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  1. Tbh if someone wrote up a system and all parties agree to using said system there shouldn't be any issue as we have the cooperative RP rules. And allowing people to pick a mixture of options how they wish to go about combat wouldn't hurt.
  2. I feel like this would be the case if LotC didn’t have such a hard time dealing with bad actors who use IRP/OOC positions of power for malicious or OOC purposes, but it does, and I don’t think these people will be dealt with in a reasonable time before RP has been permanently hindered, and it is much easier to prevent these issues by stomping them in certain areas before they arise. We’ll just have to see how it pans out if this type of disconnection goes through and actually make adjustments quickly so players aren’t having their groups stagnate due to how some lore pieces are.
  3. Well my reasoning wasn’t to protect someone’s magic Roleplay, but to protect players as a whole from a shitty power dynamic that can be formed from the lack of ‘tenants’, as stuff like this has happened in the past and is currently happening. And I don’t mean stuff that happens IRP but stuff that can happen OOCly, from what I’ve seen with a few other magics I just don’t think players are capable of having free reign of being able to have disconnection without it being abused in some form. I do agree that having OOC protections can cheapen RP, but all RP gets cheapened when OOC gets involved, and I don’t have confidence that a large enough portion of the LotC player base is able to disconnect themselves reasonably enough from RP and OOC. So it comes down to weighing why OOC measures have been put in place and if the sacrifice they come with is worth it. I do wish to note that I keep in mind the assurances that the no tenant disconnection won’t be abused by the current player base, but that does not mean the future when a new player base has formed, won’t abuse the disconnection. To argue on behalf of OOC protections (Tenants) this at least ensures some form of RP has happened to warrant a disconnection. Person A commits crime that goes against tenants while Person B was watching, thus causing Person A to go into hiding to avoid disconnection while Person B gathers fellow allies to hunt down Persona A for their crimes. As of right now it could literally be. Persona A looked at Person B funny, so Persona B rallies his allies to disconnect Person A. One makes for more interesting RP but the other one simply doesn’t and why people wish for Tenants when it comes to magics that have disconnection, to prevent characters having their progression staggered brutally because of an RP that lacks substance to allow a character to develop from. Something like Disconnection can open up a variety of interesting RP possibilities as argued but that requires the reasoning behind Disconnection to be decent. Though if the LT feel that this type of disconnection is worth adding I do hope it is, at the very least, closely monitored. But I think as a whole Disconnection needs a major revamp to prevent issues brought on by tenants and no tenants disconnection.
  4. I’d like to tack on to this, as I mainly feel there is a portion of players that if they got hold of this magic, they’d attempt to circle jerk and I’m just afraid of some of the **** they’d do OOCly with the power dynamic they’d hold over players.
  5. Mia simply huffs upon hearing the news, her thoughts dwelling on a friend she know will take the news heavily. But she’d quietly ask herself “What if things turned out differently?” She’d quickly disregard the question as her mind was filled with a thought. “Perhaps, things will changes, or perhaps not. I can only pray to Tahariae for change of the home of my people and be ready if required of me.”
  6. Grabs some popcorn and starts eating.

  7. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  8. Mfw I gave him a video game to work on other lore then he just spent two days doing this instead. ? Looks pretty cool though, adding an interesting way to stir non-violent conflicts for characters that might prefer that way.
  9. Anyone doing Mina commissions for skins? Looking to get a entirely new skin for someone’s new persona.

  10. Honestly just as long as it goes to all teachers it shouldn’t be an issue.
  11. Let me become Story Admin, okay thank you.


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