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  1. Gizzol

    [Omar Grimmer] Charter Application

    Tepah finds this person highly questionable but signs from the heavens above
  2. Count Durlak looks up from his forge, tinker contraptions laying around him as a the missive is passed along to him “nae moi king” the dwarf simply shakes his head and returns to his work
  3. Gizzol

    Lhindir's leaving post

    Valuk is sad they are remembered >:C
  4. Gizzol

    [✗] -=- The Sky colored hair of the Stormfists -=-

    im so confused why this is actually an issue, let's presume we leave the ‘from the elves’ logic at the door, Blue undertones can naturally appear in humans but this is fantasy, is a fantasy race, so who’s to truly know the chances of it. we could also by the way just claim its from a high exposure to cobalt which is a known side effect in the real world to give it a blueish tinge to the hair, now if we have a platinum blond work in a cobalt mine we are left with sky blue problem solved lets go home. maybe have them smack cobalt into their own hair to fit a tradition or something if this elf thing doesnt work for you mateo bb ❤️
  5. Gizzol

    Revival of the Global Assembly

    Durlak does not approve of the Anti crab message from this organization and notices the shocking amount of human leadership over a supposed mix racial group.
  6. Here’s my only issue boss, if i splash a potion on a wound every time i see it i have no understanding of that wound nor how it works in an rp sense. You’re right all we typically do its throw potions on things or go have holy mage #3456765 go toss us a fast heal. all this has done is actually put out medical rp further behind than what it should be because there is no drive to find these things out when all i need to know is mix X Y Z and get greater healing potion lawl. The time scale on lotc isn't a justifiable “well yah know they had full chest cavity searches in this year” because unlike the real world unless you do conjuration there is little to no reason for a person to open and study the body. I will say before someone gets all snowflake on me yeah someone im sure outhere does that, but its not common and you’re work would be far behind the real world which was using entire nations histories and international communications on the medical field to allow for knowledge to grow. I know this next line will be a little hypocritical, however, hand washing for sicknesses was not even really used till the middle 1800’s and this is with hundreds of years of people getting sick from injuries. However we have not had this motivation and yet our medics know the sterilize everything and other stuff? I think not boss man and I say this as someone who does medical rp. We have a lot of **** that shouldn’t be as evolved simply because the server has taken the magical route to solve it not the trial and error mistakes way of irl to push it.
  7. Gizzol

    Mystery Tries Again For ET! (Event Team Actor App)

    *mass spams elven children out for a fudged lore senario, doesnt give it any context just lets people use them* forced me to burn a child alive irp because he came in during sensitive rp
  8. Gizzol

    PosidonX7's Event Team Actor application

    boss I was criticizing this app not you, you wanted someone to do that so I did. Do not worry I will have a different break down if you post an app and want feedback
  9. Gizzol

    PosidonX7's Event Team Actor application

    **** lad, ask and you shall receive as best i can to keep my views unbiased. Firstly if the whole purpose of your events are, loosely put here, to teach them fear or other things. what you’ve now done is either set yourself up to fail or are attempting to force rp. I say this because if you visit any major beast hunt, the average persona there has never seen said creature and given most of our giant difficult creatures rp reputations most folks should run or not be able to work well from simple shock or fear. This does not happen as i'm sure you have seen from time to time so I question having to work with someone who believes they can force this onto players. Next to wrap up that point I must hurriedly cover myself with this, if your intent was to teach them rp not force their emotions, Your reputation needs to be better before you can tell people what to do and how to emote. I say this as someone who has had a rather rotten one in the past but is attempting to fix it so I may help the next generation of lotc lads. Going wild here I also dislike how all three of your events are heavily conflict or combat focused, we have plenty of skilled individuals on the team right now who have that as a forte. If you had something in here like; traveling merchant, a story teller, a mage just trying to give people a good time, or a wandering smith coming to teach the town something and leaving them with a gift then I could perchance get behind it more. Staying on line with that it appears a large issue the community has with you is regarding a creature that your first event is heavily based on, I do not believe I need to say more on that. I do enjoy dungeon or puzzle rooms as the last idea but uh, what happens when they decide ‘nope not touching it’? now you have this beast that apparently causes major dread and remains shifty or unseen (was unclear for me as a reader) loose in a city who may not even want or be interested in that but said yes to your build because you were unclear with the details of the event. Timed dungeons are a thing in fact i forget the ET but they had a rather fun one done in vailor im sure you could look it up for reference points. No fear, not requiring players who may be new or simply not wanting to do a kind of rp to be forced to do said rp, just you know you’re in a rush so lets make things happen boss man. In closing I as an et question who you would be doing groups for as you have notably left a pretty horrid taste in a few players mouths which will spread between the playerbases and as such people will automatically start to not like you or want to do your events and now you are unable to do your job effectively as an et unless all of your events cater to your friends which is also not doing your job as an et honestly. hope this was more positive feedback for why someone cannot or will not endorse your app, if you really want to try to make it on the et take the time to fix the bridges you’ve wrecked havoc on and run some player events along the lines of what you would like to do as an et to see if there is even an interest in it. -1
  10. seems a little familiar, you sure you dont have a green tag already?
  11. Gizzol

    sneakybandit's Event Team Builder Application

    I need a build slave. Please approve
  12. Gizzol

    Mystery Tries Again For ET! (Event Team Actor App)

    you’ve only cited the groups you are heavily invested in.
  13. Gizzol

    LionEY_'s Event Team Actor application

    I like the ideas +1 and not bad at roleplay as well far as i’ve seen it. if he doesnt make it Im stealing his ideas Then idk man idk
  14. Gizzol

    Racial Buffs

    first of all you got golems wrong lass we had slowness no hunger and iron armor passive res. That said here’s the thing, The war claims are done on a seperate server which we have already seen do not have a lot of the plug ins on it that we enjoy on the main lotc, why can we not have this for main server side and not the wc side? second off, dont make it racial but let us have classes that have specific buffs. Archer can get the archery thing that we use to have, brutes can have the orc stuff, rogues the dark elf speed buff. ‘creatures’ can have some sort of balance this being for everything non dark or automatronic. Automatronics can have res and anything magic related can have the armor pen that was given to the high elves. this was shitty and just thought up in all of 4 minutes but this way we can add rp flavor back to pvp and not shaft all orcs into ebing clickers and all wood elves into being archers. We also no longer have gear that boosts damage really so no one has to worry about that sexy archer bow set o na welf to 4 shot prot 1 iron