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    [TA] [Air Evocation] Epsilon Hallowfall

    Oof! They grow up so fast... 😥
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    [MA][EVOCATION]MrSnowball's Magic Application!

    I agree to make this one wet. And boi have I tried for a long time. And no. I totally don’t mean homosexuality... Totally
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    The NEW Mos Le'Harmless Cantina

    Garoll Earl smiles upon hearing the news, although the face grows sad as he reads on. ”I didn’t want to go anyway.”
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    [Water Evocation] [MA] Ruehar Ralonelis

    Yes, I am helping this one (who is using very... Strange formatting???) get wet. oh? Evocation? That too.
  5. Mc Name: HotMacaroon Character’s Name: Garoll Earl Characters Age: 299 Characters Race: Dark elf, Link to your accepted MA: What magic(s) will you be teaching?: Water Evocation Summarize the lore of this magic: Okay so, first- let me just get out of the way that I am not going to go into perfect depth of the void and all those concepts- mostly because I already have most of that sorta stuff on my air evocation TA (https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/168195-ta-air-evocation-garoll-earl/?do=findComment&comment=1588181) So- Quick explanation on literally everything voidal magicy: Evocation = summoning stuff from the void. What is the void? Well- an endless plain of nothing- but everything… But where? Nowhere… And everywhere! Confused? So am I. Picture element XYZ in the void- use a bit o’ mana (as well as a tonne of skill of casting, having enough mana, being smart on what you cast any many other factors…) and take it right into existence ! And what is this called? Y’know- summoning from the void… Evocation! Mana! What? Okay- so… Think of thermodynamics, no- I won’t go into detail… Energy cannot be created nor removed, nor is perpetuity normal… Energy must be used to take something (Ie heat) into reality- as heat is energy, and one cannot create it! Mana is the energy used by one to take things from the void, and temporarily place it into reality… Where does it come from? The soul, yes, spiritual stuff my friends! Mana is stored in a pool, a manapool, fancy… However- there is a key thing with manapools… Imagine it as a battery- that is not used to using the energy, nor does it need to be used much… When you start casting- your pool starts to deplete until empty, and at that point- your personal manapool grows! And it can be filled with more mana… Which equates to more magic! And that is the basics of all magic in a metaphorical nutshell… But I am not teaching that particularly- I am teaching water! Specifics? Yes, Specifics: Pressurised ice spikes- yes…. However- you cannot control the ice to a perfect degree- for sculptures and such, as for all other evocations- you do not have a fine degree of casting. Let me please get this out of the way: Water is H2O… Ice is H2O… Steam is (surprisingly) H2O. Under no circumstances, will your water be H2O + NaCl… What I mean by this- is water is pure, and you will only cast pure water… No salt water- to rub salt into the metaphorical wound, please, for my sanity. There are some cases though- such as shade magic makes water a darker colour, and blood-magic is (I want to say) green(?) With this- water is water, you cannot edit its conductivity or its colour… No drinking your own water- the moment it is out of sight of the caster- it is just gone, poof, not existing- like all magics… And such- you cannot suffocate someone with it (well- technically you can cover their breathing-holes with it, but whatever, you know what I mean!) Say you’re a caster, mmh, and you have a red aura. It is possible for your water to get a red tint, red ice- red snow… Okay- someone needs to make yellow snow, please and thank you. Water < Ice < Steam Above- is how much mana is used to cast… Water uses less (and is easier to cast) than ice, which is less than steam. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student: (Okay- I am going to be completely honest, all of my MA / SA / TA’s are going to revolve around our old friend X, who I spoke about in my conjuration SA, mostly because everyone loves X, and I am loving this story-telling aspect) Garoll waddles through his village, alone as usual, waddling? No. He is dancing, humming a tune to himself, he’d come to his door, and simply go to go through it, closing it behind him. X is sitting there, clad in their normal clothing… X is just there, tapping his foot on the floor, eyes closed- meditating once again. Garoll’d look in horror at X, not at the fact that they’re there, but more the fact that they’re not the nicest looking… “Ah… Xavier, you’re early, or am I late? Can never know in these times, joke very much intended... “, he’d laugh at his own joke, mostly because nobody else would… X would smile, opening and staring at Garoll, looking at him up and down “Don’t call me that.”, he’d say, sternly, clearly not fond of his name “I am early… I let myself in.”. Garoll’d just sorta shrug at that, muttering something about not having time to prepare the lesson as well as he would like to… But he would look back up, and say to X “I am still shocked that you’re learning under me, llir, you were never fond of others helping you”, he’d smirk slightly, walking over and offering a hand to X… As a response? X would glare at the hand, placing his own in it, gently shaking “Hm. Does someone need a fire-beetle to bite them in the butt?”. Garoll’d laugh meekly, ignoring all the possible gay jokes that he’d usually make to people who say that sorta thing… He’d pull X up, to his feet, and simply go to lead him out of the house… Luckily for Garoll, there is a pond beside his home, he’d walk them over to stand above it, staring into it “Did you do your homework?” he’d say, a slight tone of mockery… X is an older man, than Garoll, he’d look down to him and say “Don’t mock me… But yes, I did… I learnt to swim, learnt at what heats water turns into ice, very cold indeed… I was focusing on how it flows, movement- and it’s viggor... “, he’d shake his head at that last part… Garoll, on the other hand, would smile, nodding slowly “My teacher used to make me climb up waterfalls, and swim through raging torrents- before I learnt to swim… But, I won’t make you do that, you’re too old!”. The both of them would look to each other, Garolls grin not leaving- instead, he’d chuckle at the entire prospect of the conversation, while gently tapping X’s back… X smiles… “Now,” Garoll’d say, looking back to the water, still holding X’s back, “We have casted a few times, no? Yes, is the answer… Water- you can do... Ice? The next step… I will go through what ice is, and how it works at a later date, for now? Well…” He’d stop his speech, turning his entire frame to face X, and X would do the same. At once- Garoll would go to push X into the pond! But X had other plans- gripping hold of Garoll so that they both do! They sit in it for a while, talking, Garoll would explain “Notice the ripples, how each change roars everywhere else… Think of it like sound, llir.”... X would mutter “I wish you’d stop making sound, ‘llir’...”, but nodding nevertheless. They’d eventually get out- and return to Garolls house, wet. Of course- this would be common, for them to be wet at Garolls house, in most lessons, Garoll does something so that X can learn the physics slightly better… (No crude jokes please…) They would sit at the dinner table, after they finish drying of course- Garoll is not a monster, he prefers people to be dry as they eat… He decided to whip up some food for them to dine on, as the two friends, student and teacher alike converse on more of the arcane… Until suddenly, X says “I… Am going to try and throw a ball at you.”. Before his eyes turn a red hue, his hands starting to twitch, and he’d mumble under his breath- unaudable. Garoll would simply nod, saying “If you pass out, I will be drawing on your face in ink.”, an ongoing joke they both have… Time goes by, X sweats- his breath heavy- and eyes focused directly on what’s in front of him… But there is nothing infront of him… But then there is… A drop, single drop- both characters at the table would let out a gasp of relief at this, proud… The drop would grow- a small ball… A golfball… A tennis ball… And it stops growing. X would jolt his hand forward, taking a sharp intake of breath, his slick and white hair flailing weakly in the sudden thrust… And the ball would do the same- stopping a mere foot from Garolls face before disappearing. Garoll looks up in shock- scared of why he wasn’t hit… The answer, however- was clear. After an evident bang on the table, X’s head lies there, asleep… He passed out again, so it seems. Garoll would lean over to his desk, taking out a small pot of ink, he’d arch his way over and say “I warned you not to try too hard… Now… What do I draw…”, with a look to the floor, the ideas form on his face- a pure moment of eurieka. “Hm… That’s good.” He’d dip a quill into the ink, and write a singular word on X’s forehead: ‘Doofus’. Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Okay- No, X’s appearance (episode one?): https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/169732-conjurationst-garoll-earl/?tab=comments#comment-1601620
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    I am responsible for this~
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    [Golem] [CA] HotBurritos

