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  1. The Dominion Insider Vol. Two

    "I suppose being written about in this article is enough payment for healing my gash..." Amdrees stated, reading over the newspaper with a smile and slight nod of approval..
  2. Magic List Errors

    MC Name:Licorish List in Question:Arcane/Voidal(Fire Evo) Error in Question:Val'Thryis uses the Alias Valdun and has reached tier 5 in Fire Evo. Also changed user from Alitruist to Licorish. Link to Magic Application (If Relevant):
  3. The Expedition

    Application- IC Name: Amdrees Vyllen'dor Race: Dark Elf Nation: Warhawkes Any skills?: Flexibility, Positivity, Tanking, and Fighting! OOC Discord: Licorish#6408 Timezone: Est
  4. Remove Ascendeds

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      Not until you apologize for advocating halfling genocide 





  5. A Primitive Enaction

    "They too will fall the same, like all who defy the Alliance of the North." said Nikolau
  6. "Yes, YES!!! The Halfling Genocide that has been foretold for generations is finally starting, off with their heads!!!" Val'thryis thought with a grin, reading over the pamphlet in approval
  7. SambreroMan's Game Moderator Application

    +1 I'd definently let him moderate me ;)
  8. A Major Issue

    It's actually supposed to be "Minae or die." but people misinterpret when bandits say it wrong, we have to remember that most bandits are illiterates...
  9. I actually like alot of people here.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Licorish


      3 minutes ago, Telanir said:

      And many people like you as well!

      haha nahh

    3. Telanir


      I wouldn't be so skeptical. :)

    4. Licorish
  10. Journals of Baroness de Hartcold, Volume 1

    ((This is awesome! A very interesting read, kudos.))
  11. The District Head of Velunor

    "I support him, he's done it in a way that doesn't imply supremacy..." he groaned, a growing grin forming on his face.
  12. Ioannis v. The Players of Lotc, 2018

    Community : "Bro you can't be threatening to ddos people, you're an admin." Ioannis :
  13. Da Zteelzkale Crokodile

    go Sloth!!
  14. Our District Now

    "Seems this nation has corrupted the minds of my fellow 'ker......I'm not so sure what's worse; them claiming superiority over other clans or other clans refusing to retaliate..." A certain Warhawke chuckled as he passed through the district, hearing the chants of supremacy that echoed
  15. "He won't win." Amdrees the Warhawke said quite bluntly, tapping his spear as he read over the speech "He's not corrupt enough."