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  1. Well, what’s your name? “Armergin Keint of Blackden " Aye. And from whence do you hail? “The road is my home" Alright, alright, that’s a fine place this time of season. How many years have you lived? “thirty eight " Got it. Your ethnicity, good man? I can’t make it out. “corelander." Mmm. I never would have expected it. Are you literate? “yea I am also a bard" Good, that won’t hurt you. Do you have a wife at home, or children? " not that I know of" They call Sixtus the Third ‘the Lewd’ for having two bastards. Don’t be like him. Have you got anything against taking oaths? “depends on the oath " You’re all set. I’ll have this filed away to the Prelate at once. He’s a sleepy cardinal, about to hit his centennial. Give him a few days.
  2. -=- Priest Specialization of Da Kirja Dverga All priests are expected to know about the Brathmordakin and all the aspects of dwarven religion. However, knowing facts about the religion is just the beginning as a member of the order. Once members become priests they are expected to find ways to get closer to the Brathmordakin. Because of this Priest Specializations where created; Hermit Priest, Warrior Priest, Librarian Priest. These allow Priests to find their own way to gain proximity and greater understanding of the Brathmordakin. These paths all have different personal philosophies on how to find the true enlightenment to truly understand the Brathmordakin. Once a priest is given the chance to Specialize he/she is to understand that all the paths follow the dwarven ways and are to be respected even if they do not follow one’s personal preference of living. -=- Librarian Priests Librerian Priests try to find the path of the Brathmordakin on the knowledge passed on by through the past generations. These Priest analyse texts of all types with the hopes to find connections between what they learn and be able to better understand the will of the Brathmordakin. These Priests tend to also be knowledgeable to higher types of learning like the magical arts, medicine, and alchemy. Their knowledge is usually passed down through their sermons and books. Warrior Priests Warriors Priests are Priest that believe that through living life passionately and fully one becomes closer to the Brathmordakin. These Priests enjoy the thrill of battle, the intoxicating feeling of alcohol, and a good hunt. Priests that tend to choose this path tend to also be soldiers, hunters, and musicians. Their passions are uncontrolled and true expressing the will of the Brathmordakin with passion both in sermons and the battle field. Hermit Priests Hermit Priests try to find the way of the Brathmordakin by accepting the world around it as it was created by Yemmekar. Because of this they try to intervene as little as possible and will only get involved to achieve Yemmekar’s balance. Hermit Priests believe that Yemmekar’s Balance also must be an internal battle dwarves should fight within their mind. Because of this these Priest try to humble themselves and be as impartial as possible. Through meditation and hard work these priests try to control their emotions to not be easily controlled by Khorvad and be more able to fight him off in the outside world. -=-
  3. [!] High Preceptor Baldin Frostbeard prayers that the Brathmordakin will bid well on the soul of this dwarf. He lived well without spilling the blood of his fellow dwarves.
  4. On Halfbreeds, kinslaying, and interracial intercourse 19th of the Sun’s Smile 1722 :-:-:-:-: In the name of the Kirkja Dverga I High Preceptor Baldin Frostbeard declare the following... Da Kirkja Dverga is fully against the harming of half dwarves. We at the clergy are of a similar opinion to the one put into the law by former king Fimlin Grandaxe through the creation of The Aaz Do Belka Act. Any dwarf that is at least half has at least ½ dwarven blood and is willing to follow dwarven customs and culture is a dwarf. This is not only by the eyes of the law but also by the eyes of the Brathmordakin. Killing a Halfbreed that is dedicated to the way of his ancestor Urguan is kinslaying. Throughout our history we have seen that Halfbreeds can be true dwarves and a great apportation to the dwarven race. Halfbreeds should also marry within the dwarven race as breeding with another race is still a sin and should not be done. Those that do have children with those outside of their race should repent, this is a sin of perverted lust but it does not warrant the death of the individual. When it comes to the outcome of this sinful union in the form of the child, the child is in fact born of sin, yet it is not tainted by the sins of its parents. Let it be known that the clergy will protect and do all that is in its power to protect and uphold the right of the children of Urguan to live and die as true dwarves. Anyone that wishes to tamper with this and try to cut the life of a devout descendant of Urguan short, is committing a worse sin than the sin of the parents of the halfbreed. Kinslaying can punishable by death, a sinful misunderstanding can be forgiven. A dwarf that kills a fellow dwarf is not a dwarf anymore, just a perversion of the race an individual twisted by Khorvad to poison Yemmekar’s chosen race from the inside. If you are a kinslayer accept your sins and repent, the Brathmordakin are merciful. Continue on a path of Khorvad and you will be rooted out by the wrath of the Brathmordakin. Brathmordakin var mer yemka. ~High Preceptor Baldin :-:-:-:-:
  5. You have been accepted as an Initiate of the clergy, welcome Initiate.
  6. High Preceptor Baldin Frostbeard is proud of the wisdom that the young clan father shows. “Thes lad seems tu be tha leada’ the Frostbeards need during these times. Tha Brathmordakin smile at ‘is words.”
