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  1. Gizzol

    robobadger's Event Team Builder Application

    Please I need a build slave +1
  2. Gizzol

    Boats in 7.0

    we have other plug-ins that can do similar warps however not the auto taking out payment but we can figure out an alternative method for that so dont you worry about that warp9 if those devs bully you corpean
  3. Gizzol

    The Aesopian Manifesto

    I do non pg stuff for the september people, selfish plug here come hmu if you wanan experience some simple nature cult **** thats within lore. I mean set in stone lore you can find on the forums or wiki btw not event lore, lotc has rich enough stuff most of our events should not persay need to bend or twist lore unless it is like “well damn it bobby i want a 6 legged alligator” cause sir that **** is cool. Moral of this post is please refrain from posting about the followers of september and they will be encouraged to do the same as player bases do not need to spark this sort of conflict over a players actions. we should all be one toxic hateful group against the furries and the gm’s AVE BIAS
  4. Gizzol

    Suffonian Wedding Announcement of 1693

    The ghost of Tepah would self invite himself to the party.
  5. I uhm, I'm probably getting baited here honestly. You wish you tell me your grands solve all issues to roads in to completely remove them in favor of set spawn points? Where is banditry suppose to take place outside of harassing large cities which can easy defend themselves which only leads to toxicity between those two playerbases? I also have yet to see a decent design for these hubs as you didn't propose locations while you were just fine slamming the roads on the map. To be fully honest with you the fact of the matter is the distance does not matter and is not unfair for any one group. By your logic in this map the emote capital should have the second lowest amount of new players in a human nation asides from haense. (Sorry if that is misspelled) but it doesnt. By that logic sutica with a 15 to 20 minute walk should have almost no new people, but it does. Dunshire should have a booming populace of people, not even halflings but since it is literally atop CT every new player should stop there, but it couldn't even pass the activity check. The matter at hand is not the fact the road system limits a nations ability to garner new players but rather they do not work in proper ways to make themselves attractive to the new players. My main playerbases this map have been Holm Fenn sutica and Agnarum. All of these places defy your road logic rather strikingly and yet for all of your alleged planning and thinking for how to make the dispersal of new players next map fair you seem to have not considered the fact the issue is not the road. Let's delve a little deeper into racial hubs now. The ideal option you claim to have is to allow people to go to their racial home? *humans have 5* how do you balance that? Dwarves have 1 that I believe has passed checks so is their warp atop their nation? If so you have removed new dwarves from ever having to experience banditry good on you! Our options if we don't pick roads that wind and twist in an arguably unfair manner is with carts that will have to be a good distance from each plot to allow for road crime to happen. Go back and look at vailor and tell me how that went for us as a server where your only easy way to a nation is now a cart and 1 road to its front door but now that road has 2 separate groups of bandits on it because that's the only place they can go as you've removed all sense of distance travel. As for your comment about Adria picking plot 6, that's their choice that's their lot if they dont like it then maybe they should speak with the administration team for a refund and the ability to re enter the auction but honestly if their rp is good people will travel that distance very willingly.
  6. Gizzol

    Blacklists and You

    I agree the wording needs to be better on villainous groups. orcs have slaves and are a war nation typically. starving a nation of rpers is rather idiotic far as i’m concerned. in that same note im all for if they wanted to be part of a bandit group with their lads and now cannot because this drives them to not want to catch that VB as honestly being told you can play but not with your friends means a lot more than “well now you gotta alt”.
  7. he threatened to pk my persona if i didnt +1
  8. Gizzol

    LionEY_'s Wiki Team Application

    he is the sole reason i wish to be on the wiki team, inspires me to make an app very soon!
  9. Gizzol

    LoTC Imprisonment System Proposal [POLL]

    As man who has suffered through execution rp, prison rp, court rp, lemme just quickly shoot out why I have issues with this idea. If you take a quick look at any nations laws prison doesn't even make an impact on lotc as its nearly absent on the lotc national scale. The idea that you plan to now take something that a minor part of villainy rp on lotc of current and hyper burden it with staff, well just look at the mess raids get in when gms are now basically called on the majorory of raids and then tell me why rp banditry hasn't increased in quality? If you like prison rp it's not hard to find honestly and if you don't I don't understand why we want to make a way to oocly punish a player, just send them to the monks and if it's a group see them in 5 days if it's a player see them in 30.
  10. Gizzol

