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  1. yassssss +1
  2. I'll take this one.
  3. Veidan remained in the wild as he was going up against his most difficult task yet. Though somewhat out of it from the after-effects of night sap, he could still make out the words on the page. He had no idea what it was talking about, or what was really going on. But at least now he had something other than leaves to wipe with.
  4. I didn't think this was a serious app i thought it was a meme -1 i wouldnt want you to be a goddamn ET member, let alone a GM
  5. Veidan squints at the paper intensely.
  6. if this gets a +1 then I'll +1 this meme dump a very juicy post at that leo thank you
  7. it's all about speed and stamina i mean look at the Viper vs The Mountain fight from GoT Mountain had a huge ass weapon, both thick and lengthy, while the Viper, of smaller stature, had a slender, longer one. If it wasn't for his overconfidence and distraction, he would have easily defeated the Mountain right then and there what the hell are you talking about
  8. patrician let me fetch the noose for you no need for the government to get involved the people will enact the day of the rope, and all filth will be cleansed.
  9. what do you call a man who cant finish a pun
  10. @Tox please give her warning points
  11. -pepperoni MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM a classic very good yes -olives decent enough -anchovies nice nice -pineapple let me fetch my brass knuckles
  12. -chicken good yeah -onion entering "hmmmm" territory -pineapple **** off i do like authentic, farm to table ingredients
  13. yeah i can agree with this my dad always puts them on his pizza. i like the saltiness step outside sir
  14. what do you like on your pizza fams? dont say pineapple please you're just a ******* tryhard we get it > :^ I
  15. holy alteration clarification speculation configuration pacification stipulation