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  1. Oh **** I thought it was /near 20. If not the yea Veris really got slammed with a slump lmao
  2. I would like to say this: While I will not try to spin off, as other nations have... saying that their entire population is on summer vacation, I can say this: Veris has a TON of in home roleplayers, mostly because we're edgy. I'm sure that we would've done much better if more thorough checks were done as some of those basements are pretty deep (e.g: fury_fire's basement). I would also say that Veris got its ass kicked over the last 2 weeks in activity and hopefully that changes. That's all from me folks, good work Oren <3 Tsu
  3. one word. ABSOLUTELY. Would be perfect for this position. EDIT: This was my 100th post
  4. Which also leads into the fact that the group was actively seeking ooc aggression. If a member of the group is willing to vouch that others were attempting to create more hatred, it should be noted and is more than reasonable to counter their argument, being that "they weren't toxic, merely joking and having fun".
  5. Although I believe you are very much in the wrong @Kinslayer, I respect the apology and you exposing the "group" of what they intended to do. That does define character and should be reviewed as well.
  6. Going to give my final remarks as I have finally arrived home! I put my head on a chopping block for this ban report as any FM and GM who saw this report and the status' of others within this clique trashed me and BlushesViolently with insults, rude remarks, and continued their passive aggressive remarks even on this ban report. It's not about opening or closing a gate, although ShameJax should've stepped farther and spoken up about not being able to do that. It's about the excessive rude behavior found within the individuals accused, some being of much higher aggressive tier than others. I was banned at least twice for toxicity throughout my almost 4 1/2 years of playing, and this is the kind of activity I would dabble in. (Anyone can review the reports put out against me). It is clear that the situation was minute until those accused began to not only disobey a moderator, but to become openly aggressive and toxic on the server, on our discord, and the very forum post that reported them for this behavior. I would like to continue with the STRING of forum status' and comments on this report: all from players knowing the rules which circulate LotC forums, choosing to be passive aggressive, and openly insulting towards both myself and blushesviolently (Which we have screens of if Niccum can't see the hidden comments). I believe these should be considered just as valuable as the toxicity brought by those accused, allowed to be looked over WITH kinslayers discord message, telling blushesviolently that his group wanted him to say toxic things to her as well as his apology stating that they are in the wrong. It's only fair that the entirety of the forum post (all illegal comments and rude remarks from the accused) be used when judging this report. I personally believe that it wasn't a big deal to start with, but over time it has become worse. It's an obvious problem when a player cannot report another without being insulted by members of their friend group... It only plays into the toxicity of these individuals. --- I do hope that any staff team viewing this sees the escalation from this group on this thread, screenshots, and discord messages alike to know that something has clearly gone very wrong. I do appreciate the moderators assisting with this and for those Forum moderators who jumped in against those illegally commenting. Unless asked for more detail or another comment by anyone able to post on this thread, I rest my portion-- BlushesViolently may post another comment.
  7. (( in love
  8. As per the 24 hours, I will be back on a laptop where I can type better tonight and will be giving my final remarks on the report then^ just so it was clear that I'm not ignoring it.
  9. If you'd like rukio13 to comment on that we were joking during the entire conversation, he can do so. This report is about you- not me. Bringing him into this with the pic means he's allowed to comment. He will be doing so shortly
  10. I request for the GM handling this modreq to also look at this comment even though they aren't unallowed to post such. In regards to prisms comment
  11. Person/s Involved: Toxicity/ Disobeying a GM: JakeFSF, Hydra98, Kinslayer Sexual Harrassment: TheDarkIsEternal Potential encourager/ metagaming (Added for mediation purposes): Cyber_queen3 Person/s with permission to post within the report: All who were reported, Ski_King3, DrPhilOfLoTC, BlushesViolently, Dkink14, Conspirator_, DarkSoundWave Rules Broken: Glitching, Toxicity, Disobedience to a GM, Metagaming, Relevant Evidence: (Screenshots) http://imgur.com/a/EMvLU of glitching / general ooc hostility / disobeying a moderator's help. https://gyazo.com/e1ccf86159b6c1f9a88ff0742cfcf1d3 of Veris discord afterwards, a message from Jake was deleted. https://gyazo.com/dcfc7289b11e9e791c9f563b018f489f https://gyazo.com/e9ae459776e472c22cf58c1274f2c5c0 https://gyazo.com/129dfaebb3140602cc6553a8d83675b4 of Hydra spamming discord after the MC incident. (Writing) This report is specifically designed for a plethora of rules broken by those accused. Yesterday, Cyber_Queen3's character killed mine and after multiple people from her group ooc'ly asked if I was PK'ing (And not accepting that I wasn't), a forum post of my public death without my consent was posted by Cyber_queen3. This was noted by (First witness) Ski_king3 who announced this was against the rules, an FM was contacted, and therefore it was hidden. I bring this up because I believe it was used as a play OOCly to encourage OOC toxicity towards myself and Veris, a nation which I run and this group has been banished from. I come to these conclusions simply because the "Roleplay" was apparently led by the banishment of their characters, happening almost a month ago. I also want to explain that Cyber_queen3’s account was in Veris for the majority