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  1. Wheresoever formidable shadows and fell-things crept and lingered, searing Light was sure to follow. Within the room which the Templar dwelt in, he would reminisce. Feanor would most distinctly recall the were-beasts which leapt with horrifying accuracy. Distantly he recalled the warnings of the Shadow Druid - and a word fell from his lips. "Palebeast." Of the other beings which they witnessed that day, he wondered distantly how many, in disguise or other forms, he had met before. Perhaps most of all what troubled the elf was not the ferocity of that which they faced, but the cyclical frequency of their actions. He looked upon the single glowing ring carved into his right palm, where that brilliant heaven-wrought hammer often rested. The scar still burned, even now.
  2. OOC: Looking forward to the directions explored by this culture. Feel free to let me know if you'd enjoy other resources or cultural documents in reference to the Old Ones, especially Dagnir.
  3. A curious-minded elven man, whose blood and creation were both born of divinity in servile forms, eyes the strange document among many others. "Perhaps my old acquaintance is at it again. Worth keeping an eye on."
  4. Feanor Sylvaeri hopes a piece of Norli's soul wasn't sucked into the last project they collaborated on together...
  5. "Another Ipos?" a retiree reads the missive. "And Sable Prince. Perhaps I'll pay a visit, see what this one is like."
  6. A crate of whiskey would be shipped to Evar'tir's address by funny masked clay-men who scurry off should Evar'tir get the crossbow. Along with it, a set of matching aprons and a spatula for Medli.
  7. I get flashbacks sometimes to the time when my city was getting attacked by flying demons and some random woman who walked in asked why we were killing the very obviously hostile bloodthirsty demons flying around trying to throw people into gorges. Theres not much can be done overall to accurately portray fear when as players we naturally get detached from the emotions of our characters. Conflict just isn't for some people, but then again sitting around doing casual rp in the middle of a raid, event, etc. while its ongoing and in emote range of you doesn't show great situational awareness. I dont often see trauma or if I do its usually downplayed (that sort of rp can also be exhausting longterm), and what may take us as people irl several years to cope with if we dont permanently live with is just so negligible from an rp perspective. Got trauma as a kid from seeing a head ripped off? Not really a whole lot people wanting to do therapy rp, plus say 30 years is 30 irl weeks, so that's fast. I do agree its ridiculous when you see the occasional fearless child rp (had a lot of these when I did rp as a guard years back, Dominion started hucking the kids down the stairs and such) But overall the lack of fear rp and of consequence causes another problem you touched on: endless revitalization of land, cities, cultures, and races (minus the occasional hard shelf). So long as there is an OOC understanding there is always going to be a city to go to, a community of people and new maps to explore, characters can simply go from town to town as they are evicted or lost across several years, never truly role-playing fear, trauma or loss as it is inconvenient or not enforced.
  8. The concept of simply 'burning' impure beings of any sort isn't really as problematic as prior versions. What in all is presented here is a lot more fair and balanced compared to prior versions of the magic. The former cleric write (pre-Lore games) featured several spells that would simply burn regardless of knowing for certain whether or not the individual was dark. It is exceptionally prohibited in the modern day to be able to just shoot holy fire into a crowd - such a thing actually being done before - and picking out the 1 or 2 disguised dark creatures. The majority of Dark CAs/MAs often feature some form of disguise or illusory ability to be able to navigate around regardless. Very rare is it for them to openly attack, and if it were to happen it is most likely certainly under some sort of open desire to roleplay. Happy the aspect of prophecy is being referenced - as it's been underrepresented in prior clericalism writes
  9. So that Rescue Rangers movie was wild. Better while drunk, though

  10. Once, Feanor Sylvaeri recalled the burning questions of the youth - curious and eager in his own eyes. He had showed Avius great ruins and black spires, told him of the black-sword of Azdromoth which the younger elf chased. He had wanted to tell Avius of the cursed answer he found, what that infernal blade truly was - and now the opportunity would never come.
  11. The bearer of the Arm of Aeriel, last remnant relic of the Order former, looks upon the happenings westward. Their intentions would be revealed in due time.
  12. A retired elf looks upon the documents with enthusiasm. The revelations within provoke terrors in the night of bloody rituals and dark dealings: a life left behind in Arcas, come to haunt him again. "Juniper and Lothar - if the latter is who I believe..." Off he rode. "They've only touched the surface."
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