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  1. Honestly just as long as it goes to all teachers it shouldn’t be an issue.
  2. I don’t like where this is going.
  3. Let me become Story Admin, okay thank you.


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  4. Looking for someone who wants to play a kid, DM me on Discord @ Pup#0428.


  5. Lore games boutta go on forever now.

  6. Pup

    Harmony [PK]

    At first Mia felt guilt to the situation that had happened, after all, she had played some minor part in the happening. But she heard some words the Mali had spoken about herself and another. She had a silent rage build up in herself. She knew there was only one way for him to know to make such threats, so she felt she knew what her old ‘friends’ and ‘family’ intentions with her were. But in the end, Myst was right, and she felt they’d get what they wanted. Mia was dead. Everything that made her in the past the friends and family she surrounded herself with, the warm happiness she once held in her heart was simply gone. For a time she was alone but shortly after, she found a new family and set of friends to help her through what she felt must been her path in life. They will help her through the chaos that has been stirred, help her adapt to the coming storm, so perhaps one day, she might do the same for another, like she wished. To guide them through this world. ---=0=--- Jimbo Uialben let out a scream that could be heard through Sutica, upon a minute hearing this news “IT’S MUNTING TIME!” he’d scream as he’d begin to search See you on Korvic Craft o7
  7. Someone wonders “Who in the **** did this?”
  8. LotC died to corona virus.

  9. Best trade deal of 2020.


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  11. “I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”


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  12. I thank thy oh great restarter of LotC, for the rest of our gods have left us to suffer.

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  13. Golden.

  14. Keerla simply frowns upon hearing this news, wondering what to do with the information that she’d been cursed with no one to guide her. Once again, someone who had the ability to help them vanished, though thankfully she took comfort in not being alone. An exhausted Mali’Aheral picks themselves off the floor, dried tears stained to their face, as they’d make their way towards their journal, readying herself to write down the events that had transpired upon hearing the news, reading the old entries bringing tears to her face once again. Entry Sixteen since she started keeping the journal was when Mia had recently wrote about Caestella and now she’d be in Entry Eighteen as she begun to pen it. She’d have to write it a few times over, the shivering returned to her hands, as she’d lean her head against the wall, looking off distantly as the tears were welling. She recalled how desperate the lari once was when Daerine was in danger from Haelun’or, and as result she did everything she could to free the child from that place. She remembered guiding Caestella from Irrnior to her Farm after being outlawed by Haelun’or. She let out a roar as rage filled her once more, before promptly falling back to the floor, looking at the broken mirror, seeing her form. Hair ruffled, tired eyes, awfully pale face, and ruined makeup. She remembered what Rhael had said about them. But all she could really see in this mirror, was nothing but a frightened child. She pushed it away, not caring if she’d cut herself or not. She’d simply cuddle herself as she whimpered on the floor “Oh.. Anya.. Daerine.. Rhael.. Please don’t go.. I’ve been so distant but I’m still driven by fear like a mouse of what would happen..” Loneliness gripped the woman, leaving her unable to speak anymore. She’d awaken the next day, letting out a huff as she’d take comfort in the fact that she could still fulfill the promise she gave to woman since they last spoke. It would be the only way to honour Caestella. Fate had willed it so.
  15. Never make anything again. I do not say this often to people. So heed my words. Was pretty funny tho ngl.
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