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  1. [Arcanism][MA] haunter

    MC Name: haunter3 Character's Name: Tepah Character's Age: something like 50 Character's Race: Kha What magic(s) will you be learning?: Arcanism Teacher's MC Name: Paleo Teacher's RP Name: Avalos/Filanir Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: No Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yep! Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nope
  2. Tepah would hurry about at the news. A boat was soon set sail down the river on a starry night. It crackled with orange first as the floating pyre sailed off. "While he may nawt have died, our'ah people will still mourn this great loss"
  3. Username haunter3 Age 19 Timezone EST Discord: Haunter3#8440 What map did you join during?: Athera Do you have access to a Microphone? Yes Average Daily Play Time? Uhm as few as an hour a day as many as six, depends on work Have you ever been banned before? Yes Have you ever held a staff position on Lord of the Craft? If so, for how long? N/A Why do you want to join the GM Team?: I feel firstly I have don, in recent weeks, a way better job of detaching myself from really aligning with a nation or being that crazy invested in my own rp. This is not to say I value it less but I have finally come to realize it is just a game. As a player I have been around for a while and on occasion to certain folks I have been pretty toxic I will admit. I have changed since then, my experiences have granted me the ability to see different aspects of the server and the staff. Being a GM would allow me to help the player base as well as enable me to meet new people and help grow rp from the petty squabbling that it turns into from time to time. Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: N/A Anything else you want to tell us?: I truly miss the tell us a joke portion, I always wanted to say "GM bias"
  4. Gizzol

  5. I would enjoy having 2 pillars per account honestly. It just makes sense to allow for players to make two of them after all we all have access to two personas which could in theory live in middle of nowhere free builds. Also just gunna shoot this in before someone argues a lack of rp due to having more soul stones. A few votes have already been circulated around and people rp typically in larger cities where they can SS to instead of running everywhere on roads. Next on that soul stones exist rply, they are known of rply, they have lore to be used rply. This means it makes perfectly fine sense rply that someone could teleport to their free build assuming that's a spot their soul latches on to symbolize it's home or place of peace.
  6. I don't trust filthy gray elves >.>


  7. Looks over the poster, his trusty trident in his grip as he has servant actually read it aloud to him "this trident has had plenty of kha blood on it before what is some more?" He mutters before waving to the servant and asking a letter be sent to the men of Godfrey "how much per pelt exactly?"
  8. Death Amendment: Consequences for Dying

    So here is my problem. 1. This pvp having any weight is bs, care to know why? If I try to attack a child and they call pvp and win no matter what I am rping a /child/ very literally just beat them. Olog vs child? Makes no sense, adult human who has any form of combat training vs child? No sense once more. Pvp was meant to be used to solve disputes when there were to many people rping at once however this was also back when we had racial pvp buffs. Next onto this timer thing. Clearly the issue at hand isn't the death nor the timer it's what the person does afterwards that bothers you. I suggest we follow what others on this thread have said and simply address that "aye if you can't assassinate the guy your persona simply can't anymore after an attempt or two" absolutely crazy idea I know but they do it with some events so why not give it a shot? Worried about them just being told what happens to them? it's called insanity or other mental afflictions. Also please for the love of God kindly leave the gms out of this. Most issues they handle just turns into a festival of screaming and hating gms. Now you can add all the lads who typically rp instead of pvp to the list of people who would be jumping down a gms throat. Last I checked they are here to do a job which when done right shouldn't be garnering them the ooc disdain that they face now. Clearly something is wrong with what has been happening with the gms so kindly leave them out of this to save all of us a headache. Anyway feel free to quote me and I will go into more detail but otherwise this is my two cents
  9. Treaty of the Electrum-16th of the Malin's Welcome 1656

    Tepah tsks as zinawr reads him the treaty "but like they don't like us"
  10. A Silver Century

    Tepah would have someone near by read the message for him before he mutters to himself "hardly enough time to prepare a good dish or gift!" With that he sets off to find a gift to purloin for his old friend
  11. [GM Team,WD team, ] [The Sad Truth of the new rules for freebuilds]

    I'm very confused how this got off onto this same debate that an FM informed us all to avoid. I also would like to know why an FM partook in that derailment. However from these spats I view a few helpful things can be gleaned. Clearly a side feels they should have it when the other side feels they should not. Which highlights that once again this needs to be addressed in a manner pertaining to staff. My idea for this is very simple. To build with in such close range when so far from your own lands a land charter app could be filled out. This app would have to shows firstly the rp reasoning you are so close to someone you clearly aren't friends with. Be it screenshots of rp or both party leaders coming together to speak to the one handling the land application to show that there is valid rp instead of "well I feel I should have them under me for no reason!" Such as what is allegedly happening now. Surely it shouldn't be this hard if the justification for these ares of rp to shockingly *prove rp justification*. Next is this matter of speed of the build. While yes the server has 1 day to one month time scale in order to build something like a fort supplies would need to be moved so much like a WC the party attempting to make the fort must show how they plan to get said resources there. These two simple steps would solve so much of this ooc hate as it would prove this has to have rp backing and if you feel tge need to call rp that can be seen and justified by staff ooc harassment then perchance the issue at hand isn't this but a lack in your basic understandings of rp that doesn't go your way.
  12. [GM Team,WD team, ] [The Sad Truth of the new rules for freebuilds]

    I suppose my real issue with it is the lack of rp applied to make one of these. While I find both sides of this Dwarven issue at fault I would like to use them as an example. As anyone can see that fort is shockingly close to where they have built and been rping for a while. This fort that literally has no rp bearings as for as much as you would like to state things mcpancakes ulrah isn't exactly all Gung ho to fight the confederation anymore due to simply losing all of their raids. So now a random fort which was put up in literally a day with zero rp stuff inside of it nor claiming signs around it, no decorations or really anything asides from what is needed to pvp in is next to their hold. Assuming a nation did want to indeed place one such outpost I would like to see them required to have a plausible way to get the supplies there much like you have to map out a wc trail. This would alleviate toxicity on both sides as if someone is willing to go through trouble to justify having a fort way away from themselves to staff members perchance that would entail more rp justification than "well this is harassment" or "no you did something 2 months ago this is payback!"
  13. A little more combative for my tastes but w wonderful man and look he said kha. +1 for dead races!
  14. Lsuvsfar's Wiki Team App

    I don't know he just seems so human <\3 but I mean +1
  15. Mateolog WT APP

    He has his short comings aye. I font even often agree with the man. But I cannot disagree that he does his job and so why not give it a shot.