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    The Academy of Holm [Accepting Students] [Hiring Teachers]

    Full Name: Norkai of the High Tower Age: 99 Residency: Azgaryum (Confederation of Hammers) Major Subject: HIEBE COLLEGE FOR THE MYSTIC & THE ARCANE Please compose a well-written paragraph, explaining why you’d like to attend the Holm Academy, and what opportunities you may pursue with your degree. For my short life as a dwarf I have experienced many things in this world, I have been a Captain of a ship, a prophet for my people, a politician, and a warden. Now I seek to take the role of a student to listen and to be able latter to return to my kin with gifts of knowledge so that one day the dwed world can be in peace united by the knowledge of those that have taken the time to learn our holy arts.
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    [Animal] Golden Crow (Crow Specie)

    Golden Crow *Crow is not made of gold its just blond. 48–52 cm or 19 to 20 inches in length. The Golden Crow has a wingspan of 84–100 cm or 33 to 39 inches and weighs 400-600 grams. Behavior: Golden Crows partner up after 7 months of age to another partner of a different gender and stay together until one of them dies, when this happens the other partner will grab the nest and travel to the fireland where it would kill itself with the nest. Female Golden crows tend to be larger than males and are very noisy when in flight, to the point it can be quite bothersome, this has probably been a way for them to scare away probable predators from their offspring. Males are a lot shorter and are very silent when they are in flight. It seems that the males are the ones that hunt while the females protect the nest, it has been seen that males of this specie of crow are able to hunt together for larger prey or to scare larger predators from a carcass. Chicks live with their parents until they reach the age of 6 months after that the parents will become aggressive towards them to the point of being able to kill them. These crows have a set nest and always return to it, do to this these birds have been used by southern nations as a way to deliver messages. Male birds have been used sole for delivering messages, but the females have been tried to be used as a way to warn friendly troops that a town, city, or home is being attacked (would not work in roads or open areas). Habitat: The Golden crow is native to the mountains around the Firelands and other regions with volcanic habitats. Diet: These birds feed mostly on berries and small animals found in the mountain as well as carcasses from dead animals.
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    A Cold Farewell - Norkai

    *Norkai (Son of Baldin Frostbeard) receives the letter* "By Urguan's beard! a letter frem tha High Prelate ef tha gnomes 'imself! wow, ah see ets filled weth rubbish...but still will be nice to have it as a sovenir...lovely." * Frames the letter and hangs it on his wall.*
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    A Cold Farewell - Norkai

    Beloved children of our Father Urguan, I come to you today to make a statement and to say goodbye, the ride has not been pleasant but we all can agree that we have learned from this trip. When we came to Kaz’Ulrah we swore an oath to become the loyal servants of “King” Garrond Frostbeard, in return the so called dwarf would be expected to rule his kingdom with honor and decency. He also promised to have the top officials of the Confederation keep their rank so that they could help the nation of Kaz’Ulrah. I have just healed myself from a sickness that took 4 years from my life and when I come back to my people what do I see? Nothing. A man-child king too bussy licking his own ass and filling his pockets with minas that he is blind to what his people want, a clergy that is in clear decadence, and hunters that instead of hunting like real dwedmar, lay traps and wait around a campfire like a bunch of pansies. I have heard of the news that the Confederation of the Hammers has been reformed by both of my eldest sons; Gimli and Thumril. Allowing the true sons of Urguan to have a home in this world and not having to suffer from the forced rule of incompetent kings who’s only talent has been the one of licking boots of previous kings. I have heard blasphemous allegations about the people of the confederation calling them canonists, but any decent dwed that reads the document will be able to read that it states that Canonism will be allowed in the halls of the confederation, which means Canonists will be free to worship their god and the dwed will be able to worship the Brathmordakin. To those Frostbeards that dare snare to this pact I call out the fact that the late King Kerwyr was a vassal under the humans which handed him a military level way above that of Urguan which allowed the Frostbeards to defeat their fatherland claiming the land for themselves. The blasphemous allegations of the Frostbears does not end there. Unlike most dwarves the clan of the Frostbeards does not believe they are descendants of Urguan the father of dwarvers and that all clans (including the frostbeards) come from. They believe that the first Frostbeard was in fact the brother of Urguan. For this reason they renamed the Kingdom removing the name of the beloved father of all dwarves and replacing it with the name of the first Frostbeard; Kazulrah. Not to mention the bloody rebellions the Frostbeards partook killing unsuspecting politicians in the council of Hammers back when Urguan existed. All these atrocities...yet not only do we have a frostbeard as king, but we have a frostbeard who directly partook in the act of manipulating the lower ranks of the Frostbeards to idolize their leaders, murder of the senators, and the heresy of erasing our history to brand the frostbeards as better dwed than they are. I write this message because unlike what the Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah is used to I won’t snake myself between sides. There is enough manipulation in this so called kingdom for all the races of Atlas to live out their lives honestly. I march off to meet my family and friends in the Confederation of Hammers where we will live like true dwedmar, and when the time comes for Dungrimm to claim us we will have no shame to present to him only pride in having served our race with dignity and truly. Norkai of the High Tower
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    Punisher8817's Application Team Application

    As far as I know she is a great person and at times very protective of her friends. This said she is very competent when it comes to handling new player and players that have been away for a long time. She works hard and has a good spirit. I believe that if the teams had more people like her the server would be much more welcoming to new players. I have faced her in her good and bad times and she is always willing to try to deescalate hot situations. Sincerely out of all the people I know, if I could choose one to fill this role it would be Pun her motherly essence and strength of spirit would be an amazing addition. +1
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    Soft shelve.

