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  1. Love you squak you’re forever my best boi

  2. Reenaava Caleesh’s eyes go wide, his soulless, slender pupils reading the note before him. With the tavern goers watching, a gargling noise emits from his throat. For many men and women looked horrified at the rather distinguished frog. The sound however only grew louder, till finally reaching a peak. Reenaava then suddenly in a burst of joy flung his head back hard, his back arching as a deafening noise filled the room. “SCREEEEEE!” Moments later, and with the taverns folk looking mortified, Reenaava’s tongue slung over his eye, licking his surface of his his eyeball as frogs tend to do. A scream filled the air as a poor woman looked on in horror, soon fainting. Reenaava was curious, confused to what was wrong. The folks in the tavern eventually returning to their everyday lives.
  3. Korna-Lin Tree Reference Minecraft Korna-Lin Tree (VERY MUCH WIP) Material Name and Description (Raw form) The Korna-Lin tree unlike most natural flora contains a unique, illuminescent sap that often forms bubbles upon its branches. Once a Konra-Lin tree reaches full maturity these excess bubbles of sap will fall gently to the forest floor as new bubbles will slowly begin to grow. These illuminescent bubbles of sap are often buoyant, and if not harvested may simply float away. Though its wood may be useless in harvest, due to the large veins of sap within, the tree has another purpose for its Wonk inhabitants. These tree’s would appear rather tall, with a twisted trunk. The leaves grow upon many layers, with vines slowly descending upon its branches the older it becomes. In some settlements Traditional wonks, and on occasion reformed wonks have also long since incorporated the Korna-Lin within the construction of their everyday homes. Upon the creation of a Tuma-Tuma (A mud hut) Wonks will often plant a Korna-Lin upon its peak. Over time and with great care the tree will eventually overgrow the Tuma-Tuma itself. Within the center of a Tuma-Tuma or at least somewhere notable within the home can be found a large pool of water that the wonk’s themselves work actively to maintain. This pool of water feeds the Korna-Lin, and in return the Korna-Lin purifies this water in order for the Wonk’s to scatter their eggs. This pool also works as an easy to access place for the wonks to hydrate themselves. This symbiotic relationship between Wonk’s and Korna-Lin Tree’s benefits both species, and has become a stable of wonk life. Applications (Raw Form) These tree’s somehow produce a purifying effect upon the waters that surround them. Scholars believe this has something to do with the Konra-Lins unique sap, that may work as an organic filter, that quality controls the waters upon which the unharvested sap floats upon. Because of this unique trait, Wonks often scatter their eggs around the Korna-Lins tree’s base. Red Lines (Raw Form) The Illuminescent sap even when processed will not glow any brighter than a flickering candle. In its raw farm this sap will glow slightly brighter than a simple camp fire, however by no means can this be used to blind, or negatively effect someone. The Sap cannot be suddenly placed on an ocean to purify its waters, these tree’s only purify the direct space around them due to the sheer amount of sap being naturally released by the tree. The tree may not be any larger than your typical oak. usually these tree’s stand anywhere between 20-30 feet before maturing, after the maturing process begins they will reach a typical height of 60-70 feet. These tree’s can grow no taller than 140 feet. If these tree’s grow too tall due the veins of sap flowing through the wood the tree would simply fall apart due to sheer mass. Harvesting Method When harvesting the sap you must wait till the tree is ripe, and the excess bubbles of sap simply float to the ground. These hardened and well ages bubbles of sap may then be taken to a smith, melted down at a low temperature, before being cast into sheets. The tree will drop these naturally but only once or twice a year. Attempting to remove the bubbles prematurely will cause them to burst, and in doing so will released a poisonous gas from within the bubble. This gas will often leave the victim struggling for air, induce vomiting, disorientation, and make the victim extremely light headed. The gas is not fatal, but attempting this too many times may result in a lower form of brain damage. The item in MC that represents these sap bubbles is a honey bottles, and glowstone powder which both come from the tree. Cooked Sap (Honey bottles) will to add to a tea, or brew. This sap can be melted fully into sheets. These sheets can create sap windows (honey blocks). When dealing with raw unrefined sap (Glowstone Dust) represents the Illuminescent sap that hasn’t been melted into sheets. Once the sap has been cast into sheets it looses its glow. (Glowstone powder) represents jewelry made from this raw sap. This unrefined sap still retains its glow. Harvesting Red Lines The sap bubbles that falls naturally from the tree is what may be harvested. This is in the form of honey bottles, and glowstone dust. There are rules in order to using this sap. For a starter the tree’s will only produce this excess sap every so often, maybe even once or twice a year. Taking the sap directly from the tree would render it to shatter and be useless. Only the hardened, dropped excess sap is study enough for harvesting. Material Name and Description (Refined Form) (OPTIONAL) Honey Bottles: Korna-Lin Heated Sap Desc: “This harvested sap from a Korna-Lin Tree has a rather pleasant smell. Upon adding it to a warm brew, the consumer will find their mind