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  1. The Clerk of the Senate, Sir Beelzebub, calls the roll as obligated. CONFIRMATION OF MISTER VALANDOS ELVERHILIN AYE Napier NAY BARUCH BASRID CALLAHAN RUTLEDGE PRESENT De Antunyes May ABSENT Vacancy
  2. “Where we would be without the Engineers Corps is a most frightening prospect.” The Duke Helena comments as he tours the newly erected buildings.
  3. Sir Beelzebub, Clerk of the Senate, calls the roll. FOREIGN TOBACCO AND CACTI PROHIBITION ACT, 1751 15 H.C. 1751 AYE Callahan De Antunyes May Napier Rutledge Wright NAY Baruch Basrid WORKER’S RIGHTS BILL, 1751 15 G.T. 1751 AYE Baruch Callahan De Antunyes May Napier Rutledge NAY Basrid PRESENT Wright NAPIER-RUTLEDGE BILL, 1751 3 O.F. 1751 AYE Baruch Basrid Callahan De Antunyes May Napier Rutledge Wright Concluding the roll, the Clerk of the Senate presents the bills to the President. @Piov
  4. ACT OF THE IMPERIAL DIET IMPERIAL BUDGET PROCEDURE ACT, 1751 13 Godfrey’s Triumph Introduced in the Senate. Passed in the Imperial Senate session of 1750-1752. AYE Baruch Basrid Callahan de Antunyes May Napier Rutledge PRESENT Wright This legislation shall outline the procedure for the administration of the Imperial budget and all other matters of appropriations of the Holy Orenian Empire. INTRODUCTION This Bill of Regulation shall state the provisions for the introduction, duration, and administration of the Imperial Budget. In order to clarify the budgetary issues of the state, this bill shall provide the necessary means to denote the time that allocations are placed into effect. SECTION I: On the duration and administration of the budget The Imperial Budget, having once passed with the majority consensus of the Imperial Senate and attained assent from the Crown, shall remain in effect as the directive of all appropriations to the several departments of state indefinitely. All imperial budgets passed, having satisfied the preconditions aforementioned, shall supersede the previous budget. The Imperial Government shall operate with the appropriations as stated by the most recent budget as assented. SECTION II: On the amendment and modification of the Imperial Budget In the case upon which the Imperial Budget requires further amendments and modifications, the Secretary of the Treasury shall present an audited report and any recommendations as ascertained by the expenditures of the several departments of states to the Imperial Senate. In the case upon which it is necessary, the Imperial Senate shall propose and consider budgetary measures, fiscal resolutions, and all other matters of appropriations as needed to supplement the Imperial Budget and its dispersions. Introduced by Senator Sir Terrence May GCM on 11 H.F. 1750 Co-sponsored by Senator Arthur Callahan Issued and proclaimed, HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Peter III Anthony, Holy Orenian Emperor, King of Curon, Renatus, Salvus, and Seventis, King-Elect of Kaedrin, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, and Farfolk, etcetera.
