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  1. Metztli; the Daemon Guardian of Time (Credits to Holgajen) Sigil (An hourglass rimmed by a halo of a moon) Appearance Metztli has held a few appearances in the realm of mortals, rarely taking a solidified in person form. Oft times this daemon slips into the mind of mortals through dreams to carry out her message and or goals. All known accounts have her holding a stunning female body, the few getting to truly see it clawing their eyes out due to its splendor. Her figure is typically wrapped in a shining silver light as a motherly soft tone is carried from her form, earning her the title of Mother Moon by the kharajyr. Interactions with the Mortal Realm Metztli has rarely visited the known mortal realm but her touch is known well enough. As of current Metztli is attributed with the creation of two races, firstly the Hou-zi then her alleged children the Kharajyr. On occasion, the Daemon is known to gift her powers of time to her followers, though the power is far diminished and changes or is simply gone at random times due to the nature of the daemon herself. It is unknown if Metztli has created any other races in her vain lust to play creator. Often times she is a neglectful deity, coming to her followers in dreams if at all, though it is clear that she wants their attention. Purpose The actual function of this daemon and her powers deals with a part of the mortal realm that often goes unnoticed. Time, the concept garnered by the limited minds of most mortals, is by far more complex to the daemon than those lucky enough to be ignorant of it. Her actual use comes into play from the fact that time bends differently around each Mortal whilst still trying to maintain its standardized flow. Perchance the easiest visible proof of this is how a group may have a meeting for what feels like hours when people traveling in that same time may have taken months to get somewhere. Understandably these shifts in how time weaves itself cause; disjunction, when two different speeds crash into each other. This disjunctions of time are what Metztli actively travels the realm to fix, carefully weaving the flows together to enable for a smooth transition and in turn no further danger. This has lead to Metztli holding a rather narcissistic nature as in her view the realm owes its attention to her for what she does yet must go on ignorant of this work. Metztli’s Realm (yes stolen, no creator was listed on the website sorry) Akin to all other aenguldaemon’s Metztli has a place which she calls her own. This realm holds no true name as in almost all times it is entered and exited without the visitors knowing. The realm is broken into two main sections, Metztli’s inner sanctum and then a dull foggy copy of the current realm in which she works called the Nantli Tlamatquez by the kharajyr. This foggy realm stands as the main place where Metztli works, a perfect copy of the current realm however covered in an ethereal fog. The fog acts as the time flowing in the current realm and moves akin to clouds, where issues arise the daemon races around to mend the fog into an appropriate form for the continuation of time in the realm. These tears in time, however, form rifts before she fixes them and fills them, these rifts bridging her realm to the mortal plane smoothly. Often time people lost will find themselves here for an extended period of time, traversing the murky realm where time pulls on them in many different times without ever noticing the difference. As she finds them Metztli sends these lost souls back to their proper realm though she certainly does not actively look for any who slip through the cracks. The second part of her realm though is far less peaceful and lacks any semblance of normal. The inner sanctum of the daemon has none of the fog that she uses to fix time in the real world, it, in fact, has no time within itself at all. The appearance of it constantly shifts to fit her needs or wants at the time, it was here where she practiced making the Kharajyr. Her mistakes though while not the perfection that she sought did still hold use in her mind and so are kept sheltered on an island in the inner sanctum. Few times does she let them slip out but when someone does manage to incur her wrath for some reason or another Metztli has no issues letting these twisted beasts leach into the mortal realm to enact her revenge. Following Whilst the Kharajyr remain the main followers of Metztli a few other descendants have taken up faith in her and so are counted amongst her flock. Some ooc notes Reason for this rewrite of Metztli’s lore-- basically because her actual current lore piece is “hur hur I made the kha, oh and I'm fine af bruh” which doesn't give us much to work with as a player base focused around her. Where some of this new stuff came from-- we actually pulled a decent chunk of our idea off the midpoint theorem lore posted a while back and loved the idea of actually giving Metztli something to do. We also left it open so more undiscovered races could be made by her (CA or even just event creatures). We also added in her keeping the mistakes, their original lore about throwing them away as in throwing them in a waste bin now and then letting them loose so now they can also be used in events. Why should we even have Metztli and not shelf her or change what she does?