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  1. could we expect the gate plugin back anytime soon?

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    The Gilded Anchor

    “Fine salmon, that Anfroy! Fine salmon indeed!” Alfred comments in conversation with Schnub’Lub on the topic of dieting.
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    -= on 14th of Sun’s Smile, 1707. =-

    “How the young pigs would squeal if they knew what the old boar suffers!” Alfred comments as he receives the news within his palace office above Ves, informed by a reporting soldier.
  4. Hunwald

    A New Marshal of Adria

    10th of the Grand Harvest, 1707. Henceforth let it be known that Chekhov Carrion is stripped of the title Marshal of Adria for his crimes of regicide and treason committed in the last month. Henceforth let it be known that His Grace Duke Paul F. Varoche has seen fit to bestow the conciliar title Marshal of Adria on Khroll of Ves, along with all such rights and duties that the title entails. Witnessed and signed by Alfred of Ves, Seneschal of Adria Published and issued with the blessing of His Grace Duke Paul F. Varoche of Adria
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    Alfred sends his congratulations to Lord Morris.
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    [Rule Suggestion] Buff Villainy.

    Very profound speech brother. I’ve had a change of heart. Gonna go hotkey ((pvp some noobs on the road to Haense now
  7. the imperial succession is in shambles... will olivier resurface from his watery slumbers...?

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      Please, because this **** is messy af 

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    Alfred reads over the publication of the assembly’s minutes seated by the fire, having not been able to attend himself. “So they could not find it within themselves to afford for a city watch, and yet they could take up an act of serfdom with ardent zeal? We find ourselves becoming a new, doubtless very different, Salvus...”
  9. As it stands, forum topics—and thus the forums as a whole— seem far less active than previously. Now I understand that several factors might be at work here, but threads become to feel lonely, and what could drive forum content further than the desire for +1s? This is a tragedy for good forum content and should be remedied. Currently on the desktop version the placement of the modules on the right hand of the screen vary as follows, top to bottom: Discord or the Twitter feed → status updates → latest topics. This is not how the modules have been arranged previously! The Discord module does not really give us much at all, besides the player count; unfortunately the Twitter feed goes mostly without use (as it always has.) Meanwhile the very bread and butter of the forums, the latest topics, is left at the very bottom of them all! My suggestion is that the latest topics module is returned to its preeminent status of old in order to encourage greater use and activity of forum threads. Thank you.
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    [Rule Suggestion] Buff Villainy.

    This is like putting a bandaid on a broken bone, and more changes will be needed to deal with the villain/bandit problem, but it’s a start.
  11. server threads feel very dead these days, why not put the latest topics module above voting/tweets(???)/statuses