  5. THE IMPERIAL EMPLOYMENT REGISTRY EST. 1743 INTRODUCTION In accordance with the Imperial Employment Opportunities Act, 1743, the Imperial Employment Registry is maintained by the Ministry of the Interior. The registry proper is maintained by a special secretariat called The Imperial Office of Employment Opportunities. This office is appointed by the Secretary of the Interior. “The purpose of this legislation is to ensure that employment listings are visibly recorded, updated, and displayed for public view. Such records and listings will enable job-seekers to readily find work by giving details on the listing. This act shall also provide guidelines to ensure that employment is equally available and not prohibited through any means of discrimination.” From the Imperial Employment Opportunities Act, 1743. The Ministry of the Interior will work in tandem with provincial stewards of Curon, Haense, Helena, and Kaedrin in listing job openings, to be updated and scrutinized annually. As per section II, article II of the Imperial Employment Opportunities Act, the following are prohibited from being posted to the Imperial Registry of Employment: Forms of slavery, promiscuous and deviant labor, bounties for capture/execution, labor and industries not within the Holy Orenian Empire that do not have writs of permit. THE IMPERIAL EMPLOYMENT REGISTRY SECRETARIAT: Vacant YEAR: 1751 CURON: Pending entries. HAENSE: 1. Arcas Trading Company Jobs: Miners, Farmers, Ranchers, Hunters, Merchants, Craftsmen, Cooks. Brewers, Builders Pay: Variable Duration: Variable Location: Rosebuds Market III, New Reza Private contract. 2. Carrington and Co. Jobs: General Labor Pay: Variable Duration: Variable Location: Rosebuds Market I, New Reza Private contract. 3. The Palace Jobs: Handmaiden, Scullery Maid, Servant, Governess, Tutor, Butler, Event Administrator, Scholar, Lady in Waiting, Ward, Stable Boy, Artisan Pay: Variable Duration: Variable Location: The Palace, New Reza Provincial-state institution. 4. The Crow's Hearth Tavern and Inn Jobs: Tavernkeep Pay: Commission Based Duration: N/A Location: The Crow's Heath Tavern and Inn, New Reza Provincial-state institution. 5. The Brotherhood of Saint Karl Jobs: Soldier Pay: Variable on Rank Duration: Forever Location: The City of New Reza Provincial-state institution. HELENA: 1. Jason’s Bakery Job: Baker Pay: 40-50 Marks Duration: Varied Location: 7 Merchant Street Private contract. 2. Imperial Ministry of Justice Job: Investigator Pay: Operates primarily on a case-to-case basis. Negotiable. Duration: Long-term Location: Helena/Empire-wide Provincial-state institution. 3. Imperial Ministry of Justice Job: Solicitor Pay: 200-400 Marks Duration: Long-term Location: Helena/Empire-wide Provincial-state institution. 4. Carrington & Co. Job: Bartender/Barmaid Pay: Tips, all money collected during shifts Duration: Long-term Location: Dragon’s Rest Tavern Private contract. 5. Carrington & Co. Job: Laborer Pay: Paid per item gathered. Duration: Varied Location: Helena Pawn Shop Private contract. 6. Carrington & Co. Job: Secretary Pay: Salaried Duration: Long-term Location: Helena Private contract. 7. Reeve Jacques Calvet Job: Tobacco Harvester Duration: Varied Pay: Negotiable Location: Vitzburg Estate Private contract. 8. Grand Lady Valentina Ruthern Job: Handmaiden Duration: Long-term Pay: Bed & Board, tax free Location: Novellen Palace Provincial-state institution. 9. Grand Lady Valentina Ruthern Job: Bodyguard Duration: Varied Pay: Bed & Board, tax free Location: Novellen Palace Provincial-state institution. KAEDRIN: Pending entries.
  6. A CALL TO COUNCIL 1751 The Faithful are ill with sickness and have gone astray. The Clergy are slothful, and unable to respond to the crisis of apostasy as it afflicts Our Mother Church. There is a crisis which besieges the Canonist Church which demands proper treatment. The Crown, in Our due right as Fidei Defensor, hereby convene a Council of Lords Spiritual and Temporal, with express intention of applying remedies for the crisis which afflicts Our Church. This Council shall be convened within the Palace of Novellen, the court being used for attendees. It shall be held beginning the first day of Tobias’ Bounty, 1751. ((Saturday, 5 PM EST, 1/18/2020)) Invitations to the Council are dispersed to the following parties: LORDS SPIRITUAL PONTIAN III @frill His Eminence, Godric Cardinal Jorenus @VIROS His Eminence, Arthur Cardinal Rhodesia @Neon123 His