-- To put it rather simply Metztli has potential to be an active daemon instead of this surplus of rp’d aenguls. She did not make time rather she simply makes sure it does not all fall apart which opens the door to a lot of new events ET can do perchance with some LT oversight, as aforementioned. We also want to just take a moment and clear up some other things in the lore before we toss it at the whole lotc player base to tear apart so we can avoid some simply misunderstandings. Firstly, this lore is not per say exactly based on everything Metztli has ever done. This lore is made to allow for a dynamic deity to be used more often and not be boxed into set answers or situations as such that is why it so briefly explains her stuff as we want people to run wild with it. Secondly, Metztli actually has nothing to do with the Moon or the stars that is just the kha faith. Finally we understand this may not be what some of the original kha rp’rs imagined her as or even rp’d her as, however, they had their chance to give her actual lore and they did not so now we are giving her our version of what we feel this deity is with brief lore of hoping to make her more useful without flat out going against previous events with her. Credits: Wretched; actual first lore of Metztli Haunter3; writing this current lore Kha player base; concept and peer review swgrclan; actually did nothing with this lore but it wouldn't have happened without his midpoint theorem so cool dude indeed
  2. Aye thank you, sadly over the past months and years we have alienated most of the older players so it was based off of what we found to be common issues that people had with our rp mixed with what lore we could find and or get our hands on. We do plan over the next few weeks change gears and shift back to carry parts of the flare that made the kha so attractive to its original player base as well as some new stuff to keep it interesting. Again if you have any other constructive feedback let us know. And thanks to chaotikal for caring enough about the race still to give back such information. As for this new conversation about the daemond influence while once again nothing is written, the kha of current, and again the older ones may weigh in with their views. We tend to rp parts of the soul being daemonic enegery, by no means a large part but it's clearly needed simply as they hold these feline characteristics so much. As of right now it has no other affects to the RP and given how the main group is about as large as the random khas (these are just loose terms as 'apekha' is actually very hard to become now) and any changes to it might affect others already done rp we avoid really even mentioning this mixed style soul.
  3. I did not say outdated nor did I mean to imply to. What was implied is somewhere between the wikidot and the current wiki the height dropped with no lore change so we have been working with WT on occasion to merge the information on the two. We opted to lower the cap to seven foot as that's in between the 6 foot the current wiki has and the 8 foot that the wikidot has however we would not be above increasing it back to the wikidots 8 foot if the LT are okay with such as once more there was no lore to drop the height to 6'4
  4. https://lotc-wiki.wikidot.com/wiki:kharajyr Here you are. I believe at one point we had a WT member transferring over this information to the current wiki but that apparently wasn't finished
  5. Have no clue how to quote on phone so I will respond as best I can. To jandy, the height is based off of the kha wikidot which is sourced as older than the current wiki, we have not been able to find where it says the kha are down to 6'4 and have been looking to have the WT fix this on the current wiki. As for chaotikal for the singing will have that removed as I had read it on one of the older kha pieces but since I cannot refined it on any current lore it is now removed from our clarifications. We would however like to force the accent even if in your original lore it was not part of it. What might have started as a meme is now a part of the player bases culture. If you truely cannot be bothered to change the occasional a to aw then perchance you should go play a human. Dwarves talk in a wide range of accents, orcs argue if it's forced or not but culturally it's forced either way. It's part of what the race has been for a long time so we would like to keep such.
  6. I actually pushed for such however it was explained to us Metztli is still /holy/ as far as holy magic goes and so if that was the case the taint that clerics typically work with is not what the kha suffer from and in turn should remain null. If the LT are okay with it though I would be glad to see us affected by paladins as I have always felt Xan shares more what the kha view as their 'devil' than iblees.
  7. Basic background on why we feel this post is needed. The addition of this post to existing Kha lore is due to the massive lack of lore revolving around the race itself. A lot of the lore ascribed to the Kharajyr revolve around their culture or religion not per say how they look or their unique issues in the realms. This post is to help set in stone some misunderstandings of how the Kha look and to an extent how they act or roleplay. Outward Appearance Generalizations Though we cannot exactly find where in the lore this changed the Wikidot on the Kha verses the wiki for LoTC of current has Kha shorter and so here is a general scale of their heights; Kha’Cheetrah 5’2’’-6’0’’ Kha’Pantera 5’5’’-6’2’’ Kha’Leparda 5’6’’-6’3’’ Kha’Tigrasi 5’10’’-7’ *It should be found of reasonable note that these heights are not set in stone just like height in real life is not this is more a general span in which the races would fall into* -The tail of a Kha starts at the base of the spine, should it be severed a variety of issues may arise. Typically the Kha simply has a lack of balance for a while until they learn to adjust to the lack of the tail. (This loss of balance does not mean they cannot walk they are simply clumsy.) -A skull of a Kharajyr is shaped far more feline than humanoid and as such comes with its own sets of plus and minuses. The strength of the Kha is stronger in general, specific numbers will not be added as then people get overly technical. Common sense should be used with this mainly just go with, stronger