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  1. Dewlox

    Darkness in Dominion leadership?

    a pesky skeletal knight began laughing so hard his arms fell off, he'd be struggling to reattach them on his own to this day
  2. Dewlox

    The Night of the Falling Leaves

    "Elves are bad. I'd know, i was one." Daendros rolled his shoulders, his bones rattling withing the armor all the way through the progress ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dewlox settled a large axe upon his lap as he sat on a stump within some woods no one cared about, merely grunting at the bickering "More slaughter? This is getting quite old... then again, i would call this a hunt, rather than slaughter. After all, elves are not people. The way they threat kin that aren't their own proves my point." he scratched the little beard he carried, a light grunt escaping the orc as he'd push himself off the stump, walking over an unknown elven corpse that was horribly mutilated as if it was a 'welcome' carpet
  3. Conflict is a part of life. Do whatever you wish, you can't escape it. Let it be in roleplay or out of it.
  4. Dewlox

    [W] Divinejustice's Game Moderator Application

    He gud. +1
  5. Dewlox

    Project Danehammer.

    Zug, zug. Quality feedback~
  6. Dewlox

    [Rewrite]The Clerics of Tahariae

  7. Dewlox

    This, is me:

  8. @JondeadGet the hell out my follower list.

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      It's the same with my Diamond rank, and with the rest of the Ranks.


    3. Dewlox


      Let's do it LOTC style and yell at the devs being like "YOU'VE HAD ONE JOB"

    4. Jondead


      Yes, that is true Trolling.

  9. Dewlox

    Yay or Nay to Ascended Magic?

    Ahahahaha! You've seen the cleric community, buddy? Yet ascended in comparison when it comes to powers are down the crapper in comparison to them. As a darkstalker myself, the only proper ROLEPLAY fights against "holy folk" i've ever had was against ascended. When i speak to MOST clerics (except Rift and Farryn <3) they bluntly OOC'ly give me the attitude. When it comes to ascended, i legit have more of them as friends than other darkstalkers. If you want to seek clique, stay 4the f**k away from ascended, thanks. They're already nerfed to sh*t since Axios to the point that 70% of them straight up left due to being near-worthless against the things they were designed to fight. From personal experience. I'm a darkstalker, a skeletal knight clad in full plate. Take a wild guess if the most commonly used ascended ability so easily harms me. Soul fire. Sure, it goes through draughts (which proper warrior undead don't even use) but it can't go through armor. While they cast, i chop them in half. To reinforce my point once more, OOC'ly, they're much more friendly than most "magic groups" and IC'ly, they're bluntly pathetic against the things they should be hunting. If anything, nerf clerics, buff ascended, and give me a god damn challenge in a fight against one. Instead of clerics one shotting me with 3 emote spells that according to their rules take 5, yet they appear not to give two sh*ts about it. Don't take any of this as offencive, i just tend to drive my point a little bit further than most. Have a nice day! ❤️
  10. Dewlox

    BETA: Plugins that white people get turnt to

  11. Dewlox

    watch this poor guy throw his life away

    If this one will actually update lore pages, mainly the descendant ones, i'll tip my hat at 'im. +1
  12. Down with blah!

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      Wub laht blah dumbzhah?

    2. Time Lady of Kittens
  13. Dewlox

    Iron door roll [Raiding]

    You are so right it hurts. Seriously, after this comment there shouldn't even be any more, answers it all perfectly.