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  1. Licorish

    Ideas for t'eh next festival!

    Name: Valgarai Idea: Halfling Hunting Who is going to be doing this?: I would love to do the honors. Do you think that this will be enjoyable for the next festival?: Yes, it would make it much more livelier.
  2. Licorish

    The Grand Merchants Guild of Atlas

    Name: Valgarai Allegiance: Ghanyah Profession/Skills: Beastsmithing, Forgery, Smithing What do you hope to gain from joining the Merchants Guild?: Money!! ((MC Name)): Iicorish ((Discord)):Licorish#6408
  3. Licorish

    The Community Manager: Who, What, and Why

    Omg you picked the best person for the job really
  4. Licorish


    Judging people by the people they hang with
  5. So much magic circle jerked to death, a shame....

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    2. Kanadensare


      I won't speak on behalf of the team, but I'll reiterate that I personally don't support the shelving of lore due to inactivity or really it being overpowered either. In the end, it does fall on the Lore Team to fix these issues. I don't feel comfortable playing devil's advocate to argue your viewpoint because I largely agree with it.


      All that being said, using the shelf to take magics out of the playing field when they've proven to be overpowered is a very effective way to stop it from being used in that overpowered manner. From there, a devoted user of the magic can make a rewrite to fix the issues outlined. This isn't directed to you personally, but I believe that instead of putting forth the work to rewrite the magic to better fit the guidelines and rules of our lore and the server at large, the community of a shelved magic would rather point the finger and bandwagon on the whole 'staff sucks down with LoTC' train.


    3. James




      You see mostly reasonable, however I do believe that if the lore team takes action it should be to fix the lore rather than to shelf it. Shelving in my opinion only creates unnecessary player hostility and prolongs deeper issues within the community directed at the staff. This not only harms the the relationship nested within the playerbase, but creates unnecessary harm to the servers reputation. This is mounted with the ideas stated previously about continuity etc. which create a vibrant world. 

    4. Kanadensare




      I think shelving lore can be beneficial though. It decreases the sheer amount of lore that one has to read, making getting into the server far easier. I do agree that shelving lore can create short-term issues between the player base and staff, but on a long-term scale it benefits the server.


      If you'd like to continue discussion, feel free to contact me on discord (Robbinson#7103), would hate to spam the rest of these folks with alerts.

  6. Licorish

    [Trial][W] Sky's GM App

    Got bitched at for making fun of your irp character because it apparently effected your emotional health, if that is true then I would suggest getting thicker skin - other than that we haven't interacted much. I will say -1 because of the snowflake imagery bestowed on you by me, but +1 because you seem very experienced and capable.
  7. Licorish

    Warrior in search of work.

    "We require a bodyguard heavily, we arw capable of giving all you require including minae if it becomes a must....Please contact Valgarai" - read a bird sent to Valor.
  8. Daily reminder that today is my birthday and pedophiles are not good

  9. Licorish


  10. Licorish

    The Spirits - Grand List

    I haven't found her on this list, is that actually confirmed?
  11. Licorish

    Medvekoma's Lore Master Application

    +1 from me because med is amazing
  12. Licorish

    The New and Improved Dunshire Farms!

    ((Haha im really glad you like them, if you don't just say so and I'll stop ;^) ))
  13. Licorish

    The New and Improved Dunshire Farms!

    “I suppose that means I'll just have to burn them…”stated an arrogant Valdun with a miscreant grin, pondering over his halfling hatred fetish
  14. Licorish

    The September Prince: General Help and Item Listing

    My bryo would've been perfect for this, rippo
  15. Licorish

    Frequently Asked Questions: Admin Edition

    I was actually joking but sorry to hear that OOF