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  1. Chromie


    Would get a light glare in his eyes as he pulls off his scarf from his mouth than unfolding it from his head as he shakes his dreads than states Habibi, Mi Want Mix in this He’d say as he quickly informed the other sugarfoots of the new Thain of Dunshire
  2. Chromie

    7.0 Annoucement!

    I Like the ring idea but I recommend bringing the first ring in, no builds for 750 blocks really causes new players to feel as if they couldn't find anything. Even if, I Liked how belvitz was built around the road, and how close it was. It fit perfect instead of having a road that goes in the front of a city, it's a road that goes through and it provides more rp. I suggest making it to where no builds for 300 blocks I suggest.
  3. Chromie

    [Community Review] Current Raid Rules Draft

    I would prefer not, as would half the community, when you make the new poll instead of removing what people MOSTLY complained about it will be kept as just limiting i.e instead of an hour you will lower it. NOBODY WANTS IT, some people are just being nice and saying the most they can live with Is 20-30 minutes but in reality it shouldn't' even be there. So don't bother, nobody wants it unless you are revamping your whole revamped system
  4. Chromie

    [Community Review] Current Raid Rules Draft

  5. Chromie

    [Community Review] Current Raid Rules Draft

    I quite disagree with these rules on certain things and I made a google doc expressing my feeling on it https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HhKmF9WSAOMt-ANk85RwdjC6gIWuUersXPaIUh2tsog/edit?usp=sharing
  6. Chromie

    [Community Review] Current Raid Rules Draft

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HhKmF9WSAOMt-ANk85RwdjC6gIWuUersXPaIUh2tsog/edit?usp=sharing That right there describes my opinion. I went over all the bullet points I felt were controversial and put it into the eyes of the players, Staff take a look at it, players take a look at it. Everybody take a look at it.
  7. Chromie

    [Community Review] Current Raid Rules Draft

    I 100% Agree, As will I give a more detailed response later.
  8. Chromie

    [Community Review] Current Raid Rules Draft

    no no no, I like how you raised the minimum amount of people till a raid is 4 and you defined raid baiting and all but like I don't want battering rams, I don't want an hour advantage. Like I was fine when people would stall rp till more people rallied instead of giving people an hour heads up. They shouldn't even get a 20 minute. It should be 5 minutes tops. I don't think the excuse for an hour heads up is that they had scouts, then have somebody scout in character instead of that being the reasoning for an hour advantage
  9. What kind of ban are you appealing? Server Minecraft Usernames LargeMagnum, ItzThatEz Ban Reason For blatantly X-raying in the mines for pixels, i.e Iron, diamonds then following with an attempted alt. Players Involved 501warhead By your own understanding, why are you banned? By my understand I believe I am banned for the fact that I was aware of breaking the rule of x-raying and using hacks to give myself an unfair advantage compared to other players who play fair. I used x-ray which gave me the funding to constantly pvp and break rules. When doing so I got caught by 501warhead then when waiting for my appeal to be looked over I attempted an alt which extended it. Why should you be pardoned? I feel I should be pardoned for the fact that I truly miss lotc with a passion, I've even been looking over the forums constantly recently and looking at new rules posted, keeping in contact with narthok about the raid rules he tried to put in. I even messaged fireheart asking if there was anything I could do since I had missed this server so much. https://imgur.com/a/rZJg5Nv In the paragraph at the top I was explaining that I was willing to do anything to come back. Even if that isn't proof that I love this server, I constantly put my input in on things and started actively participating in forum post. I talk in discord sometimes and I have done everything I could to be involved in the server while I was banned. My computer was broken and then I got it fixed and once fixed I was just connected to the server in every way possible. I learned where I went wrong on my previous ban and I also learned that lotc was a place for me to go when I had free time and just be myself and have fun. This server is a way for me to express myself and be unique. I will do everything in my power to change. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? I'd first like to start off by saying the fact that everything I had is probably gone when coming back due to my little bases probably being evicted so I would assume that my stuff is no longer there but I want you to know that from now on I will be using either forge so I can put on mpm or other things or I will use badlion client since I cannot inject hacks into either, I will allow staff to screenshare me randomly and I will also have a staff member if they are willing to go through my computer and try to find hacks (I don't know if the client I was using had any backdoors so if you find something then just tell me how to remove it) I will become a model roleplayer and change my ways for good Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. Be Laid-back & Considerate Free-flowing roleplay and mutual respect is the fruit of a candid compromise. I was not that, I was stuck in the fantasy that my character was unbeatable, irp and in mechanics. I always constantly had issues with pvp so x-raying helped fund the armour I lost. Which is why when I come back I will not be more roleplay oriented and obviously less hacking oriented. Another guideline would be Be Encouraging & Open. I was probably one of the most toxic lotc players, if I lost a fight I would message them stuff, if I won a fight I would bug them for there head, knowing they wouldn't give it to me. This lead to me x-raying, I was the complete opposite, I was just so toxic I didn't feel as if the rules applied to me, I was an egotistical narcissistic roleplayer. So when coming back that will be the main thing I will fix about myself. Be Creative & Authentic I was not that, my persona was not creative in the sense of a fun new type, he was a meme character that I had jokes with friends about a long time ago. This made my easily impressionable mind think that they it was funny to play the character. In the end I will take him serious if I ever play him again but as of now I probably won't. I feel I broke more guidelines that were meant to push a healthy agenda but I listed them in previous ban appeals.
  10. Chromie