than a human's, but please do not run around trying to break peoples bones with your jaw. -Kha have Digitigrade legs, a link will be added later if the LT deem it truly needed. These feline legs are required for the Kha to switch between two legs and four with the ease that they do. The shape also grants them their jump and other feline like attributes so are a needed addition to the lore. -The fur of the kharajyr can come in a wide range of colors through a mixing of subraces. This means furs can come in a variety of colors and shades so feel free to personalize the Kha that you choose to roleplay as. This does not mean show up with gray fur and neon blue highlights because that is unneeded and frankly is not per say roleplay friendly in most cases this is just so you are not limited to 4 colors. -the next little bullets are for just some basic quick rp nuisances that people often do poorly or simply wrong. Kha only go faster while on ALL FOURS. This needs to be understood they are not like super speedy while only on two legs, in fact, they are average with it. We find as a player base that around 75% of the speed of their feline counterparts is a fair enough measurement for on all fours as they cannot use weapons nor is the speed held for long (explained below). The infused Daemonic energy of Metztli mixes with the ocelot DNA when dealing with a wide variety of kha senses and reactions, some are listed as follows; Sight is increased to be better in even nearly pure darkness, however, light is still needed so complete darkness is dark even to a kharajyr. Kha are stronger than those of similar size from the descendant races, most classing above what humans can achieve in their respective genders. Of note the strongest of the Subraces is Tigrasi and even an ungodly buff Kha’tigrasi is not out strengthening an Uruk. Kha move faster and are more nimble than others of their size. This is shown in slightly better dodges than others as well as hitting faster. It should be clarified that for no logical reason should you become a dodge machine that cannot get it. This is simply to add roleplay depth where you may on occasion catch something before someone else or get the hit in first if this is found to be abused or poorly roleplayed then it can be taken away to balance the roleplay. Kha have padded feet so they move quieter, in some cases if truly trying they would be difficult for even an elf to hear. In that same token, a Kha has feline ears and has better hearing, on par with the elf actually though intuned enough to others of their kind to typically pick up other kharajyr movements. Kha fur grows to a set length in most parts of their body before shedding. The exception for this is male Kha due to an inability to grow human hair can grow out the fur around their head to form manes. Kha females can still in rare cases grow head hair and have not been found to grow manes. The Kha claw is a retractable weapon built into their paws. The length of the kha’s claws will, of course, vary per up keeping by each of the Kha but at max, their length ends at the average length for their feline counterparts. (again this may be googled in spots where further roleplay clarification is needed akin to Kha speed on all fours.) Kha can jump higher than most others whilst bipedal but only by perchance an inch or two. The shining moment for them is with the aid of a surface they can vault from a Kha can reach a height of roughly 2x their own height. This will vary of course per the Kha, unfit Kha cannot jump as high, fit Kha might. Normal lotc rules apply here (please do not try to emote jumping a 2 block wall because your Kha is tall enough then asking someone to tp you over.) Internal/Health Based Generalizations -Sweating is not something a Kha can do. Due to the feline features of the Kha, they have issues with drawn-out strenuous things. This can be shown roleplay by say a drawn-out fight pulling far more on them than their attacker. This also means rather hot places are not per say pleasant to Kha if moisture is not present, the ambient moisture acting akin to how sweating aids humans. -Kha dietary needs are omnivorous taking after the humanoid elements of their origin however they typically have one or two foods that they cannot eat. These foods come from simply what a cat cannot eat and vary from Kha to Kha as a slippery mess up from the hybridization of the two. (a few examples are, dairy products, alcohol, coffee, overly fatty foods on occasion) With these issues the Kha also have a stronger digestive system, an ad such can eat raw foods (that lack extreme excess fat). This does not apply to spoiled foods it's meant more for if you wanna roleplay eating someone go nuts. OOC Information This information was given from a mix of the kha player base so this is not one players ideas but rather what we as the current community feel needs to be added to help clarify issues. The kharajyr, as was aforementioned, do not really have any visible aspects to their lore and so power gaming ensues from it. Multiple members of the current player base having to explain to new kha issues that could be avoided if this lore was in place. we would love feedback on this in other hopes of balancing out how this race is rp'd with the playerbase and hopefully will be putting up a guide or two in the coming weeks as part of our new push to take the kha out of their rather poor place of current. However, what we do not want and I would ask for an Fm to remove them from this thread is baseless posts akin to 'furry' or 'remove race' or the other nonsense that kha posts typically get. This lore is meant to help out an already accepted race and how it is rp'd so if you have constructive feedback on what else might need clarity that we could add that would be much appreciated, as well as if further clarification is needed.
  8. Gizzol