  12. 200 players and only one gm on..... that’s clown world

  13. DUCAL CHARTER FOR THE CITY OF VES c. 3rd of Snow’s Maiden, 1706 The City of Ves was established by the refugee inhabitants of the Atlasian town of Belvitz, along with their Duke, Paul Franz I Carrion, in the last month of 1705. While prosperity and good will filled the air of the city from its very grounding, the responsibilities of office came to bear upon certain members of government led by the maer of Belvitz, Artumee: the martial and influential Ault family, moved by spite at Paul’s innovative spirit, sought to take him from off his throne. The plot was floundered after the conspirators drew weapons on their liege lord, and they were vanquished with haste by the Duke’s loyalists, Artumee lying dead upon the streets and her husband banished from all imperial domains. This traitorous act by such an ancient house sent shockwaves through the city, prompting a constitutional crisis… The City of Ves is the domain of the elected Duke of Adria. While it is not his official seat from which he reigns, it is acknowledged as the capital of the duchy of Paul, the Eighth Duke of Adria and of his successors. Thus, the City of Ves and its surrounding properties cannot legally be granted to another and the title is intertwined with the Duke’s. Thus neither can the descendent of a previous Duke of Adria claim rights to the City without first claiming rights to the Duchy. The City of Ves is granted privileges under Gradic Law by the Duke of Adria which allows for stability during turbulent Ducal transitions. The Gradic rights were given to the Imperial City of Felsen during the reign of John II, Holy Orenian Emperor which allowed for greater autonomy to the city through a series of municipal rights. These rights came from a series of laws which gave privileges to the burghers, exemption from serfdom, and the ability for self-governance and self-defense. The Gradic Rights, c.1557 Hitherto the populace of this town shall be referred to as any legal landholder within municipal authority. Hitherto does the populace of this town have the right to waive feudal privilege and govern itself. Hence the town has the right to choose a leader from amongst its own. Hence the town has the right to produce and publish laws and rights regarding itself. Hitherto does the populace of this town have an exemption from serfdom. Hitherto does the populace of this town have the right to freedom of travel. Hitherto does the populace of this town have the right to collect tax, tolls, and impose fees. Hitherto does the populace of this town have the right to freedom of trade. Hitherto does the populace of this town have the right to a trial by judge. Hitherto does the populace of this town have the right to petition it’s lord. MAYOR OF THE CITY OF VES The Mayor of the City of Ves is elected by popular vote serving a term of four years. This edict delegates to the Mayor of Ves the following competencies of the Municipal Government of the City of Ves; I. The Mayor has been bestowed the responsibility to head the municipal government and delegate to relevant individuals by assigning them to a post within the government and removing any unfit individuals from their post. II. The Mayor has been given the power to propose the changing the laws of the City of Ves regarding statutory law and municipal institutions. III. The Mayor is hereby granted authority to banish any lowborn from the City of Ves. IV. The Mayor is hereby granted authority to evict any convicted villain from the City of Ves. V. The Mayor has been instructed to pay, supply the goods to, and manage building, construction, and the builders themselves in the City of Ves. VI. The Mayor has been instructed to pay wages, pay for supplies, and pay for the arms of the City Watch from municipal coffers. VII. The Mayor has been given the power to order construction and demolition within the City of Ves. VIII. The Mayor has been instructed to uphold the will of the people and the City of Charter of Ves. IX. The Mayor is hereby responsible for the duties of his subordinates, lest there is no one to complete them. EXECUTIVE CITY BENCH CITY CLERK OF THE CITY OF VES The City Clerk of the City of Ves is appointed by conciliar election with the assent of Mayor. Term is indefinite unless deposed via council vote. This edict delegates to the City Clerk of Ves the following competencies of the Municipal Government of the City of Ves; I. The City Clerk has been instructed to keep record and overlook progress of construction and taxation within the City of Ves. II. The City Clerk has been tasked with the maintenance and safekeeping of the municipal ledger. III. The City Clerk has been instructed to take note of the containments of the City of Ves’s storage. IV. The City Clerk has been instructed to appraise houses and set house prices and tax prices accordingly. V. The City Clerk is hereby charged with fostering economic growth and the maintenance of the trade