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  1. _InSecurity

    Rumors of a Gathering

    Ludwig is proud knowing he was the man who placed down the poppy that would rename history forever.
  2. _InSecurity

    Writ of Excommunication

    "Hey maybe they can join that coltaine guy" says a random passerby.
  3. _InSecurity

    Raise Minimum Raid Count

    Hiya everyone, recently I've been bouncing around places, seeing how often villainy arises inside cities. You will mainly only see one person doing a villainous act (robbing, fighting, dark arts, etc.), and will only on a rare occasion see two people. The reason behind this is the current raid rules, where you can be considered raiding if you do any villainy/attack anyone with two or more people within a settlement. This prevents settlements on raid cool down from being attacked in any way, even with minor gang or alley way RP. I personally want to see what the community thinks, as I wish to go back to rules such as Vailor's, where you could have settlements (if you so wished) such as Adria which were rampant with criminals. I understand there is also a point to be made that if a settlement doesn't want to count it as a raid, they have that choice. The only problem with that is when settlement owners don't want villainy RP, such as criminals, even though there'd be full RP reasoning behind it. Another point is that if it is classified as an 'internal conflict', it doesn't count as a raid. There is no further explanation, and maybe a clarification of that rule is all we need. I view it that a criminal gang that may not live in the city, but does its 'business' inside could be seen as external conflict. I just want to bring back a little more dynamic RP in, and make guards more viable, or I may be exaggerating this rule, so tell me whatcha think.
  4. _InSecurity


    Bees +1
  5. _InSecurity

    The Kadarsi Volunteer Brigade

    OOC: _InSecurity Rp Name: Gorgo Rp Race: Olog Reason to Join: To defend his fellow brethren of the sand. Discord(You can pm me it): Security#0389 Are you Aware that This Militia Will be Disbanded Once The Sultan Calls for it to End(if you did want to stay there's a separate military for that): Yub
  6. _InSecurity

    Lets discuss NEXUS, INFLATION and WHY LC IS BAD!

    I don't think too many people hated all of Nexus, most of its problems (from what I've seen) was the professions, which would keep people grinding rather than RPing. The crafting was great and added a lot of flavor to the server. It'd be nice to reintroduce nexus, but without professions it'd be difficult to regulate how items are created, but yeah bring back Nexus
  7. _InSecurity

    The Philosophy of a Ban

    this is minecraft rp. players who break rules can take some time from mineman, bans are fine as is
  8. Good morning Europe, and goodnight freedom

  9. _InSecurity

    Church Bells Toll

    “That was fast” - Ludwig 6k18
  10. _InSecurity

    Necromancy: Rewrite and Magic Guide

    so that what it do
  11. الله ، شعب قادرسى ، كافي لروحي xoxo

    1. Vege



  12. _InSecurity

    The Fall Of Laklul

    This can only end well : )
  13. _InSecurity

    Unaffirmation of Wick Loyalty

    I, Ludwig Van Wick of the Wickedwood, from the Wick, of Vandoria Wick, son of Johann Wick, rightful heir to the Northern Wick Wood, hereby agrees with Qoltaine Wick of the Wickwood, he who defends the Wick, the true King of Wick Vandoria, defender of the Wick faith, and the liberator of cobblestone forts. Also Ranholf is really stupid and I have no affiliation with the now late Coltaine Wick.
  14. _InSecurity

    ♥ This Little Sprite of Mine ♥ - Sprite Shop

    MC ▫ Name ≎ _InSecurity Sprite ▫ Type ≎ Special Animation Sprite Character ▫ Name ≎ Ludwig Van Wick Character ▫ Race ≎ Highlander Reference ▫ Picture(s) ≎ https://gyazo.com/0daa21eda0a36647adeae0248b6cba1e https://gyazo.com/ec1790347637d99316a757a39d5dc9e2 Keanu