    Your View: Siege Plugin Trebuchets

    I have to agree with destroyer here, also sorry I'm late to the party. For our engineering classes at school you have to make scaled down siege equipment (once you finish the 3 part course you will have made a catapult treb and scorpion). And the chances of the breaking are very very very slim. From a staticial standpoint by putting the break chances at 5 person you are actually still with in the realm of it being /usual/ for them to break. However a series of bad rolls would definitely affect the machine greatly and therefore I could see causing a malfunction. Also because I wasn't there and I'm just curious was this sign based like that pvp server that had trebs... dark age? Idk I remember a few of the pvp lads use to play it. (This isn't advertising it's just a general question please don't kill me).
  9. I might just be a pot calling the kettle black but hey I'm a cool pot. My issue here is one of your events is literally the reason you got a black list and I believe ban? Clearly at some point you must understand that would arouse some sort of concern. This next part is a little bias but hey, the only rp is have heard of coming from you is rp that causes issues. My character still kills and eats people which is (to my understanding) rather villainous. However all of that he villainy I hear about you doing always boils down to someone calling out power game and then either you or the people you are with get slapped with a black list or ban, or told to leave as the rp is null. Sometimes it even drops into pvp and into you truly wanted to be an ET actor why on earth would you seek to drop a small fight into pvp? In conclusion I as a player do not feel comfortable with you doing hostile events amongst the possibilities of now having access to event creatures doing something even worse than the rp you have brough so far. Maybe if you could find someone to show your past that or have learned then sure why not let you have a shot but I truly have only found your hostile relatively close to minas or die with the same emote quality as *stabs with sword*
  10. Gizzol

    [Feedback] Nation Status

    Wait I have one more ground breaking question. Why is it tahn last map had ss pillars scattered all across it in places that were not even close to active locations but this map an active group has to beg a staff team to let them /pay for mind you/ a pillar
  11. Gizzol

    [Feedback] Nation Status

    call me crazy but how is it a gm can tell me the activity of a free build but cannot tell when a nation is not active? Just incase players arent suppose to know when a free build is inactive or not lets just take a moment to understand the free build rules say if its been over 30 days of low to no activity basically then you can be evicted in just three day, why don't nations suffer this same thing? you cannot reasonably tell me the halflings passed nation status checking in Axios when the halflings lived under other people how did they even get it this map? the charter system worked, mayeb the prices need to be changed thanks to this economy being screwed like it is every map but hey. tldr; If you can activity check free builds why not activity check nations and why on earth can one of the most active places on the server not apply to pay for nation status.
  12. Gizzol

