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  1. Alitruist's Lore Team Application

    This is a fair point that is impossible to argue, but I'll still try so here goes. It is true that I have only 8 months on LOTC, but I have many an experience on roleplay servers(mainly alternate history servers, my first one being a server called Age of Conquest) which amounts to about 6 years; hence why I was about to adjust so easily to this server. My experience as a staff team member only amounts to about 2 years but its still something. I know a lot of people here from these servers that have joined here and was even invited here by a friend who played on those servers with me. That being said, I do understand LOTC is a different ballpark than alternate history servers, its a server with a lot of lore based in a fantasy setting. Many of the lore things I do see and I usually know what they are about due to my experience in playing games and watching shows where influence is taken from to create LOTC such as Dungeons and Dragons, Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit, The Elder Scrolls, and etc... So I do know a lot even though I haven't been here long. So the fact that this is a different ballpark for me makes me even more excited to apply. In theory, many of the present lore team members will help me out along the way and ensure that my experience grows anyhow.. Besides, assuming you joined whenever your LOTC forum account was created, you only have 5 more months on me which is a lot or a little based on how you look at it. If you do want proof of how long I've been roleplaying, I'd suggest going here (Page 47 is my first forum document on enjin, some of the documents are embarrassing and display horrible roleplay but if you look through them you'll see that I've progressed over the years :
  2. The Potion Index

    Territorial Shuriken Potions(3 Variants of 1 Poisonous Potion) Lesser Form : Description and effects: The Lesser Territorial Shuriken Potion is a lesser form of the Poisonous Shuriken Potion, created by less-skilled alchemists only meant to form rashes, if drunken the poison will be easier to fight and won't be as effective as its counterpart. It is a splash potion that is made from the Territorial Shuriken Flower, if it comes in contact with skin it would immediately spawn infectious rashes that are easily treatable but can have fatal effects.(Similar to Contact Dermatitis) The Rash weakens the skin, spawns blisters and bumps, gives a burning sensation that is unpleasant(Similar to a torch being held up to the effected spot), and if not treated, can spread to other areas and completely envelope your skin; making it weak and susceptible to even little things(stepping on cold or hot surfaces, etc). It destroys your first protective barrier completely making it easy to injure or infect, this is spreadable if someone were to touch the rash for a prolonged period of time which is why it is called Fatal. (The Rashes last from a day - a month depending on if it is treated or not). It is easily treated by any healing potions if they are rubbed directly on the effected spots, and even a bit of water on the effected spot every now and then can make it feel better and slow down its production. It is primarily cured by the Zawabate Potion, although it takes a few hours to be cured. Theoretically, it takes atleast 2 months for the Rashes to completely envelope your body. Recipe: Base : Territorial Shuriken Flower Nectar(Crush it) 3 Lesser Fire Symbols ( Irritation) 4 Lesser Air Symbols (Flight) 1 Moderate Water Symbol(Travel) --------------------------------------------------------------------- Moderate Form : Description and effects: The Moderate Territorial Shuriken Potion is a Moderate Potion created from the Territorial Shuriken Flower, it is the only nonfatal version of the 3 subparts. The Moderate Territorial Shuriken Potion is a splash potion that immediately turns into a mist with the primary effect of knocking unconscious anyone who inhales/smells it, or is simply in its vicinity. It's secondary effects would be to provide an unpleasant burning sensation to whoever is in it's mist and it also provides a pepper-spray effect to the victims eyes.The unconsciousness can last from 10minutes - 3 hours depending on how much is breathed in although the mist dissolves after about 5minutes.This makes it the perfect get away potion. Actions of a Person in the Fog : It would take about 20 - 30 seconds for someone to pass out when in the mist.The person affected would feel pressure on their lungs making it hard to breath as the mist lessens the oxygen concentration, they would feel their eyes begin to burn and water making it harder to see in addition to the mists enveloping, and along with these secondary effects they would eventually pass out from the lack of oxygen in addition to the mists ability to cause unconsciousness. Recipe: Base : Territorial Shuriken Flower 5 Moderate Air Symbols(Speed, Flight, Lightweight, Travel) 3 Moderate Water Symbols(Fluidity) 1 Greater Fire Symbol(Overpowering) (After the Potions ingredients are put in the bottle , it is required to be boiled until the substance is completely evaporated into a Mist form.) --------------------------------------------------------------------- Greater Form : Description and effects: The Greater Territorial Shuriken Potion is a Greater potion created from the Shuriken Flower.It is a fatal poison that is quite hard to create. If it comes in contact with your blood stream it would destroy your blood cells ability to carry anything(Ability to Carry Oxygen, Ability to fight infections, and completely destroys the bodies ability to repair wounds) and if ingested it would take over and completely destroy your bodies systems(Similar to a fatal virus). With that being said, it is a fatal potion. If it comes in contact with the skin, it achieves the same effect of the Territorial Rash spawner, but the rashes will spread easier and much quicker due to its influx of ingredients. (Takes Hours - days to kill based on the weight and overall mass of the victim). It is safe to say that this potion is only created by Advanced Alchemists. Recipe: Base : Liquified Shuriken Flower Roots(Melted) 6 Greater Fire Symbols(Destruction, Death, Consumption, Irritation, Overpowering) 1 Moderate Water Symbol(Fluidity) 4 Greater Air Symbols(Speed, Travel) Author:Alitruist(Created IRP by Jhazeem) LM Approval Required: Yes/No (All of these are subject to change if considered to under/over powered by critics or admins.)
  3. [✓] [Idea] Add a snow pit to the resource isle

