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  1. [Golem CA] periklis02 app

    MC Name:periklis02 Character's Name:GC-101 Character's Age:1 Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable):N/A Transformed form: Golem Creator's MC Name:JakeFSF Creator's RP Name:Aryen Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: Golems are created when a Golemancer carves and forges the desired body that he wants the Golem to be from stone and then places the runes required for the Golem's function onto it. After the body carving and rune-placing are done the Golemancer will go to create and insert the Golem's core onto it. The core cant be bigger than an Orc. Golems are generally slow creatures since they are made from stone and thus sometimes they can be even three times slower than a normal descendant although a Golem's power is great, almost equalling the strength of two Ologs together and more resistant to blows than any normal person since its made of stone. The Golem's limbs are bound and stuck together with magic and so whenever a golem moves it makes loud noises, making Golems very bad at being stealthy.If a Golems core is damaged then the Golem wont 'heal' normally as other races and it will have to be rebuild and have a new core added to it. Golems are simple-minded creatures and when they are created the only word they know is 'Impera' which means master and from that point on the Impera will require to teach the Golem about other words. Golems are also weak against heavy weaponry such as warhammers and pickaxes as they can destroy parts of their stone body and magic.Lastly , a Golem will follow it's Impera's orders no matter the cost and if the Impera ends up dying they will either fall into inactiveness or wander off aimlessly for a new one. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: No Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Are you aware that if this creature's lore is undergoing an activity trial and that trial fails, you will no longer be able to play this creature and will be forced to either revert the character back to its normal form (if it was a transformative type) or stop playing the character entirely (if it is an entirely new creature)?:Yes
  2. Clan Ulb

  3. Clan Ulb

    Clan Ulb ((Bog'Ulb in his large Olog armor during a battle.)) Origins: Clan Ulb was created at 1631 by the Olog known as Bog who sought to unite Ologs into a group in order for them to become stronger. At 1626 Bog ventured into Adelburg seeking for food but the only thing Bog found was the huge host of Orenian soldiers that swarmed around him.The Olog fought for minutes against the Orenian guards, suffering many injuries and taking lots of crossbow bolts all over him. Yet as a miracle the Human soldiers stopped paying attention to the Olog and they simply marched off, leaving Bog wounded outside of the city. At that moment Bog decided that he should band together Ologs to be able to defeat , beat up and eat their enemies much more easily. So some years later Bog started running around Krugmar , shouting all over the city for Ologs to join him or "OoLoOgZz zTrOoNk." which ended up being a failure as no Ologs heard his call. At 1631 though Bog made another shout outside of the grand Orcish city, this time promising to Ologs food and lots of people to beat up and so some Ologs heard his call and joined him. Clan Banner: Its widely known that Ologs are dumb and clumsy creatures that often dont have the capacity of even making a simple tent, yet Clan Ulb had to be known by the other clans so Bog simply found a large boulder and then started headbutting it until the boulder had the Olog's face visible on it and so the banner of Ulb was created. The symbol of Ulb is a large rock with a black or red Olog face on it that is often carried around by an Olog of the clan during battles and can be used as a ranged weapon too. A large boulder being send towards someone is not simple. Ulb traditions: Although the word 'custom' or tradition doesnt really ring a bell to an Olog clan Ulb has a series of events , from a cub's birth to an Olog's death. Kub birth: When an Ulb kub is born , the kub's parents will often carry the kub around the town in happiness before setting it down, the Olog family and the other clan members will then gather lots of food and hold a feast because there is nothing better than a bunch of Ologs eating and feasting for their newborn. War preparations: Before the Ologs of clan Ulb follow the other Orcs to war they will first start headbutting rocks which some of them will carry around the battlefield as the clan Symbol. Except the boulder headbutting , the Ologs will also eat lots of food before the battle and make sure that their bellies are full of food. The Ologs will also place the different food sauces and fat on their faces in order to look menacing or atleast thats what they think. ((An Ulb Olog charging towards the battle while wearing large patches of armor)) Trials: If an Olog wishes to join the clan yet was not born into it , they will have to pass some very simple and easily understood trials. First the Wargoth will ask the new member to find and bring food back to the clan hall, the goth will then eat the food infront of the other Olog, advising them not to eat any of it. If the Olog eats some of the food, they will have to do a second trial and if they dont eat any of the food, they are welcomed to the clan. The Second trial is to have the Olog embark into a fight with a large beast. If the Olog survives the encounter, they are an official clan member, if not then they expected. Appearance: Ulb Ologs arent that different than any other Ologs although their skin will often vary from different shades of light grey to even a greenish-white. They generally stand at the height of 9'5 to even 11'8 feet tall and a large portion of their body is pure fat and muscles. Religion: Although Ologs arent as enlightened as other Orcs in the parts of spirituality , Ulb Ologs will generally praise Enrohk , the spirit of Bloodlust because bloodlust takes a great role in every Orcs life and because Ulb Ologs simply like to beat up random people and letting out their rage and bloodlust onto them.Of course as Ologs are Orcs, they are expected to praise all of the Spirits than just one. Clan hierarchy Wargoth else called Orogoth: Mostly the strongest and biggest Olog in the clan that decides the different stuff that clan needs, whether they understand what they are supposed to do or not. Not much about the Olog hierarchy since the Ologs would recognise the strongest among them as their leader anyways. Recruitment Format: IGN: IC name: Discord/Skype name: Are you in the Orc chat? (Y/N):
  4. [Denied]Da ting go skra, papakakaka.

