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  1. Application: McName: TheSilentFriend RpName Lyulen Race: Dark Elf Skype:(Dm me if u don't feel comfortable sharing on here.) You have it? Profession: Fisher Skill (Bow,Axe,Sword): Sword Time-Zone: jst
  2. wanna have a go at this one?
  3. not fantastic

    ~snip~ Realized im broke...sorry for the time waster.
  4. o7
  5. ...I wish I was in the states sometimes...
  6. Think that I am a good person, then realize that I will never be normal as most friends say I have no chill
  7. IGN: Leki Song Age: 11 Skype: Think you already have it Do you have Teamspeak: Yes Do you require housing in the barracks: Already live there.
  8. Happy Birthday, Keathon9011!
  9. edgy class when?
  10. idk..
  11. Was I called? Do you like being gm, Nekkore?
  12. The 9 year old Leki Song runs to the tree to claim it! For a nap..
  13. Leki would slowly walk out of the trenches looking upon the fiery hell hole of a city "We win!" The young child soon finds a comfy spot for a nap out of the trenches.
  14. I've learn so much
  15. Savage