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  1. I think my question is why do nation spotlights for cities that won’t exist in like a month or so.
  2. Olaf, Ceo of Vykk co and single most richest person on Arcas smiles his money smile “I hate it when Norland breaks armistices by being attacked by the people seeking peace.” he laughs his money invoking laugh “As for torching our somehow impoverished nation that supplies not only the entire coalition but also the entire orenian army, well, why don’t you wait till Oren wins a battle before making any claims.”
  3. (( if you agreed on crp then how come you did PVP?
  4. Olaf sits in his money chair, giving his money smile, laughing his mney laugh “war’s starting again?” Olaf says to himself in a way that transcribes money into ones brain “Time to make money.” he says sitting upright like a crisp dollar bill “I can’t wait for oren to run out of resources again so they have to buy all their food and weapons from me.” he says counting out his orenian marks that he had accrued “Too bad oren can’t fund their own troops so they have to buy Norlandic crop and Morsgradi steel.”
  5. Olaf, hearing of the man breaking the alliance on behalf of the orenian empire chuckles, “I dunnae think the treaty that oren made, then didn’t show up to the meeting they set up, then immedietly invaded Urguani lands, then the leader of the great and powerful orenian national socialist party attempted to kill one of the most attractive and handsome Nordlings is going to last very long...” Olaf pauses, taking a deep breath before continuing “But hey, that’s just a theory.... a war theory.”
  6. Keeper Grigori Watches as the man attacks Thor because he got cucked pretty hard, therefore breaking the peace treaty that Oren has already violated within the first day of drafting said treaty “Yes, we should be making of sending him back to Oren and reporting of this treachery to the Alliance.... and he has made of cut own head off, welp, I guess i’m being of the done here now.”
  7. Can we appreciate that Norland is marked down as Morsgrad but misspelled in your sheet as Mordsgrad. 😬
  8. “How can you have a quadricentennial mass when your country is less than a hundred years old...” Vykk says remembering the many iterations of imperial kingdoms that had fallen before this one.
  9. We should recognize Helena as the Reptile racial nation cause its filled with wonks and orenians 🐍

    1. Cakerawala


      Im an orenian player and I've never hurt you, perhaps there were distressing incidences you have had experienced with some orenians in the past... But gross generalisation is very immature.

      Edited by Cakerawala
  10. Grigori, after some diligent studying of tomes, recollection of records, and general learnification, finally comes to his correct assertion “Huh, so it is being of the truth.” he says, rubbing upon his bald head “The tony of the being of the big is of the being of the owning of the rightfulness of the ruling of the house of the being of the Horen.” he exclaims in his thick Lakian accent, nearby Alisa, the High Keeper sighs, regretting allowing him to become a Keeper.
  11. Vykk paced back and forth in the temple, finishing his story to the young children who had gathered there “...And in response, the King of Oren said nothing of substance, he made no assurances, plead no vows, and generally told the cross god’s top shaman that he cared not for his attempted threats, and nothing became of the whole thing because the cross god’s top shaman was too afraid to lose his position of power in the serpentine nation.” he finished before stopping before the children who looked at each other in confusion “Yes... well, I don’t know why he made the missive in the first place, I assume he wasn’t interested in living any more.”
  12. Not gonna like, in my opinion, helena is one of the ugliest cities this map, but this render makes it look really good.
  13. Luc de Fontaine smiles from above “Heruparkraat would approve.”
  14. “I thought Oren was winning...” Vykk says twisting up his face “I guess they aren’t as confident as they claim.”
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