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  1. I just. Honestly I cannot support something I know in good conciousness I cannot abuse for crp :c but hey my brother said it was cool so here's his +1
  2. Discord: jesterofdreams#8440 Golden dress: 1k
  3. Durlak sighs as the posting is read to him. The dwarf motions his scribe closer "gather t' council and prepare t' lads. We've ah trip t'at needs t' beh made"
  4. I think it's still a joke as far as implementation. I've worked for multiple different guard forces and crp groups in the past and there is a massive range in both quality and method of emotes. Trusting people who don't even have to prove then can rp to be on a team to teach people how to do the most oocly dividing rp on lotc is not going to work. If we are infact doing a tutorial island then a vetted group that is overseen by CT and Moderation to oversee a section of that island dedicated to teach different combat related issues makea at least some sense. Perhaps for quality assurance have the teachers provide logs like how actors are required for events. Otherwise I really dont see a CT based project working well to tackle this issue rather than working with leaders of these military groups to ensure that standards are set and maintained. On the aforementioned topic new players who get in with groups are typically rather impressionable with that leadership. I know this is not always the case but if you're new you look for someone to show you the ropes or friends on this server so you can actually be with a playerbase. A suggestion/feedback that I have is why are we not just using these systems that are already in place. Oocly setting firm minimums to roll play and roleplay (pvp has already decent enough rules to teach off oof) by moderation is a start. Once a measure has been set a supportive approach to leaders of bandit groups and nation militaries should be made to see these standards are meet. Military groups host combat related stuff as that is their activity draw. Working with these events that are already going to happen while having the information delivered through someone oocly respected and trusted is far more likely to succeed. If I'm rping in the dwarven legion for my first 5 days and they are being inclusive I as a new player am far more likely to listen to them than I am if lotsoffish pulls me aside and tries to correct me. (Not calling out fish just picked a ct I knew wouldnt get upset). Tl;dr either make a designated group vetted by mods and ct who have to show logs of their teaching like actors do. Elsewise make a hard ooc minimum and work with current combat based to group leaders to ensure standards are taught and meet. Also pardon my grammar and formatting I'm on mobile and I suck at both of those things already ((Also cause I'm dumb I just noticed you have hard questions your proposing so if you want those specifically answered or clarity on my response to those questions just quote me so I get the ping
  5. Gizzol

    The Union of Mates

    Durlak looks over to his messenger orphan ”T’ey did wot?” his brow furrowing before he waves the boy off, muttering to himself before calling down to the two barkeeps below him ”Get some sleep lasseh’s, oit would appear we’ve ah feast t’ prepare for some ‘onor’d Guests”
  6. Hi, so I'm writing this with just first impressions I'll probably go back and make edits over the next 24 hours. That stated let's get into it. Firstly from your presented design of the object I'm left with the impression this is working like a strange spring based compound bow. My physics I'll admit I'm a bit rusty on but I'm struggling to imagine this generating the force needed to send a blunted cylinder (basically rebar as stated above) through metal that would naturally have curves in it to allow and encourage deflections. Getting into the materials aspects I'm hoping you only picked that wood choice for the fact it is hard and exists in your rp region. The pulley system you have drawn here has it as constantly taunt with just how the pulley arms are presumed to operate. I would then presume the same issues that come from keeping a bow strung in a wide range of environmental factors would also happen to this weapon. Lastly on the material side of things, the spring isnt even mentioned in the design it's just the the cad blue prints below it (which are nice btw please tell me what you used). General use in combat stuff kind of has this as a foot note. Requiring rolls when people do not wish to as a collective is terrible. That said if roll play is picked having these rolls stated help so maybe just specify these roll red lines are for if roll play is picked. Limiting it to steel cylinders also seems a bit forced to me as crossbows just have the groove to hold the projectile, if it fits in the groove the bow can shoot it albeit probably not as well. As a personal note have you considered just the thumper arrow design that already exists in modern hunting and just asking for a minor suspension of disbelief in letting it do more transfer blunt damage instead of armor damage due to this modified bow design? Still I think it's a cool enough concept and I'd love to see a pully based projectile system added to lotc so I can use it in a few designs I've got coming up. Just think it needs some polishing
  7. aye mate, sorry i’ve been hit or miss this past year, working three jobs has been killer. hmu if you ever wanna hang out or try to get something going. I suppose my question is you wanna take this to skype owo?
  8. Imagine trying to be a mod so your normal playtime can have a mod, get denied. but none of the new mods are for your play time

  9. Daddy harold please, spare the rod I'm coming back, smile
  10. I'm also confused with this sudden lack of knowledge coupled by this new rather difficult smiting process to produce and item that in its redlines cannot with stand combat without breaking. Why on earth would some one use this with this much red lines "hi uhm, I made a sword that's almost to heavy for humans to swing comfortably and explodes. No do not worry I also made armor.... that explodes on contact with the most common combat weapons" on top of you removing all irp knowledge of its smiting processes out of the blue to put in other rare materials that require lt approval. There is only 2 ways this lore would work number one is removing all current carbarum smithed items, otherwise there are living personas that know how to smith it which violates your new canon. Number two give a better reward for that many hoops being jumped through as right now it has a 0 crp use via redlines which makes it not worth the work given as it just makes items blue
  11. Valuk is sad they are remembered >:C
  12. im so confused why this is actually an issue, let's presume we leave the ‘from the elves’ logic at the door, Blue undertones can naturally appear in humans but this is fantasy, is a fantasy race, so who’s to truly know the chances of it. we could also by the way just claim its from a high exposure to cobalt which is a known side effect in the real world to give it a blueish tinge to the hair, now if we have a platinum blond work in a cobalt mine we are left with sky blue problem solved lets go home. maybe have them smack cobalt into their own hair to fit a tradition or something if this elf thing doesnt work for you mateo bb
  13. Durlak does not approve of the Anti crab message from this organization and notices the shocking amount of human leadership over a supposed mix racial group.
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