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  1. StevenQuick

    Ventai's MAT App

    Is one of the if not the best dark magic user on the server. He's also delved into holy magic and is an all around cool and respectable guy. He'd be great on the team +1
  2. StevenQuick

    [Denied] [AT Application] Argontum's AT Application

    I love this guy +1
  3. Any advise for putting glasses on a skin? I can

  4. I liked the Hobbit movies.

    1. Jonificus


      Same, except the 3rd

    2. StevenQuick


      Yeah the 3rd was a bit of a let down. To be fair they really didn't have that much to work with condensing the book into 3 movies 

    3. Moochael


      The 3rd was just a predictable battle... Kind of a boring way to end the trilogy. And I agree with you, Steven, they didn't need to spread out the book among 3 2 hour log movies

  5. Does anyone know what happened to the rpg stat plugin thing from Asulon? I think it would make pvp a lot more interesting if there was some sort of attack defense speed stats you can mess around with.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. StevenQuick


      Ah that sounds overpowered. 

    3. Pikel Boldshoulder

      Pikel Boldshoulder

      yeah that plugin wasn't very good...


    4. Tom_Whiteman


      It's deleted I believe.

  6. I have almost 2 whole double chests full of training sticks just because I want to be able to make a dark oak door

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    2. StevenQuick


      compost bins are really gitchy for me for some reason, can't place the items in.

    3. MonkeyCoffee


      you don't need to use the compost bins

    4. Reeg_


      I haven't been able to place anything in a compost bin that doesn't have a vanilla MC name (ex. Apples yes, pinecones no)

  7. StevenQuick

    Narthok's Wiki Team Application

    He's a really cool guy and has great ideas for the wiki, what more can you want? +1
  8. StevenQuick

    Brotherhood of the Holy Palatinate

    [OOC] MCName: StevenQuick [RP] Name: Steven Lombardi Age: 17 Nationality: Oreni Past Group Affiliations: None.
  9. StevenQuick

    Elerron Nalvallah

    Quill Undertale?
  10. I always get scared when I see holes because I

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    2. Omar Grimmer'Lak
    3. StevenQuick


      **** I was gonna make a joke about the two block holes in Asulon but it was cut off :(

    4. Omar Grimmer'Lak
  11. After a 6 month hiatus feels good to be back. Got a lot of nostalgia from my dumb old status updates.

    1. Kim


      big breaks are the best.

  12. StevenQuick

    [Playable Creations] Living Dolls - Repost

    Screw you Jade. +1