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  1. Telanir is actually good, dw.


  2. Will you help me become Admin.
  3. ElvenMomma

    Safety Team

    Honestly the biggest lesson here for staff to learn here is learning to come up with risk management when it comes to implementing ideas. Most of the time anyone tries to do anything they never assess the risks that could arise with their idea and because they never do that you get something like the Safety Team (which finding out the origins behind the idea makes me even mad it was completely bastardize). As far as I can tell no risks were ever considered when making this team, and I doubt any time was taken to decide what to do if this idea didn’t work out. The reason this team was conceptualized in the first place was due to the shitty handling of harassment cases on part of the staff team regarding people displaying predatory behavior to people and under aged people in general. Please just give the person, who actually spent the time assessing the risks involved in making something like this rather than just turning it into a shitty band-aid because the forums blew up because Tythus was unable to deal with the situation and you weren’t trusted to deal with it correctly and quietly, the ability to do so.
  4. Jimbo cracks his knuckles as he will be doing security detail and will flatten any who dare break in
  5. So much to flame today and not enough time.

    1. LoTC's Next Top Model

      LoTC's Next Top Model

      gobble my cock, munchkin. you don’t know flame, you ain’t been where i been. i’m out here crankin web like a seamstress. i’m bustin and hustlin like a first-age liberal. i’m framin the jews for homicide. i’m feeding the disadvantaged of peurto rico, motherfucker. i’m out here stretchin my guns guns guns my dude. 

      you think you flamin? dude, you ain’t seen nothin. i’m out here eatin the jerky and leavin the chese on the shelf, homeskillet. i’m fryin the beef no matter what doom said. high blood pressure gonna turn into high cash catcher my dude. i’m out here commiting white collar crimes and i won’t see a day in the slammer because of my white collar genes, you feel? i’m out here embezzling and defrauding investors, and you think you flamin? get out of here child

    2. ElvenMomma


      Gonna submit a BR against you. Actually shaking rn

  6. Nothing was said, but the system is geared towards that mindset where charters need to compete against each other for the most activity. The cooperation part I meant in terms of NLs cooperating with smaller charters, not with the staff. For the lock again, is there then an ETA when it would be removed? Seeing the words “We will not allow new charters to form for the foreseeable future” makes me feel like this is going to be another thing that we staff say and nothing ever gets done.
  7. Why are players being punished with a charter lock because charters weren’t properly dealt with before the whole lag situation happened. The Activity System itself needs a proper overhaul so NLs aren’t competing against each other the entire time there needs to be some form of cooperation involved in this system.
  8. We can enchant the Wooden Swords with like Unbreaking, tag them with numbers so people don’t smuggle them out if that was a worry.
  9. Tempted to make a Discord server for LotC RP so I can better moderate meme RP.
  10. Once again the event has been cancelled, please refrain from mentioning it IC in your emotes
  11. Parion event line has been voided, and we are now returning back to serious RP please, some people just want to RP. Looking at you @Tythus and @Telanir.
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