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  1. Unfurl the Banners; A Call of Blood and Honor

    Lyulen Daemyr puffs up his chest looking proud "Erolas is the Prince of the Mali'ker!"
  2. "we're winning!"

    "I'll be takin' that."
  3. [Trial]make war stuff great again

    A good person to be a GM. Yet, do not rush him in bedwars.
  4. A Flower Withers

    "They shouldn't have done it...It was Norland's dog after all." Lyulen would simply stare off towards the cage that was built for any kind of animal that had rabies.
  5. [Actor]Lumiin

    Is good person
  6. Smell that? Smells like memes.

    1. TheSilentBestMeme


      you smelled right through me.

    2. Dewlox™


      dats right boii

  7. [Denied] Cornivore Reaching For His Goals

    is better then Rukio13.
  8. Kingdom of Norland Anime (Axios Arc 2)

    Feel you fam
  9. [Denied]Da ting go skra, papakakaka.

    Is good person to play with.
  10. [Denied]New Meme To The Team

    Is good person. Doesn't yell at me for putting on my Hou-Zi Onesie skin.
  11. Anisgar's AT Application

    He ain't stupid. +1
  12. Star's "Pay for my LC" Skin Shop

    Request Type(See Prices.): Outfit. Skin Type(Alex/Steve?): steve Character Name(Curious.): Lyulen Daemyr Character Race: Dark Elf Character Age: 56 Character Gender: Male Character Hair Color: Black Character Skin Color: Darkish grey? Character Eye Color: Red Character Hairstyle: Neat? Character Description: standing at 5'10 he'd weigh in at 196 pounds. Character Outfit Description: I has this picture that is how I'd like it too look. Color Pallet: I'd how it looks like in the pic. Reference Picture(You need one in order for me to even consider it.): please and thank you.
  13. The first ever... Bokratz Skin Shop

    Username- TheSilentFriend Outfit or fullbody? - Outfit Description- I'd just like the picture below. Ref- Proof of Payment [I will put your skin on my agenda as soon as I get payment.]-
  14. Archangel's SKINFORGE