grounds within the City of Ves. VI. The City Clerk has been instructed to distribute food supply to where is necessary in the City of Ves. VII. The City Clerk is to chair the City Council and organize City Council meetings. MAGISTRATE OF THE CITY OF VES The Magistrate of the City of Ves is elected by the citizenry of Adria with the Duke’s assent. This edict delegates to the Magistrate of the City of Ves, whom also serves in the capacity as High Magistrate of the Duchy of Adria the following competencies of the Municipal Government of the City of Ves; I. The Magistrate has been instructed to take the Duke’s place in court for cases brought to court by common citizens within the City of Ves. II. The Magistrate, in his capacity of High Magistrate of the Duchy of Adria is hereby charged to oversee feudal grievances. III. The Magistrate has been instructed with the enforcement of Ducal Law, in the cases of noble, common, and natural law. IV. The Magistrate has been tasked with review of the set of Ducal Laws, derived from the Imperial Code of Laws. V. The Magistrate has been tasked with implementing, retracting, and redrafting any law they deem fit from the set of Ducal Laws. VI. The elected Magistrate must be certified as a lawyer within the Kingdom of Renatus. BAILIFF OF THE CITY OF VES The Bailiff of the City of Ves is elected by the citizenry of Adria with the Duke’s assent. He serves a term of four years unless sacked by the Duke or the City Council. This edict delegates to the Bailiff of Ves, who serves as the head of the Bailiff’s Office the following competencies of the Municipal Government of the City of Ves; I. The Bailiff has been tasked with the maintenance and operation of the gatehouse of Ves. II. The Bailiff is charged with properly organizing the levies, mercenaries and townsfolk of Adria in times of emergency for the defense of the city. III. The Bailiff has been given the authority to deputize citizenry and officers in the name of the Duke to properly enforce the rule of law within the city. IV. The Bailiff has been instructed to recruit and drill citizens, in a bid to create a formidable force being able to protect the City of Ves from brigands, vagrants, and villains. V. The Bailiff has been tasked with the mustering of munitions, arms, and armor for the capacity of the watch. VI. The Bailiff has been tasked with setting wages, paying them out, and awarding bonuses to individuals. VII. The Bailiff is hereby charged with assembling funds to be used in mustering munitions and payment of wages. VIII. The Bailiff is hereby charged with garrisoning fortifications, patrolling highways, and protecting smallfolk within the municipal boundaries. STEWARDS OF THE CITY OF VES The Stewards of Ves are appointed by the Mayor and do not serve with legislative nor executive authority. This edict delegates to the Stewards of the City of Ves the following competencies of the Municipal Government of the City of Ves; I. The Stewards have been instructed to distribute homes to the individuals within the City of Ves. II. The Stewards have been instructed to distribute shops to merchants within the City of Ves. III. The Stewards have been tasked with monitoring activity and evicting derelict homes. IV. The Stewards have been instructed to collect taxes upon the properties within the City of Ves. V. The Stewards are hereby charged with monitoring municipal property, ensuring their fluid operation. CITY ASSEMBLY OF VES The City Assembly of Ves is the legislative body of the Ves, charged with the creation and amendment of law and judicial statutes. The assembly is made up of the most influential citizens and burghers of the city. It is comprised of the following offices… GUILD MASTERS Guild masters are the representatives of the multitude of merchant companies operating within the City of Ves. They act as liaisons between corporation and government. They may propose and amend bills seen to be in the interest of their respective guilds. A Guild master is given one vote when their guild registers with the city. TAVERN MASTERS Due to the tavern’s crucial role in the operation of day-to-day life within Ves, they are represented within the City Assembly by three votes. PATRIARCHS The heads of the most influential houses within the City of Ves. This position is appointed through pay and application to the Chancery of the Duchy of Adria. A patriarch is the head of their respective patrician family and may appoint an heir to inherit his title. The heir of the patriarch must have his status renewed upon the death, resignation, or banishment of a patriarch. A patriarch is given three votes in the Assembly and a baronetcy by the Duke. Members of patrician families are classified as yeomen, or free citizens. FREEHOLDERS A freeholder is a most esteemed burgher of the city. This position is granted by membership of a patrician family or by conciliar vote. Freeholders have one vote each.
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  15. Hunwald

