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  1. Anyone need a child or family member? been out of this game for awhile and im trying to get back into it, any ideas for a character?
  2. returning to this server from the golden days, trying to find some inspiration for a new character, anybody got any ideas?

    1. [redacted]


      turn around

    2. Worldeater


      Long time no see! Dwarves are fire right now, as is Oren. No better time rn to play a human or dwarf. 

  3. I'm trying to create a new character, anybody got any ideas or need a relative/child played?

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    2. Medvekoma
    3. brotherbotany


      A gnomish necromancer that is terrified of talking to women.

    4. B7W4


      I heard Orcs are lovely this time of year.

  4. Hey I need to talk to a GM or something.. Could someone message me? I need some help.

  5. Cappy 3 Server 2.

  6. Cappy 3 Server 2.

    1. Fuzumz


      Cappy. FINISH HIM!

  7. http://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/104152-just-a-thanks/ Just posting again cause I want everyone to see it :)
    1. AgentSunny


      *still heart saluting, help, using left hand this is hard it hurts ok im stopping now*

  8. Anny Harbingers online? :D

  9. Hmm lets see, I think I'm going to scream crash since I see that the many other posts about a crash seems to not be catching the attention of a techie. CRASH CRASH CRASH SERVER CRASH

  10. +1 *edit* Damn it wrong button for attachment
  11. Yes I am back baby~!

  12. I need to draw my Characters...

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