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  1. Kani Tweaks ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Originally: [T5] Abjuring Strike [Aggressive] New: Originally: [T1] Orbit [Passive] New: Originally: [T1] Condensing [Passive] New: Purpose: Credits: @Punished_Pup for more particle ideas @glassyskiesfor peer review
  2. Take care fiend, stay safe and may ur future b BRIGHT and may u b PROSPEROUS in WHATEVER u do (pls give me free food)
  3. Stay safe habibi, healthy, happy, and know you’re valued <3 i hope your health issues resolve soon!
  4. Akemi went through the seven stages of grief over the several minutes it took to read through the missive; concluding (mostly) after reaching the bottom.
  5. IGN: Moon_Is_Innocent DISCORD: Moonish_Imp#1468 SKIN: Offcuts 1: Brita AMOUNT: 120
  6. IGN: Moon_Is_Innocent Discord: Moonish_Imp#1468 SKIN: Offcuts 1: Brita AMOUNT: 80 minas
  7. MC Name: Moon_Is_Innocent Persona Name: The Traveler Persona ID: #68062
  8. IGN: Moon_Is_InnocentDiscord: Moonish_Imp#1468Skin: Brita's Independence DressBid: 125 (If I'm too late, disregard and give it to sarah! (I don't mean to bid snipe - just forgot... So so sorry!)
  9. Take care fiend, I wish you the best of luck and success wherever you go <3 stay safe!
  10. This is already kind of a thing, as most people won’t be able to patch their wounds in the heat of battle, and it already takes 2 emotes to activate a combative item. I agree with ben’s post, restricting who uses it won’t fix anything, a clear tell might. Bleeding on your item, or using it to wound / kill someone is already kind of what’s done; it gets blood on the item, and more often than not, it’s apparent that someone’s bled on it. I think an effect or something similar — like say the item begins to warp, the blood bubbles, froths, the item oozes smth, or smth else — on the item in particular is a more notable way to alert someone that “Oh!! This item’s magic — it’s one of those vile blood items!!!” As well, if the ST deem a player to be over producing, they CAN — as stated in the redlines of ensorcell material — refuse to sign the item. If the issue persists, they can enact some form of punishment on the player. I don’t know if they have yet, but they can and should in some instances. There are plenty of issues with bm, but I don’t see restricting players use on not only combat items, but harmless, and purely aesthetic items as the way to go.
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