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  1. DNE

    Get fit, get hydrated.

    Am I on drugs?
  2. devvy

    how does it feel knowing i did the same thing as you but worse and only got a discord ban hahaha punk

  3. rest well yung forehead, dont even bother returning

  4. I am the LORD of the craft.

  5. The £1 million oil money bribe encourages me to say yes to this application
  6. DNE

    Twin Tailors' Garments and Armour

    ((Skin commission form for OOC requests, for example heads)): Garb Type (Armour, Clothing, Bodypart, Creature or Accessory): Lack-of-clothing Race (if relevant to request): Welf Gender (if relevant to request): Male Description of item (include as much detail as possible): Topless with tattoo for ritual **** Reference art if applicable: https://imgur.com/a/TYBlze0 Preferred Skinner (Alwin TheKingofTheMoon/ Mordew or Aerenna/ Bunemma if applicable: whoevers best at it idk
  7. DNE

    The Children of Azdromoth

    Azdromoth grins from above...........
  8. DNE

    Greentag Turned Red

    Use this power to destroy bad lore to the stump.
  9. Daily reminder that Leo and others are still banned and are being subsequently ignored by Telanir, not being told why they are still banned despite serving their time.

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    2. erikur


      b          r             e               a           k                      the              c            h          a          i         n          s

    3. Ser Paul Ryan

      Ser Paul Ryan

      Why was my post removed? I demand an explanation and justice. This kind of CENSORSHIP is what is killing the internet's premium roleplay experience 

      Oh wait nevermind I just don't know how this **** works anymore carry on. 


      (we should still revolt tho) 

    4. Algoda


      If they dont let people wait, they cant make themselves feel important. This is serious, dont take this away from the staff team.

  10. DNE


    Khaine sends letter back "Just deplete the ten minutes to ten seconds and save yourself some time. Nobody cares about her."
  11. DNE


    "Literally couldn't care less about this selfish kidnap-bait." Khaine says like the heartless prick he is.
  12. DNE

    [Complete]3 Slaves for sale

    "Three more idiots." khaine says