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  1. RP Name:: Baldin Ironside MC Username: mateolog Discord: mateolog#1400 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: mainly Urguan Why Do You Wish To Come?: perhaps regain knowledge from before the dwarven civil wars that was lost. Attempt to steal the stone of Wyrvun from the irongrinders. Take a piece of the obsidian throne of Urguan that was lost to the decades to return it to the dwarves. What Skills Can You Bring?: Vetaran Legionary that became a Frostbeard legend in Athera's battle of the bloody grass, healer, undead specialist, previous religious leader if the dwarves, posses golem eye and arm, was in active duty during the time, speacks: common, basic dwarven, blah, and santegian. [ooc] :is a mystic.
  2. -=- During these past decades I have seen this beautiful kingdom flourish. The sight of a united dwarven kingdom will never fail to bring tears to my eyes...it is a dream come true. When I returned to Urguan after all these dwarven wars I wanted to bring my abilities into use to help this kingdom flourish. I saw no other way to do this than to join the clergy once again, one united through the pains caused by the division of dwarven culture through the unstable years, and united under the commitment to never let such a thing happen again. During my time in this reformed clergy we were able to help many folk in this continent, building multiple shrines, eradicating heretic sects, and the demolition of two undead hideouts and the destruction of their leaders. While I was High Preceptor of our clergy we were able to represent and bring the Brathmordakin to all dwarven clans that would listen and we fixed relations with the Starbreakers after Fili’s issues with Jorvin. It is true we had many enemies both inside and outside the nation that sought to bring down what we have worked hard to achieve, but we outlived them all. However, we failed to look inward at our own weaknesses and that was our greatest failure as a clergy. When I fell ill I appointed Norli a dwarf I was grooming to be the next High Preceptor to be my Herald and take my duties as High Preceptor while I was ill. When I recovered I saw that to the eyes of most my Herald was the new High Preceptor. Because of this I decided to call for a vote to elect the new High Preceptor and stepped down giving my vote to Norli. As we were only two Preceptors in total Norli was able to get all the votes despite his recent introduction in the clergy. This is an action I fully stand by. Norli was green but he was the one that stepped up when I asked for someone to lead in my absence. I believe I have done my part for the order and for the establishment of the foundations of our faith in this new continent and kingdom. Because of this I formally step down as Preceptor so I can retire and live my life as a retired Priest away from the public eye. I hereby resign as Preceptor of da Kirkja Dverga. Brathmordakin var mer yemka. ~ Baldin -=-
  3. *Baldin signs the document* Preceptor Baldin, Patriarch of Clan Ironside, Herald of Yemekar, Herald of Dungrimm.
  4. Concordat of the Beards For the sake of the protection and upholding of dwarven culture and way of life the Concordat of the Beards and its articles have been approved and made legitimate by Da Kirkja Dverga and the Remembrance. Article 1. Da Kirkja Dverga and the Remembrancers will both remain autonomous in the decision making and how they deal with their Organizations. Article 2. The Orders of the Signatories concerned will be part of the new order of the Holy Covenant. Article 2.1. The Council of the Holy Covenant will meet so that both organizations can recommend course of actions and cooperate in larger issues. Article 2.2. The leading ranks of the organizations of the Holy Covenant are welcome into the Council of the Holy Covenant. A Chairman will be voted on by the Holy Covenant Council from the ranks of both organizations to be the referee for the Holy Covenant Council. The Chairman can be changed with at least 50% of the votes. The number of official members for the Covenant Council must always be divided equally between the number of Organizations. Article 2.3. An attack on any Organization of the Holy Covenant is an attack on all member orders/organizations and the Holy Covenant will respond accordingly. Article 2.4. The Holy Covenant is able to make deals and agreements if the Council of the Covenant agrees upon them. For a Deal or Agreement to be passed by the Holy Covenant Council the must be a 75% of support from the Council members Article 2.5. Decisions made in the Council of the Covenant have supremacy over decisions made by the council of the individual organizations. Decisions of the Council of the Holy Covenant the must be a 80% of support from the Council members Article 2.6. Any organization can apply for membership into the Holy Covenant as long as 100% of the members of the Holy Covenant Council agree upon it. SIGNATURES OF HIGHER UPS OF DA KIRKJA DVERGA AND REMEMBRANCERS: High Preceptor Norli Starbraker High Remembrancer Kazrin Starbreaker Preceptor Baldin Ironside Preceptor Thorin Treebeard
  5. Preceptor Baldin Ironside nods in agreement “Thes es somethin that a’ deepleh agree weth. Grimdugan es tha most missunderstood ef all tha Brathmordakin makin ‘is worship almost nonexistant. Et es a shame tha en mi time as ‘igh preceptor a’ ded net push fer this, bat mi mind wes focused en otha thengs. Without a doubt thes es something tha must be established en our ‘oly texts and teaching. A’ see great promise en thes lad.”
