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  1. Go back I want to be MONKE


  2. Looking for something to do on my main cheese High Elf, anyone got suggestions or something I could join.

    1. Asuno


      Become an epic Ninja High Elf that kills other Ninja High Elfs!!

  3. Pup


    I don't have Birds anymore : (
  4. Mia reads over the Missive after passing through, pondering a moment from all she has seen and heard in regards to the situation, all she manages to muster is a small sigh before going to head home and begin tiling some fields.
  5. Good to see your ability to **** post has not faltered over the months.
  6. Aka he is gonna play League with whoever wants to play it with him.
  7. If you need help with transferring the maps I know a few guys
  8. Pup

    Return to me, Blago.

    1. blago


      Just ordered new PC parts 

    2. Pup
  9. **** LotC, all my homies hate LotC.

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    2. Llir


      Thanks Pup, very cool!

    3. Telanir


      Wow, LotC must be pretty awesome. 😎

    4. blago


      *** u Pop

  10. I’ve been gone for about a month and idk what the **** is happening anymore. This server be wilding.

  11. Idk is it just me or has RP communities in general just become a **** ton more toxic? Realized some of that salt was rubbing off on me recently 😬

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    2. Ark


      I’ve had the opposite experience personally, now feel like now that the average maturity on the server is so much better than it was when I first started playing. 

    3. Pup


      Yeah I think is kinda whack because for the most part I’d say the few people I run with aren’t really toxic, but I found the RPing community at large seems more toxic than when I first started back in like 2011, but I just keep hearing so much stories of people dealing with toxic stuff that it makes me feel bad, but I just feel like a lot more people are just kinda playing for whatever little power they can get rather than just tryna have fun. A lot of the time I see IC and OOC clash with each other so it just kinda ruins the experience imo. 

    4. Lojo613


      Its about the same level of toxicity as it was in 2014


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