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  1. [!] Preceptor Baldin Frostbeard reads over the announcement ad gives a loud sigh “Tha whole matter wes delt with baddleh frem all sides. A’ truly belive tha ef Jorvin ‘ad net killed tha lad tha lad would ef killed ‘em. Et es true tha lad wes seemingly a babe a few stone weeks ago, bat apparently based on mi research tha lad wes around 42 years old. This makes him a teenager aye ‘e wes young, bat ‘e wes also old enough to fo tu war fer his kin, this makes ‘im alegeable tu fight en an ‘onor duel. SHould ‘es father ‘ad fought in ‘is stead? Tha es net fer mi er any otha tu decide. Et es true tha the clergy should ef been informed ef tha ‘onor duel tu make sure tha et planned out correctle’ bat thes is a mistake which es net worth branding someone fer. A’ truleh belive the ‘igh Preceptor Fili comes frem a good place, trying tu fufill ‘is dute’ as tha ‘ead ef tha clergy and as a member ef tha Grandaxe clan...’owever ‘e should ef talked tu tha rest ef tha clergy before ‘and as ‘is voice es tha voice ef tha clergy and ef ‘e says somethin inflamatory et will reflect en all ef us. A’ ‘ope we can all ‘ave this mess put behind es.” [!] Baldin chuckles “One renounces tha claim tu tha name ef dwed when ‘e kills a fellow dwedmar er worships Khorvad. Thes means tha killing ‘im wes net kinslayin at all. Ef ‘e trule’ repented ‘e would ef come tu tha clergy and begged fer forgiveness fer ‘is sins.”
  2. [!] Preceptor Baldin “Ironside” Frostbeard smiles with pride “Aye, Bjor wes a great dwedmar. Probableh one ef tha most honorable and kind dwedmar tha a’ ‘ave eva’ known. May ‘e lead tha dwedmar alongside tha otha Paragons!”
  3. [!] Is amazed at this magic as the child was born after his own and they are only 14 and 13 “oh my, tha changes evereh then then...guess ets good tha the grudge is resolved.” ((This thing of changing a character’s over time is a bit annoying. He went from new born to 11 to 20 to 42. Why bother RPing a pregnancy if you don’t care about time consistency XD))
  4. [!] Baldin looks horrified at the news “Ye feking killed a 20 year old beardlin? Where tha feck es tha ‘onor en tha? Why was tha honor duel tu tha death? Whot tha feck es wrong weth tha dwedmar, we jest had Bjor’s funeral, someone who sacrificed himself tu safe two beardling who were much older than this one. Yet we are fine weth tha slaughta’ ef a child en an ‘onor duel? Agan, whot tha feck. May the Brathmordakin guide ye through tha right path lad.”
  5. [!] Baldin smiles proudly at Borin “Does tha mean that you will ‘onor duel Vithar Frostbeard? Proud that ye teach yer son by being an example tu follow.”
  6. [!] Baldin “Ironside” Frostbeard shakes his head as he reads about the news “The Grandaxes ar known for their great pride, respect, and honor...the clan fatha is supposed to be the representation of tha clan. What Borin is doing es not just damaging against the clans ‘e is insulting, bat also damaging tha peace achived by thes new Kingdom. A’ fear that if thes lad does not act soon tha King and tha ‘igh preceptor should get involved as Borin clearly thinks ‘e can escape justice by ignoring his own actions and tha things tha folk say about ‘em.” He would then continue working on his writings.
  7. Thank you for taking time to read it and giving a meaningful critique. I will take time to refine the this post based on this. If you see anything else I am always willing to improve my work.
  8. OOC ((MC Name: )) mateolog ((Discord: )) mateolog#1400 ((Timezone: )) CET RP What is your name? Baldin “Ironside” Frostbeard Why seek membership within the Mages Guild? My job forces me to be in constant contact with friendly and unfriendly contact with beings who posses magical abilities. This will allow me to better interact with the friendly ones and be able to defend myself against the unfriendly ones that seek to harm me. What is the extent of your experience with magic? I have been on the reciving end of magic for a long time, my job circulates mainly around the investigation of the dark arts and combating the undead. What arts if any do you currently study and who was your teacher? None, tried being a druid long ago but was not my calling What position do you desire to claim upon joining the guild? Acolyte What position do you desire to advance to within the guild? The position would be secondary, my main desire is to learn to be able to help as many peole as possible. If I am deemed worthy maybe I will one day reach the top. When is the best time to contact you for an interview? I’m online whenever anyone needs me.