  6. In Character: Your Name: Baldin Ironside Your Race: Dwarf The Guild Position you are applying for: supplier Do you accept the Brathmordakin as the only true religion?: ofc Do you swear to abide by the standard code of conduct for all members of Armakak’s Coin? : aye Out of Character: Your Minecraft Username: mateolog Your Discord Username: mateolog#1400
  7. [!] Baldin sitting in the High Hells feels something good is happening in Urguan. ”Sumthen good must be ‘appenin bach ‘ome...” He would then stand and continue to scavenge for food in the desolate area.
  8. ((using baldin for this so it will last. Also using the a system that works makes sense {especially if i made it}. Ill cut you with my edge))
  9. Clan Ironside “Honor, Duty, Clan” Ranks -Patriarch- The Patriarch is the second in command in the clergy as he/she is also the Herald of Yemekar, a Preceptor chosen by the High Preceptor to lead in his/her absence. The Patriarch is in all ways the Clan Father of the Clan. The Patriarch must be part of the clan, if the chosen Herald of Yemekar happens to not be a member of the clan leadership will fall upon the High Preceptor with the help of the Cast Lords. -Elder- When a member of the clan has shown loyalty, leadership capabilities, and wisdom, they will be offered by the Patriarch or High Preceptor tor take the lead of one of the established cast, and are allowed to also join another cast (three in total). If an Elder is in charge of a cast he is named Cast Lord instead of Elder. Elders have a double vote during clan meetings. -Fullbeard- Once a beardling has completed his/her tasks or has done a great heroic act they become a Fullbeard and hence a full member of the clan. Fullbeards are allowed to be on the clergy meetings for the sake of protection of the clergy. These members are entrusted with all the secrets of the clergy. Betraying the trust of the clergy or the clan is punished by a third degree punishment. When one becomes a fullbeard they are allowed to join another one of the casts of the clan (two in total). Depending on the casts the individual chooses they will be given different tasks. -Beardling- When a Youngling turns 30 (or someone joins being older than 30) they These are assigned to a mentor. Said mentor does not have to be a clan member. Once chosen their mentor will instruct them on the ways of the dwarves, history, and ethics. When this part of the training is completed the Beardling will be taught by an Elder or the Clan Father/Mother into the ways of the Clan. The Elder or Clan Father/Mother will guide the beardling on his/her trials to become a full beard. The individual in charge of the tasks will then inform the clan’s council about the results of each trial and the council will vote to see if the beardling is ready to become a full beard. If they pass the tasks then the Beardling will have to make an oath to the clan, vowing never to bring shame upon it or the Brathmordakin, and the clan will vow the same to the beardling, vowing not to force him/her to do something that will bring shame to him/her or the Brathmordakin. Beardlings can leave the clan if they wish. Beardlings that leave the clan can only rejoin if the clan council accepts them back. -Youngling- From the age of 0 to 30 an individual is considered a clan youngling. Younglings cannot be personally mentored by one individual but is allowed to listen to the teachings given to the beardlings. Despite being allowed to fight from the time they are able to hold a weapon, the punishment of beardlings is limited to first and second degree punishments. When a Youngling reaches the age of 30 he/she is required to swear fealty to the faith and swear to be a worshiper of the Brathmordakin, bound to serve them and protect the Balance of Yemekar. If a Youngling decides not to swear then he/she will be let go. No dishonor comes from leaving the clan at this time. In fact it is possible for people that leave as younglings to rejoin later on in life. Clan Trial Trial of Bonds The first trial of a beardling is quite straightforward. Beardlings must gain the trust of an animal. This creature will become the familiar of the beardling. The reasoning behind this trial is for beardlings to learn to become one with the creations of the Brathmordakin. The chosen animal is meant to represent a characteristic of the individual. Depending on the creature the beardling chooses the trial will be harder or more difficult. One could simply catch a crow or mouse as their familiar if they so wished. It is also possible to bond with a wolf or a similar animal, one that will pose more of a challenge. Trial of Comradery This trial consists of having the beardling travel the world to find a certain individual. This person that the beardling has to find must be recruited into the clan. This means that the beardling will have to both convert and convince the individual that their life can change for the better through this path. It does not matter how old this individual is as long as they are willing to follow this new path. When one brings someone into the clan they become sword-brothers creating a closer bond between them than with any others in the clan. Trial of the Forge Smithing can be considered one if not the main skill of the dwarven people. Yemekar himself is symbolicly depicted by means