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  1. [OOC] IGN:periklis02 DISCORD:Periklis02 TEAMSPEAK (Y/N)*Dont have any JEEZ *TS is mandatory. Uncoordinated soldiers are as bad if not worse than lack of soldiers. [IC] NAME:Gharzh'Gorkil RACE:Uruk DESIRED FIELD (NAVY/INFANTRY/CAVALRY):ITS THE NAVY and maybe infantry
  2. MC Name:periklis02 RP Name:Barumnir Doomforged Reasoning for Applying:I was interested in joining the Doomforged clan in a while Do you accept to follow the rules of playing a Doomforged? Bloodline:Iban's Line Parents (Optional, only if you are playing a current member's child): N/A
  3. I am quite sure Rattiki have to be played since Athera or Vailor
  4. Fixed what was need
  5. Yes, that indeed sounds like a good compromise, thanks alot and I will do my best to polish it and change it for the upcoming map
  6. I would like it to be playable and well, they could just appear in Axios like all other descedants secretely and then they went to the new map where they started their things idk Surely next map but yeah it would be nice as a playable race
  7. The Vermeinka Origins The Vermeinka were said to firstly originate from a new species of Rattiki that chose a different part than the others of its kin and evolved differently, yet this theory is not proven to be cannon or true at all.There's another theory for their origins that talks about a line of rats that were experimented on with Dark Arts and even Alchemy in order to make a new creature. Eventually the first Vermeinka were created, in the beginning they were nothing more but Rats walking on two legs yet that changed as in time they started observing their master's, slowly learning how to do jobs such as moving objects and even slowly learning how to use tools such as knives to skin animals for their masters before cooking them and axes for cutting down pieces of wood and making decent wooden huts. As generations past the now elder Vermeinka started to passing down their knowledges to the youth. Yet the wiser and more intelligent they became, the more their arrogance grew sometimes even starting to defy their masters and at moments even trying to escape. Yet their was one thing that stopped them each time from trying to escape, their greed and arrogance for the time the Vermeinkas were taught the meaning of mina and gold , each one of them wanted it for themselves. In time they started creating their own language which they named 'Vremeinki' , consisting of growls, hisses and rat noises yet after generations they slowly learnt some common words and at that point their twisted and filthy language was born. In the end the Vermeinka forcefully had to unite in a single force and so one day they were able to escape from their masters by digging the very ground beneath them with their slenderish fingers and sharp claws. This theory is widely accepted on the Vermeinka creation but who knows what the truth might be. Appearance The Vermeinka are seen as rat-like humanoids, standing at around 4-5'6 feet tall though their backs often seem hunched if not always. Although most of them have hair , some Vermeinka are hairless, whether be a genetical mutation or from fights with each other and eventually scratching or biting off their hair and fur. The Vermeinka come in many different colours but most commonly dark , brown , red and grey fur and hairless. Their eyes often are yellow, red and even green in colour but dark and brown have been seen in some Vermeinka. Their arms are long and slenderish with their claws sharp and long, perfect for digging the soil.The claws often growning long at 3-5 inches. Their tails are hairless as in most rat-like and rodent species and their teeth long and sharp. Their rodent snouts are good for smelling the different smells around them, especially when they are in dark places and cant see they use their good smelling in order to find out intruders or creatures nearby. Clothing The Vermeinka clothing are very simpled, often scavenging pieces of armors and weapons after battles or taking ragged clothes, yet most Vermeinka often take bandages and scrolls that they can find, wrapping them around their arms, legs and jaws in order to hide losing hair , cover diseased places of their skin or just wrap scrolls around their feet and legs in order to avoid serious injuries from sharp objects on the floor. Some modern Vermeinka though have started wearing cloaks in order to stay hidden from the rest of the races. Biology: The Vermeinka are an intelligent race, they seem to be able to understand the basic things happening on the world around them yet they also have an animalistic side inside them. Due to that animalistic side they often fight with each other for no reasons and they easily get annoyed and angry. Another fact about their Biology is that the Vermeinka can be very sneaky, often prefering to hide in dark corners or alleys, waiting for a victim to attack and steal. Even amongst each other the Vermeinka are known for stealing from their neighbours and even going in disputes with them for the simple reason of who gets to eat first or who is worthy of taking all the shiny objects. In a single pregnancy the females can give birth to even 4-7 cubs and more . Due to this the Vermeinka have thousands of their kin all around the realm , mostly living in underground areas or caves of Axios. Except from being good thieves and bandits that can go in their destination almost unnoticed , Vermeinka are also very fast due to their hunched state and small stature that makes them faster and enables them to run with all the limbs. Diet: The Vermeinka diet often consists of different kinds of meat / flesh and dairy products, but if the Vermeinka get very hungry they can basically eat whatever is around them, including other races. Due to this fact and in order to sustain their numbers the Vermeinka will often lead raid inside cities in attempts to find food or even infestate the food storages