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  1. I’m happy that Safety Admin Cpt_Noobman has once again purged degeneracy and corrupt activity from our Mineman server. Everyone send him your thanks

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      Noobli, remember the safety team is secret don’t go posting this stuff or Noobman will have to censor you!

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      Ah heck, is that why you were banned? @SoulReapingWolf

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      Never, Admin Noobman is LoTC’s savior

  2. Turned himself into a pixel. Funniest **** I’ve ever seen.
  3. I’m the one, yeah it was me. I did it.

    I shot Anarcho-Monarchism in the head.

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      Good to see it didn’t shoot back

  4. -=- THE ARTICLES OF URGUAN -=- And behold here the Articles of Urguan, the foundation of the Grand Kingdom, and the core of its identity. Not granted are the rights listed here for all dwedmar, not offered is the government listed here to the dwedmar, not decided here are the core institutions of our culture, rather protected and ensured are the sacred ideas based off the teachings of the Brathmordakin. The purpose of these here Articles of Urguan is not to define dwarfdom, rather live up to its promise and existence, a contract between the government of the Grand Kingdom and the Brathmordakin to protect and lead their people properly and accordingly. Article I: Office of the Grand King Article II: Office of the Grand Council Article III: Office of the High Court Article IV: Lower Offices of the Grand Kingdom Article V: The Gauntlet Act Article VI: The Rights of Citizens Article VII: The Rights of Clans Article VIII: The Rights of Guilds Article IX: The Codex of Civil Law ARTICLE I: OFFICE OF THE GRAND KING ARTICLE II: OFFICE OF THE GRAND COUNCIL ARTICLE III: OFFICE OF THE HIGH COURT ARTICLE IV: LOWER OFFICES OF THE GRAND KINGDOM ARTICLE V: THE GAUNTLET ARTICLE VI: THE RIGHTS OF CITIZENS ARTICLE VII: THE RIGHTS OF CLANS ARTICLE VIII: THE RIGHTS OF GUILDS ARTICLE IX: THE CODEX OF CIVIL LAW NARVAK OZ URGUAN NARVAK OZ BRATHMORDAKIN Utak Ireheart, Grand King of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan Norli Starbreaker, High Preceptor eron da Kirkja Dverga ᚾᛟᚱᛚᛁ ᚴᛟᚱᚾᚨᛉᚴᚨᚱᚢᛗᛗ
  5. Noobli


    You will be missed, one of the more positive people in the community from my experience.
  6. Show some respect yrrok, the greatest dwarf of all time just died.

