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  1. Ariadni Lanyathir

  2. Help plz.

    Urguan smells. Frostbeards are superior.
  3. Reviewing Tutorial Island

    Why did two NPC's there have my skin? Farmer and leatherworker ones. Old skins, but still mine. >_<
  4. A new way to disconnect with friends.

    Dew likes forced disconnecting. **** asking for permission.
  5. Public Discord VIP Ranks

    Discord Username: Dewlox#I257 MC Name: Dewlox VIP Rank: Ender In-game screenshot of your tag and username:
  6. One of the best skin-makers on LOTC. Don't like my opinion?



  7. Put a lock on the orcish race

    I've read it until the last bit as if it was a serious thing and laughed, yelling out "YOU SON OF A..!" which i think woke up half of my street. You sir are a LEGEND!
  8. The Axionite Assembly of Axis Powers

    "Zkah Oren" Dewlox'Gorkil stated bluntly
  9. [Plugin] How has this server lasted so long without this?!?

    Sounds like a neat addition. +1
  10. Lotc in a nutshell

    Oren blew up. Orcs lost their passive melee damage buff, Linandria's still the cybering capital.
  11. Lotc in a nutshell

    It still is. Been in the Uzg, Oren or Linandria lately?
  12. [Frost Witch Addition] Enhancing the Curse

    Oh gawd...
  13. -='The Bladedancers'=-

    "Whut th' zkah..." Dewlox'Gorkil snarled at the notice before ripping it off, heading towards the nearest outhouse