    dah ting go skra +1
  5. "Fud iZ fUr GrRuUUhB."

    It was a normal morning in Krugmar, Orcs were klomping, snagas were beingh opressed, the wild beasts of the mesa doing their stuff, until something approached the Orcish city. A large Olog waving his hands around in a totally retarded way sat on the main square of the city before shouting "fUd zTaAnDzZ fUuR gRuUUhb aAgh gRuUhb hOoZhH." the Olog seemed happy as he slowly started drooling "FuUd ZhAaL ReyYtUurN." Yet the Olog didnt know alot about leadership but he was deffinetely willing to try out being a Warchief so he moved his hands over to grab some food to eat, most pressumably a cow from the farm nearby. "OlOOgZ gUu tUuh FuD fuUr gRuUhb aGhH kLoOmP." the olog advertised before continuing his random talking all over the town, he has determined to revive that "UruUkz bLaAHh gOfF zO OlOoOgZz gOfF TuU." "BoOg OloOg aAgH OlOogZ ztRoOnk zoO jOiN FUD!!!" Finally the Olog advertising was over and before Bog'Fud walked off, he headbutted a pillar so that other Ologs will know....that an Olog was there.
  6. Plant Index [2017]

    (Name of the plant )Krorrtulkik-Fungus (Picture reference including credit to artist) Habitat: Caverns, Mountains Brief summary of the plant: A greenish-white fungus that can grow at the size of a normal Human and emit an awful stench, similar to that of rotting eggs. It feeds on Krorrtul manure and pukes and even Krorrtul corpses. Characteristic: (Physical description, Behaviour, Reproduction, Uses, Roles in ecosystem, etc)A greenish-white fungus that can grow at the size of 6 feet tall. Originally the fungus inside the body of a Krorrtul will start feeding on its corpse after the Krorrtul has died, the fungus inside will start devouring the organic parts left until it has grow into a decent size. The fungus will then go to feed off from the manure and puke the Krorrtul leave in their caves, resulting to the very bad smell it makes. After some months spores will start growing on the plant and at around the fifth month, the spores will burst having a slow chance of creating a Krorrtul or just having the spore burst with nothing inside and simply spread the fungus around in the cavern walls. LM Approval Required:Yes (I need an LM to approve this and the Krorrtul lore) Yes/No
  7. The Creature Index [2017]

