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  1. Why didn't my boy NathanBarnett write the guide, he was an alpha tester
  2. Day 1 of demanding a pony from Santa Claus

  3. You cannot, it's parting of hunting and hunting is not implemented. you just have to wait till it gets done I think you answered your own question my guy. on the live new map, that's how...
  4. First I'd like to address that yes, we have derailed the actual purpose of this thread, and I find that funny. Once again, it was intentional to stop players from upstarting and creating Norland 2, it is purposefully meant to drive players to nations. blame world team, that was their decision. things are only gated because not everything that should be implemented is in, if you wait, there is literally more nodes being placed and the plug-in is being finished.
  5. The second point is intentional, blame World team, they are trying to kill that sort of thing. The third point is sort of a two point answer 1. Vortex was on track to be ready to be fully done by map transition, however, because of the admins making it at last minute notice get put into the transition map, it threw everything off track. 2. Map release was supposed to be the beta test, but because of the map transition it is Alpha testing+ basically. The fourth point, everyone had months of time to see and discuss vortex, anyone who asked nick got a full video presentation of vortex basically, there was community input, just not from the people who didn't take the initiative to actually try to find out any information in the many months from announcment to now.
  6. Warning: I am blunt, I was an alpha tester and therefore have knowledge that you don't have and therefore the information I give you is more correct than people who are spreading their assumptions of what is happening, I don't care to dance around to seem nice and helpful, I fully believe that most peoples reactions to vortex are allieviated with the phrases "it's in alpha idiot", "That's a bug, not a feature", and my personal favorite "No, you are just wrong, that's not how this works at all." so 2 points here or more idk I'm basically illiterate: 1. Sham wasn't a tester, he is just a player, a new player at that who has easily navigated the system and finds that people who are having trouble must be arguing in bad faith because if he (once again, a new player) can figure it out, then they can too, they just aren't doing it so that they can whine about it. (however I have argued that since so many people are hilariously crying about him being an alpha tester, he should be made one, cause that would just be really too good) 2. Vortex isn't neccesary for the regular player, you don't need to do anything in vortex to roleplay. (this doesn't represent the irregular player obviously IE: full fledged nations trying to kit soldiers, and charters trying to build their whole ass settlements) 3. what do you think is happening right now? Vortex is in alpha right now, you are literally testing it right now. 4. A professions plug-in has been asked for since basically the removal of nexus. 5. The behaviour of players and not staff should not effect your opinion of the plug-in, doing so is pretty much a "You problem" and not a plug-in problem to be blunt 6. The trial version of Vortex should not have been released on the transition map, it has delayed the actual coding of the full version of Vortex, blame admins.
  7. Don't do my man Sham bad like that, he tested it to the best of his abilities.
  8. Perhaps we could have called the info hub by the rp name that Alamris has been given...
  9. Too bad there wasn't a tech discord of some kind that allowed the playerbase to give feedback and learn about this plugin. 🙃

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Boniface


      I distinctly recall nick saying in vc people weren't necessarily picked by from each nation but on skill, whatever that means

    3. Sham404


      It probably means they dont want monkey brains testing their new plugin at the alpha level.

    4. Elite_Snipes_


      Stop whiteknighting for Nick lol.

  10. Yikes, I guess understanding a basic system is being autistic and not understanding a basic system is considered smart, you got me there guy.
  11. If you don't have the brain cells for the system, then don't do it, I'll go ahead with my big brain and dominate the system with my understanding of basic ui systems, simple as.
  12. I think that's what most interesting to me having played with vortex, is either that some players are so contradictory in their complaints, or that they make an assumption that is wrong that sours their opinion of the later stages of Vortex. My advice: quit whining and get good, it not gonna change.
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