  7. High Preceptor Norli Starbreaker stands shocked besides his companions besides the deathbed of Charles, his eyes welling up at the death of the war-hero. He remembered when he first met, at Charles’ trial for attempted murder. At that moment, standing besides the Chief Justiciar, the magistrate was a bit confused by the rumors he had heard. He had heard legend of the mighty warrior, the GRAND CHAMPION who many historians agree was single-handedly responsible for the collapse of Kaz’Ulrah. Intead, before him stood a crippled Charles. Is this the infamous kingslayer? Surely not, the cave dwed thought. Norli Starbreaker would be proven wrong. In the war with Krugmar, Charles the Bald took a common grunt rank and would fight alongside many soldiers. On the battlefield, Charles proved his title worthy. Through tireless dedication to warcraft and a passionate love for his nation and gods, Charles the Bald took the lives of countless orkos. Of the swaths he slaughtered, 92 have been confirmed and named, however a majority of Charles’ opponenets’ bodies were so devestated by his rage that they could not be recognized, leaving many historians to estimate he may have killed close to a few hundred orc. Norli Starbreaker fought alongside Charles in the deep cracks of the warzone, and he laid first hand witniss to the elder warrior’s grand feats of bravery. He knew he was wrong to judge the hero as weak, and recognized Charles the Bald for what he was: the GRAND CHAMPION. A year later, Norli Starbreaker was sitting at his desk writing up works for the Brathmordakin. Suddenly, a cry echoes throughout Varoth’Akvel. Rushing to the source, Norli Starbreaker and Atandt Irongrinder enter the room to find Mafraedon Irongrinder collapsed and in tears besides Charles the Bald lying on his bed. Charles looked peaceful, content with his deeds. A small smile could be seen marking the legend’s face, however his eyes were locked shut. THE GRAND CHAMPION WAS DEAD. Norli Starbreaker shook his head, perhaps in denial of such a fate. However he looked up, closing his eyes. As his mind was wrapped in darkness, he could invision the moon hanging in the Night Sky, the jewels of the sky shining and singing for the hero as Dungrimm carried the GRAND CHAMPION to Khaz’a’Dentrumm. A tear rolled down his cheek as he opened his eyes, to take one last gaze on Charles’ corpse. As the High Preceptor mourned the loss of the hero, it seemed the whole of Yemekar’s creation went silent in respect for Charles the Bald, the GRAND CHAMPION of Urguan.
  8. I really like the idea of adding small little lore bits like this to add more flavor to our environment, maybe I’ll write some one of these days. We should add a water system in the caverns somewhere so we can do this, I know Ironguts had designed some water systems but they were never pasted in.
  9. From the Desk of the High Preceptor : Order ~ 4th Edition : 10th of The Deep Cold, 1765 ~ When Yemekar crafted the world, it was at first sacredly ornate and with perfect balance. He brought order to the chaotic primordial forces of the void. Order is a thing of exceptional value, a good and virtuous thing, which is why the era we are in now is one of particular importance. We currently are in an era of disorder. We are at war, and many uneasy sentiments exist among our kinsmen. It is the duty of not just da Kirkja Dverga but of all organizations across dwarfdom to ensure that order is found and not upset further. Da Dverga eron da Kirkja Rhun On the subject of disorder, last stone day Karl Blackroot announced that he would be making his own independent clergy, naming it the Order of the Holy Power. This was an announcement of some shock to da Kirkja Dverga, specifically concerning some of the practices that were listed in the document. Within it, Karl Blackroot writes that the Seers and their council have the ability to interact on a direct level with the gods and interpret their will. Karl Blackroot lists among the duties of his Seer council the ability to determine if a story regarding the Brathmordakin is legitimate, assuming the authority to determine the will of the Brathmordakin. Karl Blackroot In the years leading up to the creation of this strange new holy order, Karl Blackroot has made many statements, both officially and in person, that help give insight to the situation. For as long as I’ve known Karl, he has been aggressive to myself and the notion of the clergy whenever mentioned. When he was told that the Hefrumm may be a site of a new shrine for an upcoming order of Anbella, he expressed discontent and frustration that the “cave-dwellers” of the capital had anything to say about how things should be run in Hefrumm. That same day, I discovered the fact that Karl, then Cottonwood, was given the title of High Seer of Hefrumm by the High Chief, and that he planned to teach more seers. There he also expressed some distaste for the clergy vocally. At the moment, it seemed that being a Seer was just a teaching role within the community, much like an elder. I was not aware that it was based around rituals that claimed to host active communion with the gods. Response These are dangerous claims. This Seer council is an attempt at undermining and replacing the established clergy and the traditions it and sons of Urguan hold so dearly, as evident by claims of active communion with the gods and the desire to hold rituals that are performed by the clergy. Denying such knowledge is foolish and absent minded. Continuing to pursue this false clergy will lead only to more disorder in times where we must be united in faith and purpose. The priests of da Kirkja Dverga met to discuss this, and a consensus was made. To claim the ability to know the will of the Brathmordakin and the nature of reality without the basis of tradition is a dangerous heresy. Combined with his history of anti-clergy sentiment and the deeds of his father, there is reason to believe that Karl Blackroot is seeking to bring disorder to the clergy and across all of dwarfdom. Such is feared amongst the ranks of da Kirkja Dverga, however this is not a condemnation. Da Kirkja Dverga offers to Karl Blackroot court summons to confront the suspicions of heresy so that we may reach a mutual understanding, and perhaps a possible collaboration. Until a result is decided, the Seer Council is deemed null, and all people who Karl Blackroot had led to become Seers are instructed not to continue to claim this false title. ~ Narvak oz Brathmordakin ~
  10. High Preceptor Norli Preceptor grunts as he reads this month’s edition of the Legion. ”Dungrimm be honored by da duty o’ da dwedmar o’ da legion who risk death fer da protection o’ deir halls and traditions. Blessed be da legionnaires who would march into da depths o’ Vuur’dor fer a holy cause, who would sacrifice deir lives fer da glory o’ kin, clan and gods. Narvak oz Urguan, narvak oz Brathmordakin!”
  11. Noobli