at ease as the relaxing texture takes over.” Honey Blocks: Korna-Lin Sap Sheets Desc: “These sheets of hardened Korna-Lin Sap are quite brittle, as if silver glass they must be handled with care. Upon inspecting the sheets one would find that they are rather transparent, and make a perfect window.” Glowstone Dust: Korna-Lin Sap Desc: “This unrefined sap may be used in order to create jewelry, It is highly sought after, and glows dimly in the darkness.” Applications (Refined Form) (OPTIONAL) Traditional Wonks often gather this excess sap, melting it into long, often flat sheets. The now dried sheets of sap are then used to create windows. My carving into the raw, harvested sap one can easily create jewelry, and a whole assortment of decorative items, used by both traditional and reformed Wonks for the aforementioned beauty purposes. If one was to heat the gathered sap at a mildly warm temperature they will be left with a runny, gooey substance that can easily be added to a tea, or warm brew. This sap is extremely relaxing once consumed, and has no negative effects. Red Lines (Refined Form) (OPTIONAL) This sap when hardened into sheets cannot create a blade. At the most at the very far extreme it could be used for arrows. The sap is just too brittle and would easily shatter under and meaningful impact. The sap if raw and carved into jewelry will not glow any brighter than a flickering candle. It must be handled with extreme care, forging the raw sap will cause it to lose its signature glow. When it comes to consumption the sap will not hide the taste of a poison. It simply relaxed the mind, and in taste is just a little sweet. Refining Technique (OPTIONAL) Honey Bottles: Korna-Lin Heated Sap: It is commonly known that stirring Korna-Lin sap in a pot of boiling water will cause it to slowly liquefy into a creamy substance. If over heated, or heated to quickly the sap will quickly turn into a pure liquid and cannot be consumed. Honey Blocks: Korna-Lin Sap Sheets: If Korna-Lin sap is heated quickly in a forge, upon fully liquefying it may be poured into a cast. Once cooled the Sheets of Korna-Lin Sap may be used for windows, or in the creation of art. This sap has no other practical use. Glowstone Dust: Korna-Lin Sap: With a steady hand, and great patience this glowing raw sap may be used to create jewelry. This sap may not be forged into ingots, and cannot endure extreme heat otherwise it will simply turn into a Sheet. Once heated this raw sap will quickly begin to lose its nutral glow if left unchecked. Refining Red Lines (OPTIONAL) When making jewelry the sap is often quite delicate, and cannot be forged into any form of ingot. It can however be carved, but only if great care is taken. The tree may also not be used to make houses. It’s wood is too brittle for construction, and its sap will never be hard enough to create an effective blade. This sap is about as hard as untreated, thin glass once processed Repeat (OPTIONAL) Honey Bottles: Korna-Lin Heated Sap Desc: “This harvested sap from a Korna-Lin Tree has a rather pleasant smell. Upon adding it to a warm brew, the consumer will find their mind at ease as the relaxing texture takes over.” Honey Blocks: Korna-Lin Sap Sheets Desc: “These sheets of hardened Korna-Lin Sap are quite brittle, as if silver glass they must be handled with care. Upon inspecting the sheets one would find that they are rather transparent, and make a perfect window.” Glowstone Dust: Korna-Lin Sap Desc: “This unrefined sap may be used in order to create jewelry, It is highly sought after, and glows dimly in the darkness.” Purpose (OOC) My intent is simple. With wonks starting to create their own buildings, cities, and culture I wish to simply provide a meaningful, good spirited flora that will create positive RP, and may encourage wonks to start using this to help with their professions, and traditional building. I think it would be rather interesting if the wonks villages and cities had such a signature item within them, and would be a great way for the community to have more unique interactions with the wonks. Currently wonks do the following few things. 1: Go to water and moisturize. 2: Screetch at people. 3: Do basically what anyone else does. In my eyes there aren’t many tools in which wonks can use to sell their own natural resources, or create their own cultural RP. They basically do what any other average joe would do with the exception of skreetching and sitting in hot springs all day. Some have even gone into drug dealing because they is literally nothing else unique they can do. My goal with this tree is to incorporate it into an already being built settlement and upon the map itself. I want to full heatedly give the wonks unique things to do. They are such an amazing race, written by such talented writers. They are a blank slate, with only a few fundamental rules to help guide them. With the creation of this species of tree it may very well increase the positive roleplay. I have already been told by a good portion of the wonk player base that there isn’t much to do. They often just walk to different water pools, and wait for RP to happen. They want something unique. This will at least provide that without being a determent the already established wonk culture. After all I think it would be extremely fun if wonks had their own special jewelry that hey they could teach a jewelry to know! Anyone can use this tree, and in hindsight it might very well help establish in character relationships. After all the purpose of the world itself it to help create roleplay. If lore team wishes to make any changes I am more than open to that. This is my first time suggesting lore for the server, and I am bound to have made mistakes.
