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  1. Dewlox


    That’s not even how you’ve grinded those stats. In Axios those were the least efficient ways to grind.
  2. Dewlox


    Still ain’t happening.
  3. If you think that’s bottom of the barrel, you haven’t met the “Swings axe at head” types yet.
  4. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Roleplay what/where you find fun, fam, this drama’s only oath to demotivate you to get online to begin with, don’t take any part in it.
  5. Jokes aside, i don’t know you, but you’ve essentialy summed up most of the current LoTC issues and why people are either demotivated to get on or are straight up leaving like you. Peace fam, have fun wherever you’re off to.
  6. Dewlox

    New Vid

    [OOC] Sandk1ng: Buying Hillary Clinton bath water.
  7. “Oh great. Now there’s going to be fighting not far off my house” Vladimir frowns, closing all his windows in prepearation
  8. “Who the nether’s that?” Vladimir peers up into the sky, hearing it all the way from Llyria
  9. Redlines are quite lacking in my opinion for being creatures that look human yet are technically immortal. (Same creature being reborn over and over i’d count as immortality, it depends on the opinion though)
  10. “Pity i didn’t bring any ale” the armored fellow nodded at the halfling, reaching out to take the popcorn
  11. “What a joke” a plate-clad mercenary shakes his helm
  12. Dewlox#1257 And it should be pretty obvious.
  13. Yeah still ain’t nothing going to change. Might aswell write a book, you seem good at it.
  14. What do people roleplay nowdays other than millitary, power-grabby or slice of life? Been looking for a reason to actually get online for a long time now.

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    2. Ixli


       you can be a flaming supremacist if you come join the helves now that we’re one of the most active nations

    3. thesmellypocket


      Church RP is fun, preaching, hearing Confessions; doing clerical stuff.

    4. Dewlox


      Flaming supremacist? @Ixli Think i’ll pass on playing villains anymore, mained a darkstalker as it was.

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