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  1. aye mate, sorry i’ve been hit or miss this past year, working three jobs has been killer. hmu if you ever wanna hang out or try to get something going. I suppose my question is you wanna take this to skype owo?
  2. Imagine trying to be a mod so your normal playtime can have a mod, get denied. but none of the new mods are for your play time

  3. Daddy harold please, spare the rod I'm coming back, smile
  4. I'm also confused with this sudden lack of knowledge coupled by this new rather difficult smiting process to produce and item that in its redlines cannot with stand combat without breaking. Why on earth would some one use this with this much red lines "hi uhm, I made a sword that's almost to heavy for humans to swing comfortably and explodes. No do not worry I also made armor.... that explodes on contact with the most common combat weapons" on top of you removing all irp knowledge of its smiting processes out of the blue to put in other rare materials that require lt approval. There is only 2 ways this lore would work number one is removing all current carbarum smithed items, otherwise there are living personas that know how to smith it which violates your new canon. Number two give a better reward for that many hoops being jumped through as right now it has a 0 crp use via redlines which makes it not worth the work given as it just makes items blue
  5. im so confused why this is actually an issue, let's presume we leave the ‘from the elves’ logic at the door, Blue undertones can naturally appear in humans but this is fantasy, is a fantasy race, so who’s to truly know the chances of it. we could also by the way just claim its from a high exposure to cobalt which is a known side effect in the real world to give it a blueish tinge to the hair, now if we have a platinum blond work in a cobalt mine we are left with sky blue problem solved lets go home. maybe have them smack cobalt into their own hair to fit a tradition or something if this elf thing doesnt work for you mateo bb ❤️
  6. Durlak does not approve of the Anti crab message from this organization and notices the shocking amount of human leadership over a supposed mix racial group.
  7. I demand payback for playing with my heart. o7
  8. could you possibly please say what it says to you or does it just go white then not respond and crash? @Gamer1578
  9. Justiciar Application [OOC] Username: Haunter3 Discord: Haunter3#8440 Timezone:EST(typically late night est) [RP] Name: Tepah Gender: Cat Race/subrace/culture: also Cat Place of residence: Fenn Prior relevant experience:leader of the kha and all their civil needs, Law enforcement of the dwed people for 50 plus years, Member of sutica internal affairs, managed newer dwed clans when they requested it. Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn, and to the Grand Prince?: Sure Steward Application [OOC] Username:Haunter3 Discord:Haunter3#8440 Timezone:est (later night typically) [RP] Name: Tepah Gender:Cat Race/subrace/culture:Cat Place of residence:Fenn Prior relevant experience: Steward of Sutica for a couple decades, lead the kha through a varity of housing issues through out half a century Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn, and to the Grand Prince?:Sure
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