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    a towering darkstalker cracks his knuckles with an echoing chuckle upon reading the notice within his crypt
  2. Cornivore's Last and Final Goodbye!

    I'm still gonna bother you on discord.
  3. Atlas Events predictions? 🤔

    Both at the same time.
  4. Jandy's MT App

  5. Your View: Undead

    Depends on what you do to them. Because they'll remain "alive" with both their legs and arms chopped off. Decapitation, chopping them clean in half or aurum/holy magic are best ways to take them out. They're also physically weaker than their mortal selves. Almost by a half, if i'm not mistaken.
  6. Your View: Undead

    I've had a similiar issue. But my master wasn't inactive, he simply and understandably had other things to do than constantly give his ghouls tasks and keep them occupied.
  7. Your View: Undead

    Why take away the only thing that gives some ghouls the drive to RP said ghoul for longer than a month? I've spent three as one and while my ghoul was sentient, it did not help to kill the boredom. The start was fun of course, killing people and roaming around being a smelly creepy corpse, but it's oath to get stale soon. And what you're going to do then? I've personaly reached for something higher. But if a ghoul is unintelligent, it wouldn't exactly care for such things nor reach for them. And before you said that their master should grant them an upgrade if they chose so, that's awfully specific. Lack of intelligence wouldn't allow them to be good servants either, more like pets that kill for you. Ghoul population's little as it is, take away the only factor that keeps them away from going stale after a week or two of roleplay and you'll purge them completely. Which let's be honest, plenty would be happy to see them all dissapear. Especially people that always complain about undead attacks.
  8. Your View: Undead

    Shush, i enjoy doing that.
  9. [Denied]Tired of Light blue, Going for Dark blue ~Zombiefide

    I mean. Why the hell not. Give the dude a chance atleast, if he fucks up he can lose his trial, as easy as that. And don't potray him as a toxic piece of ****. That's my position, i'm the worst player around here, and let's keep it that way!
  10. I'M THE BEST PVPER ON LOTC [Music Video]

    @The Combatant
  11. [Accepted] Random AT goes for red

    Shut up and enjoy the upvote. <3
  12. [Denied] Torky wants to finish her events! [Actor]

    Down with staff-title hoarding! -1
  13. [Accepted] Random AT goes for red

    He's black. +1 Yes, i know that only his char is but who cares?