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  1. Dewlox grips the poster, tapping at his own chin "I wonder if i'd be allowed to fight the undead without becoming a part of any group dedicated specifically to that..."
  2. I'll think about it. But i don't think i'd be taken too seriously IRP.
  3. I've wanted to have a samurai-styled character for ages, haven't done it simply because of the people's opinion on that topic. Let it be weeb jokes or katanas being edgy jokes.
  4. While i like this myself... i have a bad feeling that it's going to attract memes, and not the good kind...
  5. For those that haven't done so yet but plan to, don't hit me up about archery gear if you're part of the war, doesn't matter which side, i won't be supplying/selling equipment to fuel wars. Thank you! Also... #FreeKukiii

    1. Vege


      could I purchase some archery gear for strictly peaceful purposes



    2. Dewlox™


      I know you well enough to know how "peaceful" that purpose would be. If i didn't sell a set to my boy Hedge, you can be certain i won't to you.

  6. +1
  7. +1
  8. +1
  9. tips fedora
  10. My point's been proven.
  11. Makes me wonder why Oreners don't use katanas as their primary weapons if that's the case...
  12. Agreed, tends to be annoying when monsters that can give you debuffs (like husks) or generally stronger creatures give little to no reward. But i will still say that they shouldn't drop more mina than normals, not being OVERLY powerful compared to your common zombie or a skeleton. In a nutshell: +1
  13. Backstory of a stereotypical Orener right there...
  14. Then i have question. How does one become a striga without a heavy case of metagaming? I mean, even if i were to find one (which most haven't even seen played at all, hence why it's mostly mentioned in dead content posts) i'm not going to just bluntly ask "Turn me into one". Like, how did your character became one?
  15. If font is something you pick on, you're pathetic to say the least, simply proving my point.