  7. Letter of Expulsion of Borin Grandaxe 7th of the Deep Cold 1721 Borin Grandaxe has been removed from the clergy for continuous gross misconduct. First he tried to guilt one of his past love interests into going back with him threatening to kill himself otherwise. He knew full well that this lass was to be married to Gimli Grandaxe one of his fellow clan members and he disgracefully continued despite knowing this information. For this action Borin was suspended from the clergy and his rank as preceptor removed. After he apologized for his predatory ways he was accepted back as a priest. Borin once more disappointed his brothers in the clergy by showing a lack of respect towards the Brathmordakin by urinating inside their Temple on the body of a dead heretic. These actions were not proper of a priest of the clergy so he was demoted once more to initiate. Now I have been informed that Borin impregnated the fiance of Urist Silvervein. It is clear that Borin is not material for the dwarven Clergy. Borin did not learn that his actions reflect on the clergy. Because he seems unable to learn after the many second and third chances given to him, I Baldin Frostbeard, High Preceptor of Da Kirkja Dverga deem Borin Grandaxe unfit to be an initiate in the clergy and expel him. We wish him the best in another role serving the dwarven race.
  8. Overview of meeting of Da Kirkja Dverga, 8th of Malin’s Welcome Cold 1721 :-:-:-:-: In the name of the Kirkja Dverga I High Preceptor Baldin declare the following... :-:-:-:-: On making Fili Grandaxe a Kirkjadwedmar: Fili Grandaxe has had a long a strong career as a clergy member. As of late he has been unable to fulfill his obligations as a Preceptor. For this reason he will be given the rank of Kirkjadwedmar so he can return to help the leadership of the clergy if he decides to be part of the leadership of the clergy once again. :-:-:-:-: On the Celebration in Honor of the Purge of the Undead: Thanks to the work of Da Kirkja Dverga now the Caliphate is free from undead attacks and encounters. To celebrate this we will soon organize a feast in honor of Dungrimm and Yemmekar. The clergy will provide with all the drinks for the celebration. More information is to come. :-:-:-:-: On the return of Borin Grandaxe to the Kirkja Dverga: Due to the shameful and intolerable actions of Borin Grandaxe he has been removed the Kirkja Dverga. However, after penitence and a long apology the clergy has decided thanks to the guidance of Belka and Anbella to pardon Borin. Borin was a Preceptor but he will now start over as a priest of the clergy. We hope he will not fail on his duties again. :-:-:-:-: Brathmordakin var mer yemka. ~High Preceptor Baldin
  9. You have been accepted as an Acolyte of the clergy, welcome Acolyte. You have been accepted as an Initiate of the clergy, welcome Initiate.
  10. High Preceptor Baldin and promotion, resignation, and expulsion in Da Kirkja Dverga, 11st of The Deep Cold 1719 :-:-:-:-: In the name of the Kirkja Dverga I High Preceptor Baldin declare that the following... :-:-:-:-: On the Promotion of Hekkaes Goldhand: It has been decided that Priest Hekkaes Goldhand will lead certain operations outside the Kingdom. These operations are restricted to: Conversion of people outside the kingdom and the building of Shrines and praying sites for the Brathmordakin in lands that are not directly controlled by the dwarves. :-:-:-:-: On the Resignation of Dwarger Silvervein: The Resignation of Dwarger Silvervein as Preceptor has been accepted. He took the right decision, as when he noticed his other duties was affecting the quality of his work as preceptor he stepped down. Da Kirkja Dverga wishes him the best. :-:-:-:-: On the Expulsion of Borin Grandaxe from the Kirkja Dverga: Due to the shameful and intolerable actions of Borin Grandaxe it has been decided that Borin shall be stripped from his rank as Preceptor, and in addition to this he has been expelled from the clergy until he has proven himself to be worthy to be in the Kirkja Dverga. The dwarves of the Kirkja Dverga should act and think in such ways that they can be an inspiration to other dwarves. Borin Grandaxe did not fufill this expectation, and actually acted in such a way no other dwarf should act. For this reason he has been expelled. The specifics of the case have been analysed by the Kirkja Dverga, but they will not be made public for the wellbeing of Borin Grandaxe. :-:-:-:-: Brathmordakin var mer yemka. ~High Preceptor Baldin