  11. Chromie

    [Community Review] Raids

    I agree with you but what do you think the reason the toxicity is? I don't like them, the only thing I feel you are pushing for is the no cap. Truthfully, I'm fine with or without a cap, I would prefer a raised cap but to be honest i'd rather take a 10 man cap than an entirety of the rules. It stacks against whether it be bandit/mercs, Small groups and has many holes (Actually the holes I don't know about) And even then now that I think about it, i'd rather no battering ram than a battering ram. If you raise the cap then raise the minimum amount for a raid and keep the downing rule for kidnapping and getting heads. Only thing I like, although im sure others can disagree
  12. Chromie

    [Community Review] Raids

    I'll come check it out in a month, you guys commonly just hide behind walls and the reason you win is once we are in the walls and since the defenders dont have a cap it's a 30 man meta rally vs a 10 man faction. I'm not sayingthe elves are wrong but you guys are prime examples of people who just hide behind walls.
  13. Chromie

    [Community Review] Raids

    What's the incentive for raiders to raid now?
  14. Chromie

    [Community Review] Raids

    Truthfully, I hate seeing half of the peoples opinions on this. The people that don't like raids complain that there is battering rams and that's why they have huge ass walls and multi-layered gates. Truth be told i'm going to depict the raid rules from the perspective of a logical point instead of somebody trying to avoid roleplay. 1.1 To initiate a raid the leader of a raiding party must modreq one hour in advance of the raid Okay, so the reason why I feel this is horrible is because the reason why groups would raid at lower peak times, i.e 7 players on is because of the fact that it would be a more even numbered fight. I find the fact that to give a nation an hour warning so they can both levi enough is idiotic. If a smaller group is raiding a nation when it's at a number of 12 guards on or something. Evidently nation still has the advantage, so they should deserve another hour in advance? No, this rule I feel was to put in place for the complaints of meta-rallying constantly. 1.3 Characters involved in a raid must have demonstrable allegiances A levi is a levi, I feel that if I can miraculously find a couple people who are willing to fight because they enjoy it for no pay, I feel that should be allowed. I don't feel that I should have to explain the fact that they are simply people in lotc who wish for pvp. Now i'm not saying it's a horrible rule, but I would prefer it not to be there, although I could put up with it over some other rules 1.4 Any individual that is downed during the duration of a raid (within the confines of the raided settlement and its immediacy) may be captured even if they are popped or D40. As I saw in the earlier comments which I Heavily agreed with, somebody stated that if you decide to pop them then they shouldn't be tped back. I feel as if they either /d40 or they run out of time they should. Due to the fact that as I've experienced if you pick somebody up in a raid, they instantly swing. Rules against it or not. So I feel that rule doesn't really give good clarification. Although half of it would work well. 1.5 Any individual that is downed during the duration of the raid (within the confines of the raided settlement and its immediacy) may have their head or body taken without consent. This is a good rule and I don't see the reason for nonpvpers to complain, you guys just don't want the raiders to get the satisfaction of raiding you. You feel if they have your head then it should be because you pk, I say no. If I kill you constantly during raids, and you choose not to pk, I shouldn't need your consent. I don't feel you should dictate it. 1.6 Launching a raid negates any raid cooldowns you have immediately. You are fully vulnerable to being raided. Finally! All those small settlements hiding behind the raid cooldown, it made me quite mad they could attack but we couldn't counter because we either raided them 4 days ago or somebody else did. 2.3 Battering Rams may be purchased at the Cloud Temple for (20000 minas for heavy or 10000 for light). Okay, One, everybody saying that you could easily round up 20,000 minas for a raid with some others, no. Imagine how many gates there are, imagine how often you raid and imagine how easy they break. Battering rams Help the attackers because defenders just hide in there gates the