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  1. Cheesus_Crustt

    On The Anti-Pontificate

    Eléonore du Moreau responds with a quite thoughtful yet highly confused mind of what this new land has to offer “Zis is all so étrange! Seems zis Empire’s drame politique et religieux is everysere!” A young girl said as she shrugged and went back to tending to studies of etiquette.
  2. Cheesus_Crustt

    Aquaquean's Application Team Application

    Omg please allow her to be an AT. She is truly a friendly person and all around cheerful and happy to speak with people and very Considerate but can get business done when she required to do so +1 :3
  3. Cheesus_Crustt

    On Imperial Godhood

    ((Mmmmm the flavor, the spice
  4. Cheesus_Crustt

    Court Etiquette of Rosenyr

    Eléonore du Moreau struggles with in the middle of the time span between the year of the coronation of Louis II with providing the BEST finery that you could ever have. She takes a deep breath after reading over the parchment quickly “Se courtly mannerisms Iz strictly important! Without zem, you will give more ze reason to think we are les barbares.”
  5. Cheesus_Crustt

    The Order of The Red Rose

    Eléonore du Moreau walks over to her sister, a flower in hand freshly picked from their daily excursion to the fields. She gives her a quick smile, having a sense of relief “Catherine, regarde ça! ziss will be interesting est très sympa”
  6. Cheesus_Crustt

    The Coronation of Louis II

    Eléonore du Moreau looks over at the mention of her and her sister having a special honor. She’d breathe heavily, under a bit of pressure to realize a special honor would be be placed “B-but...Zis will be très stressant!”
  7. Cheesus_Crustt

    The Rose Council

    Eleonore’s small mind gives her a joyful expression seeing the word ‘Rose’. She leaves after with the only attention to finding a beautiful red rose.
  8. Cheesus_Crustt

    Imperial Wedding of 1689

    Reina Lina Kavietsby notices of as the future empress will be crowning a title for best attire, she would seem to hurry quickly to some of the best tailors she knew of to plan a perfect dress.
  9. Cheesus_Crustt

    [Denied][W] papyb's Game Moderator Application

    She’s pretty litty and all around a helpful person so she’s got my +1
  10. Cheesus_Crustt


    Reina Lina Kavietsby signs the Lorraine Cross over herself and folds her hand in mournful prayer over the loss of the empress. She’d whisper a small Santegian phrase “Ella pueda descansar.” and continue her day with a sorrowful expression.
  11. Cheesus_Crustt

    Autumn Solstice Costume Ball, 1687

    Reina Kavietsby reveals the invitation behind the door to the keep, sighing a bit from the frustration of the work ensued to spend tailoring a dress for the upcoming events “I sure hope that I can tailor something in time but nonetheless, I will visit” She’d walk inside and begin reviewing her best fabric choices
  12. Cheesus_Crustt

    [Denied] [Event Actor] 11th's ET App

    -1 Your'e an ass
  13. Cheesus_Crustt

    The Mage's Institute

    RP Name: Elizabete Blackwood MC Name: _TheLegend27_x Known Arcane Arts: Air Evocation Position Desired: Student When is the best time to contact you for an interview: Preferably on the weekends but most mostly anytime.
  14. Cheesus_Crustt

    [✓] Land Charter App

    Merlara Larlathlien signs (_TheLegend27_x)