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  1. DrinkPesticide

    The Final release

    “P-pardon?” An age kharajyr croaked out in shock upon hearing the news. Tepah’s old friend set off soon to prepare a funeral procession.
  2. DrinkPesticide

    lackless's drawing shop (O P E N)

    I'd like this man's knee, in your iconic style. @Stack Loot
  3. DrinkPesticide

    [Accepted] A_Keefys Forum Moderator Application

    Add him back.
  4. DrinkPesticide

    [Accepted] HortonHeardAWho's Event Team Actor application

    I like him. He can rp and he knows what he's talking about.
  5. DrinkPesticide

    A Way Through the Dark

  6. DrinkPesticide

    [Denied]haunter3's Game Moderator Application

    A fine lad with good christian values. +1
  7. "Tepah!" Called a dark pelted Kharajyr nearby, "Let these two make a list, yes? Zinawr is sure Muuna frowns upon somebody!" The Black Kharajyr flashed a wide grin. @Gizzol
  8. DrinkPesticide

    Sleep My Love

    Zinawr jolted forward on the flimsy bed within his cabin, coughing and wheezing, he'd grimace, "War and dream realms in the same vision.." He'd huff and grimace, his fangs baring. "Farglade, eh," he'd say. The kharajyr turned over in his sheets, seeking another bout of insight.
  9. DrinkPesticide

    [CLOSED] Basic Skin Shop

    Edit, full skin or head? - Full skin, (if possible) Race - Dark elf Age - 37 Gender - Male Hair style - A short fringe, medium hair round the sides. Shaggy overall Hair, eye and skin colour - Matte black, deep sea blue, and ash grey. Outfit description - A dim, open, blue trench coat reaches down to barely below the knees, long sleeves with a small cuffs reach down to the ker's wrists. A simple white undershirt is shown, untucked over the waist, hiding any belt or other such waist decor. Upon the lower half is a pair of black trousers (go wild), and pair of boggy, brown boots. Other details you want me to add - N/A :) Steve or Alex skin base? - Alex.
  10. DrinkPesticide

    The Mage's Institute

    RP Name: Nerrin Delevoye MC Name: CelluLoser Known Arcane Arts: None Position Desired: Student When is the best time to contact you for an interview: Any times'll do
  11. DrinkPesticide

    Trial Game Moderator Application

    The server could always use a competent GM. +1 (Plus cat dad told me to)
  12. DrinkPesticide

    [Trial GM] Jaeden's peri peri spicy meatball

    As long as you go awol. +1
  13. DrinkPesticide

    [Denied] Cheshire's need to be busy FM application

    Why not. + 1
  14. DrinkPesticide

    [Denied] Kry's AT App, Take Two!

    Absolute mad one. + 1
  15. DrinkPesticide

    [Denied] Max's FM Application

    Max is an efficient slave driver +1