    Can someone explain way both the Dreadknight and Paleknight where shelved? I would understand one of them being shelved based on their similarities, but shelving both of them kinda hurts the mystics main source of brute protection...
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    Annual Grandaxe Hunts

    Captain Norkai "High Tower" Grandaxe tightens his bow. "Fine thing hunting es...Lower tha sails! We hunt todeh!"
  8. Image result for mad max notice me

    1. GloriaPreussens
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      you banned me a month ago 😞 made an appeal last weekend

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    Remove Freebuild (please)

    MAke the areas that you want people to RP in more attractive to players, forcing people to RP in certain areas is not only wrong but also ineffective. Beserk ❤️
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    [✓] [Server] mateolog's Ban Appeal

    What kind of ban are you appealing? Server Minecraft Usernames: GloriaPreussens, Blago Ban Reason: "Toxicity, abusive language, meme RP, ignoring GMs, and antagonistic behavior when situation was not going your way. One month with appeal. -GloriaPreussens" Players Involved: GloriaPreussens and others . By your own understanding, why are you banned? Toxicity, abusive language, meme RP, ignoring GMs, and antagonistic behavior Why should you be pardoned? I learned from my mistakes. I am not the type of player that gets banned as I tend to try to follow the rules of the server, but when I do get banned I try to learn from it and come back drastically different from when I got banned. When I first got banned 3/2 years ago for griffin (2 month ban) I saw what I did wrong which was letting another person in my account and I fixed it. Now with my second ban I had spent the time going through the rules and the community guidelines to find out how I could be a better player in Lotc. Unlike with my first ban this second Ban is more personal and is something I as an individual did wrong. This caused me to question myself and my actions. My actions before the ban where not intended with any evil or bad intentions, but now I do see that they were in fact childish and hurtful to some people, and for that I apologize. I ask to be pardoned, but at the end of the day the choice is to the moderators. Pardon me or increase my punishment I will accept it. If the ban is expanded I will continue to look for ways to better myself, if its pardoned due to the one moth being done I will come back to Lotc a changed player and do my best to uphold the guidelines and the rules of this server, helping whomever needs it, and continuing my character's arcs. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? Understand that the moderators are voluntering for the job they are doing and that you need to treat them with respect and not waste their time when they are trying to solve an issue. When two groups are arguing OOC you have no right to undermined their issues by mocking them. Stop memeing as it leads to toxic RP way too often. Respect the GMs decision as they have chosen said option for a reason and its up to me to find out what the reason is. You can try to bring forth more information but you cannot undermine the GM that is just doing their job. Limiting the use of ((Void)) as its not a tool to be used as a way to meme and its not a bullet proof vest against punishment. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. I know this part of my last appeal got me in a bit of trouble which I apologize now for it as when I cut the questions for my appeal I missed highlighted it and that is why it wasn't there, as when I pasted it the question was not there. Toxicity and OOC anger can really easily spread through a server, the creation of the community guidelines ensures that unlike other RP servers the players that hold the server back can be held accountable for their actions. By being able to point at players and show them what they did wrong we are able to create a better community as the toxic players leave and the ones that care come back knowing what they did wrong and probably teaching others not to do certain things that could get them banned.
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    The March of the Cohorts

    Opposing pikes to horses Facing canons to pikemen With the soul united by the same clergy May our blood run protecting the kingdom. Dwarven colors fluttering in the wind Children of Yemmekar, great is the Vanguard Cohorts, flanks covered Only can be free, those who are not afraid. Fight for your brother die for your kingdom Live for the peace in this great empire There never will be defeat if they make us prisoners Only after death shall we stop. Chain collar, leather vest Breastplate and backrest kept me from the iron Rise the pikes with a song to the skies I will never fear if I march with my Cohort. - Captain Norkai Grandaxe
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    [✗] mateolog's Ban Appeal

    What kind of ban are you appealing? Server Minecraft Usernames GloriaPreussens, Blago Ban Reason "Toxicity, abusive language, meme RP, ignoring GMs, and antagonistic behavior when situation was not going your way. One month with appeal. -GloriaPreussens" Players Involved GloriaPreussens and others who I do not know. By your own understanding, why are you banned? meme RP, rude language. Why should you be pardoned? I don't think I should be pardoned. I just think that my sentence should be drastically reduced as I don't believe the judgement was fair. To begin with I stopped Memeing after the second GM told me to stop publicly, in additionno one talked to me beforehand about the events which surprised me as I was banned around 7 min after the incident. My actions were not toxic what so ever as they where not made with any bad intention and could not possibly offend anyone. It is claimed that I became antagonistic when situation was not going your way when the fact is that I did not roll any way as my character (who is a pirate) was helping a friend (who is a slaver) and I had no end goal in the RP apart from helping. The words that I said that the GMs found unacceptable on the server where: "hello **** bois" which I would admit might seem rude to some. "gai boi" Which I was talking about myself so I dont think its offensive especially when its clearly implied as a joke considering the spelling. "death to midgets" Which I was talking about me and my friend as we play dwarves and we were going to be killed by humans. "god is dead" Which I said because the two parties where having an OOC discussion about stalling which I did not care for so I said this. It is true that I said all these words IC and then doing ((Void)) and I do understand its MemeRP and that its not allowed but I dont think its toxic, abusive, or antagonistic. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? Stop memeing when Im around players I do not know as there can be missunderstandings. Consider GMs words both public and private as right without the intervention of another GM. Limiting the use of ((Void)) as its not a tool to be used as a way to meme and its not a bullet proof vest against punishment.