    (Name of the creature ) Krorrtuls (Picture reference including credit to artist) artist's name is beastysakura Habitat:Caverns-Mountains Size: Varying from 3'5-5'6 feet tall yet they have hunched backs and thus look quite shorter. Diet: Their diet varies on mushrooms found in caverns, small insects and lizards of swamps, corpses and even sentient people. Brief summary of the creature: Short, hunched creatures with sharp claws at around 3 inches long, sharp teeth and big jaws. Their skin is pale due to living underground and in dark caverns and their eyes are red. They have long tongues which can be used for licking and devouring insects that they cant catch with their claws. They are not very strong and can be easily defeated although in great numbers they can be dangerous. The Krorrtul prefer cold places than warm ones and thus live in mountains and caverns. Characteristic: (Behaviour, Reproduction, Gathering food) Krorrtuls are a species of feral creatures with hunched backs that can walk on two legs. They are agressive and wont hesitate to attack travellers and passer-by's , even if its not in their advantage to attack. Krorrtuls are found in dark and cold places were the Sun cant find them such as caverns , nests or even swamps. Krorrtuls might be feral yet they will often band up in large packs in which they will bond with the other members of the pack. After some time has passed , the pack will eventually move into a dark place in which they will be able to nest and eventually reproduce. Krorrtuls reproduce in two ways: First one being when a male Krorrtul and a female Krorrtul meet and normally reproduce, after 4 months the female will then dig up a hole in the ground and lay some eggs inside the hole which she will then cover with dirt. Two months later the eggs would have grown large and visible from the ground floor and the young Krorrtuls will pop out of the ground. The second way of reproduction is not as simple. Krorrtul packs will often start puking and pooping around their pack caves which would weirdly lead to the growth of the Korrtul plant. A fungal plant which feeds on the pukes and poops of the Krorrtul and when a Krorrtul dies , the fungus will also feast on its flesh, growing in size. The fungus will grow in such a size that it will grow even two times larger than a Krorrtul and 4 times thicker. The fungus will then become bloated after a span of 5 months , being then full of spores the fungus will have some of the spores burst, from which there's a chance that a Krorrtul might pop out of or just result to the further expansion of the fungus. Origin: The Krorrtul were first created when the Krorrtulkik-Fungus was made after feeding through the left overs of dead animals. The fungus then mutated in order to survive in its quickly changing environment as it kept feeding on animal leftovers and eventually became larger and started groing Krorrtul spores on it. After some months the spores burst and the Krorrtul wandered around, driven by an animalistic instict to find food and shelter. Then the Krorrtul formed packs which eventually found their way in dark places in which they started puking and pooping. When a Krorrtul dies its semi-fungal organism will take over and slowly eat the remaining organic left over of the Krorrtul and then the fungus will seek to feast on the manure and pukes of the Krorrtul in the cave. Thats how the Krorrtul life-cycle goes and goes. Weaknesses:Their eggs are easily destroyed with fire and thus they try avoid flames and fires which can also easily kill them. They are dumb, feral creatures that are driven by animalistic insticts and thus their attacks are clumsy and they can easily be outsmarted. Another weakness is that they are also relatively shorter and thinner than normal people and wont be that hard to deal with alone yet in high numbers they are dangerous. LM Approval Required:Yes Yes/No If playable, what are redlines? Cant become pets since they are too agressive. They are driven by a feral instict of killing and eating...they arent sentient. They cant see in very far distances although their smelling is very good.
  8. [Graven CA] periklis02

    MC Name:periklis02 Character's Name:Raz Character's Age:32 Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable):Uruk Transformed form:Graven Creator's MC Name:N/A Creator's RP Name:A Norlander soldier that killed him during the siege of Krag. Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: Graven are in the category of 'Spectrals' yet what sepparates them and differs them from Ghosts and other Spectres and Apparitions is that Graven have physical bodies with which they can interact with the world in a way. The appearance of Graven can vary in the way that some might have spectral flames for bodies while others might look like rotting corpses or even remind alot of Ghosts and Revenants. Graven are created when a person that was very dedicated to an ideal or a job died and now they return back to the Mortal World in order to finish their jobs that were left unfinished. Some Graven that were gravediggers in their old lives would return in a graveyard and keep burrying corpses for as long as the graveyard exists. Other Graven could have been lawbringers in their past lives and now as Graven they will keep hunting lawbreakers till the end of the days. Yet , if a Graven doesnt do their job for a while then they would slowly de-manifest, returning back to the Spiritual Realm until they have some portions of spiritual energy recharged to let them manifest once again in the mortal realm. As such a Graven's job is not just a reminding of what they were dedicated it but its also their way to stay in the Mortal Realm as every time that a Graven do their job they feel 'energised' and keep interacting with the realm as long as they continue doing their task , but if there is nothing else to do , Graven will wander aimlessly until a familiar figure of them in their past lives told them to do another task. Due to the Graven's soul being inprisoned within their eyes, if any mortal attempts to stare or see within a Graven's eyes they would become paralysed and be in lots of pain. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it:No Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?:Yes Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?:Yes Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app:No
  9. Wildling Land Charter

