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  1. The First Holy Mandate, 13th of the Deep Cold, 1637

    No more Yemmekar balance? We can go destroy the worlds of the lesser races? YAY!
  2. What Verthaik will never achieve

    The ghost of Baldin laughs " Funneh a dwarf that is called CHarles talks about humans en such ah wey. Also as far as ah checked et wes Kerwyr net Verthaik II who wes a human vassal. Guess ah cannet expect tha truth tu come from a dwed weth ah human name and weth a self made prefix that highlights his "boldness" yet he scares away frem honor duels. Perfect embodiment ef whot tha average citicens of what was known as Uguan had become..."
  3. Language

    Gaelic? we all ignore the fact that there is a perfect source of actual Dwarven language that can be added to the lore: here there is a 5271 page dictionary of the dwarvenlaguage dwarven -> to english (Includes the runes). Hre is an example of a word: bunudsin [bʊnʊdsɪn] to head (lead) [Perfect Form (Dependable) / 2nd person plural feminine formal] [BND] there is also this one thats easier but less specific; and this one is a bit in between;
  4. The Vaults of Urguan

    Name: Boreas Silvervein Rank: Clan Father of the Silverveins Battles Fought, (Battle of Jornheim/Siege of Courland’s Fort): Both [Username: Mateolog] [Persona to be paid to: Boreas Silvervein ]
  5. The Orvul Policy (The Obsidian Policy)

    The Orvul Policy (The Obsidian Policy) Kathadun Kam (Axe Tax) As we grow in power we as a Clan need to make sure certain comforts are always able to our Clan member. To this the Kazakkhazad cast isobligated by this decree to pay a tax for the greater good of their Clan. This ((Weekly)) tax will be paid once the delivery of one of the following; 6 hours of Guard Duty + Participation on warclaims + Training 10% of their raid bounty + Participation on warclaims + Training 1500 minas Under certain circumstances one can be granted temporary Release from the tax. This Release can be granted only by the leader of the Kazakkhazad cast or by the Clan Father himself. Galat Kam (Letter Tax) As we grow in power we as a Clan need to make sure certain comforts are always able to our Clan member. To this end the Kronkhazad cast is obligated by this decree to pay a tax for the greater good of their Clan. This ((Weekly)) tax will be paid once the delivery of one of the following; A biography of a dwarf Magic manual A book of Recipes An experiment A discovery An innovative idea 1500 minas Tira Kam (Work Tax) As we grow in power we as a Clan need to make sure certain comforts are always able to our Clan member. To this end the Mugdorhazad cast is obligated by this decree to pay a tax for the greater good of their Clan. This ((weekly)) tax will be paid once the delivery of one of the following; 100 Bales of wheat 400 carrots 400 potatoes 32 Iron ingots 32 Gold ingots 15 diamonds 200 coal 64 emerald 64 lapis lazuli 600 Redstone 1500 minas Boreas “Stareyed” Silvervein Clanfather of the Silverveins
  6. A torn and regretful note

    *The ghost of Baldin Frostbeard Grandaxe smiles as he sees Urguan being fairly punished by the gods.
  7. The will of the Brathmordakin

    The ghost of Baldin disproves as it was Morug Goldhand who prohibited the worship of Wyrvun.
  8. Blue-Silver Concordat

    Blue-Silver Concordat 9th of the Sun's Smile 1635 The Stormfists having expressed by an almost unanimous vote, their desire to be incorporated into the Silvervein Clan. Over multiple discussions the two parties have agreed on and concluded the following articles: ARTICLE I. The Stormfist Clan, acting in conformity with the wishes of its people, cedes to the Silverveins all their holdings, to be held by them in full property and sovereignty. ARTICLE II. The Stormfists shall be incorporated into the Silvervein Clan and shall receive enjoyment of all the rights, privileges and immunities of being a Silvervein. ARTICLE III. Stormfists clan postions will be altered as less as possible. The Clan Fathers of the Stormfist will become Silvervein elders. ARTICLE IV. The Stormfist will be called Silverveins and form part of the Stormvein bloodline. ARTICLE V. The former Stormfists will be allowed to worship Wyrvun, but they will also accept the faith of the Brathmordakin. ARTICLE VI. The Sigil of the Silverveins shall be changed to represent this union. Boreas “Stareyed” Clan Father of the Stormfists Notos Stormfist Clan Father of the Stormfists Edel “Honorable” Clan Father of the Silverveins
  9. [Ghost] [CA] Baldin Frostbeard