  4. Ander Beck hears news of this pact, a grin appearing on his face as once more he looks to his satchel where the now dusty ledger of commissions lie. Upon taking a deep breathe, he gently lifts the ledger, sweeping the dust from its leather cover. Almost in a sense of pride he unlocks it, going through each of the unfinished commissions with a smile, “Well... It seems my work isn’t finished yet? It is?” He questioned, peering down to the now adult fox that followed him around. “Well... back to work we go.” And with those words, Ander kindled the lamps, settling himself down upon his work bench. Throughout the night the Architect worked tirelessly, as if driven by some fiery passion, an urge within.
  5. Honestly this is an amazingly well thought out post! Amazing job! and I truly hope it gets implemented!
  6. Greetings Travelers! Today I have created but a modest piece of humorous content in hopes to encourage the new found flippered friends! https://streamable.com/1qzg6 If forum staff wish for me to remove this post I gladly will, I tried to keep it tame while making it also pretty spicy. Enjoy!
  7. Ander looks in surprise, pondering over the logistics of such a decree. “Wait.. But I’m the only commissioned architect outside the royal city.. And how are they aware of such commissions? Ander thinks further, finding it odd, perhaps its some form of black magic “Only the Baruchs have started construction on their keep..” Ander unlocks his locked ledger, going through the pages as all the currently unfinished designs have yet to be disturbed. “How are they also aware of such commissions? These were done behind closed doors and sworn to secrecy.. Interesting black magic must be a thing I guess!” Smirks as he looks upon the decree “Such an honor to have an entire royal family aim their distaste towards me, How they gathered this information seems impossible but nevertheless they have it. What did I ever do to them? I never actually spoke to these royals.. How ever so curious..” Ander then begins back on his way, checking on his fox cub “Riley” which lay curled up in his satchel.
  8. funnyhappyharry


    Finally a chance to type out a proper introduction. So first to add onto his physical description he often wears gambeson, leather gloves, and leather boots. It’s something I wanted to add before, but the text limit prevented it. Since Ander was a young boy he grew an odd curiosity for the art of creation. Whether this would be building a grand fishing vessel, to creating the towers that made up the fortifications that stood firm upon the distant outposts. Ander felt an impulse, almost an unquenchable thirst for knowledge on how to build items of such grand design! This lead him to become an isolationist for a large portion of his early childhood, slowly diminishing the possibility of making any noteworthy friends that were at least of a similar age. However it was during this time that the seeds of his carrier were sown. Often would he travel eagerly to the docks of his village, watching from the sidelines as the shipwrights slowly constructed vessels of all shapes and sizes. Often the older men would take the time to entertain the boy, encouraging his enthusiasm as older men often do. Stone masons would even soon give Ander a chisel, instructing him on how to create even the most minute of designs, all of which Ander took to heart. Ander despite his age even took interest in carpentry. It wasn’t till many years later did his seemingly boundless obsession with these crafts bare any fruit. Ander had since lived on the outskirts of a small village outside Curon. There he worked his fathers land, maintaining the vast, open fields. Despite venturing to any one of the many workshops, and against his fathers wishes, he still found time to work the since aging farm. It wasn’t till his early twenties did fate cast its hand down upon him. For his father who was now in his late 70’s had come ill under a terrible illness. There was no medicine, nor treatment, for time had made it’s decision. Despite having had a very reluctant relationship with his son, Ander had come under his fathers favor. With no heirs, nor family left, his father left his boy but one gift. Upon his passing, Ander would inherit the land, land which his father pleaded that he sold to the local lords. There would be nothing left here, nothing but pain and regret. With the money he’d receive his father instructed his only son to buy safe passage to Reza. There he could start over, perhaps follow his ambitions which had since closed off oh so many doors. For at least his father now understood, and acknowledged Anders wishes. It was there on his death bed, that his father mended a bond which has since been long broken. Just as his late father wished, Ander bartered with the local merchants, and sought transport to Reza. Having since crossed to these far shores, it was Ander’s time to make a name for himself, to put his obsession to use whilst keeping focused on the here and now. It had cost Ander precious time, especially with his father, and his chance to make any real connections in his youth. Would he repeat the same mistakes?
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