whole time, using the excuse that they don't like to pvp, but then complain when we find a way in through badly built walls. Although with badly built walls comes the issue of people stacking there walls higher. I don't know if battering rams is the way to go, but I don't feel that people should just be able to hide because they are oocly triggered from pvp. 2.5 You cannot construct "Instant" Death Traps. I like this rule, along with the sub categories, I like how it basically states the limitations to a pvp built trap, I don't feel people should be able to put you in a 1 by 1 and crit you out. This rule is a perfect add-on and I feel we should add it to the normal rules since we didn't have defined 4.1 There is no limit on numbers for any offensive or defensive raid action. I mean, I do like cap raids but I can understand where the non-pvpers are coming from. I feel we should raise the cap but not get rid of the cap, due to the fact that defenders can rally as much as they please but attackers can rally 10. Maybe bump it up to a common rally number. 4.2 If the aggressors are victorious the settlement’s raid cooldown shall be Forty Eight Hours from the beginning of the raid. I say That's an amazing rule because for smaller settlements it proves whether it breaks you or makes you, it limits people from all wanting to do freebuild and it also stacks against nations that do not have the means of power to protect themselves. I don't think you should be able to hide behind a wall because you can't protect yourself, if anything I think it should be more common for you to raid them, as it allows us do. 4.3 If the defenders are victorious the settlement’s raid cooldown shall be Fourteen Days from the day of the raid. AYEEEEEEEE CARAMBA! So if you can defend a 10 man raid as a nation you get a whole two weeks of safety. I don't think so, the most you should get is at max the same cap or a little smaller like 4 days. I felt that's a good way to break it down, if anybody wishes to debate just respond.
  15. What kind of ban are you appealing? Server Minecraft Usernames LargeMagnum, ItzThatEz Ban Reason For blatantly X-raying in the mines for pixels, i.e Iron, diamonds. And Alting Players Involved 501warhead By your own understanding, why are you banned? By my own understanding I was banned for blatantly x-raying and then alting Why should you be pardoned? I feel that I should be pardoned for the fact that I admitted to blatantly x-raying and then submitted ideas on how to fix it and if I did not attempt to alt then I would be able to apply for an unban right now. Because of this I feel the alt ban should be looked at as a warning since it was my first major time alting and did not even play on the alt. I feel that I also won't be as attached to the game as before so repeating the same issues won't happen. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? To prevent my ban I will follow the Community Guidelines, I won't xray and I won't alt. I won't feel the need to either since I won't be on this game as much as before so I won't have the little kid mindset and addiction as before. I'm here to have fun in my spare time, I do not want to ruin the experience for others. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. Be Detached yet Enthusiastic, That's probably the main Guideline that applies to me for the fact being that I got so attached I felt the need to get an advantage on the others and x-ray. I didn't realize what I was doing was that effective and killing the community until I was banned and reflected on my thoughts. See this ban was actually good for me, it gave me time to reflect on my actions and realize that not everything is about pixels. The whole time leading up to this major ban, I was killing the server by being toxic but now, I have grown up a bit and I have real life stuff I need to take care of so I won't be on as much but it'd still be nice to be apart of this server. To get that experience. The next guideline that basically lead to where I am Narcissism in Roleplay. I was so obsessed with winning that I would constantly pvp and download hacks to x-ray to fund the addiction I got from quality mineman pvp. But realizing over these 3 months how cringey it was to be banned from a server because you couldn't follow simple rules, it shows how ineffective my actions were and how much of a child I was. But now I feel that I have reflected enough and do not have to worry about anything popping up once im unbanned because i'm going to to change my ways