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  1. ✗ ≬ ≬ ♏αɟεoℓog ≬ ≬ ✗

    On False Oaths, 1709

    Baldin Frostbeard lies sickly in bed as he read the news. “makes sense tha a choild es net bound by oath to their birth nation, as they ‘ad ney say in tha matter. Makes even more sense that a vow to a nation tha does net exist ene’ more es disolved. Do net understand whot koind ef individual would argue against thes.” Baldin would close his eyes and fall asleep.
  2. ✗ ≬ ≬ ♏αɟεoℓog ≬ ≬ ✗


    Baldin smiles as he hears the news "tha dwedmar fameleh will finally be united. Yemmekar is smiling upon us." Norkai would smile from the halls of Dungrimm.
  3. ✗ ≬ ≬ ♏αɟεoℓog ≬ ≬ ✗

    DNN #10

    *Baldin raises a brow* Ney mention ef Bjor’s and Eerika’s weddin? Thes news source doesnt seem to pay attention tu tha Forest dwedmar. Tha High Chief ef Hefrumm get married en et doesn’t even appear en tha new article? ‘ave always loved DNN en tha past, bat thes particular piece es vereh weak.
  4. Looking for someone to play my dwarven child he/she needs to be maximum 10 years old, my character has a wife so she would also be the mother. The child would grow up with the forest dwarves its fun RP 😄

  5. trying to steal my spot light mate !?!?! >:D

    1. SimplySeo



  6. ✗ ≬ ≬ ♏αɟεoℓog ≬ ≬ ✗

    )=( Her fire fades away )=(

    Baldin “Ironside” Frostbeard leans on top of a mountain alone staring at a freshly made grave. Tears flow from his one good eye as he remembers the memories he has had with his eldest daughter Haddi. Baldin looks at the grown as his hands shake in shame. “My child...I do not remember the last 100 years of my life, now I came because I heard of your death. I came to say goodbye to you as I could not be with you when you died. I know I have not been a good father to you my child...I have ignored your existence after the death of your brother and allowed rage to take over my life. In time I forgot you and I are different, and that the time the gods gave you to live in this world was different to mine. Now you, your brother, and your mother all rest...it saddens me that we will not meet again as my soul is to be sent to the Halls of the dead for bidding...Tell your mother and brother I love them...If I could of given years of my dwarven life to you I would of. Rest now my dear Haddi.” Baldin would stand placing a wooden toy horse on the grave and walking away. Haddi Frostbeard 1467-1700
  7. ✗ ≬ ≬ ♏αɟεoℓog ≬ ≬ ✗

    Duties by Dungrimm

    Baldin Frostbeard is glad his descendant is brought back to dwarven territory to be buried with the honor he deserves.
  8. ✗ ≬ ≬ ♏αɟεoℓog ≬ ≬ ✗

    Missive From the High Prelate

    [!] Baldin “Ironside” Frostbeard hangs his watcher armor after reading the missive. “Finalleh free. Tha Brathmordakin smile upon mi once more. Thes es good news.”
  9. ✗ ≬ ≬ ♏αɟεoℓog ≬ ≬ ✗

    Trial Summons for Edel Silvervein

    ((5% RP 95% OOC accurate representation))
  10. ✗ ≬ ≬ ♏αɟεoℓog ≬ ≬ ✗

    Trial Summons for Edel Silvervein

    Egoi places his hand on Thalrim's shoulder "Cause no 'un knows about whot ye ded en tha past. Feel free tu break tha law tho ef ye wanna be punished."
  11. ✗ ≬ ≬ ♏αɟεoℓog ≬ ≬ ✗

    Trial Summons for Edel Silvervein

    ((he is right, everyone under Egoi has smaller font))
  12. ✗ ≬ ≬ ♏αɟεoℓog ≬ ≬ ✗

    -=- The Sky colored hair of the Stormfists -=-

    I would appreciate Memes and comments that have nothing to do with the post to be avoided
  13. ✗ ≬ ≬ ♏αɟεoℓog ≬ ≬ ✗

    -=- The Sky colored hair of the Stormfists -=-

    Good meme
  14. ✗ ≬ ≬ ♏αɟεoℓog ≬ ≬ ✗

    -=- The Sky colored hair of the Stormfists -=-

    Doonforges are the outcome of a Ireheart and a Dark elf. The main issue is not people bothering us ooc (which dwarf players don't tend to do) but rather that new people's apps get regected cause of the skin. People ooc can say whatever they want as long as it doesn't stop our rp.
  15. ✗ ≬ ≬ ♏αɟεoℓog ≬ ≬ ✗

    -=- The Sky colored hair of the Stormfists -=-

    there we go into the field of personal taste. I find Khas wonky and out of place yet they are in the server. There are uruks that are blue that look odd compared to the others as they also have horns for some reason. The fact is that if we dyed our hair then it would actually look neon.