Eminence, Rodrigo Cardinal Curonia @Froschli His Eminence, Boniface Cardinal Villavia @ReveredOwl His Grace, Edmund of Northmarch @LoLzboi LORDS TEMPORAL His Imperial Majesty, Peter III, Holy Orenian Emperor @ARCHITECUS His Majesty, Andrew IV, King of Hanseti-Ruska @AndrewTech His Majesty, Peter III, King-Elect of Kaedrin, as represented by Governor-General Henry Rovin @vonAesterwald His Highness, Otto, Grand Prince of Muldav @Pureimp10 His Highness, Wilhelm II, Prince of Evreux @Porkgasm Her Highness, Anabel Aleksandra, Princess-Regent of Rubern (To be granted letters of credence) @Axelu His Grace, Edward, Archduke of Suffolk (To be granted letters of credence) @Sheczar His Grace, Tobias, Duke of Eastmarch @Kursion His Grace, Joseph Clement, Duke of Helena @Hunwald His Grace, John, Duke of Sunholdt @BenevolentManacles His Grace, Sigmar, Duke of Valwyck @Drew2_dude His Most Honorable, Markus, Margrave of Korstadt @CaptainZenny The Right Honorable, Leonard, Count of Harlingen @Naj The Right Honorable, Konstantin, Count of Metterden @FireCrimson The Right Honorable, Alaric, Count of Nenzing @Pureimp10 The Right Honorable, Richard, Count of Kreden @Zhulik His Honorable, Ivan, Viscount of Batavia @Twan His Lordship, Caius, Baron of Aldenburg @James Hanson His Lordship, Silas, Baron of Artois @Half His Lordship, Erwin, Baron of Freising @Miniguy15736 His Lordship, Jan, Baron of Kvaz @6xdestroyer
  7. MANDATE OF THE SECRETARY OF THE INTERIOR FOR IMMEDIATE IMPLEMENTATION H.F. 1750 To the employees of the Ministry of the Interior, municipal government of Helena, and subjects of Helena, In response to the popular Helena Barn Petition, signed by many prominent members of the Crownlands, the Secretary of the Interior has seen fit to appropriate the dormant lands of Sedan for common usage in farming and husbandry. For permits, seek out the audience of Secretary de Sarkozy. HIS EXCELLENCY, JOSEPH CLEMENT DE SARKOZY, SECRETARY OF THE INTERIOR
  8. Sitting within his office, the Secretary of the Interior comments upon the news. ”Dear me, quite a lot of signatures...” He then sends for the Lord Mayor’s presence. @Mirtok
  9. “This troublesome Auditor, despite his persistent annoyance, does seem well skilled at his trade — this much we cannot detest in him.” The Duke Helena would comment to his ministerial confrères while they discussed the report amongst themselves.
  10. Sir Beelzebub, Clerk of the Senate, calls the roll as ordered by the President. The votes are as follows. IMPERIAL SENATE 16th of Harren’s Folly, 1749 Confirmation of the John D’Arkent Nomination to the Supreme Court AYE Basrid Ruthern Rutledge Vice Chancellor* NAY Callahan De Poussy May ABSENT Illiquin Wright
  11. The President pro tempore calls the Senate order, taking the gavel and tapping the desk several times before Sit Beelzebub began reading off the vote tally… “On this vote, the AYES are four, the NAYS are three, with one voting PRESENT, and one ABSENTEE. The bill is adopted.” A copy of the Senate resolution tally is placed into the record: IMPERIAL SENATE 17th of Owyn’s Flame, 1749 The Imperial Budget-Vassal Taxation Bill of 1749 AYE Basrid Illiquin Wright Vice Chancellor* NAY Callahan May Ruthern PRESENT Rutledge ABSENT Vacancy
  12. SUBPOENA LORD MAYOR ALREN HALGRIM CITY OF HELENA DESIRES TO SUMMON THE FOLLOWING PARTY TO COURT; BORR LABDACUS ON THE BASIS OF THE FOLLOWING PRINCIPLE(S), DOCTRINE(S), EDICT(S) OR ARTICLES OF LAW: THE IMPERIAL LAWBOOK Murder, deliberately acting to achieve the result of death for another person, is illegal. x2 Causing injury, acting to inflict a singular wound, is illegal. The accused was found to be assaulting two officers of the Imperial State Army, together with an accomplice, drowning the officers in one of the canals of the city. The accused was promptly subdued by a relieving party, the officers freed. The accused and accomplice were subdued only after resistance, and his accomplice fled. WITH THE PRESENCE OF THE FOLLOWING RELEVANT PARTY OR PARTIES: ENSIGN ALEXANDER PRUVIA ON THE DESIRED DATE OF: 12 Owyn’s Flame, 1749 [[Trial ongoing]] YOURS HUMBLY, LORD MAYOR ALREN HALGRIM CITY OF HELENA [[Markosi#3008]]
  13. Within the Basilica of the Final Revelation, the Duke Helena stands before His Eminence, Arthur Cardinal Rhodesia, and recites the oath. ”I do solemnly swear that I shall uphold the words of this holy bull, and all precepts contained therein, on the penalty of eternal damnation. So help me God.”
