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  1. which is why i think kowa did everything right. correct me if i'm wrong, but joker still has his position and trenchist was warned.
  2. Grand King Norli Starbreaker's beard shivers as he reads a copy of the Highlander king's resignation. "An honorable friend and ally, I knew you long before I was king when you came to dwarven lands to master your crafts. An accute sense o' wisdom, among many other traits, were chief among Halvar's vast capabilities. I lament ta see his reign end, but hopeful ta see wot follows." The King is Resigned, Long Live the King.
  3. Grand King Norli Starbreaker cackles like the mad man he is. "Yes."
  4. The Grand King of Urguan laments the cruel treatment of anyone under five foot.
  5. The Grand King of Urguan labors in his personal forge and offers a prayer of gratitude towards Lord Dungrimm, God of Battle and Death regarding the recent events in Oren. "Next toime ye should give meh mah damn mountains," he grumbles as he swings down his hammer a final time, then sets it down lifts the blade to inspect for imperfections or error. This one would have to be perfect if it is to be a suitable gift for the victor of what was inevitable to follow.
  6. PACT OF STONE AND SEA Throughout history, the great people of Urguan and Haelun’or have rarely stood on the same side, with their few meetings being conducted on the battlefield behind warring allies. Despite past conflicts, the Grand Kingdom and the Silver State have mended past grudges and have forged a new bond to ensure peace and prosperity in their shared lands. May this vow bring the two signatory parties closer in friendship for years to come. SECTION I: RECOGNITION OF SOVEREIGNTY The Grand Kingdom of Urguan and Silver State of Haelun’or, hereafter re
  7. do a barber's post next, i need buns in my hair stat
  8. Grand King Norli Starbreaker is utterly shocked at the suppression of Democracy in Providence.
  9. THE GRAND FEAST OF OMITHIEL Blessed are we to have had such masterful Grand Architects like Derek Irongrinder and Balek Irongut! Never does a day go by where the Dwed do not feel pride in their kin when they gaze upon the splendor of their city! The members of the Grand Council of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan now look once again to their people to select the best possible Grand Architect to take the place of their esteemed predecessors. In but a few stone days, we will ask any competitors interested in participating in such a competition to submit a design proposal to t
  10. The Grand King of Urguan, former High Prophet of da Kirkja Dverga, carefully lights a cigar as he reads the news. "Who would win? An "empire" or some "necromancers"?"
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