support. -------------------------------
  10. Hey there. Your report has only been sitting for two days please have patience as there are other reports as well.
  11. Greetings! This post is coming to you a day early before the monthly update log to announce something SUPER important!!11!!!111! Over the next day there is gonna be another wave of changes coming to the forums which will be a follow up to what we started back in March with the launch of the new map. These changes will be detailed in the update log coming out this weekend, but for now I did push one of the changes out. Alongside being able to upvote posts you will now be able to “Thanks” post which will do absolutely nothing. I repeat ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! This does not give you a positive reputation point like an upvote, but it also does not give you a negative point like the dreaded downvote button (may it rest in peace and NEVER return). We will be testing this feature for the next week to see how it works out and we might end up swapping it out to trying other kinds of reputation buttons. If you have ideas for positive buttons that are not toxic let me know down below! (I’m not locking this for my boy Med, gotta keep that man happy! ❤️) Keep your eye out for the update log and please follow me with some patience as we change some more things over (most will have to do with sub-forum functions). If you notice something missing or super br0ken shoot me a private message and have a good Friday! - Fire
  12. *Livia hears news of the festival and cracks a small smile of excitement for the day to come!*
  13. I for one welcome our technician overlords and and am excited for when we will some day be placed in 2x1 black boxes that will teleport across the map to do our roleplay!!
  14. What Med is suggesting is that the price multiples on itself so that it is not sustainable forever.
  15. Good evening morning. For some reason forums decided to not auto post this on the schedule placed on it so apologizes for the like twelve hour delay. As promised in my previous post we will be throwing out this centralized post for people to give their thoughts and opinions on several topics. The two specific topics for this thread are the follow: - Fortification criterias (what is and what isn't a PvP fort). - Fortification edits (what is a minor edit, what is major, et cetera). To break it down and to give context to how it currently has been handled most of this is under moderation discretion. Some questions to think about and answer when giving your input and feedback could be… Are you for or against modifications in the middle of a war? Should players be allowed to create giant 100 block tall forts over the timespan of a day or two or should it be restricted to something smaller? For sieges; what would constitute fair defensive modifications? Are there specific types of traps or building structures that should be outlawed for not being realistic or friendly to our roleplay atmosphere? ...and many more beyond that. I look forward to hearing people’s thoughts on the topic and remember that suggestions do have to fit within a rule set so detail and accuracy is appreciated! p.s. I hope Med loves me now since this post isn’t locked ❤️
  16. all you need is a trendy hashtag.... #Hot4Frott @Frott
  17. Fireheart

    A Follow Up

    A follow up Hello there. It’s been a couple of days of a lot of silence on my end as I’ve watched a ton of reactions continue to unfold both from the events that transpired Saturday and Sunday with my follow up post to those events. I’ve taken some time to listen to people’s reactions, talk with various members of the community, and continue to review new information that has been brought to my attention after I made my post Sunday. To recap...the details I went over Sunday were in relation to the warclaim we had Saturday. To summarize the post touches on three major issues: The incident, the cause, and the unclear and incorrect communication. The decisive action in my mind and those around me was to redo that specific part of the warclaim where the bug became game breaking. The logic and thought process behind this was that the bug caused a clearly different outcome than what likely would have happened which we now know to be incorrect. Upon hearing the verdict large parts of the community came forward with more information regarding the warclaim. This included mostly unfair play and hacking from both sides during the warclaim. I would like to preface this and thank those of you who came forward and provided these details for us to look at. There are three specific instances I want to go over: The spawn killing issue: Several players from both sides of the conflict were sent to the lobby area. During this time period of them being stuck several, players were killed as they were awaiting transport from the area. In total, after speaking with players who brought forward information and going through server logs; we found seven confirmed defenders killed and four confirmed attackers killed in the lobby area. The hacking issue: During the warclaim, specifically at one part, there has now been released video of a player hacking and cutting down multiple players from the defending side. [Gif] The total amount of kills this now banned account achieved was seven before being killed themselves. Alting issue: There were instances where some players were ban evading during the warclaim as well as other players loading up several accounts that they either provided to other players or used themselves after their first account died to gain an edge. In total five accounts from the defenders were banned and two accounts from the attackers were banned. I apologize for jumping the gun on Sunday rather than waiting a little longer for more information to possibly come in. The amount of pressure put on this whole ordeal by all parties both directly after the warclaim and Sunday night was immense... Which is why I’ve taken a bit longer to do my follow up to ensure that this is the correct path forward. Taking into account the spawn killing that occurred in the lobby area, the hacking, and the alting issue that took place during the warclaim on Saturday; I can no longer in confidence believe that redoing that specific part of the warclaim would be overall fair to both sides. The outcome of Saturday will stand and all roleplay relating to it is now unfrozen. There were a lot of complications that we will need to go over together as a community and figure out. So keep your eyes peeled for a ‘Your View’ later on this week as promised in my post last week. Thank you, -Ryan
  18. Data May 18th 2019 Total Avg Players: 112.07 (Last week was 100.52) Nations: Sutica 12.73 | 11.36% Curon 5.37 | 4.79% Aegrothond 5.72 | 4.7% Renatus 9.7 | 8.7% Druids 2.18 | 1.95% Haense 8.65 | 7.72% Adria 12.52 | 11.17% Fenn 5.04 | 4.5% Urguan 4.1 | 3.66% Highelves 6.47 | 5.77% Orcs 3.64 | 3.24% Charters: Rosenyr 0.47 | 0.42% gehenna 1.15 | 1.66% bradshawe 0.04 | 0.04% [!] harrowfall 0.04 | 0.04% [!] Warwick_Castle 0.52 | 0.46% Albion 0.21 | 0.19% Starfall 0.00 | 0.00% Nyfe'andria 0.01 | 0.01% Vasiliand 0.00 | 0.00% nenzing 0.25 | 0.22% Kadarsi 0.1 | 0.09% Ayr 0.03 | 0.03% Sherwood 0.00 | 0.00% Ashfeld 0.01 | 0.01% Vira'ker 1.22 | 1.08% Attica 0.06 | 0.05% Gurmazg 0.31 | 0.28% Hua-jiao 0.0 | 0.0% Fuerte 0.01 | 0.01% Marsumar 1.46 | 1.3% Llyria 2.02 | 1.8% Hallowfall 0.2 | 0.17% Lyonesse 0.00 | 0.00% Whiterock 0.3 | 0.27% Thyra 0.95 | 0.85% Ichma Muscia 0.01 | 0.01% Asylum 0.11 | 0.1% * Rempyrean 0.32 | 0.29% * Irrinor 0.27 | 0.24% * Athalia 0.48 | 0.42% * Muscovy * Defy 0.27 * Other: brandybrook 0.27 | 0.24% * Vallberg_estate 0.25 | 0.22% * harlond 0.02 | 0.01% * eldar'seal 0.5 | 0.45% * Cloud Temple Tile (33) 4.7 | 4.19% Irongutia 0.00 | 0.00% * Fimlingrad 0.00 | 0.00%% * Vakvel 0.02 | 0.02% * dwarffarm1 0.00 0.00% * dwarftunnel 0.07 0.06% * Omargrimmer 0.36 0.32% * * Wildly off due to how little data was collected on those plots this week or overlapping. DOES NOT REPRESENT ACCURATELY [!] Activity warning. Nation / Charter low on activity. [X] Status revoked. Nation / Charter status revoked / downgraded.
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