  14. ON PESSIMISM OR; A REPLY TO GODRIC’S REFLECTIONS FROM NOVELLEN PALACE THE DUKE HELENA AND ADRIA In my studies beneath the guidance of the Archchancellor Basrid, the phrase tapestry of man was common place. This is a particularly lofty ideal, nearing the metaphysical, but it is one with immensely practical evidence. It is a national idea, whether cognitively realized or not by the countrymen that uphold it. The tapestry of man is a unity. It is one whole, made of composite parts. This aged piece of cloth, centuries old, shows itself in whole against its pessimistic critics. It teaches us of the falsehood of those vipers who would declaim the profound unity at the core of mankind, and the Empire which it has forged through time. Against the critics, the tapestry of man speaks: look on at my Renatians, the first born of the Pheonix Rebellion. Look on at my Hansetians, those of the Teutonic Order. Look to my Salvians of the Heartlands, and also to the Seventians of the savanna. Look to the Raevir, the forebears of saints and prophets. Look to the Harrenite Adunians. Gaze upon the conquests of the patriotic Kaedreni. What of the Curonians, that fierce people? Look to the Adrians, and their brother-enemies the Savoyards. The zealous Waldenians. Find for yourselves the Illatians. The Rhenyari, and their brother Easterners. Set your eyes south upon the Vandorian Qalasheen, and guide them north towards the proud Haensetians. Does not the whole project of pessimism confound itself at the sight of such a beautiful piece of art? These peoples, both extinct and living, found strength in unity. With one blood in their veins, they profess one God, one country, and one Emperor. There are those few who set themselves against this glorious tapestry, in prideful tribalism, and are thus left to historical obscurity. These pessimistic people, thinking exclusively of their base needs, are incapable of grand accomplishment. While humanity busied herself with the project of eternity, of institution building, of conquest and defeat, the Rurics set themselves aside, encumbered by their own bigotry, failing to accomplish anything of significance for all Godric’s professed perseverance. Godric sees himself a conqueror, the successor of those before him. Blinded by his misplaced pride, he laments in writing:“Our legacy, our foundation was built by conquerors. Forging the steel bonds of Empire with the blood and the soil of humanity, and the bones of its foes.” Whose legacy? Where were the Rurics, when Prophet Godfrey established sovereignty over men? Where was Godric’s tribe at Prophet Sigismund's restoration? Were the Rurics among Peter’s Court? The tribe surfaces first in history when it set itself against John Sigismund, only to be subdued. Let us not speak of its humiliation by Aurelius some centuries later. This man claims a fabricated lineage. At the head of a coalition, the majority or near majority of which being composed of nonhuman elves and orcs, he professes that ”human unity is untenable.” While dining with the sohaer, he sings dirges to the “age of heroic men”. Together with the wargoth, he discusses the “declining character of man.” Finding no comfort in the fraternity of his fellow men, the hypocrite looks instead to the swords of elves and orcs. Let there be no doubt that his lamentations are empty. There is no end to the self-aggrandizement of false humility. There is no great ideal in his words, naught but self-pity. This war, like Godric, is a sham – spiteful, selfish, and base. It ought not come as a surprise then when the man looks for human unity and finds none of it.
  15. The Duke receives the news in total shock. Such a recent friend and business partner gone so soon, and so violently. ”Send for the Solicitor-General at once,” he says to a courier, dispatching him from Novellen. When the job is done, he clutches at his necklace, muttering quiet dirges for the dead. @wealthypiano
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