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  1. Just give him the damn job already. +1
  2. I agree. Full suit of plate armor made specifically for an adult weights less than a modern soldier backpack but it's settled on the user's entire body, not just his back. They can sprint, jump, roll and even do damn flips in it. And yes, plate was indeed made specifically for a person. Imagine a nearly seven foot tall brute trying to put on 'avarage' chestplate. In a nutshell, veteran or not, with multiple opponents, even if they're teens, he'll most likely lose. Same goes for real life battles. No matter how many fighting styles you have mastered, if there's multiple opponents, you'll most likely lose.
  3. I'll sit on the fence for this one. I enjoy both depending on my mood. May the stronger side of community win! I just fear for muh pixelz :c
  4. If this passes, i give a couple of days until RP'ers carry literaly nothing but food in their inventory.... sigh!
  5. Some people still have the accounts that aren't able to change their skins due to minecraft.net changes. This might allow them to just do that. If they have bedrock+ VIP, that is. Meh, i'm fine with just doing it manually, doesn't take long, but it's a nice addition regardless!
  6. I still wonder what's the point of the activity checks anyway. Not like people are going on the forums to check which settlement's most active just to go there and roleplay or something. They'll just head there IG and check for themselves, you can't trust everything written.
  7. +1
  8. MC name: Dewlox What group are you from: Witch Hunters, but i tend to hang around in various roleplay hotspots, i don't really stick around in one spot. What can you do to help new players: Enlighten them on tips/tricks with Nexus, that's what i'm most proficient at. There's very few things with Nexus that i do not know. From both help chat and various persona messages i've noticed that most new players and even some older ones are confused about more than few things in Nexus, might as well go a bit further than simply keep to help chat and answering PM's. How much time can you set for helping new players: I'm bored most of the time. so quite a lot, as long as i'm not at work. How Active can you be on the New Player Discord: Several hours a day. (Unless if i'm out drinking with friends, and no, you do not want to see me 'attempting' to try helping people while tipsy or worse)
  9.  Enjoy, you bald bastard.

    1. Amordrin 🃏

      Amordrin 🃏

      thank you

      edit; y'know i'm 50 seconds in and i already think this song is too long

  10. I cannot take anything at all you say seriously with that profile picture of yours. -1 for the as a playable race +1 as a event-only creature.
  11. He didn't...
  12. Yes, and as far as i'm aware for roleplaying having a sword you actually need to have one mechanically. And if you do not, of course you'll be having a difficulty defending yourself. Let it be in a roleplay fight or in a mechanical one. And i'm a witch hunter, i spend more time within the woods than out in the city. xD
  13. clap clap