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  1. Norvina

    Does Blah put you off?

    yeah, the playerbase is quite... bad? i never got committed to my (may she rest in peace) dark shaman because the other orcs were so unbearable.
  2. Norvina

    Magic subbmision

    i luv it
  3. Norvina

    Frott's Lore Master Application

    ehhh he smells -1
  4. Minecraft Account Name(s) Norvina Discord luv#6243 How long have you played on LoTC? 4 Years? Timezone and Availability EST and whenever you want me to be! What lore are you versed in most? Magical Lore: from just about every single Void Magic to every Dark Magic to most Holy Magics (specifically Druidism and Shamanism more than Clerics/Paladins/Ascended, but I know a decent bit about Clerical Lore). I'm very good with most of the creature lore specifically, but limited to: Striga, Liches, Darkstalkers, Wights, Ghosts, Gravens, Paleknights, Golems, Atronochs(but pretty sure those were removed), Sprites(same removed?), Dryads, etc. Not much in the magical section I am unfamiliar with. Give a summary of any staff positions you have held on LoTC Forum Moderator most recently. That went completely downhill due to having to do more than one person's job and being treated with 100% disrespect in return - won't bash and throw people under the bus, but I was not removed from the team like prior stated I left about 2 months prior to my status updated I posted a month or so ago. The rest of my staff positions and descriptions are listed in my LAST ACCEPTED Lore Team applicated and Flam should be familiar, but of course I'll go back into it if you'd like. Have you ever written lore for LoTC? Aside from horribly constructed projects and stuff specifically for the LT, no. Have you ever received a blacklist or ban? Never received a blacklist. Been banned a few times, you can check those out on my last application as well (Flam should be familiar from last time). Who do you not get along with on the Lore Team? I mean I believe there is underlying beef between me, Arzota, and Chihiros... I hold no grudges or animosity towards either of them. Other than that I couldn't really tell you who most of those people on the team are, so...
  5. Norvina


    inviting @Slayy to the voice call.
  6. Norvina

    TheKingOfTheMoon's Lore Master Application

    he's okay, sure +1
  7. Norvina

    SpiffyTaylor's Lore Master Application

    definitely, yeah +1
  8. Or 501 is just being an immature spaz as usual.
  9. Norvina

    Inside the GM & Admin Teams

    F E E D B A C K N O T E D.
  10. my reply got fucked up thanks. anyway, this server and it's administration are a ******* joke teehee. i was seeking out help with my MANY pedophile cases and due to who they were nothing was EVER done. ever. i'm 18 now, and when i bring up other cases it's "too late". **** you, do something.
  11. do something??? because even though i handled it myself, stuck around, and even helped endorse and work for the server - someone will take serious actions against it and get it shut down. if the person being convicted is your friend - THEY SHOULDNT BE. time and time again this **** is looked over by administration. i’ve been branded as a pedophile sympathizer due to remaining in contact with many of them due to having no choice because the “proper authorities” of this server did/do nothing in my defense? it’s ******* sickening. the fact that people would knowingly let that **** slide and let other people go through it is... disgusting.
  12. quite sad when you're lied to about a promotion, promised it in exchange for [redacted]... then it is handed to someone else who was on the team for a week? i c u.

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      Ponder got my attention. Not you. @Pond is a good hearted individual. ❤️

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      Hey, I would just like to remind you all that @Skale is awesome and cute.

  13. do you guys offer anything on the skinilicous menu?

  14. Norvina

    The Children of Azdromoth

    very nice taylor swift!!!