    The Final release

    [!] The Death of Tepah ~=*=~ As the sword slammed against his legs, the bronze armor crumbling under its force the last thoughts on the kha’s mind were peace. The trip down to the ground was exaggerated and slowed for him as his life once more began its rolling script before his eyes. (That said boring posts to read are annoying so we are gunna skip what he has done in the past 180 years to avoid so much typing). AS his head bounces upon the uneven floor and his neck snapped from both his age and the angle the Kha's maw was donned with a smile. Curon might have slayed him, but finally he was free to pay back his debt to Metztli and her people. his soul no longer tied to this real as it began its eternal suffering in Absyyl's grip. some ooc: Died to good rp, I lead a group and important people should pk when they die to rp combat, been a blast to play him but hey thats rp.
  11. Glad you brought that up! I would actually love to learn more stuff about the human groups and should I get this could i discuss some stuff with you or do some polling for what yall would be interested in?
  12. Username Haunter3 Discord Haunter3#8440 Timezone EST (typically after 6pm est to about 12 pm est on any given day it may be earlier start) What group/playerbase are you most involved with? Currently Its fenn but sutica is also often visited as in holm Staff History None on lotc Ban History Yes, one was a mass ban for pugsy back when i first started and was randomly running with a raid group, probably some other tiem but i dont really recall it or why, none were perms or over a month Blacklist History: 1 magic blacklist for Muun believe it was a 2 week Blacklist Why do you want to join the Event Team? I enjoy throwing a variety of events already and just would like to be able to do such. I also feel 'random encounter' events are done to often anymore and people might enjoy events that don't require super knight 578 to win or else they die. Why should we accept you onto the Team? Truly its up to you, but I like to feel I'm readily active, my rp has changed a lot on my time as lotc but also in the direction of improvement and i would love to be able to work with the team and help support the server by keeping the player base interested and helping people in character development What kind of events do you aspire to create?: My current sort of happy place are low fantasy ones but I also have a few high fantasy ideas, I love doign events that are staggered so the group or player has to work to complete it not wait 3 hours then boom amazing et item. Im down to learn and work on a variety of other event types. What makes a good event? Character development, having thrown a few myself the concept of tryign to make an event fair is just foolish, someone is always goign to try to be the hero and that may sap the fun from others which I have coem to find is just unavoidable. However you can always leave a lasting impact on players shoudl they really be invested in your event and you invested in providing them the opportunity. I recently threw a moose hunting event and out of 8 people not one asked to even skin the animal they just thanked me for the rp and what was rather shocking is rp'd the injuries they had suffered after for a bit and still talk about it in character. That to me is the best kind of an event no matter its type, leaving an impact on the playerbase Create three in-depth event scenarios. I’m not looking for some prelude or whimsical idea here -- we want an indicator as to your talent and potential to be on the ET. You don’t need to write a word-for-word script, but we want a solid structure and plan as to how you’d organize and carry out an event: The story teller- A cloaked figure sits down on the side of the city streets, from a bag at his side out would come a range of toy statues that he carefully sat down before him. He would softly whisper a few words before his voice rings out to fill the area “come come and gather around, be prepared for wonders of sight and sounds, the story teller is here to share!”. should his calls not garner a crowd he would none the less begin with his work as he begins to weave his tail the statues shake themselves to light, moving before him to act out the story delayed from his words. As a piece dies in the tale it would seem to once more go still before being scooped up off the performance floor. Should a spectator touch the toys as the tried to move out their scene they would all stop their motion, the story teller focusing on those who interrupted, his voice croaking out “it would appear a new hand of fate has entered the story” the spectator has the ability to either begin using their hand to control the toy through the rest of the story, simply take it, or leave it on the ground for the man. should they leave it on the ground the man hurriedly picks it up and stuffs it into his bag. should they wish to keep the toy and leave with it they toy would act as a normal toy, not seeming to automate anymore unless once more the story teller tells a story(if they attend the event and have the event item on them) then it would try to spring to life and rejoin the story teller, the person having to subdue it or let it return. and should the person use the toy for the rest of the event they would be thanked for changing the story before one of the other two option trails were taken. The unprovoked- (meant to server as a random encounter event, it can either have a few signs set up to signal the spot so people can pm and interact or if i just see a group walking about) Off to the side of the road would be ruts in the mud, the underbrush near it crumbled and torn. As the party nears snorting could be heard as well as stomping from the foliage near the disturbed area, its source clearly an animal of some sort. the party is given to options, the animal will not attack if they do not press closer so they are able to prep attacks or even launch one from a distance into the brush. However should they attack or press in the source of the disturbance a large feral boar would burst form the vegetative growth, aiming to gore the closest one to it. The parties weapons would cut and scar the hide, damage being taken by the boar almost as fast if nor faster than it is able to dish it out to the party. depending on how well prepared the group is the boar would either be overcome of forcing them to flee. Should the party be forced off the boar retains the majority of its injuries if the party returns to finish it off, however if a new party comes a long a ‘new boar’ is there so the progress is saved by the most current group interacting with the group. Exploration- (for this event a builder would be needed for setting up the environment however it would be a low detailed build and i hope easyish work for the builder as its mainly just mining) A group or even single person stumbles upon the entrance what what appears to be a cave system. Upon entering the party would be required to do an array of rp including but not limited to, clearing rubble via a roll, taking the time to figure out how to get down a steep drop off, and finally accessing materials. with in the cave system it would appear a whole host of things had taken up residence, should the party move to fast they would find themselves stumbling across large snakes seeking shelter, combat ensuing though in the dark the difficulty wold be heightened before the serpents are slain. as the explores get to different rooms the cave would appear to be a host of growing mushrooms and other interesting cave growths that can be harvested(depending on where the cave is will depend on what alchemy ingredients we have in the rooms). The cave can be harvested indefinitely but ingredients do have a cool down as do the mobs. My apologizes if the descriptions are too short, i try to leave my events more open and fluid as I have found rp on lotc enjoys throwing curveballs and i would rather rp is developed and enjoyed over a set script getting checked off.
  13. Gizzol


    sorry lads i got baited in, The fennic people have interacted with other nations and are in fact still interacting with them to the point i have only been here maybe 3 weeks and have already had to do 3 diplomatic things. they are taking in refugees from the high elven city that was destroyed which i would say makes them a well enough nation. we also have people who are active and rp here. thats my two cents but i guess i can still spare a penny for your thoughts.