    The City of Ves

    The Gatehouse and Walls as seen from the King’s Road The Municipality of Ves Coin for Most, Blood for Freedom The Municipality of Ves is a beacon of the Arts, Philosophies and Sciences in a time of growing ignorance amongst humanity. Long hailed as the land of opportunity (and opportunists) the Adrians have perfected the art of meritocracy, with hard workers and a competitive hierarchy of persons clawing for increasingly marginal powers over their peers. Regardless of such strife, the city is known for its unique architecture, striking color, and diverse cultures; you might find an exchange on the streets between a Raevir nobleman and an Illatian burgher, or a common serf selling his produce to an orcish merchant. For those seeking a world of opportunity, diversity, and unique expression, as well as a home where gravitas is ripe for the taking, the City of Ves awaits. Histories Upon the death of the last male Valic, Dario Valic, Vesna Carrion became the last descendant of Bronte, as well as the sole living child of Vladan Valic, former Marshal of Adria. In remembrance of both Vesna’s commitment to the Duchy, her renowned sense of motherhood, and the service that House Valic had contributed to the City of Belvitz, the New Adrian Capital would be her namesake. Designs for a new city were drafted by the prodigy Rupert Carrion, son of legally dead Ostrobar Carrion and cousin to Duke Paul Everard Otto Phillip Leopold Eugene I, henceforth referred to as Paul I. Their striking differentiation drew sharp criticism from critics of architecture, however were widely popular amongst the populace, as much innovation is, and was therefore decided upon as the future design of Ves. Construction began upon arrival. Housing Ves’s large, colorful houses are in high demand. As such, their prices are reflective of such, and Ves stewards are renowned for their shrewd practice of usury and interest in their housing plans, often profiting personally off of the purchases of houses. Taxes can be paid in iron and minas, or both; amount is determined by category. Homes range from a single floor to four-story mansions, and everything in between. Contact a steward to buy property! The City and Her Districts as seen from the Basarab Tower Basarab Institute of Philosophy and Liberal Arts Considered a spiritual successor of the University of Holm and the Imperial Institute of Johannesburg, the Basarab Institute is a memorial to one Barnabas Basarab, and the entirety of House Basarab’s contribution to Adrian society. All lessons, ranging from bookkeeping and literacy, to medicine and philosophy, are taught at a price, with different methods of approach depending on the professor. Some prefer one-on-one tutoring sessions, others lectures; if one is willing to pay the coin, they will undoubtedly learn something worthwhile there. The Institute as seen in the Daytime Theater Led by the renowned Timeo “the Great” de la Baltas, the Theater Troupe of Ves operates monthly, and its plays are known for their both romanticism and accuracy, depending on who you ask, as well as their artistic endeavors to further the art. Features such as “The Lusty Kharajyr Maid” and “Siegmund’s Lament” have become renowned for their delivery by the Troupe. Timeo is accepting of all newcomers, and would love new cast members. The Theater as seen during nighttime Cultures Ves has become a crossroads for all peoples in Arcas, especially those left in the wake of the Empire’s various campaigns. Rosenyr’s forsaken souls rallied under Timeo the Great, and serve him in various facets of the community. The Raevir elite of Old Adria still linger, and the occasional Norlandic warrior finds his way to the city gates. Elves inhabit multiple neighborhoods and taverns, and orcs have found their way into ghettos and tents, left to be refugees at the Empire’s whim. Some Curonites, dismayed by their city’s barren streets, have found the life of Ves refreshing. All may find Ves as their home. Merchant Companies Schnub & Crowley Co. is a major employer of the city’s townsfolk, and a lucrative trader of wares throughout all the nations. The company owns a sizeable amount of property within the city and continues to expand at a rapid pace. Bruce Rogers is at it again, and this time with the full might of Adria behind his greedy purse. With full support from the Duke, Mr. Rogers has established an empire of trade and wares throughout the city, and is looking for more citizens to aid him in his endeavours. Government Although there has been great debate over the supremacy of the Duchy over the City of Ves, the City is effectively run by the Maer. The Maer is elected by his or her peers every four Saint’s Weeks, and is tasked with the maintenance of the city’s finances, activity and endeavors. They are in charge of the recruitment of stewards, who do not need to be elected, and aid in the process of city management. Paul I is still the de facto overlord of the City, and is accompanied by his Ducal Guard at all times when inside its walls and outside as well. He is to collect the taxes gained from the Maer on a periodic basis. The Maer is to keep a ledger bearing records of sales, minas and iron gained, and housing addresses. NEEDED INDUSTRIES: TAX OFFICE Persons willing to maintain the town hall, especially on matters of tax paper creation and collection, bulletin maintenance, as well as weekly meetings to discuss the future of the city are welcome and will receive state support. NEWSPAPER Bold entrepreneur required to start their own printing industry. State support may be provided. TAILOR’S GUILD (Skinners) A skilled maker of clothing and cutters of hair welcome to set up their own office in Ves. ARTIST’S GUILD Creators of Art are sponsored in Ves, and will receive state support for their efforts, whether it be musical, painted, or of other varieties. Art, Music, and Literature provided for the City of Ves shall be compensated and rewarded, though it would be preferred that this be a transaction between a single guild and the state to make things easier. MINER’S GUILD Those bold enough to establish a union of miners, intent on the mass harvesting and production of precious ores and coal shall be handsomely rewarded by the various industries and factions in Ves for their product, as well as given free and untaxed access to the mines. NATIONAL BANK He with a surplus of capital and an ability to provide loans to those who seek them shall find great economic surplus in Ves.