of a hammer and an anvil. When one creates something a spiritual bond is created with the smith and the object being created. For this reason the last trial of an Ironside is to forge a *Velukrumm-Raz. This sword however must be made in such a way that it represents the individual. To do so the Blade, Guard, and Grip, must be made from materials selected by the individual to make the blade. The type of wood, metal, etc is all up to them. The blade can have more personalised parts than just the blade, guard, and grip, those are just the bare requirements. It is important to note that this blade will mainly be ceremonial and is not meant for open warfare. An Ironside usually carries more than one *Velukrumm-Raz so that they do not have to use their Ceremonial *Velukrumm-Raz. One can also re-do the Trial of the Forge at a latter point in their lives (as many times as he/she wants). This is usually done if the individual has acquired a material that connects more to himself/herself. *Velukrumm-Raz: Traditional sword of the Ironside clan, it is a dwarven equivalent to a katana, though most dwarves would agree that due to dwarven smithing the Velukrumm-Raz outshines a normal katana. *Traditional Velukrumm-Raz: a Velukrumm-Raz that has been created by a beardling for the trial of the forge. It is one of an Ironside’s most cherished possessions. Casts of the Clan -Basilisks Cast- https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Basilisks Guards, warriors, champions, legionaries, commanders, fighters, mercenaries, etc. The Basilisk Cast is the fighting cast of the Ironside clan. Their members enjoy the thrill of battle and will at times prefer to fight over negotiating. The sigil of the basilisk cast is as its name entails; the Basilisk. This creature was chosen due to its deadly nature and great size an attempt of connecting the warriors of the Ironside clan to the mighty creature. Members of the Basilisk Cast tend to try to take down a Basilisk to use its fang as a material for the crafting of their Ceremonial Velukrumm-Raz. The Basilisk Cast is one of the tasks of the Ironside clan that commands the most respect. This is due to the fact that despite loving battle a member of the Basilisk Cast is also dedicated to military discipline and respect. A member of the Basilisk Cast is forbidden from killing children or someone that does not have a weapon. Killing a disarmed opponent can cause the Cast member to be punished by his Cast Lord. Members of the Basilisk Cast are forbidden to also form part of the Vermeinka Cast. The color of the cast is blue, symbolizing the cast member’s trust, loyalty, and confidence. Individuals that have the Basilisk Cast as their main Cast will usually wear blue tainted armor in honor of their casts, though this is not a requirement. -Dragaar Cast- https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Dragaars Lorekeeping, librarians, scientists, researchers, engineers, magic users, etc. The Dragaar Cast is the main cast of the Clan associated with knowledge. Their members will often be seen searching for new knowledge around the world and rediscovering old knowledge in old manuscripts. The sigil of the cast is a Dragaar. The Dragaar are immortal drakes that seek knowledge and protect descendants in their times of need. In this same way the members of the Dragaar Cast seek to gather all knowledge possible so that they can use it for the sake of Yemmekar’s Balance. Members of this cast tend to have a very strong fascination with anything that has to do with drakes as they are a symbol of their dedication to knowledge. The Ceremonial Velukrumm-Raz of a principal member of this cast tend to have some sort of connection to drakes, though it is not a requirement. A Dragaar Cast member tends to be considered of a higher intellectual standing than members of other casts. Members of the Cast are forbidden from destroying written knowledge. If one is caught doing so he/she can be expelled from the Cast or the Clan by the Cast Lord. The Color of the Cast is Gold the color of illumination, magic, and wisdom. Principal Members of this cast might wear golden armor or golden colored armor to show respect for the cast. -Phoenix Cast- https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Phoenix Preachers, missionaries, merchants, diplomats, translators, recruiters, etc. The Phoenix Cast tends to gather those individuals that tend to leave the protection of the clan to explore the vast world. The main members of the clan tend to be preachers, missionaries, or recruiters. For this reason the symbol of the cast is the fiery Phoenix a creature associated with rebirth and new beginnings. The weapons and style of this cast tends to be associated with birds as the Phoenix is an extremely rare creature and gathering any materials from such a creature would be nigh impossible. Because they act mainly outside of their clan’s jurisdiction, members of this clan have almost no limitations on their actions. However, Cast Members are expected to never do something that could bring shame to the clan in one way or another. The Phoenix Cast tends to be the face of the clan in almost all important encounters inside and outside dwarven lands. The color of this cast is orange, the color of Change, Determination, and Balance. -Caecus