    Brok send his rigth hand full of dyes and mud towards the wall, leaving behind its handprint "Wildling valley...for...Wildlings."
  10. A familiar face returns

    It was a normal day in San'Raakh, the capital of the Orcish War nation of Uzg. The Orcs were doing their normal jobs such as mining, lumberjacking and other jobs. Suddenly an armored figure approached the city, a tall creature , slightly larger than normal Uruks, he was adourned with a black armor and his eyes were glowing yellow. From within the armor coughs and heavy breathing could be heard . "Ah San'Raakh, how mi mizzed lat..." The figure said, before heading deeper within the city, he seemed out of place as the buildings around him had significally changed. The figure had heard lately about the current situation within the Uzg. The old Rex Leydluk'Raguk had gone into a pilgrimage and his place was taken by U'la'Yar he also heard about the new Wargoth of the Gorkils, next to him followed a medium sized Jabbernack with small yet sharp teeth and large talons. The figure finally approached a large group of Orcs , him slowly observing everyone around him , he knew most, yet they didnt remember him "Itz been ah long tik ehh?" He said, following a grunt. "Mi remember latz ah long tik ago, lat hunted down dah Drok'Orka Orkz, flattin' mozt ob dem agh mi gotta did ah hozh job at ztoppin' dem yet zome hab zurvived agh mi ahm here right now tu join back tu dah Uzg. Many ob latz hab kalled mi traitah, uddahz whitewazh or korrupted Ork but in our tikz every Ork iz needed zo mi here." The figure slowly went over to grab his helmet and place it away, behind was a light green skinned Uruk with bones protruding from his skin , his eyes were yellow and he seemed very familiar with someone else. "Zo wiffout any adue...mi Gharzh'Gorkil iz finally bakk agh mi 'ope mi ztay diz tik..."
  11. [Satyr CA] periklis02 app

    well then
  12. [Satyr CA] periklis02 app

    MC Name:periklis02 Character's Name:Knethoz Character's Age: 35 Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable):N/A Transformed form:Satyr (Thorn) Creator's MC Name:N/A Creator's RP Name:N/A Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: Satyrs are natural creatures often found in forests and woods that resemble the upper have of a humanoid with different varieties of horns and the lower half of a goat or ram.Satyrs are mostly found in forests yet its also possible to go in cities for a while to visit but not to stay there because if they stay in cities for a while Satyrs will slowly lose their connection with nature which would lead to them becoming depressed and even sick. Satyrs are also known for being well-known alcoholics and most Satyrs would never say no to a drink offer. Satyrs are around the same age as Elves are, some even living up to 800 years old and when Satyrs grow older in centuries and decades they start to remind more of bipedal Rams or Goats as most of their Humanoid characteristics slowly become more animalistic as they grow older. Satyrs cant reproduce with Non-Satyrs. Another thing Satyrs like is music and if lots of time passes without music they will become depressed. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nope Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: I guess... Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?: Yes Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nope

    Gharzh'Gorkil turned to the others "But whub iv zumazh wantz tu klomp dah Rex fur Rexdom? How will dey klomp whun guardz ahm near?"
  14. Vote for the next Clan Father of the Grandaxes.

    Thrarkin Grandaxe votes for Thorir

    MC USERNAME:periklis02 INRP NAME:Rakothurz'Raguk RACE:Uruk HAVE YOU HAD/HAVE ANY MAGIC:Nope TIMEZONE:GMT+ or EET (Eastern European Time) DISCORD:Periklis02