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  1. I want Runesmithing to be accepted :^)
  2. The High Prophet Norli Starbreaker reads the extensive history, and offers a pained smile as he finishes. He takes out a paper, and begins to scribe a response: When I fought in that harrowing battle at New Jornheim Fields in my youth, in the aftermath when the ground ran red like a river of my kindred’s blood, I was mortified at what had come of dwarfdom. I ran from it, I hid. I swore off all trust in da khazadmar, and believed our race damned by the Brathmordakin after we had forsaken the teachings of Khaz’A’Dentrumm. In my nightmares did I hear songs of Belka herself, singing me the horrors I had witnessed. I became stoic en my disdain of my kindred. I was a coward. While I retreated to the caverns of Axios, Atlas, Arcas, there were those who tirelessly fought for the salvation of dwarfdom, they who by sweat and blood, by immense sacrifice to safety and prosperity would forge from the remnants of the fathers a new nation, conceived in the ideals of the Brathmordakin. While I wrote songs of doom and pessimism, they wrote anthems and ballads of glory. While I wished for the final extinction of my kin so that Yemekar’s Design would be rid of our filth, they made us again honored. I have nothing but immense respect for these khazadmar, these heroes of all dwarfdom who built the foundation on which I stand today. It was at the naming of a new Paragon, at Bjor Cottonwood’s death, by which my songs once again ran with optimism and hope, and that I shall never forget. Hallowed was the Confederation Hallowed be that which was built upon it Hallowed be the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. The High Prophet signs the letter and sends it to be nailed to the notice board. “It’s time we all understood what they did for us,” he mumbles as a tear rolls down his cheek.
  3. The High Prophet just laughs, and calls his friends to go look at it, “Ye lot seein’ dis? Har har har! Ef et were meh corpse, how am I here? Da body was rotted and indecipherable, I could just as easy say et was da corpse o’ Uldraek! Har har har! A pathetic attempt ta stir up chaos, a child attemptin’ ta hit back at ets parents as et’s put en da corner.”
  4. I think the only real problem is when a character may be homophobic, racist, or what have you but the player refuses that the character has flaws. Norli, my main character, is exceptionally bigoted. He wrote into the very canon of a religion the inferiority of other races, their imperfection in design. He is imperfect, however, and I recognize that. So long as everyone recognizes their characters are flawed, I think it’s fine. Now the other side of this coin, people complaining about homophobia in RP and asking if it’s justified: People’s character are just that, and remember it. They’re not meant to be perfect, and we are MEANT to instill flaws in our characters not just so they are more interesting but purposely instilling flaws to their design that we easily recognize that they are CHARACTERS, not extensions of our desires solely of a player. If that is impossible for someone to grasp, maybe they should google what Roleplay is. My most fun characters and the ones where I know I am not falling into the trap of combining OOC and RP are those with the most outlandish flaws, those with the most outlandish moral deficiencies. I implore anyone who may feel that morally flawed characters should be disallowed should try playing someone who is flagrantly bigoted and with no ambitions, only there to cause RP, you’ll realize that surprisingly it’s a very pure form of Roleplay as it’s quite impossible to want to be defensive over them.
  5. High Prophet Norli Starbreaker smirks as he reads the letter in his study, shaking his head. “Are simply baseless? I dunnae see whar he proves such. And Bodmer, o’ why en da seven d’ya think et yer favor ta bring up Bodmer!” The High Prophet laughs, wiping a tear from his eye. “Ya mean when ye had yer own clan member accuse ye o’ murder and conspiracy, and when da courts began an investigation ye screamed et was proof o’ corruption?” He snorts as he raises a bottle of whiskey to his lips, releasing a satisfied sigh. His eye darts back to the letter, and grunts as he reads the next section. “Bah, da gall ta accuse Dorimnur o’ bein’ unfit o’ leadership within da clan. Nae, ta be elder o’ da pretender Goldhands, et es requisite ye’re a corrupt, murderous bastard just loike da others. Dorimnur, unfortunately, follows da teachin’s o’ Khaz’A’Dentrumm.” Norli pauses, letting out a deep sigh before reading the last section. “Who built da economy? HA! Ye mean yer predecessors who did nothin’ but collect tax, and den when even dat required too much creative effort fer dem dey got deir stewards ta do et for ‘em. Or d’ya mean ye’re own tenure, also relyin’ largely on da stewards again before ye decided ta just up and stop collecting taxes fer da last stone month now? Ye’ve done **** all fer da economy, collectin’ taxes es nae da work o’ an inspired master. And ef ye are ta count da actions o’ yer heirs as yer own, need I remind dat each one was a kinslayer?” Norli smirks again, setting down the letter to take another sip of his drink. “I hope none en Urguan be foolish ta believes his nonsense – Today es nothin’ but a good day, as da corrupt Anvilaxe leaders finally are gone o’ Urguan, and finally may da Aurokanar Kazamar be led ta an era nae o’ honorin’ Khorvad but o’ Armakak and Grimdugan, let ets halls ring with nae blood money but wealth honorably earned as es deir birthright. Narvak oz Tungdil, Narvak oz Urguan, Narvak oz Khaz’A’Dentrumm!”
  6. High Prophet Norli Stabreaker offers a hum before mumbling a prose, “As loike father as son, decadence an’ corruption. Now legacy undone, and da day es won.” He smiles, “Et es finished.”
  7. If you kept in close contact with other friends who were from back then and still play, I’d suggest rejoining that community as you get to revel in the nostalgia of it with your comrades. If not, however, I’d suggest you join a community you never tried before, have some fun. Dwarves are poppin’ these days
  8. Yamakura (Settlement) Freeport (Settlement) Va'teyatl (Lair) Would the leaders of such like to tell us about these, they sound interesting!
  9. Always felt Xanic didn’t have enough competition, that it was a shame that the word paladin was synonymous with a specific magic group as opposed to what really should be an entire brand of magics. Nice idea overall, I’m a fan. Moar holy knights. One gripe I have is the tenants and such: I recall it being a consistent problem that I’ve seen said multiple times for multiple different deific magics is that tenants are not meant to be written and enforced by the laws of the magic itself but instead orchestrated IRP. Why shouldn’t this also follow that guideline? Having it imbued into the lore would place too much power into whatever sect of this magic is endorsed by the lore writer and any friends of theirs on the story team, or that’s the reasoning I’ve consistently seen before, I feel it should continue. Not super 100% on that gripe tho and I’d like to see what you may think and your reasoning is, Chase. Otherwise, and really overall, I really like this. +1
  10. High Prophet Norli Starbreaker sits in his office as a courier delivers him a copy of the 41 theses. He reads over it, smirking; “Yike.”
  11. FROM THE DESK OF THE HIGH PROPHET It is honorable the courage that Grodd Hammerforge had shown during the siege of Aegrothond, and a pity that such would lead to his death. And for that reason, I believe it would be entirely fit for him to be shown a proper burial and blessing of Dungrimm. Should Redwin Hammerforge permit, da Kirkja Dverga would like to hold a funeral feast in the honor of Grodd Hammerforge. Please contact myself or Prelate Dakkon Grimgold so that such may be arranged. Narvak oz Brathmordakin, enn’Dungrimm talok Grodd eron da Ordkardel Kazamar. DA KIRKJA DVERGA ~ ᛞᚨ ᚴᛁᚱᚴᛃᚨ ᛞᚡᛖᚱᚷᚨ ~
  12. I’m gonna say I don’t 100% agree with mick here, I find it a bit over the top to idealize bandits as people who are creating roleplay out of the good of their hearts. They do it because it’s fun. Simple. Problem is, this fun is inherently always contentious and going to start problems, so you gotta strike a balance in how rules work with banditry. If you want my personal take on it, losing in banditry isn’t even the problem really. The thing I dislike about road banditry is there are never any consequences to it. They almost always kill the person they just beat, and if you make an effort to hunt them down the most you can do is just kill them. At least with new robbery rules I suppose there’s a chance you could find a bandit hideout and take **** back, but then all the minas are gone too. The bandit just transfers it to their other persona or even more boldly just renames the persona and starts playing it as a different character. Just make rules that force there to be a possibilty of further RP from it. That consequences are not impossible to avoid. Stop saying bandits are saints, stop saying they’re demons. EDIT: Whoever tf pointed out grammatical errors as sign of bad rp, your a silly man EDIT 2: To be clear, my personal experience hasn’t been very much since Atlas as that was when I traveled roads a lot more. And also, I mean this less of an absolute that there are NEVER any consequences, some bois do the banditing well. But others do it poorly, and if any rules are to be put in place I think they should limit the inherent problems of banditry not just making it less frequent.
  13. yo dude why tf did you lock junar’s post we were ALMOST AT 100 REPLIES!

