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  1. Macaroon

    The Enchantry

    * A rather small letter would be sent to whom is concerned, sealed simply with a small wax stamp, depicting a star. The note itself, however, would seem slightly scruffy, having a few blotches of ink here and there* Karin'ayla, Ker'ayla or whatever time of day 'ayla, First off, my name is Garoll Earl, I think we've met- I was doing some work in the Enchantry beforehand, though- that was mostly aiding in other peoples projects... I would like to express an interest in joining the Enchantry, both as a mage and a scholar, who likes to study various things, from the arcane to the world we live in-and-of-itself. I do hope we can meet in the coming future to further discuss this opportunity. My dearest regards, Garoll Earl @Tox
  2. Macaroon

    The Remembrance Guild

    Name: Garolletios Earl (You know who I am.) ((MC Name)): HotMacaroon Age: Just turned 300, and still young! Published Works: A study on life, Conjuration basics, an analogy of the void, Conjuration advances, The art of primordial, The combination, A scholars remark of the Cervant, A study on the unnatural winds, Among with various little adventure stories I've published, from various parts of my life and/or stories I have heard and admired so deeply. Allegiance: You know who I am, and where I am from... What amount of time can you dedicate to the Remembrance Guild? ((How active are you, on a scale from 1-10? Please state timezone as well)): Eh, most of what I do is... Scholarly, but- I am around enough (( Eh... 5?))
  3. Macaroon

    [Arcane] [Voidal] Water Evocation

    Coming from a fellow puddlemancer, the formatting and clarification aspect of it is pretty good for limiting what one can do with water evocation, as sometimes that line isn’t the clearest and it’s a sense of “is this enough? ehhhh?” Which is honestly god-awful for evocation, so I am heartily glad that this exists. Can I again just say that that formatting is pretty damn amazing? Like- it’s so clean. Granted petite, I find that this lore has the depth that is needed to sort out many of the current issues which circulate around the general puddlemancy community.
  4. Macaroon

    [✗] [Lore Amendment][Enaction of Yeu] Force Disconnections

    Now- before I say anything on this; I’m bringing this all from an ooc perspective, even though this entire lore post is to do with myself and a character... Before I go onto the quotation extract, I recall being told, from the lore owner of the Enaction, that there was no sort of disconnection, and that it is measured in a sense that if XYZ broke strictures for an rp month, your connection would be weaker, hindered and perhaps impossible for this same period of time, meaning that XYZ can’t do much for the next month, or until they get better. Here is a direct quote from the lore post; and I would agree with most of the comments, an angel of kindness wouldn’t like to do this as it hurts the soul, going against strictures 5, 11, 12 And 17. It would be quite weird for her to go against her own demands. And this is also stupidly easy to be manipulated by certain people (I am not going to reference what’s going on rply which made this lore to be a thing, but those who know would understand precisely what I mean by; This is all due to interpretation). But- onto the quote. Stage one, right after disconnection they will experience the five stages of grief, denial, anger, depression, and acceptance. Stage two which is long-term will have the student lose their sense of calmness, suffer increased panic and anxiety attacks.
  5. Macaroon

    [Denied]Sombrero's GM Application

    Both a general kind (very very kind) person (which is always good for this sorta toll) and super responsible! I think this is something he’d be great at doing! +1
  6. Macaroon

    The Academy of Khronheim

    Adept Application MC name: HotMacaroon Character Name: Garoll Earl Discord (Optional): Gazzel#1927 Race: Dark elf Age: 275~ ish What subjects do you know?: Air evocation, Water evocation, Rather basic Conjuration. Are you able to teach?: currently? I can’t only teach Air evocation. Do you swear to abide by the rules of the academy?: I do understand swear to abide the rules.
  7. Macaroon

    The Order Absolute ~ Scryers of the Veil

    MC Name: HotMacaroon Discord: Gazzel#1927 Timezone and Usual Availability: GMT. I am on most afternoons and / or evenings Name: Garoll Earl Race: Mali’ker Age: 274~ Nation of Residence and Willingness to Relocate: No current nation of residence, he lives in a rather secluded area, happy happily relocate for periods Do you currently know any Magicks?: Air Evocation water evocation conjuration Are you willing to devote yourself to the Tenants of Truth Absolute?: I would give my life to withhold the tennants of truth required for this certified purpose. Membership of the Order will require regular participation in the Order’s Activities. Are you willing to devote the required time to the Order?: I understand that participation is key and I plan to devote time into activities. I otherwise wouldn’t be applying
  8. Macaroon

    The Regiment of Silversteed

    OOC: Minecraft Name: MindFixed Skype (Required): Ill pm it to ya now :P Team Speak (Preferred, Not Required): I have it- if that at all helps Professions (Blacksmith, Miner, etc)- Miner, stonemason, enchanter and farmer In Character: Name: Garoll Earl Race: Dark elf / Mali'ker Age: around 190 ish Any past services to the Ashguard, Norland, or House Silversteed?: Nope? I don't think so anyway...
  9. Macaroon

