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  1. You guys can take your anger out on me ;^) everyones a victim today

  2. Licorish


    "A very strategical movement from the Crown of Renatus, I commend it....Whoever created this is dominating the Chess game." commented Valdun with a cheeky grin
  3. Licorish

    Outposts, A Solution

    That'll be a problem for him
  4. Licorish

    Outposts, A Solution

    no lol
  5. Licorish

    Outposts, A Solution

    no lol
  6. Licorish

    Americuck's Game Moderator Application

    Known him for a while on another server, always been a good guy to me so ofc +1
  7. Licorish

    The Farfolk Civil War! The Kadarsi Defense!

    Ghanyah is a federation of several tribes
  8. Licorish

    Decaying Dunes

    "We do not plead...." said an angry elf
  9. Licorish

    [Server] Chromie Ban Appeal

    Yeah I don't mind, OOC ties to a group is hinderind and I encourage new scenery sometimes. Certain types of roleplay just isn't for everyone and I understand it, so on my part you don't have to worry about me feeling betrayed or anything. I'm the one who had no problems killing my standard rp tropes on Jhazeem ;^)
  10. Licorish

    [Server] Chromie Ban Appeal

    Of course man, and look I don't mean to make this worse for you so sorry if thats what I did - I'm just not a person for slandering and bad reputations is all. Im your friend all and all so I'll stick up for you if it comes to that, I may be gone for a while but feel free to message me if you like Chris; hope all goes well for you.
  11. Licorish

    [Server] Chromie Ban Appeal

    He fell in with a "bad crowd of people" but was mainly a large influencer or advocate for what you consider "meme roleplay", I'm not here to influence a GMs judgement on him as Chris is an amazing guy and does benefit to the server, but give credit where its due. Don't attempt to blame us for his meme roleplay because bottom line is we weren't the ones telling him "play a BLacK halFling" or telling him to enforce pvp goon stereotypes, he did that in his own accord. The fact that DivineJustice and his group attempts to shame us for this "fallen soldier" is degratable, especially since he was banned for events that happened after he left us. This ban is about him Xraying, not about his quality of roleplay - keep it on topic without shaming a group thanks. At the end of the day though, Chris is a great guy and amazing friend who i feel shouldn't be banned for something as petty as Xraying. In all honesty, I was one of the people who hoped for him to rid of his gooney ways and I'm glad to see that he has whether it be inside another community or not. Him being given another chance I feel would teach him a lesson about hacked clients exclusively, as Im sure he already had doubts about using them in the first place. Losing someone like this, someone who is most improved, wouldn't really bode well with the direction this server is going in.
  12. Licorish

    A most treasonous teen.

    "Oh?" Valdun said with a smirk, his inconsistent accent poking through as he says "Dis supposta be a suprize? Duh Sultanate or Caliphate or whatever dey call et es built on lies and duh stupidity ov dere subjects, is sad."
  13. Remove Kebab

    1. Raomir


      you can expect a call from my lawyer, prepare to have your lotc time terminated

    2. Ougi
  14. Licorish

    [✗]The Official Conquest of Haria

    Just a bit immature, if I may note.
  15. Licorish

    [✗]The Official Conquest of Haria

    "Mmhmm...." Valdun would finish the document with a firm signing from his quill ((A leader))