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  1. You have been accepted as an Initiate of the clergy, welcome Initiate.
  2. [!] Shadow Preceptor Baldin nods in agreement with the choices made. “Tha dead leaves need tu be removed fer tha plant tu be able tu grow ‘ealthely.”
  3. ((POST EDITED FOR TO AVOID METAGAMING If yer in the order I will send you the link to the whole thing))
  4. Dvergaram da Rhadav Varekan Translation: Order of the Hidden Light Alternative name: Order of the Shadow Priests Death has been a part of life that many descendants fear. This fear caused much harm to the world of the living, starting with the creation of Dark Magics that if used unwisely could cause chaos to fill the world. The Shadow Priests thoroughly study death and have a vast knowledge of it. They promote the idea that death is a natural part of life and should not be feared. These Priests of Da Kirkja Dverga involve themselves in all aspects of death and the dead focusing their efforts on doing tasks connected to their field of expertise. Duties: Official Duties: ((Info easily known by anyone)) -Embalming- One duty associated with the Shadow Priests is the embalming of the body of the deceased in preparation for the funeral, which involves draining the fluid from the body after death. Not doing this process could cause some uncomfortable moments that could harm the dignity of the deceased. If the clan or family does not wish for the individual to be embalmed he will not be. -Funerals- Shadow Priests tend to take care of arranging funerals for the fallen especially if they have been someone of importance. Because their expertise with death these priests can fulfill any type of funeral to fulfill the wishes of the clan of the deceased. It is important for a Shadow Priest that an individual has a proper resting place no matter if the individual lived a bad life. -Hunting Khorvad’s spawn- To mantain Yemmekar’s Balance Shadow Priests take thoughtful action attacking spawns of Khorvad. By doing this the Shadow Priests keep them weak preventing the darkness of Khorvad from harming the people of the continent. Initiation Ceremony: Ritual: The Initiation Ritual is a ceremony where newcomers to the order take a holy blood oath of loyalty to the Brathmordakin and the clergy of the dwarves. Words of Ceremony: Member of the Inner Circle: “Join us, brother/sister. Join us in the shadows where we stand vigilant. Join us as we carry the duty that Yemmekar tasked us with. And should you perish, know that your sacrifice will not be forgotten. And that one day we shall join you in the halls of Khaz'A'Dentrumm. Take this blood oath to the clergy and the Brathmordakin. Serve the will of the Brathmordakin in the deepest Darkness.” Initiate: “I understand and I am willing to serve the Brathmordakin until the Brathmordakin deem me worthy to walk the halls of Khaz’A’Dentrumm.” Member of the Inner Circle: *cuts his own hand and then extends his hand so the initiate would give him his, he would then cut the palm of the initiates hand. Once both hands are cut they would both grip each other’s hand* “do you swear to serve the Brathmordakin and their clergy?” Initiate: “I swear.” Member of the Inner Circle: “Do you swear to keep the privacy of your fellow brothers and sisters of the order?” Initiate: “I swear.” Member of the Inner Circle: “Do you swear to not share any information or knowledge you learn in the order with any outsiders?” Initiate: “I swear.” Member of the Inner Circle: “Then welcome brother, may Yemmekar bless you, may Anbella watch over your oath, may Dungrimm give you valor in the darkness, may Belka guide you in your travels so you will never loose yourself, may Ogradhad bless your discoveries, may Armakak keep you clever in times of need, and may Grimdugan the lord of the shadows protect you while you march in the darkness.
  5. You have been accepted as an Initiate of the clergy, welcome Initiate.
  6. Baldin would tap the shoulder of the old dwarf “Et es true tha ‘a tend tu do such, bat en the state tha Hefrumm was at time wes gold...tha longer we waited tha worse et would be. Em sorreh mi friend, ef tha Brathmordakin will et et will net ‘appen again.”
