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  1. Sham404

    Mina and YOU!

    Im not being condescending. Im stating a fact. Big numbers do not equal big value. Your maths are dependant on people not spending any of their mina, which is exactly why the system is the way it is, to encourage people to spend mina not hold onto it. If youre charging 600 mina for a skin, youre literally charging enough to upkeep an entire nation for a week. You need to put these numbers in perspective - you might think you can charge that amount, but no one is going to pay that amount. And again, your maths are dependant on these skinners hoarding their money - which is what the system is designed to encourage people not to do. Why would you have 4000 mina in your account knowing that youre going to be taxed? Why not spend some of it? Why not invest it in something or someone? Youre slippery sloping up to 7 percent with no evidence it will go that high. Your cap before tax might also increase to a thousand, or two thousand, or three. We cant criticise the system based on how it might change in the future. If you decide your skins are worth more than an entire nation, feel free to charge that amount. You wont sell any.
  2. Sham404

    Mina and YOU!

    Okay Lets say you charged 1k for a skin on the last map This map, each mina is worth more, so you charge less mina, but its worth the same amount as what you charged last map. Lets say last map had 25 million mina in the system. This map has 1 million. So, not precise maths here, but you should be charging a fraction of what you charge before. Lets say 1/25. Thats 40 mina. Thats 3/4 days of voting or so. Or you can charge more, say you charge 100 mina. Thats 5 skins of profit before you need to worry about being taxed, and every mina is worth more than last map. Big numbers do not equal big value. The value has changed.
  3. Sham404

    Mina and YOU!

    Skin makers can lower their prices to adjust to the new economy?
  4. You mean 10 minutes to completely come to grips with how the entire forging system works so the next time I do it i literally require less than a minute because I now know how it works? Since transitioning to the new map I have walked 4 or 5 people through how to go from nothing to crafting copper tools with literally just guiding them to different crafting tables and telling them which tool to use. Are you saying that you immediately knew how to make everything in minecraft? I dont think so. Not to mention the entire vortex system is optional, not mandatory participation. Not to mention there will literally be a guide available to everyone. We have a tutorial island. It wont take much to make tutorial island include vortex. A guide is also coming out - as I and others have said countless times. If people cant be bothered reading the guide, thats on them. The application process for the server is already rigorous and excludes vast numbers of possible players on purpose. Youre complaining about wood looking the same, the tech team are already working on adding particle effects to differentiate. People can already collect wood by punching, no need to starter tools. New players arent crafting **** anyway, so I dont see why they need immediate access to everything at spawn. This is not a survival server. No one is defending a poor implementation. EVERYONE has already said a thousand times, the implementation and communication has been poor. No one is arguing that.
  5. Sham404

    Mina and YOU!

    I mean in vortex. Bronze ingots are made by mixing copper and tin ore, you dont mine bronze ore
  6. Sham404

    Mina and YOU!

    There is no bronze ore. Bronze requires copper and tin ore together
  7. Sham404

    Mina and YOU!

    Classically misinformed. You get 12 mina a day, not two. Obviously taxes will not cost the same as they cost last map to reflect this. You seem to be forgetting this is a mineman server. They can literally inject money, they can take it out, they can adjust rewards as they like. Why dont you do what i suggested and ask an economy member for advice on your situation?
  8. Sham404

    Mina and YOU!

    If your community dont use mina, what do your players do with the mina they get from voting? Big think. Maybe pay taxes with it. If that isnt enough, why not establish an rp link in which someone else pays the mina, ans you provide them with goods as payment? Or any other arrangement of similar type. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. Use your head and try and figure out a solution, and if a solution isnt possible, then talk to an economist about the issue and see if they can help you. They already said they are monitoring and will adjust as necessary. I already know people had concerns, spoke to a member of the economy team, and a short explanation cleared it up for them. Have you actually had a conversation with a member of the economy team to see if they have any level of explanation for the things you are worried about?
  9. You are right. This is a theoretical proposal of adding something to the game, and im saying its a good idea to add it as a crp item, i dont think its necessary as a pvp item. Its almost like what youre saying is totally unrelated to what i said or the post.
  10. Knuckleduster RP items would be good for crp, i dont think we need them as pvp items
  11. To avoid losing mina just spend your mina instead of hoarding it. Invest in property, invest in items, invest in other people and goods and services. With a low value economy, you shouldnt be accumulating thousands of mina anyway

  12. Sham404

    Mina and YOU!

    Its a cap at 500, it doesnt start taxing you as soon as you have 500 and then never stop. Unless im totally misunderstanding, as soon as you have less than 500, the tax stops.
  13. Dont insult people if you cant take insults. Simple as that. People are complaining that new players wont understand the system - I a new player figured it out in ten minutes or less and then i was told my opinion doesnt count because i havent played on the server long enough. Then people are saying im only defending it because i tested it (which i didnt) and then im a staff simp or im just whiteknighting for Nick. Yeah, thats pretty big brain.
  14. Its no worse than what i was being called for liking the new systems. I dont think calling people staff simps or whiteknights for nick for not agreeing with you helps anybody.
  15. Vortex has no affec ton resource collection speed. If it takes you that long to collect enough wood to build one wall, then unfortunately that is the standard minecraft collection speed of wood. Unless youre only collecting your building wood from nodes, in which case its faster because you dont have to even destroy the blocks to collect. One log still turns into 4 blanks in your crafting table.
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