    Nice! You finally have an excuse to misinterpret things.
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    [✗] [Lore Amendment][Enaction of Yeu] Force Disconnections

    Now- before I say anything on this; I’m bringing this all from an ooc perspective, even though this entire lore post is to do with myself and a character... Before I go onto the quotation extract, I recall being told, from the lore owner of the Enaction, that there was no sort of disconnection, and that it is measured in a sense that if XYZ broke strictures for an rp month, your connection would be weaker, hindered and perhaps impossible for this same period of time, meaning that XYZ can’t do much for the next month, or until they get better. Here is a direct quote from the lore post; and I would agree with most of the comments, an angel of kindness wouldn’t like to do this as it hurts the soul, going against strictures 5, 11, 12 And 17. It would be quite weird for her to go against her own demands. And this is also stupidly easy to be manipulated by certain people (I am not going to reference what’s going on rply which made this lore to be a thing, but those who know would understand precisely what I mean by; This is all due to interpretation). But- onto the quote. Stage one, right after disconnection they will experience the five stages of grief, denial, anger, depression, and acceptance. Stage two which is long-term will have the student lose their sense of calmness, suffer increased panic and anxiety attacks.
  9. Macaroon

    The Mages Guild

    (MC Name: )) HotMacaroon ((RP)) Name: Garolletios Earl Known Arcane Arts: Air evocation Water evocation Conjuration Telekenesis Enaction of Yeu Position Desired (Student or Instructor): Instructor When is the best time to contact you for an interview: Uh... Probably around (GMT) evenings?
  10. Macaroon

    [Denied]Sombrero's GM Application

    Both a general kind (very very kind) person (which is always good for this sorta toll) and super responsible! I think this is something he’d be great at doing! +1
  11. MC Name: HotMacaroon Character's Name: Garoll Earl Character's Age: 278 Character's Race: Dark Elf What magic(s) will you be learning?: Enaction of Yeu Rthulu Teacher's MC Name: Auric_Saint Teacher's RP Name: Quavinir Tinuvial Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nahh Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yeeh Are you aware that if this magic is undergoing an activity trial and fails said trial, that you will lose the magic?: Oui. Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nein
  12. Macaroon

    The Iron Brigade of Holm

    RP: Garoll Earl Name of resident: A Malle collection of house shows nearby kromheim Race and Ethnicity: Black dark elf Combat Experience (circle one): None ; Some ; Moderate ; Weathered OOC: IGN: HotMacaroon Discord: Gazzel#1927 ~Hours on server spent a day: eh... Not entirely sure. Around 3-4? ~Availability on weekdays: Eh- alright, I have school and such
  13. Macaroon

    The Academy of Khronheim

    Adept Application MC name: HotMacaroon Character Name: Garoll Earl Discord (Optional): Gazzel#1927 Race: Dark elf Age: 275~ ish What subjects do you know?: Air evocation, Water evocation, Rather basic Conjuration. Are you able to teach?: currently? I can’t only teach Air evocation. Do you swear to abide by the rules of the academy?: I do understand swear to abide the rules.
  14. Macaroon

    [MA] zLipperyznake [Air evo]

    Yup- this be one of mine