    I agree with this :P
  4. Alitruist's Lore Team Application

    Minecraft Account Name(s): Alitruist Discord: Alitruist#6408 How long have you played on LotC?: Since April 2017(On and off) Time zone and availability: EST timezone, availability is around 14 hours weekends(when things aren't scheduled throughout the day), and 6hours weekdays(when things aren't scheduled after school because I really don't have a life) What lore are you versed in most?: Naturalistic Lore(Druidism, Dryadism, Bryophitism, Elemental Evocation(Sometimes), Alchemy, etc...) Give a summary of any staff positions you have held on LoTC: I have held none on lotc, but I do have a lot of experience in moderating for other servers. Have you ever written lore for LoTC? (this will not augment your chances at obtaining the position of LM.): Only 2 that were both recently accepted, a potion and a flower.(See Potion Index and Plant Index) Have you ever received a blacklist or ban?:No. Who do you not get along with on the Lore Team?: No one really, they've all been nice to me when I've asked questions(which were frequent)
  5. Plant Index [2017]

    (Name of the plant ) Territorial Shuriken Flower Short Names : Shuriken Flower, (Picture reference including credit to artist) (Source : Twitter and Google Plus) Habitat: It grows in places full of plant life(Swamps, Forests, Groves, etc) and requires much free space for its roots to expand to their maximum radius, and requires immense sunlight and water; it cannot grow under trees, in between 2 close-vicinity trees, underwater, in caves, deserts, etc... Brief summary of the plant The Shuriken Flower is a very territorial flower, although the flower itself is quite short( largest being size of palm) it's roots; although weak, grow an immense amount. The Flower and its roots are quite poisonous, so since its roots grow a large distance any plants in its growing radius(3.5 - 7 depending on size of flower) will immediately die unless they are made to fight or absorb poisons; and even so, its roots would grow around the plant in a very muffling fashion, thieving its resources and virtually suffocating it. It usually is white with a purple or green base, and is quite rare as a plant that uses immense resources. Characteristic: (Physical description, Behaviour, Reproduction, Uses, Roles in ecosystem, etc) The Territorial Shuriken Flower is used in Alchemy to create poisons and only poisons, although it is quite dangerous on its own. If touched too much it would spawn rashes on thin-skin, if ingested it would take over and completely destroy your bodies systems(Similar to a virus), and if it comes in contact with your blood stream it would destroy your blood cells ability to carry anything(Ability to Carry Oxygen, Ability to fight infections, and completely destroys the bodies ability to repair wounds).Overall, if strenghtened through alchemy as a potion it could be even more deadly than before, making its speed of fatality much faster if eaten(5hours - 3 days) or cut/in contact with blood(1 - 14 hours)If inhaled, it makes it abnormally harder to breath and if breathed in directly for too long it causes the victim to pass out. It was given the name 'Territorial' because its aggressive growth pattern and it's ability to completely take over your body and destroy it. With this being said, it can also be helpful to fight off other plants that are not enjoyable to the environment, and is said to decrease the amount of herbivores when grown in a certain area. Although it is fragile in terms of it's physical wellbeing, it requires much to grow...Daily water, Daily Sunlight, and can only reproduce and spread into a bush if there are neighboring plants to be sacrificed for it's own growth. Lore : First seen on the head of Jhazeem the Bryophite, he has made it a mission to plant seeds of these flowers wherever he can, although they take a while to grow.Eventually, their seeds will spread on their own as nature usually allows. LM Approval Required: Yes, due to its varied uses as a poison.
  6. Wanna be friends?