    Excerpt of Baldin's Story (The Story of the burnt bear) this will give some info on the character; 2nd Dwarven War : “Frostbeard hunt of Doomforged” Baldin remained loyal to the Frostbeard’s new king for most of the war. He accepted Kerwyr’s religious changes and agree to lead as high prophet of this new Brathmordakin faith. The Frostbeard were winning the war, they had the numbers, the capital, and the resources. Ever since the Frostbeard ocupation of the dwarven capital Kal’Omith it was empty and dead of activity Kerwyr saw this and named Baldin Steward of Kal’Omith. Kewyr ordered Baldin to repopulate Kal’Omith, Baldin started working right away. Dought: “ picture depicting High king Kerwyr Frostbeard, made by a Frostbeard loyalist.” It was not until Kerwyr started to believe the Frostbeards were not actually descendants of Urguan that Baldin’s loyalty started to falter. Not just for the falsity of the words but also because he claimed that the Frostbeard kin was superior to the descendants of Urguan. Still he believed Wyrvun was guiding the Frostbeards and that he would lead them to a better age for the dwarves. Wyrvun’s message: “Depiction of Baldin talking to Wyrvun.” Not soon after Baldin received an invitation to meet in Arcadia to talk about the future of the dwarven religion. Here Baldin was able to converse shortly with Wyrvun. Wyrvun explained to Baldin that the only thing he truly wishes for the dwarves is for unity and the end to kin slaying. When his lord said this Baldin knew what to do. Some Frostbeard scholars claim that magic was used to trick Baldin into believing he was seeing Wyrvun, but again that is a part of history that is impossible to know. Baldin “the snake” Baldin “hero of Kal’Omith”: “Baldin leading the forces of Urguan into Kal’Omith” After listening to his lord’s wishes Baldin led a small band of dwarves to Kal’Omith where he opened the city gates and allowed them to enter the city. Kerwyr was extremely angry at Baldin’s betrayal of his “king” and banned him from Jornheim, dishonored his name, and branded him as a traitor to his clan. During the retake of the city Baldin found an orphan boy who’s parents had been killed by an Urguanian soldier in front of his eyes. Baldin named him Kerwyr II, as he still had great respect for the king he betrayed. End of the war: “Execution of Kerwyr.” Baldin, despite being hated by his clan and his once friend Kerwyr, hestill loved them both. Even after Kerwyr’s thugs chopped-off his arm while trying to kill King Gror Ireheart, Baldin still loved the dwarf. He knew that Kerwyr was a victim of suffering, he knew that the death of his daughter was a devastating and madening experience. For that he wanted Kerwyr to be forgiven of his sins, but at the end of the war, when Kerwyr was handed to King Gror by his own men, Baldin could not belive how it would all end. His friend Kerwyr was executed, a dwarf he had the utmost respect for, decapitated. Banishment: “Baldin drinking his sorrows away” Even if his Frostbeard brothers were the ones that actually caused the death of Kerwyr, Baldin was the one who got blamed for it inside the clan. He was once again banished from his home. He turned back to Urguan and joined the order of the flame a religious order meant to clear the sins of any dwed that joined it. Baldin had only one thing left in his life his adoptive son and squire Kerwyr II. Baldin taught Kerwyr all he knew about the Brathmordakin, Kerwyr took a special interest in Dungrimm, feeling connected to what he represents. Useless sacrifice: As the years went by Baldin saw how what he sacrificed his honor to stop, came back to haunt Urguan. Everywhere he looked everything was controlled by the Irongrinders, it was not until Zahrer Irongrinder became high king of Urguan that Baldin fell to his lowest point. The tyrany he tried to stop by handing over Kal’Omith had come back. That is the moment he saw that Urguan itself corrupted the dwed clans. Because he was sworn by oath to protect Urguan, he could not join Kaz'Ulrah. Last sacrifice: “Baldin’s corpse” by Drakk-Kordo Frostbeard Baldin ordered Kerwyr II to join Kaz'Ulrah and help end the kingdom of Urguan. Saddly Baldin knew Verthaik II Frostbeard would not welcome the son of a traitor with open arms, because of this Baldin ordered Kerwyr II to gather a coumple of witnesses and to kill him. When the time came Kerwyr II ravaged Baldin, despite Baldin being a veteran of multiple wars, this was because Baldin let himself be defeated in the most savage way possible. Harsh words were thrown around to show the witnesses that Kerwyr was loyal to Kaz'Ulrah. What seemed like an act of pure hatred was more an action of pure love and admiration for the dwed that cared for him for so many years.
  10. [Ghost] [CA] Baldin Frostbeard

    Killed by his son after he became an alcoholic for all his wrong deeds.
  11. [Ghost] [CA] Baldin Frostbeard

    MC Name: mateolog Character's Name: Baldin Frostbeard-Grandaxe Character's Age: 200 Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable): Mountain Dwarf Transformed form: Ghost Creator's MC Name: N/A Creator's RP Name: N/A Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: A ghost is the soul of a person that is left behind after a particularly violent/unnatural death. They haunt the places, people or objects of their previous life. At the beggining these beings are not aware that they have died. The ghost lives on his life until he a trigger that makes it realize its dead. When this happens the ghost becomes a Spectre or a Poltergeist. Spectres are are kind, playful, and at times useful to the living. On the other hand Poltergeists tend to be more malevolent, injuring and scaring the living.Ghosts are not normally very sociable and tend to keep to themselves and whoever they're haunting, or whoever interacts with what they're haunting. Ghosts that regularly interact with the living will not gain the powers of their kind. Ghost can be sent to the after life (by force) by; Paladins, shamans, Fi users, and users of Holy magic. Ghosts are heavenly weakened (harmed) by bright light and gold. Because of this many ghost hunter use gold weapons, and some cities have a golden barrier. This is a temporary messure though as the ghost is not destroyed. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: was not a magic user Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: I agree. Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?: yea Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: First time.
  12. [Accepted] [Trial]Bloodnight's GM Application

    Had a chat with him. It appears he has the right mentality for the job. I would gladly back his claim to be a GM and help the server. +1
  13. TJB_Minecraft Wiki Team Application

    Nice lad. But I believe he would over use the title of LM... He is not completely wrong. TJB has shown many times he is interested in the server but it takes time for him to take in criticism.
  14. [OOC/IC] The Prophets Of The Crimson Lord Event Guild

    If you are going to criticism a post especially RP related ones, please make it constructive. Avoid sarcasm and underhand comments. Thank you.