    Falling Horizons

    Hide contents IGN (Username) : MindFixed IRP Name: Garoll IRP Race: dark elf Reasons for Wanting to Join: this is a chance to meet people who have not had the best life- fun! And Outstanding Debts, Bounties, Fines: Yes or No If Yes, How Much and Why: surprisingly- No Do You Agree with Our Rules: If There is a Rule You Don't Agree With, What is it: aye- i agree with the stuff
  10. Format * Minecraft Name (s): Ghostlock2213 * Ban Reason: 'Logging from RP. Even is RP is not going your way. That does not mean you can just log out' * Individuals Involved: Igb was there for some of it- and the dude which I have totally forgotten the name of * Event details: so: Cass was following some guy who he had reason to believe just killed a child- they had a little chat and the guy hit his temple with a war hammer. He then pushed Cass of the bridge and dragged him to shore. Casual right? The dude started searching Cass and took a map- then Eradan came over and recognised Cass- asking what happened and all that stuff- the guy have Eradan the map (ironically Eradan was the one who gave Cass the map) and I can't remember what else happened in there. * Why should you be unbanned?: I realise how cliché this is going to sound but well I have nothing else to put forward so yeah-- At 11 o'clock (usually) the internet at my home goes off. This morning I found out that there was an argument which meant it would go of earlier (you don't need to know the details of the argument- family stuff you see..). I was about to say if we could sort this out quickly can we- knowing that the internet would go out in about 10 minutes ish. Then, before I could even say that it went. Gosh this sounds really shady... Ironically the internet went off at a pretty 'eh' part of role play but I was going to keep it up having nothing else to do with my life. So like- I can see that this doesn't sound too definite and if I knew that this was going to happen I would of taken a screenshot of the internet being off- But I didn't so I couldn't which sorta sucks really. Anywho- the thought of this even happening didn't cross my my mind (no surprise)- but now that I know about this sorta stuff I will either warn people about it or probably just not get involved with role play at that time of the night. Well C'est la vie I guess. * Additional Screenshots/Videos: again- if I knew that this was going to happen I would of took screenshots of the internet being off and stuff..
  11. Macaroon

    The Warhawkes

    APPLICATION: OOC: Skype name: Ghostlock2213 Username: Ghostlock2213 IC: A roll of paper makes its way to you. A set of seemingly familiar initials had you been born within the tribe. Either way, this parchment calls for your attention. You open the letter that is cold to the touch. The letter reads: "We are looking for our brothers and sisters that when we landed on Vailor were lost. If you believe yourself to have been one of us in another life, or are a lost brother or sister, call for a hawk. They know our people's spirits. They will bring your reply to us." What is the name you were given at birth? Nikolieat Herenswerve... My current name is Garoll What is the race you were born as? Dark elf, Mali'ker Whose words are final? The words of a Cheiften Do you have ancestry within the Warhawkes? Not that I recall... I left my Birth family long ago, and shuddered out most memories of them, I am not at all sure weather I do or I do not... If you were to be lost in a place you couldn't recognize, how would you find your way back? I would find my way back, Not in daylight however. At night I would follow the stars home. ((If this application is accepted, we’ll contact you with the absolutely final step to joining. The application is mostly to express interest.)) ((Hope to see you join the Warhawke parties!))
  12. Macaroon

    The Fos Aspida - The guards of Aethermoor

    OOC Mcname: Ghostlock2213 Skype: Ghostlock2213 Timezone: em... English? British? IC Name: Garoll, Age: 134 Race: Mali'ker Main weapon of choice: Usually, I carry two swords on me... Just incase Secondary weapon(s) of choice: When in war, I am constently using bows.. I have learned how to use and aim them well, What role do you wish to have in the guard? Officer or Scribe will suit me I believe, I have a tendency to record and write a lot and I am decently skilled at fighting and have a good sense of logic. Why do you want to be part of the Fos Aspida?: Many Reasons really, I would like to protect the town I like to guard what I hold dear I love the town I love the people with in Many other reasons... Do you currently have a home in Aethermoor? Yes, I got a home quite recently in the town, Do you swear loyalty to Aethermoor and that you will abide all of the rules? I Swear i will abide and follow every rule and order given, or set. Lastly. Answer these questions truthfully (be true to how your character will react to these situations and try and be as detailed as you can, this helps us to check on your RP as well as see what your character is like): You see a woman walking down a street. The woman is old and runs a nearby bakery shop in the town, carrying a few bread packages to her shop. Suddenly, a thief darts out from a nearby alleyway and manages to take the goods. The thief speeds away with the stolen items. What will you do? Depended on how far the man is away, I would either quickly take him into a trial for questioning and return the items stolen. If he is far away I will help the old lady out, see if she is okay, I will the try my best to go around the town and find the man, to put him on trial, after nursing and helping the lady if need be You are on duty at the gate. Everything is relatively peaceful until a man comes up to your post. You recognize the man as someone who is banished from the town due to his drunken and violent behavior. He is demanding access into the town. In an attempt to persuade you, he attempts to bribe you with two hundred minas. If you refuse his offer, he will then offer you two thousand minas. What do you do? Hm... interesting.. I am quite a tricky person as well.. I would allow him in, but not with freedom... I would take him into trial, where further actions and questions would take place, finding out why he wants to be in the town, why he is willing to bribe, and further information will of course be needed before deciding his punishment for 'demanding Access' to the town, and the bribery of course, -=+=-=+=- Got any questions regarding the guard or Aethermoor? Feel free to ask me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. No, all the questions i had before reading this have been answered and cleaning up, i thank you for the offer and time... - Farryn
  13. Macaroon

    The Circle Of Dragur

    Name: Garoll Age: 33 Race: Mali'ker Dark elf Intended topic of book: Magic, Studys, Theorys [[MCname]]: Ghostlock2213 [[Timezone]]: UTC England
  14. Macaroon

    The Order of Magi

    Name: Garoll [Mc Name]: Ghostlock2213 Race: Mali'ker / Dark elf Magic you wish to study: Either pyromancy or Golemancy Guild you wish to be associated with: The Sanctuary Mage Guild