Cast- https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Caecus Hunters, explorers, healers, druids, shamans, rangers, alchemy, etc. The Caecus Cast is the main cast of the Clan associated with nature and the wilds. Their members will often be seen in lush fields looking for game to hunt or ingredients for their potions. The sigil of the cast is a caecus. The caecus is mainly symbolic of the wilderness that this cast values so deeply. Members of this cast tend to have a strong love for the hunt and collecting trophies from slain beasts. The Ceremonial Velukrumm-Raz of a principal member of this cast tend to have some sort of connection to the beasts they have defeated or to a plant that they have a close connection to. Members of the Cast are forbidden from harming nature for no reason. If one is caught doing so he/she can be expelled from the Cast or the Clan by the Cast Lord and in very serious cases he/she can be condemned to death. The Color of the Cast is Green the color of nature, growth, and harmony. Principal Members of this cast might wear green armor to show respect for the cast. -Ceru Hare Cast- https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Ceru_Hare Farmers, Miners, smiths, craftsmen, cooks, fishermen, dancers, etc The Ceru Hare Cast are the main recolectors of the Ironside clan. Their members collect minerals for the forging of weapons, stone to build, and harvest crops to feed the clan. They are also well known for their exotic dancers. The sigil of the cast is a Ceru Hare. The Ceru Hare is a large type of hare with no real difference from its smaller counterpart.The reason this animal is used as a symbol of the cast is because it is a symbol of fertility and love.. Members of this cast tend to be very hard working and selfless. The Ceremonial Velukrumm-Raz of a principal member of this cast tend to have some sort of connection to their principal trade, though it is not a requirement. The Color of the Cast is red the color of good luck, love, and happiness. Principal Members of this cast might wear red colored armor to show respect for the cast. -Vermeinka Cast- https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Vermeinka Poison crafting, dark arts, forensics, executioner, witch doctors, spies, assassins, thieves, bandits, etc The Vermeinka Cast is the cast with the lowest reputation of the clan. Their members that are solely part of this cast will often not even be recorded as clan members. This means someone can be part of the Ironside clan without making it public knowledge. This allows them to act in the shadows for the greater cause. However, this is not often seen fundly by other clan members. The sigil of the cast is a Vermeinka. The Vermeinka are humanoid rat like creatures that possess a primitive intelligence and are extremely aggressive. The reason this beast was chosen to be the symbol of the cast is to show how lowly the Ironside clan sees those that act in the shadows. Ceremonial Velukrumm-Raz are not allowed for members that are only part of this cast. Members of the Cast are forbidden from bringing public shame to the clan or using their position for evil. If one is caught doing so he/she can be expelled from the Cast or the Clan by the Cast Lord. The Color of the Cast is Crimson the color of fresh blood. Principal Members of this cast do not wear traditional clan clothing as their affiliation to the clan is kept in secret. Stance on other races and orphans The Clan is open to all worshipers of the Brathmordakin no matter the circumstances of their birth. If an individual is willing to dedicate their life to the Brathmordakin and the Clergy then they are welcome to join. Clan members are always expected to look out for if they find an individual that seems like an outcast (orphans, whitewash, dishonored) to take them in so that they can be raised in the light of the Brathmordakin, and so that in time they can choose their path. When it comes to non-dwarves the clan does not discriminate. A member from a different race can reach any rank in the clan if he/she works hard enough. However, they are held to the same standards as the dwarves. This means that if you are a male you will need to protect your beard and never shave it. Shaving your beard even as a non-dwarf is worthy of a second to third degree punishment depending on the mercy of the one judging the case. -The Steps to be allowed to join as a non-dwarf- Humans were rejected as Yemekar’s chosen because they cut their beards which was a great insult towards the Brathmordakin. If one wishes to join the clan he will need to never shave his beard again. Elves were discarded by Yemekar his chosen race because they were too frail. For this reason one that wishes to join should not fear battle or death. Orcs despite being the first of the descendants were not chosen as they were too brutal and bloodthirsty. Hence, to join one must be able to have a calm mind. Criminals and other dishonored individuals Clan Ironside is steadfast in its belief that no one is beyond the mercy of the Brathmordakin. They accept all those that are willing to amend their mistakes no matter what those mistakes were. However, this is a second chance that must be respected by those individuals accepted. If they choose to dishonor themselves as part of the clan they would be punished according to the