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  1. It took a while for the news to reach her, but it hit just as hard. There was so much she hadn't said. So much she hadn't done. And so much more that she should have. "Gomen, ani..." Akemi sat with her head in her hands, and her back to the wall. For the first time in her life, Akemi lit a blunt.
  2. Akemi held the letter tight. Somewhere far away, beneath a very different sakura, she lit a candle; some incense as well.
  3. Take care fiend, all the best wishes to you and I hope ur life is epic and things turn out great soon <3 <3 <3 stay safe!!!
  4. Notice of Death With a heavy heart the Watanabe Clan announce Watanabe Kasuga’s passing. His passing has been confirmed as misuse of elven narcotics. Friends and family are invited to honor him in the coming months at the Celia’nor Tea house. Watanabe Clan, 185 S.A
  5. That’s on editing team smh… but I’ll drop some stuff in anyway when I get back to my pc o7 (also I’m 85% sure u need ST but I’m not 100% sure…)
  6. BM Tweakeries Embark - Non Combative Old New Purpose As it stands, the Embark ritual is more of a one-way trip. You have 10 narrative minutes– or 30 OOC minutes– to interact with the tear you’ve made, any creatures that come out of it, or any creatures that greet you once inside. I understand it’s not supposed to be easy by any means, but it shouldn’t be this hard. Already, the ST have total control of the ritual; whether the req to attempt it is accepted, where the rift will lead, what will come out of it, whether the players will live or not– etc. Even with this amendment, ST management/ST can still control how long they want the tear to be open– even if it doesn’t respect the additional time/units. If ST believes that a req/attempt will be poorly used, abused, misused, or otherwise prove too complicated, then they can deny it, as per standard Embark redlines. (An additional point to the above, it sometimes takes a group– ST included– twenty or so minutes to emote. That’s roughly half, or more than half of the allotted time, especially if the group is large, if they have particularly slow emoters, if there are complications on the ST’s end (IRL or in game), so on and so forth.) As for the minor, more aesthetic variation of Embark; it’s a fun, harmless addition that provides more fruit to the second slot. The second slot is already woefully underdeveloped, and I think an addition like this will take it one step closer to being a worthwhile choice. As well, Embark already aesthetically replaces the function of lifts. Why shouldn’t it replace the function of SS-ing? The reason a genus count isn’t necessitated for the aesthetic variation is because necessitating a genus count for a mechanic that's often spammed throughout the day would undermine its purpose as a lore explanation for soulstoning. A similar reason is in place for the rite of reflection, which served to replace birds when they existed outside the pluggin. It has no genus count, and it also serves to replace a non-stationary (ie: lifts), server-wide mechanic. It's also a harmless mechanic that provides no tangible gain beyond fun or flavor. Credits: @EdenCringe for peer review @Lockagesfor peer review @Punished_Pup for peer review
  7. This. Define what can break plate/get thru and how many emotes it takes. I’ve heard abt/seen a lotta people use plate to tank everything, perform dextrous dodges, run full speed on par w/ a guy w/out armor, backflip up a tree, or scale a cliff w/ their armored hands if they so please. I don’t expect ur avg lotcer to know the ins and outs of an armor that hasn’t been used in centuries. The team should set up a clear guideline that ppl can refer to— even if it’s not ENTIRELY accurate w/ all referenced materials (ie: youtube videos, media, etc). If movement limits aren’t going to be enforced/defined, set up clear strats to beat plate that players can’t argue abt; reference youtube, speculate, or just say “err no, im plated :/“. Smth solid so no 1 gotta ping a mod oh and pls consider setting up a base strength or a base age or smth…… idk the amount of children I’ve seen in plate is absurd
  8. Akemi inflated with pride. She pinned the ranking within the Watanabe Tea House kitchen, and made sure the Celia'nor edition was up to code!!! "Good job, Mei."
  9. Kani Tweaks ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Originally: [T5] Abjuring Strike [Aggressive] New: Originally: [T1] Orbit [Passive] New: Originally: [T1] Condensing [Passive] New: Purpose: Credits: @Punished_Pup for more particle ideas @glassyskiesfor peer review
  10. Take care fiend, stay safe and may ur future b BRIGHT and may u b PROSPEROUS in WHATEVER u do (pls give me free food)
  11. Stay safe habibi, healthy, happy, and know you’re valued <3 i hope your health issues resolve soon!
  12. Akemi went through the seven stages of grief over the several minutes it took to read through the missive; concluding (mostly) after reaching the bottom.
  13. IGN: Moon_Is_Innocent DISCORD: Moonish_Imp#1468 SKIN: Offcuts 1: Brita AMOUNT: 120
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