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  1. [*]Small roughed up notes would be pinned with rusted nails, onto boards and walls across the isle of Axios, the writing would be clear but the ink dripped down the page.[*] My name is Thomas and I'm an Lumberjack, I am in need of many diamond axes, maybe around ten of tem'! If you av the goods send me a bird with a location and time to meet, I'll look forward to seeing ya. ((My in game name is Huxf and my skype is wooda20, feel free to send me message in game and what not using skype or forum is fine!))
  2. +Support Such a friendly guy towards me, was great in introducing me to the server. Would do great!

    RACE: Goblin GENDER: Male SKIN COLOUR: Green BODY-MASS: Skinny I would say don't know specifics HAIR COLOUR: Bald preferably HAIR STYLE: N/A FACIAL HAIR: N/A EYE COLOUR: Dark blue CLOTHES: Ragged clothing
  4. Out-Of-Character Information (note: you must log into the server once on the alt account as a wandering soul before we can whitelist you!): What’s the name of the Minecraft account you're applying for?: Wheezus What's your MAIN Minecraft Account name?: Huxf Do you agree to follow the rules on your new account?: Yes Do you understand you cannot have both of these accounts interacting with one another? This will result in a ban if you are caught!: Yes I agree Do you understand that if one account is banned, so will be the other(s)?: Yes I agree How long have you been on LotC?: A week now possibly How many accounts do you currently have whitelisted (including main)?: One
  5. What’s your Minecraft account name?: Huxf What timezone are you in?: GMT ( I live in Britain) How old are you?: 15 (3rd January 2002) Are you aware the content and interactions on this server may not be appropriate for children under the age of 13? (You won’t be denied for being under 13): Yes Have you read and agreed to the rules?: Yes I've read through them. What’s the rule you agree with the most?: There isn't really a specific rule I agree with the most because I like all the rules and I think this server is unique in what it does however the section I liked the most is under the "Established cost of war", I think this is cool due to the fact wars and sieges can't be conducted willy nilly, you have to organise yourselves and be concentrated. Are there any rule(s) that confuse you or don’t make sense? (if so we can help clear it up!): A few : With the allowed mods is optifine not included then? Also the rule "If your character commits suicide, he or she is permanently killed." So if you accidentally kill yourself by say jumping off a cliff and not realising the drop would that count as a PK? Also the section regarding "Door rolls are as follows: Wood (Trap)doors - 17+ without a pick, 10+ with. Iron (Trap)doors - 19+ without a pick, 15+ with. Locked Signs (Gates, Lifts, etc) - 17+ without a pick, 10+ with. Glass - 12+" Just a bit confused on this one as I do not know who the roll system works on the server, I have experience with Garry's mod roll system but not sure on MC. And lastly I understand the rest of the rules however with no past knowledge or understanding of what playing LOTC is like I would appreicate it if someone could give me a quick run down or if there's a video with some of the basics covered. How did you find out about Lord of the Craft?: Like years back I watched a video and saw the application process and thought stuff it and was just focused on school and other stuff but I've recently got back into Minecraft and I was looking for RP servers and then remembered LOTC. Link(s) to past Whitelist Applications (If applicable): / / I had my trial moderator application for Icefuse networks but I can't find it due to the server I staffed on was taken down & can't find my actual civilian whitelist for santos rp. Have you logged into the server yet? (You cannot be whitelisted without logging in at least once): Yeah I just went on it a second ago Definitions Feel free to Google the answers or browse our forums, but make sure that you write the reply in your own words, not those of another website or person! Plagiarizing will result in the automatic denial of your application! What is roleplaying?: Roleplaying is when you taken on a role as a character, when roleplaying you remain in character meaning you do not do things that would break character. e.g/ I swear often however if I were to be roleplaying a younger being this wouldn't be a trait they would take on. What is metagaming?: Meta gaming is when you use information obtained out of character in character. e.g/ Someone says on the forums or discord or whatever saying they just found a crap ton of valuable resources and they said where they lived, using this in character (in game) would be considered meta gaming What is power-emoting (powergaming)?: Is when you force an action upon someone to gain an advantage over them. e.g/ Doing a emote or action without giving them a chance to react. In-Character Information Now you actually