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  1. DNE

    Get fit, get hydrated.

    Am I on drugs?
  2. devvy

    how does it feel knowing i did the same thing as you but worse and only got a discord ban hahaha punk

  3. If that is the case then that's one of the examples that should be punished: deliberate and malicious and a serious IRL threat of a kind.
  4. @FlamboyantRage Words more poignant than mine.
  5. An Objective Standard for Discord Evidence A disclaimer before I start. This is obviously related to my ban, and therefore I will obviously have an opinion on it, but I think it is a good way to limit what admins can ban people for outside of LoTC mediums - because simply ‘it’s related to LoTC does not cut it’. I would rather rely on objectively defined boundaries and rules rather than flawed and unbound admin discretion. TLDR: Don’t click away or pre-judge based on who is posting this, give it a read. The admins cannot be allowed to continue banning players for whatever they FEEL is worthy of a ban. It is NOT up to the admins who is offended by what thing and who can be banned for a non-existent offence in a NON-LOTC medium. There must be an objective criteria for the use of a discord screenshot or gif as evidence for a ban. There must be a middle-ground between just ‘ban them for anything in discord’ and ‘ok it’s in discord so I can’t be banned’. I think I know an idea of how to do it. I believe that persistent and deliberate maliciousness should be the standard for evidence outside of discord mediums. In addition when a player has made it known he does not want these things to happen to them before and it continues. NOT when an admin THINKS offence has been caused - that is not their job. When discord (or other external platform) evidence should be used Persistent personal and intentional harassment, on multiple occasions - Targeted at an individual Serious personal threats or actions to health or life If an individual THEMSELF reports their situation (at the time, not weeks later) and wishes for it not to occur When an OBJECTIVE broken or not broken rule (Such as proving someone is alting, proving someone is hacking, etc) is broken and proven by screenshots. On platforms such as teamspeak, discord or skype (not in the LoTC discord of course, that’s LoTC jurisdiction), players should have the right to say whatever they like, when it is not actively and persistently intended to do harm to other players. They should be allowed, for example, to get a bit angry in a private channel in a private discord and use some expletives without being persecuted in a Stasi like manner because he was ‘HATEFUL AND TOXIC’. To an extent, they should be allowed to be ‘toxic’, as it is not the admin’s job to police other players off their platform. Another example would be if a joke is made, and a screenshot is taken of that and admins feel fit to ban someone for it. It is not their job to judge what is offensive and toxic and what is not. However, I do not think people should be protected by a ‘it’s on discord’ defence for persistent, obviously harassment and malicious conduct against a certain people or group. For example, if a player is constantly finding ways to private message a certain player and continuously harass them for a certain thing - and GMs/admins get screenshots of that in a ban report, that player ought to be punished for that. Context must be taken into account. Another example would be if a player is making real life threats against another player and being obviously malicious, like threatening violence on another player over discord, or making unwanted irl interactions with them such as doxxing them or calling their house. Yes, rules can be broken via discord, but it can’t be allowed that anything that the admins think is bannable can be punished. Both in real life and on the internet, systems of punishment work best when flawed individuals do not have the right to lord over arbitrarily what makes an offence, and when objective standards are adhered to. I invite the admins to post on this thread to set an objective precedent as to the kind of server they want to have.
  6. rest well yung forehead, dont even bother returning

  7. DNE

    Rules limits

    I agree...
  8. I am the LORD of the craft.

  9. DNE

    Remove Raid Ladders

    dont worry we're removing that wall @Dardonas
  10. The £1 million oil money bribe encourages me to say yes to this application
  11. DNE

    Twin Tailors' Garments and Armour

    ((Skin commission form for OOC requests, for example heads)): Garb Type (Armour, Clothing, Bodypart, Creature or Accessory): Lack-of-clothing Race (if relevant to request): Welf Gender (if relevant to request): Male Description of item (include as much detail as possible): Topless with tattoo for ritual **** Reference art if applicable: https://imgur.com/a/TYBlze0 Preferred Skinner (Alwin TheKingofTheMoon/ Mordew or Aerenna/ Bunemma if applicable: whoevers best at it idk
  12. DNE

    The Children of Azdromoth

    Azdromoth grins from above...........