  7. The Anbella Act Preface With the settling of the clergy in these new lands and the change of leadership to a joint co-leadership between the High Preceptor and the High Chief of Hefrumm the land that they both govern will be renamed. Kal’Anym will be the new name of the town. Provision I Hefrumm and Kal’Anym Because the village of Kal’Anym is the final resting place of the Paragon Bjor Cottonwood, the village will hold the title of Yemarin. This would make the formal name of the town Yemarin Kal’Anym. The Sigil of Hefrumm will remain as the main sigil of the town. The leader of the Forest Dwarf clans will still be called High Chief. Kal’Anym will still remain under the Under Realm of Urguan as was Hefrumm. Provision II Government of Kal’Anym Kal’Anym will be led by the High Chief of Hefrumm and the High Preceptor of the Kirkja Dverga. They will have a council called the Yemarin council of Kal’Anym where decisions of importance to the town will be discussed. Clan Fathers and Elders of Hefrumm will have a seat in the council as will the Preceptors of the Kirkja Dverga. Elders of the clans will be allowed to voice their opinion but will not have a vote. The vote of an individual Clan Father or Preceptor count as 1. If an individual is both a Clan Father and a Preceptor his/her vote count as 2 votes. The vote of the High Chief counts as 2 votes and so does the vote of the High Preceptor. Kal’Anym will still be obligated to follow the command of the Under King of Urguan. Provision III Housing of Kal’Anym The past inhabitants of Hefrumm will not be forced to leave their homes or relocate. Any Forest Dwarf can live in Kal’Anym as long as they pay their taxes. Members of the Clergy are allowed to have a house in Kal’Anym as long as they pay their taxes. Members of the orders under the clergy are allowed to live in Kal’Anym as if they were members of the clergy. Provision IV On The Socialist Republic of Hefrumm The SRH will be dissolved along with its amendments with some exceptions. The amendments on Dwedmar Rights and on the Thorns will be kept The Thorns will become the new Holy Guard. Signed: High Chief Thorin Treebeard High Preceptor Baldin
  8. You have been accepted as an Initiate of the clergy, welcome Initiate.
  9. Meeting of the Council of Preceptors of the 1st of Malin’s Welcome, 1727 :-:-:-:-: As High Preceptor of Da Kirkja Dverga and after meeting with the Council of Preceptors I declare the following... On the expulsion of Hekkaes Goldhand… Hekkaes Goldhand has been relieved of his duty to the clergy. He had yet a lot to learn but he refused to be open to learn and adapt. At the clergy we are doing a holy task, we cannot allow people that do not take the job seriously to remain in our ranks. For this reason Hekkaes Goldhand has been removed from service. On the promotion of Dwarger Silvervein… Dwarger Silvervein had been relieved of his duties as Preceptor some years ago do to the fact that he was facing some personal issues that had impeded him from doing his duties as Preceptor to the best of his abilities. However, these issues are now solved and so Dwarger Silvervein is once more a Preceptor of the Kirjka Dverga. May Ogradhad grant him wisdom while he remains in his position. On the Construction of a Temple in Sutica… With the increase of believers in the city of Sutica it is now our task to grant them access to a place of worship and knowledge. For this reason the clergy will work closely with Mika Uialben Advisor of Finances and Coin of Sutica to achieve the construction of this Temple. The Preceptor Dwarger Silvervein has been placed in charge of this operation. On the establishment of clear definitions... The Clergy will be working efficiently on the establishment of clear definitions and explanations for the faith. It has been shown time and time again that the definitions and implications of our beliefs have not been explained correctly leading to multiple interpretations and causing a lot of damage in Dwarven society throughout the years. Brathmordakin var mer yemka. ~High Preceptor Baldin :-:-:-:-:
  10. You have been accepted as an Initiate of the clergy, welcome Initiate.
  11. Meeting of the Council of Preceptors of the 4th of The First Seed, 1726 :-:-:-:-: As High Preceptor of Da Kirkja Dverga and after meeting with the Council of Preceptors I declare the following... On the New Preceptor… Hekkaes Goldhand has been a loyal and knowledgeable member of the clergy. For this reason he has been chosen to become Preceptor and join the council of Preceptors. May the Brathmordakin deem him worthy and help him with his new duties. On the defeat of the undead… Once again the clergy has avoided the rise of another undead organization. With this we will now start taking down its splinter groups until the land of Arcas is freed from their taint. On the end of the Holy War… With the end of the Three Month War and the removal of the building that desecrated our ancestor’s tombs Yemmekar’s Balance has been kept. Our cause was true and the Brathmordakin helped us achieve this victory for the dwarven race. Brathmordakin var mer yemka. ~High Preceptor Baldin :-:-:-:-:
  12. You have been accepted as an Initiate of the clergy, welcome Initiate.
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