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  1. Death to the Thalm- wait... wrong topic.
  2. #FreeWud
  3. You'll be back. They always come back...
  4. Well the tinker table appears to be filled with craftable power crystals and magical staves now... meh. I don't like magic anyway.

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    2. Sir K Andruske

      Sir K Andruske

      What should I spam for xp?

    3. Nekkore


      Magic plugin confirmed????

    4. Sir K Andruske

      Sir K Andruske

      Yea it is there. A ***** to use though

  5. Titan approached the spike with several clangs of his armor, he'd inspect the woman's head with a faint grunt that escaped his helmet "Well Johnny... this just became my bussines.." the knight pulled a kiteshield off his back, lumbering back to the city as he mumbled a prayer for the woman's life on his way over the bridge
  6. Can y'all stop with the "stop FM brutality" nonsense? If you've been forum banned, there's clearly a good reason for it, even FM's have only a certain amount of patience that will most likely run out with constant bad memes and jokes.

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    2. LadyParion


      FMs are corrupt, merciless creatures. Let the resistance prevail. 

    3. Trintea☕️
    4. D0C104_F4T3


      It's not necessarily about just being forum banned, there are a lot of posts hidden for completely absurd and unnecessary reasons, and other general absurdities, like kincaid not being able to repeal months old warning points and being banned from making status updates because of his tendency to shitpost. In fact just last night a post written by one of Kincaid's friends was hidden because it contained a picture of an overweight arab man and was shut down for "fat-shaming" (or so I've been told, I haven't seen screenshots of the actual warn) which is frankly, quite absurd. Not saying all fms are bad and evil but also there are legitimate complaints.

  7. (( Seems like my character's going to get mistaken for this bunch... both by the colors of his armor and the golden lions on his shield... ))
  8. Finnaly!
  9. I won't even...
  10. You sir do not deserve rep!
  11. And why you teach said golems how to cook?
  12. Should i bring an axe?
  13. If datecraft's an actual server, i'm dissapointed in the internet even more...