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  1. So Trump came to my city today and all these beautiful people were here to show him wassup ♥️♥️♥️





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    2. nordicg_d
    3. Hero_Prodigy


      Trump called my state a drug infested den ❤️❤️❤️

    4. Hunwald
  2. [Denied] Grool's [Builder] Application

    Nice builder
  3. Land charter (cart) or Sea charter (boat): Land charter Island: Tahn Point A: Ponce Exact co-ordinates of Point A: XYZ: 2518/73/240 Point B: Mardon Exact co-ordinates of Point B: XYZ: 1470/64/290
  4. Are soulstone pillars still a VIP perk?

    1. 501warhead


      No, one of the major issues with EULA compliance was the topic of soulpillars and soulstones, Mojang requested we remove the VIP integration.

    2. Hunwald


      Thank you for the response. How do we get them now? @501warhead

  5. When will the dynamap be getting another update? It's severely outdated.

    1. cablam


      501 answered this in the community meeting, see this post for the notes and ctrl + f dynamap and you'll find the response. 


    2. Hunwald


      Good to hear, thanks.

    3. Space


       the free market will update the dynamap if we get rid of regulation

  6. Why are dogs so laggy?

  7. The new Tahn fast travel hub is nice and all, but the builders forgot to include lighting.

    1. Pork


      The mobs have always been there. it makes sure people arent just afk in the area and provides good fun. If you cant handle it move to the other two islands :tears:

    2. Hunwald


      I didn't see any mobs. I just think it's goofy to have zero lighting at a hub.

  8. Anthos for Next Map

    I think that threads like these truly miss the most important part of what makes a map "great." Maps aren't made great on their own, they're just maps. It's a matter of playerbase, first and foremost. Great events on LotC don't happen because of a map, they happen because of the people that take that map and make something out of it. Anthos produced the most brilliant minds LotC has ever seen, the likes of TheCrackerJack or AiiM or Esterlen, people who had ambitions that were far greater than "I want my OOC group of friends to succeed." These people built entire nations ground up from the ruins of people before them. They had true heart for the stuff they were doing. I can remember every battle, every little event of intrigue on Anthos, because the people that were in those events and leading them truly had ambitions for something greater. Think of the massively pitched wars fought in Anthos that produced stories that we all remember, like the sally out of the Dreadfort led by Sheumgal. These things were all led by people that really really wanted it. I doubt the current playerbase's ability to live up to these standards because they are led by people who only care for the success of their OOC friends. It doesn't matter if it's Courland or Ruska or whoever else it is, frankly, they are all gigantic OOC cliques of people who have been fighting the same exact enemy for the past year or more. It's become utterly repetitive and I do not want to entrust anything into their hands until the leaders of these cliques decide that LotC is greater than "lol it's just mineman experience XD." These kinds of leaders are cancerous to both their playerbases and the server as a whole, and until they are gone, the quality of the maps we give them are null and void.
  9. Anthos for Next Map

    I think what we should be looking for is an Anthos-sized map, rather than a copy-paste of Anthos itself. Anthos was the best sized and regulated map we've ever had, and it shouldn't be hard to recreate the size and feel of it. In the past, developers have sought to recreate the size of Aegis or Asulon, but of which failed. They are both too small or two large. Anthos takes the title of a nice, medium sized map. It is also a matter of regulation, as well. This is controversial, but if I recall correctly, nation leaders had full control over the entire map in the beginning of Anthos. Land was not arbitrarily handed out to specific groups of players ala the charter system as it is now. Thus, role play was generally concentrated in specific cities, but spread its influence pretty much globally. I believe that for a good map, this system ought to be repeated. If you recall, an entire nation's leadership of at least fourty to fifty or so people left during Anthos, and yet the map and server playerbase was strong enough to make something beautiful out of it. Although, that might be a matter of playerbase composition. I don't know if we're strong enough for that anymore. I am going to vote 'no' in the poll because frankly, I am too afraid of what the developers would do with Anthos if they got ahold of it. Map creation is such a hit or miss. I don't want to lose the love and nostalgia I hold for that map, it is far too dear to my experience on LotC.
  10. The Order of Saint Humbert

    (OOC) MC Name: ETDEUMPURITAS Skype Name: firestar2555 (RP) Name: Boniface Diocese of Baptism: Metz Experience in the Canon if Any: Private study Outside Experiences if Any: X
  11. How to Serve or Join the Church

    +__________+__________+__________+__________+__________+__________+ APPLICATION IC Name: Boniface Race: Heartlander Service: Monk Why do you wish to assist the Church?: A tide of disbelief washes over my fellow man. Anything else?: X OOC Minecraft Name: ETDEUMPURITAS Skype Name: firestar2555


    This is what you are. A neo-reactionary.

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    2. Space


      the problem is he genuinely believes in 'white genocide'....

    3. tavern_roleplay


      is mineman roleplayer a valid political ideology

    4. Hunwald


      please exit my profile, mineman is one of the most forced words lotc has ever seen