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  1. MC Name: Moon_Is_Innocent Persona Name: The Traveler Persona ID: #68062
  2. IGN: Moon_Is_InnocentDiscord: Moonish_Imp#1468Skin: Brita's Independence DressBid: 125 (If I'm too late, disregard and give it to sarah! (I don't mean to bid snipe - just forgot... So so sorry!)
  3. Take care fiend, I wish you the best of luck and success wherever you go <3 stay safe!
  4. This is already kind of a thing, as most people won’t be able to patch their wounds in the heat of battle, and it already takes 2 emotes to activate a combative item. I agree with ben’s post, restricting who uses it won’t fix anything, a clear tell might. Bleeding on your item, or using it to wound / kill someone is already kind of what’s done; it gets blood on the item, and more often than not, it’s apparent that someone’s bled on it. I think an effect or something similar — like say the item begins to warp, the blood bubbles, froths, the item oozes smth, or smth else — on the item in particular is a more notable way to alert someone that “Oh!! This item’s magic — it’s one of those vile blood items!!!” As well, if the ST deem a player to be over producing, they CAN — as stated in the redlines of ensorcell material — refuse to sign the item. If the issue persists, they can enact some form of punishment on the player. I don’t know if they have yet, but they can and should in some instances. There are plenty of issues with bm, but I don’t see restricting players use on not only combat items, but harmless, and purely aesthetic items as the way to go.
  5. Tears fell, and incense was burned.
  6. Somewhere within the seven skies, Atsuki welcomed Linli with open arms. Reunited at last. Most likely...
  7. I agree, this lockages guy is an absolute menace. Very cringe individual..
  8. A Wedding by the Sea =-~ -=~+~=- ~-= =-~ -=~+~=- ~-= [!] The depiction of an establishment, loosely inspired by the various buildings within Yong Ping. =-~ -=~+~=- ~-= [!] A rice paper missive would be delivered to those who lived within Yong Ping, left in mailboxes, or given via courier. The kanji for the Watanabe family (渡辺) decorating the exterior of the invitations. Be it viewed, or read aloud, each missive would detail the following: “You have cordially been invited to the wedding of Nuldar Dogro Dasemon, and the kindhearted/lovely? Watanabe Tsukiya. The union shall take place within the portside building; Jie-Lu One. Afterwards, a Nijikai (二次会), a less formal reception hosted just after the initial ceremony, will be held in the same location. With catering, performances, and more taking place during the Nijikai." Signed, Watanabe Tsukiya Nuldar Dogro Dasemon --------------------=-------------------- [!] Specific invites would be extended to the following via Courier! A courier who would not leave the recipient alone until they had received the missive.. Kato Oijin, and the Kato family -=- Chen Wenping, and the Chen family -=- Tianrui Ren, and the Tianrui family -=- Ishikawa Linli, and the Ishikawa family -=- The Dasemon family -=- Any remaining members of the Watanabe family -=- Watanabe Shiro -=- Kin, and their family -=- Yukio, and their family [OOC: The Wedding is on Saturday, February 26th, at 7 p.m. EST]
  9. A Seaside Sale -~=+=~- A depiction of Jie-Lu Nine-teen and Jie-Lu Twenty would rest upon the page. -=~+~=- [!] The following message would have been written on a rice paper scroll. "Houses Jie-Lu Nine-teen and Jie-Lu Twenty are for sale. For a down payment of eight mina, and a total of twelve minas per Elven Week, either one of the houses can be yours. For more information, contact Watanabe Akemi."
  10. skin: Cozy capelet bid: 120 minas discord: beautifulwatty#6584 Skin: Cozy Caplet Bid: 145 minas Discord: Moonish_Imp#1468
  11. [!] It seems the sands of change had come over the Oasis, a new era rising as an older era faded into the history books. With this change, this shift of sorts, new things were bound to come. But what? That was left to be seen. Hopefully, the bakery that a certain lass had stopped at during her travels would still remain, as well as the talented cook who seemed to run it.
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