    h*ck the admins, man.

    1. Telanir


      Shit man, sorry let me unhide some of the shitposting and get it up to 100 😎

  14. Through one way or another, a courier brings a letter in response to the Initiate who authored the Declaration of Passion. RESPONSE OF THE HIGH PROPHET I would lie to say that I do not find wisdom in these words. The faith of the Brathmordakin has a similar doctrine, that honor is not done through singing high praise by psalm or prayer, but that honor is earned by action, by works. Where I believe perhaps a dwed philosophy would differ from your own, and a discussion I would enjoy to hold in person some date, is whether it is virtuous or not to claim total ownership of your actions. The dwedmar would say not, we dare not deny gratitude to the seven sacred hosts of Khaz’A’Dentrumm and their influence. They are our inspiration, they are the very forces by which we are able to do our works. To deny them gratitude is no feat of wisdom, but one of dishonor. I wonder, however, how the Red Faith feels on this. It has always been my interest to open discussions with those of other faiths. Not to indoctrinate or argue superiority. Of course both parties would not dare Cede any ground on such, surely any teaching authority believes what they teach to be the supreme truth. However even if there is a supreme, universal truth, that does not mean enforcing it upon all cultures would be best for Yemekar’s Design. Regardless, I shall make an effort to personally invite the Keepers to the next festival hosted in da Khaz’ur’Kirakmar. I’d enjoy to see the interpretations held by another culture on worldly issues, and as well continue a discussion on the nature of deific inspiration in mortal works. Narvak oz Brathmordakin DA KIRKJA DVERGA ~ ᛞᚨ ᚴᛁᚱᚴᛃᚨ ᛞᚡᛖᚱᚷᚨ ~
  15. oh my god he did it again he’s saved us
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