code of punishment of the clan. -Code of Punishment- First Degree Punishment: When an individual shames the clan or the faith in a minor way through their actions and/or words the individual (refuse to respect someone in private, acting disrespectfully towards others) would be given a first degree punishment. The punishment can be as mild as a verbal punishment to harsher punishments in the form of a physical punishment that has no lasting physical impact. Second Degree Punishment: When an individual does something that will leave a bad image of the clan or the clergy in people’s minds (refusing to follow orders in public, being disrespectful in public, being dishonorable, continue to ignore warnings.) the individual would be given a second degree punishment. These punishments are as mild as a whipping or branding to as harsh as physical mutilation. Third Degree Punishment: When a member of the clan kills an innocent willingly and with malice in their heart they will be given a choice. This choice consists of being banished from the dwarven lands under threat of death by the clan and dishonored in the process or commit Aurokavir. Culture -Velukrumm-Raz- Velukrumm-Raz are the traditional weapons of the Ironside clan members. The members of the clan always have at least one of these swords on them if they have a weapon at all. These swords are honor, elegance, and power embodied. A normal Velukrumm-Raz is no more of a deadly weapon than a normal dwarven sword. An important part of the armor is the helmet. The helmet helps distinguish different ranks in the rank. Helmets are not mandatory to wear, however, the helmet is necessary to be able to give a vote in clan meetings. -Velukrumm-Klad- Velukrumm-Klad are the armor of the Ironside clan. The armor itself is composed of iron plates. These plates allow for maximum mobility and protection. Clan members tend to personalise their own armors, at times making the color of their armor match the color of their cast(s). -Azgoth Dancers- Azgoth Dancers, are artists, musicians, singers, and dancers whose job it is to entertain people during events. These dancers are debout worshipers of Belka and use their passion and art to pray to the Brathmordakin and praise her. It is important to note that Azgoth Dancers are not prostitutes and if one is caught in such acts he/she will be put to death. The reason for this is that the task of Azgoth Dancers are meant to be a holy one. By using these arts to seduce individuals and gain one insults Belka and the rest of the Brathmordakin. -Rul-Nazaig- Rul-Nazaig, or Gut-braw is the traditional fighting sport of the clan. When it comes to honor duels these types of duels are prefered. However, the fighting is mainly done for sport and entertainment. In the sport the goal is to toss the opponent outside the ring or to knock them out. The fight is divided into 3 rounds. If one is able to defeat the individual or toss him/her off the ring the victor will gain a point. However, if the individual is able to kick the opponent out by using his stomach the victor will gain 2 points. These fights are also hosted as a form of entertainment during celebrations. Artifacts -The Holy Scrolls- The Holy Scrolls are sets of scrolls kept by the clan where the information of each clan member and their accomplishments are established. Oaths of individuals are also added to the scrolls. The trials of all individuals are also recorded giving information about how each individual did in them. The scrolls also record the punishments given to people.
  10. -=- Outcome of the Council of Preceptors of 5th of the first seed, 1737 Due to sickness I was unavailable to lead the clergy during these past years. I knew it was my responsibility to keep the clergy at its best form possible and for that reason while I still was able to speak, I made Norli my Herald. By bestowing him this rank, Norli Starbreaker became in all aspects the High Preceptor while I High Preceptor Baldin was unavailable. While in sickness he still came to visit me and ask for my council, however, with time he proved to be a good leader with a good heart, and a wise spirit. For this reason, as soon as I was healthy enough to hold a Preceptor council meeting I called it. It for I believe I will not be able to remain in my position for the time being and someone who will be able to take the lead. In our election process it was agreed upon by all preceptors that Norli Starbreaker should take up the mantle of High Preceptor. Re-affirming his authority to lead the clergy and to speak for it. It is a great honor to have served as high preceptor once again after High Preceptor Lyra Goldhand. I have high hopes that my successor will be able to lead our faith properly and will help in the protection of our dwarven ideals, gods, and traditions. - High Preceptor Baldin -=- “The crown might be the brain that guides and allows the kingdom to function, but the faith...the faith is the eyes. Without it we would be blind and lost without clear purpose.” - High Preceptor Baldin -=-
  11. You have been accepted as an Initiate of the clergy, welcome Initiate.
  12. [!] Shadow Preceptor Baldin nods in agreement with the choices made. “Tha dead leaves need tu be removed fer tha plant tu be able tu grow ‘ealthely.”
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