    1. dogbew
    2. Alitruist


      That's why you're getting fuckin reported :inimical:

    3. Hyena
  7. "Typical humans." Jhazeem would say crumbling the paper "Take a beautiful speech about brotherhood and unity and turn it into a mission of conquest, and even if it was I doubt that the dominion would want to have such an outpour of these pests." he'd sigh "How ignorant."
  8. The Coronation of the High Princess

    Jhazeem sweats in the sun as he reads a letter put on a wall of his construction site and says : "Oh great, an excuse to take a break from all this hard work. I will attend as a Citizen of Mali to support my High Princess." The Bryophite nods jovially, running back to help out the workers.
  9. The Potion Index

    The Zawabate Potion ---------------------------------- Description and Effects : The Zawabate Potion is a healing potion that can also become a deadly hallucination potion, it's success depends on the level of Alchemy the creator has. It's base is a rare ingredient(the zawabate flower) who's quantity decides whether it would be a healing potion, or hallucination potion. For one, in its healing potion form would only either work if poured/rubbed directly on or in an injury, the potion works by strengthening the bloods properties to carry regeneration effects, so it would be pointless to give to someone who is poisoned or someone who has lost a limb. The Healing potion only heals wounds, cuts, bruises, rashes, etc... Whether it be from the inside or outside. The healing usually is quick, depending on how deep the injury is(A few hours - a Few weeks). After the wound is fully healed, the regeneration potion would immediately become apart of your blood stream and loose its effects. If too much of the Zawabate Flower is put into the potion, or if it was drunk instead of poured or rubbed it would cause vigorous amounts of hallucinations. It is not uncommon for a zawabate-hallucinated injured person to hallucinate that they are dying and/or was sent to afterdeath , and it is not uncommon for a zawabate-hallucinated king to become paranoid that someone has betrayed them. This hallucination, depending on the amount of Zawabate Nectar that was put into the potion, "can cause severe and brutal delusions and mental illness and therefore it can double as a fatal ingredient to a mind-altering, or destroying, poison" Recipe: Base: Zawabate Flower Nectar(Crushing the Flower and pouring its remains into the Potion) 4 Water Symbols( Life, Rebirth, Calm) 4 Air Symbols(Versatility) 2 Earth Symbols (Resilience) (Optional) Fire Symbol(Destruction) Author : Alitruist LM Approval Required : Yes, when being created I believe that it does need approval since the zawabate flower is rare. When being used, I believe that it does need approval to ensure that it is used fairly. P.S : The Healing Potion could also provide moderate levels of hallucination if it is slightly imperfect(A bit of overused ingredients, It is applied wrong, a fire symbol is added to it, etc....), although it cannot be as altering as the purposeful hallucination potion. Also, if grown on a bryophite or tended to correctly/strengthen by a herblorist, the zawabate used in the potions would have a strengthened effect. ( Open to change from staff decision)
  10. The Delvan Mushroom

    I think this is good, not too overpowered not too underpowered. I give my +1
  11. +1 from me, someone who does a lot of Alchemical roleplay!
  12. This is arguable, it has been proven that children learn things quicker than adults due to adults functional fixedness. You can look it up if you really want to.