make your character - be creative but stay reasonable! Make sure they make sense and that they follow lore. Try to come up with a character that you actually want to play. Character’s name: (what do you want your character to be called?) Thomas Tucker Character’s sex: (male or female?) Male Character’s race: (you can find all the playable races here.) Human Character’s age: (upon application, your character must be 18 or older, and depending on the race, they can be over five hundred years old!) 21 Biography (Please make it a decent two paragraphs long. Remember to add three references to the server lore): (where does your character come from?; where have they traveled to?; what year were they born in? et cetera.) Thomas Tucker is a Highlander which was brought up on a small farm in The Kingdom of Courland, he was born in 1586 and he had no mother after she died whilst giving birth to Thomas. He lived with his Father in which he was taught the ways of war and combat. His Father had also wanted to be a warrior when he was a child but due to a injury to his right arm, caused when he was 19 he was unable to be allowed to fight amongst fellow warriors. His Father was a strong believer in the Church of Canon, Thomas was taught their beliefs and soon enough through his childhood he had became to respect the religion more and more. He had never knew anything more than the area around Courland and the thought of anywhere else frightened him when he was young however through growing up in the tough environment of constant improvement to his skill set he became braver and more adventurous. When Thomas was in his teens he had become more interested in the world outside of Courland, determined to see what it was like. One night he fled the little village he knew and "borrowed" a horse from a nearby farm and enough food to last him a few days, far enough from home in the middle of no where he came across some bandits in which pursued to rob him, he was brave and cocky and thought that he was invincible. He had thrown a punch at one of the bandits in attempt to dis arm the man and take his sword, he was beaten and nearly killed. Thankfully, a military escort was passing by for unknown reasons to this day and had scared the bandits away before they could cause damage to Thomas. He was told to go back home by the carriage driver and indeed he did, when he arrived at home he was punished, forced to clean filth and conduct hard labour. Now at twenty one years of age he is now skilled in combat and has a discipline and respect for his superiors, he understands the consequences of his actions and seeks now to become apart of something bigger and rewarding, with the money he has accumulated he is now seeking a house to join in which he can be loyal to a Lord and fight for a righteous cause. Personality Traits: (what are your character's quirks?; habits?; likes and dislikes?) Thomas Tucker is a young adult who is interested in fighting for what he believes is right, he is a determined character in which sometimes works to his disadvantage, he never gives up and always follows the righteous path. He dislikes orcs and has a strong dislike for them, ever since he was young his father had taught him what they were like and told him to always make sure to never trust one. Ambitions: (what does your character aspire to be?) Thomas Tucker wishes to follow the path his father was going to take and become a warrior, he has always wanted to be what his father had also aspired to but never had become. Strengths/Talents: (what is your character really, really good at?) Thomas Tucker is very muscular and strong, he is skillful in the art of battle and has a vast knowledge of how to fight in un expected terrain and ambushed situations. He has a strong grip and is able to carry himself with an unnatural amount of weight. He has been taught by his father how to ride horseback and he can ride to a basic standard. Weaknesses/Inabilities: (what is a skill that your character needs to work on?) He is not very fast due to his body mass, he is not very good at socialising and is only comfortable around people he knows and trusts, additionally he doesn't trust little to no one. Appearance: (what does your character look like?; how tall are they?; hair color?; scars?) Thomas Tucker is roughly six foot one and weighs around one hundred and eighty pounds, he has brown hair with greasy strands that are distinct, he has blue eyes with large pupils, under his eyelid is a small cut that has scarred. He has a small cross of a birthmark just below his collar bone that is slightly black but with small specks of brown. Skin: (please provide us a screenshot of your character’s skin; if you need help, see our screenshot guide here.)
  6. If possible could someone help me with my human character I'm hoping to make? I'm in teamspeak

    1. Amordrin 🃏

      Amordrin 🃏

      hey i don't have a mic but if you message me, be it on discord, the forums, skype, or wherever really, i can help :)