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  1. Also makes sense to explain why the big vampires would butcher a bunch of people to open these bad bois.
  2. [!] A missive was pinned to various noticeboards around the realm, its contents brief -=- The Sun's Farewell Cold and silent, lost in the cosmos No fiery descent, no final blaze Eternal Twilight [OOC] Below there was a message in Caecic, which only MA Seers can read.
  3. "So much for being able to have outrun him.." A woman in blue comments upon hearing the news.
  4. Actually Myst, you don't understand how important and powerful and how much sense it makes that my character can revive via this method. /srs
  5. Laerdya felt herself short of breath after dwelling upon the news, many thoughts ran rampant through her mind, a terrible woe erodes at her, nothing could seem to go right, no matter how desperate her attempts.
  6. Laerdya looks foward to the new changes that would be coming to Celia'nor in due time!
  7. Honestly just a good QoL change, I find making people spam emotes for such things just tedious but it accounts if someone happens to be by the Seer when they're using the spell in question.
  8. Laerdya looked over the missive in a brief glance, years had she worked for Celia'nor, since before Ivarielle founded Celia'nor, she asked no praise, she asked no reward. She felt it selfish what she read. She found it lacked understanding, flame is fickle, it can burn brilliant bright, to lowly embers, in a state of flux. She took note of the name, an individual that had never approached her, and decides she'll investigate with the other councilors to see if they were approached about this sentiment.
  9. Laerdya gives it an idle glance over "You claim you wish to strengthen our bonds, yet you were unable to deal with the matter privately, having the need to 'showcase the wrong' for the world to see, which to me suggests your claim is not as strong as you wish it so." She'd remark before carrying on with her day.
  10. Laeryda looks forward to seeing the list expand.
  11. Guys, I don't think Funky realized he disabled comments.. 

  12. Laerdya smiled with the return of Illthrak, good tidings with his return, the Prince heralded by a Silver Phoenix when he took to the Celia'norian Throne "Ay'Celia'nor, Ay'Illthrak."
  13. A Wanderer decided to read over the text when brought to her, a roll of the eyes when finished reading them "So much I could say, but I can't be bothered to waste my breath, stick your head in the sand as you lot seemingly do. It is no wonder you can't progress." She thought about how ironic it was, almost two elven years later, and Haelun'or was back where it was when she left it.
  14. Laerdya peers over these lines as she read the missive brought to her and came into a bout of laughter "If one considers a civilization thriving and in prosperity after single handily spilt the 'Aheral race in half, and having the entire world turn against him outside the Uruks, then ti, Haelun'or certainly thrived and prospered under his tenure." She'd begin to make plans for Celia'nor to be ready for an influx of those seeking refuge from the 'great' minded Braxus Ni'leya as he'll likely drive Haelun'or into the ground once more as he did many years ago should he somehow manage to acquire even a mote of power. Though a shiver runs down his spine for all the larian of Haelun'or, as she recalls the degenerative behavior of those closest to Braxus. "I'm curious, will he be stupid enough to have Mali'ker children in caves again as slaves."
  15. A founding Celia'norian cackles as she read the missive, after all, she did tell Braxus what he needed to do to save Haelun'or, but like many other fools her words were not heeded. "Insanity is repeating oneself and expecting a different result, watch him fracture our people for a second time with his dangerously idiotic inability to listen to anyone but loyal dogs that display degenerative behavior." She comments
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