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  1. Olaf sits in his wheelchair near the tree of morsgrad, nearby Diome works in his forge “T’at t’ing t’at ‘appened yesterday...” he would call out “T’at was exciting, I hadn’t had me heart pumping like t’at since me last heart attack.” Olaf nods before continuing on “Ye may be a lazy layabout, but yer a goodun, and I be glad ter call ye me associate, I could nay have made it without ye.”
  2. I agree, and If you play a white character you should have more privelages than any other race.
  3. “I dunnae T’ink I’ve ever seen a Hangman in Morsgrad” Olaf says thinking to himself. “I have seen the housedarts near darrowmere...” he continues “But that was only when they were robbing or killing our citizens....” Olaf shrugs “Maybe I should seek out the Hangmen and see if they would be interested in patrolling further north.”
  4. “Maybe they’’ let me teach a class about bread...” billy says straigtening up his bread shop that some Terrorist keeps messing with
  5. I like to rp the mina I get from voting as some SIMP sending me money, but is too shy to talk to me.

    1. KeatonUnbeaten


      an interesting theory

    2. LotsOfMuffins
  6. Professorus

    A new Rex

    Vykk reads over the missive from somewhere in Norland “The kingdom of...” he looks closer at the missive “Morsgrad? that’s not correct.”
  7. So when can we get nexus 2 teaser?
  8. Vykk smiles “glad to see one of only two edvardssons that weren’t complete failures. your father and you were the only edvardssons that sought peace for norland, and attained a golden age.”
  9. How can staff claim to have investigated the rubern “Deceit” without actually talking to anyone in Norland? The group that the accusation is levied against, as well as the people who would have the majority of the evidence to disprove it?

  10. Vykk shakes his head incredulously “I can nay believe it....” he says as he reads through the essay “I’ve lived through it all, and yet I have nay realized that the long dark was already upon us...” Vykk places the paper back down on the sole Norlandic missive table “And to think that we have allowed Amice, an agent of the long dark to infiltrate us for so long... over three hundred years...” Vykk says slamming his fists down upon the table “We must act quickly, we must rise up, standing ever more steadfast against the darkness, we must fight with a vigor and ferocity never before seen by the forces of darkness!” Vykk says looking around as a group of purifiers slowly rides into town, their armor scratched and charred, yet they ride tall, the head of a monstrous being tied to the side of their steed. Vykk lets out a small smile “Perhaps we are not as hopeless as one would think.” he says slowly walking towards the purifiers as they climb down from their horses.
  11. “Good of ‘em to recognize Norland as a Human nation.” Olaf says sitting in his money chair, smiling the money’s smile, counting his money, and singing his money song.
  12. Billy walks past, pushing his broom as the dark elf spits “Oi, what the hell, I’m trying to clean the streets here!” he cries out “What the hell is wrong with people, just throwing garbage on the floor and spitting in the streets.” Billy shakes his head “One day, people are gonna realize with the amount of missives bein’ passed around that we’re all gonna be swimmin’ in balled up missives and an endless sea of spit.” Billy says continueing to push his broom “They all thought I was crazy fer lovin’ bread, but one day they’ll know I spoke the truth!”
  13. Olaf shakes his head “This sure was a lot of words from irrelevant parties.” Olaf says spitting on the ground “Too bad lying doesn’t make Godric right...”
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