    [Amendment] Patching Soul Trees

    Hey so maybe this is just me but uhm, basically these additions for the soul tree rolls looks like "make it inside the grove for a sure fire chance to have an easy roll" I mean your own math you stated is if you have two friends, your a two year old druid, you put a tree that fits in a mother grove (trees actually work well in a wide range of environments they just have ideal ones that they flourish in) already puts you to 50. lets just for giggles say you have a descent artifact so 10 and then you know herbalism that puts you at 65 multiplier. I dont think I need to link a source saying the probably of getting a 1-9 on a roll out of 100 is not even close to something that is worried about. Your leading statement on this part of the lore was to make it more dangerous but as far as i can tell if you have friends (as we who dont have friends like to call it "circle jerk") then these chances to increase your roll have removed that danger almost in its entirety. otherwise it looks like nice lore i simply would like a limit on how much can be added in a redline.
  13. I like him, he supports kha rights. Sadly though he knows the rules which I feel won't mesh with the current team at all +1 (I love him please make him blue)
  14. Gizzol

    Changes in the Rules!

    I would like clarity on lock picking because right now the way the rules are written if I'm bashing at a door and I roll a 4 I suddenly cannot bash the door I would also like clarity on on person rolling (i.e it doesn't count as a raid if it's just 1 guy) as they have no limit for number of rolls righy now. Lastly if you have to roll to do minor damage to a free build can a set roll number be agreed on please? That's all have a good one Ha no discord
  15. Gizzol

    [✗] Formerly The Xoatol

    Hello lemme toss this at you from the kha perspective as someone who has stuck to their race for a while. To start off and clarify I don't agree with implimenting these creatures. Now for the reason why. Firstly is simply the lack of lore or defined lore, Hou-Zi had extensive lore written for them for a CA creature and now they are rare if seen at all (to my knowledge the only time they garner a notable player base is during lore checks). This isn't knocking the Hou-Zi as I'm sure a few people play them regularly but the point that this makes is we can't garner players. The kha struggle for players now, so do the hou-zi, so do any of the other CA 'races'. Next I dislike the lack of definition in this lore. They seem to have no physical attributes listed other than height and they are lizard men which is rather problematic as you don't specify if they have tails, can they have frills like a bearded lizard?; also slight add on your gators are more mammalian than lizards so why would you include them? This difference to me highlights that you didn't look at key features of the animals but rather just wrote something up to make some lizards folk that run. Now to tag onto physical looks how would their scales work as reptiles dry out so how would this be addressed? Do these individuals no longer hold to senses of their lesser evolved relatives like how snakes have loads of ways to locate prey. Popping down towards their combat, your south American weapon style simply doesn't work on lotc sadly. The kha have tried it but when most of your fighters wear metal armor the weapon just simply isn't viable for the most part. This leep I also feel is relative nonesense. Why would the whole creature randomly be able to lunge 6 feet with ease and I'm assuming at speeds that surpass the usual awareness of humans seeing as this is mentioned for combat. If you wanted a striking skill like how reptiles tend to hunt then please look for something else as this again doesn't feel viable. Expanding into the rest of Atles; sounds nearly impossible for this race. If we are staying cold blooded as your lore hints to they would be rather lethargic as a race simply due to how they need to regulate body heat as well as food sources. They would have to eat less yes but anything south of about curon would be to cold for them to advance and if they are swamp based then they would be using water to cool themselves but the sun to warm so by the time they get to the Savanah up by the orcs they now aren't close to water and in far warmer temperatures than typical for them. Unless you intend to have subraces that combat these issues your race is limited to the middle part of Atles due to its lore. Also as a little tidbit for sloth CA's can't be mentioned breeding rply it's typically just one day they have a kid that's an understood rule of CA's which I'm sure is written somewhere. I think that sums it up if any of my points are confusing or confused feel free to dm me on discord Haunter3#8440 or I guess I can try to be more active on the forums.