  9. Divine Beasts Length: 6 – 8 m Mass: 3,600 – 5,400 kg Native to Arcas the Divine Beasts are one of the strangest creatures ever encountered by the descendants. They look like a large mix between a rabbit, hound, and bird. It is believed that the Divine beasts have been here for as long as Arcas itself has existed. Their name comes from the fact that if there ever was a king/god of all creatures these beings would be it. Being solitary creatures they fly above the skies of Arcas alone with no company. Abilities: Divine beasts are quite similar to drakes as they both have the ability to spit fire and soar the skies without problem. However there are other attributes they posses which their scaly counterparts do not have.These beasts seem to take all their power from the sun, when the sun goes down they also go to rest and turn into stone on top of a mountain or hill, indistinguishable from an average large rock. Because all their power comes directly from the sun these beasts do not need to eat. The Divine Beasts do not seem to be able to age. The blood of these beasts is said to be able to be corrosive, so much so that it can burn through iron. Their horns on the other hand are believed to have healing properties when consumed, being able to rejuvenate individuals and individual horn being able to allow one to have 25 more years of life. Origins and habitat: No one knows for sure how these beasts came into being, but the fact that they possess abilities unlike most living things make people believe that they must be sent by a god(s) to protect the creatures of Arcas. These creatures do not seem to reproduce nor to have genders which emboldens the theories of a divine creation. Because they do not reproduce they are a finite number of them (around 16 (15 assuming that the horns and blood are true as one must have been killed)). These beings fly all over Arcas, watching over its land as if it were guarding over it. Hostility/mentality: Divine Beasts are not hostile at all. They are extremely smart creatures and see the world beneath them as one would look at insects. If attacked however they will defend themselves with a strength few can match. But in any case these beasts are not tamable as they would never bow down to a lesser creature. ---OOC INFO--- Purpose: These creatures are meant to give a mystical feel to the lands of Arcas. Also it would allow the player base to interact with the beings of the world and have a direct effect on them. Will they protect these beings or will they hunt them down to extinction? This I believe would give more depth and meaning to the world. The fact that these beast have the ability to cure aging (temporarily) would make them a target to those descendants that do not wish to die. Redlines: Divine Beasts are only allowed to be played by ET Divine Beasts cannot be tamed nor befriended, they can be talked to to try to learn information about Arcas but first you would need to give the Beast a reason to come down (which is difficult as they don’t possess any needs). If one seeks to gain its attention they must show it something it would have never seen in its lifetime (various magic users using certain magics, in certain ways could impress it). Divine Beasts do not flee from battle or confrontation. They are beings that do not know fear nor have ever experienced it. Divine Beasts are very difficult to kill, needing a group of very well prepared individuals to take one down. Divine beasts would deal with things from the sky shooting fire at its enemies. It needs to be brought down forcefully (Through harm to its wings). Then engaged on the the ground. A post needs to be made any time a Divine Beast has been killed as their numbers are limited and the number of these creatures left is important to know. These Beasts will not leave Arcas
  10. [!] From the cold stone halls of Agnarum, passing the green Hefrumm, reaching the ears of the wise druids, arriving to the Aegrothond elves, getting as far as to get to the peaceful and bright lands of the village of Brandybrook, the news of Bjor Cottonwood’s death reached far and wide. With the news soon came an invitation to attend his funeral at Hefrumm. Estimated family, friends, and old allies, The time has come for us to honor one of the first great leaders to die in this virgin land: Bjor Cottonwood in a funeral ceremony. It would be a pleasure, nay, an honor to have you all attend the ceremony, where we will be able to grieve Bjor’s passing. His death ceremony shall be in Hefrumm his greatest creation and home. The ceremony will be one stone hour past noon (Saturday 1 pm est). It will be directed by member of Hefrumm and Preceptor of the Clergy: Preceptor Baldin of the mountain dwarf clan of the Frostbeards, who will be assisted by the clergymember Thorin of the forest dwarf clan of the Treebeards. If you are not able to come for any reason do not fear, we will place a memorial in his honor. This way whoever does not attend can come at any moment to pay his/her respects to the fallen hero.
  11. Here, have a cookie (>o.o)>🍪

  12. Armergin Keint of Blackden packs his armor and instrument, ready to leave Curon, unaware as to why they have been branded as traitors due to the actions of a House that is not even theirs.
  13. ((House keint isn't the holder of the title of of Lords of Blackden, that is house Keint of Blackden, Erec Keint of Blackden is the patriarch of the house of Blackden))
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