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  1. Mechanically only necrolyte, specter, hou-zi and construct require applying. That contains but isn't limited to golems, paleknights, ghouls, flesh golems, wraiths, augurs, the list goes on.
  2. A ghost of a certain ape-kha frowns at Mukar's grumbling "Oh f**k off, moon kizzer."
  3. Be a dark elf mage with an everlasting hunger for power. Why i didn't say high elf? Because that's every high elf ever.
  4. Reserving a spot for two people with few items and a text! I'll take a bit to gather up the info, that's why.
  5. Okay, i've finally decided to make this post. Something's got to be done about this. In a nutshell, it's an exactly full stack of items ending up as one for absolutely no reason. First time it was me putting a stack of windswept staves into the auction house, i glanced at the house itself to see that there's only one branch for sale, i of course made a modreq about it, the GM tried doing the same, ended up with a different result. He said that he'll direct the issue to devs but that isn't exactly bringing my staves back. But i let it slide and ended up forgetting about it. But now, i've finally gathered myself a full stack of iron blocks and decided to sell them to my friend that i was talking in PM with. Since it was on my alt persona and i did not want the minas on it, i threw the stack of iron blocks to the floor and switched persona. (They both were at the same room) i've seen the pile on the ground and picked it up just to see that all i'm holding is one block. I have absolutely no idea how the second one would occur, the stave problem is of course the auction house which is far from vanilla. But this? I've just dropped the bloody blocks and an entire stack ended up as only one. Of course i know that i'm not getting any kind of refund due to lack of proof, but if you're here, you might as well have a chuckle at my reaction.
  6. You had one job... Just kidding, everyone f**k's up once in a while.
  7. Well this flaming discussion seems like it's going to drag on for a while...
  8. That's what i've meant by opinions. Everyone has things they want and they don't want. Forcing cats and dogs into one pen is far from a good choice for both sides.
  9. I understand that the playerbase's small, but grumbling about it not uniting OOC'ly is still not the way to go. I mean, even if races were smaller, i highly doubt that every member of the race would sit in the same settlement. People like to spice things up and not roll by the stereotype. That's why there's quite the few whitewash orcs, various elven subraces living among humans, that kind of thing.
  10. I beleave that the founder of the second village simply made his as an alternative, originaly being a member of the first and simply not liking it. I highly doubt that OOC's the way to settle such things. And if the other haflings do not wish to do anything with y'all, that's their thing. Saying that you're pissed off about it might even add to it.
  11. Making such post made it seem like that.
  12. You can't ask staff to force such things. Stuff doesn't work like that.
  13. Yet another meme to the pile... sigh...
  14. I come next.
  15. Minecraft Username: Dewlox Character Name: Daendron "Sentinel" Vra'kra Character's Gender: Male Character's Race: Wood Elf Type of Skin made: Full skin creation.