    DNN #19

    High Preceptor Norli Stabreaker smiles that the dwarves had gained a blessing of Anbella, and plans a meeting with the clergy to discern how the dwarves had honored the Hearth-Mother. ”It is a good thing to see the return of these ancient and majestic creatures. Narvak oz Anbella, navak oz umgor!”
  12. From the Desk of the High Preceptor : Balance Upset ~ 3rd Edition, 15th of Grand Harvest, 1762 ~ When Yemekar had done in forging the mountains and valleys, once the forests and caves had been given life, once the excited waters of the world flowed, the jewels of the night sky shimmering, the great coin in the sky was set, once the world was carved with runes and named, and once Khaz’a’dentrumm was forged in the fires of the soul forge for a millenium, the world was with balance. However, in order to make such intricate creations as the descendents, he had to instill chaos into them, that random chance and divergence from his otherwise orderly creation that would make it so much more complex and beautiful. When the All-Maker made the dwedmar, the creation most perfect in his image of the descendents, he had given them the task of leading the other descendents to honor, to guide and preserve the balance of creation so that they may continue to bask in his creation and commit to their craftsmanship. That balance has been upset. The orkos of the Krugmar have for the last few decades acted with dishonor and as thieves. They have used the gifts of might bestowed upon them by the All-Maker to ruthless destroy, and their culture has become corrupted to only being that of bloodlust. Where once perhaps there was honor in the ork’s bravery, they hide behind walls and fight only when at a clear advantage. They pillage the weak and brutalize those who would dare resist. This all culminated when a few stone days past, the orkos of the Krugmar raided Sutica and kidnapped a dwed guard there, a citizen of the Under-Realms working to protect the people they and their clan conducted business with. The orkos took her to Krugmar and brutalized her, and only relinquished her when the dwedmar showed up with a large force. Too long has this been allowed, too long has the ork culture been that of dishonor, too long have the children of Urguan let the orkos disrupt the balance of Yemakar’s creation. It ends now. Rex of the Krugmar, you are given these terms for how you may fix your culture and begin the process of amending your wrongs. First, the orkos who had been responsible for the kidnapping and brutalization of the dwed in question shall be submitted to Urguan to be given a trial in the High Courts, and exiled from ork lands. Second, the leadership of the Krugmar are to pay a fine of 20,000 minas to Urguan so that they may learn the cost of failing to keep your people in order, and failing to keep the deeds within your city honorable. Third, the leadership of the Krugmar is to take active steps in redeeming their people, and preventing the sons of Krug to devolve into cowardly bandits. It is not the desire of the dwedmar to see the sons of Krug wiped out, to see the destruction of a creation Yemekar chose to let live. We do not seek genocide, we seek improvement, and extend to the orkos a chance of redemption. It is with the interest of the Brathmordakin and the cooperation and support of Urguan and its legions that I offer these terms, and rejection of them will stand as dishonor to the Brathmordakin and to the Under-King. Narvak oz Brathmordakin Narvak oz Urguan Narvak oz Krugmar Utak ireheart Under-King of the Under-Realms of Urguan, Clan Father of the Ireheart Clan Norli Starbreaker High Preceptor eron da Kirkja Dverga Jorvin Starbreaker Grand Marshall of the Legion of Urguan, Clan Father of the Starbreaker Clan
  13. High Preceptor Norli Starbreaker is quite proud of his own penmanship.
  14. Noobli

    A Dwarven Wedding

    High Preceptor Norli Starbreaker sits in his office, and a smile lights his face as he shouts with joy, ”Praise be ta Belka fer sparkin’ such love, praise ta Anbella fer formin’ dis hallowed union of kin and clan! Narvak oz nogazen! I do wonder why miss Dhaen had nae told me yet...” Norli pauses a moment, shaking his head, ”Nevermind dat, I’ve got ta talk ta Bodmer. I’m so excited! Praise be!” He puts away his documents, and goes to the tavern to celebrate with a drink, a toast to the wedding of his close and trusted friend.
  15. Norli Starbreaker reads the note on his way into his slum hole. He chuckles, “As ka’az, does kadan. Do hope da taxman finds another way ta collect, be a shame if we didn’t have to pay...”
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