of the day (As we did have an event), HOWEVER, after several hours of people clearing out, when I was almost alone in the city, her and the group affiliated with were in the city ready to attack. The only attacker was Cyber_queen’s character, but I find it odd on how the other members of the group (That aren’t citizens) were running around the council room and Veris without any RP as it’s rather hard to send any sort of legal bird. This could very well be toxicity and I would like any form of logs (That is if anyone is willing to check them) to deem if this is in fact the case or if somehow random members of their OOC friend group managed to make their way right when nobody who could defend me was in Veris. On with the forum post: I cannot warn someone to not make a forum post, however Cyber_queen did ask if I was going to PK and I said that I wasn’t. A public death post (insinuating that I was going to PK) was then publicized on forums. I would like to note that this, as stated before: can very well be a strike OOC’ly against myself, as we are not on friendly terms. We can go into the reasoning if the accused feels necessary however the premise being: I referred to Cyber_queen3 as three genders/pronouns to avoid confusion. I immediately apologized for this and was told to bite it (Reasonably so, don’t blame Cyber_queen3 for such a response, but to have continuous encouragement of others to act in rude manners oocly over a month since the event has turned back towards the accused. Today BlushesViolently logged on to find a large group in the city behind a gate that they shouldn’t have been able to close. After struggling for a bit and fighting their way into the room it was discovered that the gate sign was indeed locked yet anyone could close it anyways. When it was pointed out that this was a bug, and thus needed to be reported/taken care of instead of being abused, people continued to spam the use of the gate sign anyways. Coder ShameJax even can be seen in the screens confirming that this was an unintended bug. A modreq was filed which DrPhilOfLOTC answered and issued forth a warning. After the warning was issued Hydra continued to toggle the sign and even tried using rp to get people to join him. After a few minutes of this still happening DrPhilOfLOTC came back and tried to break the sign only for Hydra to stand in his way. Hydra had to be kicked in order for the bugged sign to finally be broken and thusly was told that with the bars now blocking the exit he needed to either ss out or be warped from the room. Hydra refused both and instead tried to get a second GM to allow him to further damage the room by breaking a window. Luckily Hydra was merely tp’d outside instead. Meanwhile BlushesViolently was sent repeated links to a forum thread made by JakeFSF just to cause drama and further be toxic. Jake was asked to remove to thread or else a FM would be contacted to which he stated something along the lines of ‘not feeling like it’. A FM was contacted and requested to either move the thread to ooc or hide and thus the thread was hidden. Blushes was finally driven to logging off of the server to get away from the repeated pm’s and that’s when the group moved over to the Veris discord. Despite being told to leave Blushes alone Kinslayer pinged them and had to again be told to cease which he finally listened to. A few moments later Hydra decided to come in and spam the chat in an act of immature toxicity. My thoughts: Cyber_queen3 had the LEAST to do with this and is only being accused of potentially starting this chaos. I in NO SHAPE OR FORM expect formal punishment for the individual, however request mediation between Cyber_queen3 and myself or anyone else whom cyber_queen is at qualms with to end any potential thoughts of ooc motivation. The other individuals have proven immaturity and toxicity through their disobedience to a moderator, utilizing OOC and glitches to form some sort of RP, topping the cake with spam in a friendly discord chat. Closing: TheDarkIsEternal was included in this as general toxicity, accompanied by Hydra and JakeFSF (both members known to at times not be the friendliest). I would like to further this specific individual on claims of sexual harassment as the individual accused has been known to spam me, typically on social media platforms-- continuously asking for revealing pictures of myself. I do have two witnesses of my DISTRESS, being Conspirator_ and DarkSoundwave, likewise with a suggested confession that he did in fact do such. (Further evidence which can be verified, such as the accused stating several times that Cybering was mandatory in romantic RP, likewise with stating that the accused would NOT RP with a potential spouse as the spouse declined any cybering). I understand that a moderator may not like to pick this specific report up as it is considerably worse than the formal report above, and if it is split from this I completely understand-- I only bring it up in this report as shortly after I have liberated myself from TheDarkIsEternal, he has joined with this group and been seen incorporating himself with this OOC Chaos. I will be happy to deliver the screenshot of the confession, and can get into a private group chat with the witnesses, the accused and the moderator handling the report. Giving everyone accused a fair chance, I wish that only the accused reply to the general accusation or personal accusations brought forth by the accuser, as I do not want ANYONES story or side of to be confused with those who may not have been incorporated with that specific portion of the report. Proof you attempted to resolve the issue with person/s involved: Incorporated within the report itself. Quite a bit of it was handled immediately with a moderator, that was disregarded by the majority of those reported. Blushes Violently also helped in writing this ban report as she specifically dealt with a good portion of this. BlushesViolently and Jacktheblue20 are the only ones whom of which wrote the formal report.
  12. I have found you AfricanGlasses.

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