and houses. Vermeinka will also go inside the sewers of a city in order to find different sewer creatures to feast from, such as insects and even rats (Yes, Ratpeople eating rats sounds weird). The Vermeinka will often place traps inside sewers in order to catch rats or even hire a 'Rat Herder', a Vermeinka specializing in taming rats and basically herding them for their meat as a farmer would do with their herd of cows. The Rat Herders are so honored by their government and people that they are often given permissions to run around battlefields with their rat swarms who are often let un-fed for a while in order to be attack and feast on the attackers, for the rank of a 'Rat Herder' is great because in times of minimum foods in the storages , the Rat Herders are the one that will set up traps in order to catch the rats around their settlements and sewers. Society and Religion: The Vermeinka live in societies in very tight underground societies , their houses often being made from wooden sacks with simple moss/hay roofs to even holes in the walls of the city that lead to different rooms. Vermeinka commonly also adourn their houses with various animal skulls as well as scratches on the walls and even piles of shiny objects and underground crystals , their beds being often very simple, made from animal furs and hides tied together on the floor or different clothes and rags wrapped around wood supportings forming a bed of sorts. The Vermeinka society is a very cruel place in which the winner takes it all and the loser gets nothing so the individuals themselves must always keep an eye out for rivals that might try to murder them, a death with no honor indeed. The leader of the Vermeinka is called 'The Ratlord' or else known in their own language as 'Vermerkronf' (Vermer standing for Rat and Kronf for Lord/Leader). The Ratlords orders are imminent and those that defy the Ratlords will are often punished. The Ratlord is the one that setups the food raids and the various attacks on settlements and the in order for someone else to become the new Ratlord the old one must either get killed and the killer to rule or his children to success him. The Vermeinka Ratlord has the roles of both a normal leader and a religious one, able to change the religion the Vermeinka praise whenever he wants or set blood sacrifices consisting of innocent victims. But almost all Vermeinka believe in a higher deity that feeds on their acts of treachery and murders, punishing the weak and blessing the strong yet since there is no known deity like this their higher deity can be assumed as a creation of the imagination of the first Ratlord in order to keep the citizens in obedience and stop riots in order for them to unite in one religion and essentialy have power over each citizen. Language: Hello=R'iekrat You= Aekl Are= Arrkt Is=Irrzt They=Zirsk Rat=Vermer Lord/Leader=Kronf City/Settlement= Sarkaazt Attack= Kurchat World=Bleightur Human= Haarktu Elf=Errktu (Wood Elf= Treerktu , Dark Elf =Vuurktu, High Elf= Jurktu) Dwarf=B'uurftu (Translating to Beard-thing) Orc= Uruuktu (Uruk-thing) Darkness= Vuurft Good Morning = Ekrat'Heert (Translating to 'Good Light') Light= Heert Good= Ekrat Good Night= Ekrat'Vuurft kill= Ksaalt raid= Reerkut Weak/Pathetic=Pirfit The Vermeinka dont really pronounce a , an that much as they prefer to have their sentences simple, they speak quickly and with very often pauses for example: "I Krakt attacked a Wood Elf last night, you are a weakling." "Meh Krakt kurchat Treerktu last Vuurft, aekl-aekl arrkt pirfit." Yet because the Vermeinka themselves believe their old language is hard they mostly speak broken common without using the a, an and often repeating words in some sentences such as: "An attack is going to happen tonight, yes !" "Attack going happen tonight, yes-yes!" *OOC: I took inspiration to write about this race from a comment I made a day ago. I saw that some people supported this idea so here I am again , this took me lots of hours to make and I hope that we will see the Vermeinka in this map or the other one atleast. That was all I had to say and I really hope this suggestion gets accepted, yet again its the Lore Team's decision not mine. Also I know that we have many races and so I say that adding them would make the RP slightly better for everyone. Rat-people stealing food from the sewers or underground and only for them to disappear after hours. Welp thats what I had to say and I hope this gets accepted.
  8. gotta agree
  9. They aint furries since most of them dont even have fur or they will lose them so worry not on furries They will mostly be hairless rats
  10. I mean thank you but I am quite unsure how will this even be accepted
  11. I mean they might not even be Rattiki, I could try make a new rat-humanoid based race with a more savage culture like Skaven and a mix of Ratfolk idk
  12. CHARACTER DESCRIPTION: A 4 feet tall Goblin with red eyes, green skin, big ears and a big nose, he also has goblin-sized tusks and seems to wear wargear or tribal clothes from wolves and jackals RACE:Goblin GENDER:male SKIN COLOR:green BODYMASS:medium HAIR COLOR:bald HAIR STYLE:bald FACIAL HAIR: bald EYE COLOR:red CLOTHES:general outfit
  13. Sure thing
  14. So i had a RP idea for a long time. There has been this species of humanoid-rats named Rattiki, an intriguing race indeed, living underground in colonies of thousands of members and even mimicking each other for using new items and tools. I think that they would be a nice addition for a race , even if they were CA only or seen in Events attacking cities. If they were added it would be very nice and other people would propably also like to wander around , attacking with sheer numbers and being filthy-humanoid-rats. So I hope this suggestion will be viewed and I hope Rattiki will finally become playable."
  15. Tokz quickly grabs a pen and starts writing down a letter sending it towards the Rex "Tokz be readeh fur dah work Rex."