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  1. what about the tailcoat. i think that looks nice
  2. “In the month of the man’s wedding, no less!” The Duke comments as an aside to his brother the Count of Pompourelia, his mouth sniveling some at the perceived disrespect of the inquiry. “Rather crude. A gentleman should be able to enjoy his bridal tour, I should think. You know I’ve always been charitable with these things. A family man is a family man, that’s what I say.” He then goes quiet, his brother failing to give an encouraging response.
  3. HIH The Duke of Helena casts an aye, provided that Sir Erik dutifully attend to his station as an officer in the Imperial State Army.
  4. thank you im taking notes
  5. The Duke of Helena reads over the transcripts of the play with a beaming grin, occasionally glancing proudly to his sitting daughter. ”Magnificent! Magnificent, that’s what I say. And I heard that Carrington put it on stage brilliantly. It was a smashing success, that’s what I hear.”
  6. The Duke of Helena, being a worldly man, spares little time to peruse the depths of the published work which had arrived on his desk. Nonetheless, he admires as a layman would the erudition of this Mr. Fleurunt, and forwards the work along with a small letter to his friend and mentor Simon Basrid. Mr. Simon Basrid, This volume seems to your well-liking. Best regards, J.C. @Cracker
  7. The Duke of Helena mourns the loss of such an ancient patriot, sending his condolences to Messrs. Basrid and Drumm.
  8. The Duke of Helena exchanges courtesies with Ambassador Goldhand after the summation of the agreement. ”For a greater union between our peoples, my friend.”
  9. The Duke of Helena reaches the middle of the missive with an annoyed scowl, placing the paper down. “Should we not actually reform and collect on the tax before promising the people it will be lowered?” He quips to his brother George, who is far too preoccupied with his dinner to respond. He releases a despondent sigh, before returning to reading.
  10. “His motto is most fitting. Better call Wick, I think it goes.” Lord Helena, paying half a mind to his morning crumpets, nods in agreement.
  11. The Duke of Helena mourns the loss of an old familiar face...
  12. agreed ves UBI has gone on for long enough
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