  11. Baldin laughs “Thes es ney Dwedmar clan, thes are just midget ‘umans weth beards. Whot a disgrace.”
  12. ~=~ Da Kirkja Dverga ~=~ The Dwarven Clergy Da Kirkja Dverga, leaders of the Dwarven faith. Upholders of the laws of the Brathmordakin; gods of the Dwedmar. The guardians of the faith of the Dwarven race. They are also in charge of organizing the holy orders of the dwarves and makes sure the will of the Brathmordakin is done. ~=~ Clergy Positions ~=~ -High Preceptor- the leader of the Clergy, in charge of overseeing its functions and head of all subordinate ranks. Current High Preceptor: Baldin Frostbeard ((mateolog)) -Kirkjadwedmar- These are dwarves that have been in the clergy in the past and have shown great wisdom and knowledge, but for one reason or another are not in the clergy any more. These members have a say in the council of Preceptors but do not get a vote. They mostly serve as a moral compass to make sure the clergy does not corrupt itself with its own power. Current Kirkjadwedmar: Fili Grandaxe ((Cptnoobman)) -Preceptor- Senior members of the Clergy who are knowledgeable in the Clergy’s teachings and are familiar with all of the gods. They are the most experienced teachers and preachers of the clergy and hold domain over Priests and Initiates. They typically dedicate themselves chiefly to a single god so that they can focus their efforts in one area of theological thought. Current Preceptors: Ozneat Treebeard ((Crimsonmeme)) Kazrin Starbreaker ((DrHope)) -Priest- Priests of the Brathmordakin are experienced in their ways and are familiar with many or all aspects of the gods and the teachings of the Clergy. They are responsible for being mentors to Initiates and to the Dwarven race as a whole. Priests have shown that they are willing to dedicate their lives to the Brathmordakin and work towards mastery and the rank of Prelate. Current Priests: Urist Silvervein ((HeadcrabD)) Ozneat Treebeard ((Crimsonmeme)) Thorin Treebeard ((SoulReapingWolf)) Dwarger Silvervein, ((LionEY_)) Dutesli Treebeard, ((LadyViolet123)) Hekkaes Goldhand ((Jokerlow)) Howler Silvervein ((ImWolfie)) Wulfgar Grandaxe ((Zezimus)) -Initiate- Initiates are followers of the Brathmordakin who have shown interest in serving the gods and the Dwarven race though involvement in the clergy. While they are initiates, it is their job to work closely with the other members of the Clergy so that they may learn the teachings of the Brathmordakin and the Clergy fluently and eventually teach others the same. Current Initiates: Thrumril Grandaxe ((Floppetlappeting)) Gimli Grandaxe ((Dwarvendaddy)) Chione Stormfist ((Neonstarlight)) Kildrak Treebeard ((Disturbo)) Grandor Irongut ((Saltyolog)) Balin Goldhand ((TheDarkAngel2308)) Taal Cottonwood ((Porkgasm)) Jorvin Starbreaker ((DixieDemolisher)) -Acolyte- Initiates When a dwarf is too young to officially be in the clergy he/she is given the rank of Acolytes. These dwarf beardlings help around the temple tending to the needs of the preceptors and High Preceptor who teach them on the ways of the Brathmordakin in hopes they will one day be good and responsible members of the clergy. Current Acolytes: Beorn Cottonwood ((EarthMonkey)) Merarith Grandaxe ((MerarithGrandaxe)) --Application For Joining-- ((RP)) Name: Race: Clan (If applicable): Reason for joining: ((OOC)) Minecraft Username: Discord (Recommended):
  13. This Order has the blessing of Da Kirkja Dverga, may the Brathmordakin protect and guide them.
  14. High Preceptor Baldin, decisions of Da Kirkja Dverga, 1st of the First Seed 1719 :-:-:-:-: In the name of the Kirkja Dverga I declare that the following has been decided. :-:-:-:-: On the Preceptors and their shrines: It has been decided that every preceptor will have to build their own shrine. Each shrine will serve as point of operation for each preceptor. These shrines will be named and will have a patron Brathmordakin. However, all the brathmordakin will be represented in the shrines. :-:-:-:-: On the Code of conduct of the Clergy: The members of the clergy are meant to be the height of dwarven piety. For this reason a code of conduct has been crafted to judge the members of the order that brings shame to the institution. :-:-:-:-: On the creation of a new shrine in the Caliphate: Due to the Clergy eradicating the undead that harassed the Caliphate the Farfolk have allowed us to create a shrine for Belka and Armakak. If any dwarf wants to go on a pilgrimage to try to attain the favor of these Brathmordakin they are free to go there. :-:-:-:-: On the Silverguard: The Silverguard has been made to protect the clergy. It was supposed to be a job that only the Silverveins were allowed to do, however, they have shown that their numbers are too small to be an efficient guard force. For this reason the Silverguard is now open to any pious dwarf. Brathmordakin var mer yemka. ~High Preceptor Baldin
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