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  1. Chromie

    The odds against the minority

    Sorry, throughout this map I dont know how frequently you get raided or raid but raid ladders do nothing against hangovers. Defenders creativity consist of adding a hang over and 2 gates with 5 Lwc iron doors. I also challenge you to raid a popular settlement using raid ladders and rolls for buttons. Please give proof after that it was successful. And hiring somebody does nothing because you rply need no reason to take away somebodies keys so settlement owners metagame. Defenders hardly do any work to defend except for maybe belvitz since the only place they could hide before was the tavern.
  2. Created by : Vtyx Last updated : 2.20.19 The odds against the minority Throughout my time on this server, and experience i’ve built up the assumption that the odds are always stacked against you. For some groups I will yet to understand their odds but in my experience and the groups I associate with the minority always tends to lose. The main reason i’ve taken it upon myself is to write about a rule I feel in particular indefinitely ruins my communities experience quite a bit harder than others §6.6 Lava and water buckets, flint & steel, horse dismount-glitching and boat-glitching is disallowed during combat or for mechanical gain to bypass barriers/defenses. ○ However fishing rods are allowed. (I am not referring to Lava, water buckets, or flint & steel. As you read that rule, my assumption to your thoughts is that you believe there's nothing wrong with this rule. It protects the community you strive to maintain because in the end those means of breaking through defenses doesn’t justify through the roleplay. I’ll tell you why those rules evidently stack up against my communities endeavours. Take the members of brawm gang who aren’t complete dolts. They roleplay, they don’t intend on breaking rules and are the ones that successfully represented the group. This being some mentions i’d like to state is Dqnn and Simbathefatdog. Both two good friends of mine if I might add so sorry if the opinion seems bias. We commonly raid and pillage places such as curon but just stepping foot onto there lands was hard enough with the gates being an issue. So what did we do? We would find alternatives in through horses jumping off trees, and other stuff that was heavily tedious but now you repeatedly stack another thing that the opposing group of your community does on top of the last. I will go down the list, boat-glitching. The common argument spand from ‘How would you place a boat down in roleplay’ and all that which I tended to ignore because I felt it was invalid. However we would get in through boats so what’d they do? They made a rule explicitly saying that was unacceptable. Fishing rods when they had a pull mechanic. I remember we were raiding arbor and the whole scenario in the best I could describe it was utter ****. But how we got in? One of their guys fishing rodded our guys up and over to pull him into a trap but failed. He then pulled each of us up one by one. So what’s wrong with that? Well see when it conflicts with the storyline to the point of evidently breaking the enjoyment of one community a rule is set in place to stack against that community. Now we began to use horses in pvp; specifically pond__, a great player of LoTC I might add and one of the few reasons I still play to this day. We would began to get in so they made a rule that you could not mount and dismount a horse to glitch other members into the walls… I understand, so when it conflicts the majority once again, the minority since clearly being a smaller community suffers. Then to mention as insult to injury that you can use fishing rods to get into raids now is hysterical. The hysterical part is fishing rods no longer pull people, or push for that matter. What do they do? Nothing… Staff, Members of LoTC. I ask you to not look at these means as glitches. Look at it as creativity. Why should a settlement be defendable based off how many layers of walls they have and how tall the walls are. Raids are not the same, and the reason for that is once pvp starts the gates are closed and the defender hides for ten minutes so pvp can be over and they can get there cooldown. Which keep in mind that they get a five day cooldown for hiding. No casualties or nothing. So tell me, why is it raids are being discouraged more and more. Now you are handing out villainy blacklist to people who do one man raids on settlements while they are on cooldown. Literally the whole purpose of upping the raid minimum was to do that. Don’t get me wrong, people like flamelynx used to abuse this before he hardly plays now and others. I don’t believe it’s right but I don’t believe you should be able to punish somebody when they find a way the rules worked in their favor. .
  3. What kind of ban are you appealing? Discord Ban Minecraft Usernames Vtyx Reason for punishment Nonsensical pings Players Involved Fireheart_ By your own understanding, why did you recieve a punishment? Because I was overly toxic in that discord as well as obnoxious nonsensical pings Why should you be pardoned? You have my word now, I will fix up my behavior. I'm unbanned from lotc so I'm not bored enough to sit in a discord and troll/waste peoples time. I look to build a relationship with the community since I'm on thin ice What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your punishment? Less pings, and be friendly Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. They are the best thing for you
  4. Chromie


  5. No. Sorry I just dont agree. Just because something is of inconvenience doesnt mean it should affect the action of it. I am the one breaking the window commonly, I hate the fact that you can make places unraidable with 3 LWC doors so we have to find an alternative to getting in. We find the alternative and then its complained about. I get it, bandits shouldn't be able to raid so easy but I also remember every time I'd raid, yall would close two gates and then head into town square and close 1 more.
  6. Chromie

    Promote Good Combat RP, Please.

    Glad to see you also dont associate with people who are slightly deficient
  7. Chromie

    The Iron legion

    Te shu does not approve
  8. Chromie

    Cassius & Co.

    Te shu weezled his way out of a two month ban in exchange for 3 month villainy blacklist and is willing to help. Te shu reporting for duty
  9. What kind of ban are you appealing? In-game Ban Minecraft Usernames Flayboymagazine, Qwuick Reason for punishment No rp killing Players Involved EtherealPvP Demigryph By your own understanding, why did you recieve a punishment? For pugsy Why should you be pardoned? I've known Austin for a good while now. I come back and im in fenn voice chat and I'm talking to unwillingly and a few people having a good time since I'm on and off and I've come back from a long ban. I then down ethereal and unwillingly and a few other say "pop him" which personally I didn't think he'd mind. I mean I understand if he got mad and said fuck off, give me shit back. Instead he went straight for it and requested I get banned. Yes demigryph was watching and ethereal was in vc with demigryph and I got pulled in by callum I think and callum is laughing hysterically. Then I PM Austin and he said he never reported the issue. As well as I pmed demigryph and she said if it was never reported she wouldnt have banned me. For screenshots add me Christ#7985. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your punishment? Not pugsy as a joke. Also stay away from fenn Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. This doesn't pertain to me since im filing an early appeal explaining the situation. Can I add, before these we were all downing each other. Silent, Maury, callum, ethereal. When popped he did not try to resolve the issue with his friend once back from afk. He went straight to attempt at a ban.
  10. Chromie


  11. What kind of ban are you appealing? Discord Ban Minecraft Usernames Flayboymagazine Reason for punishment Useless pings last I recalled Players Involved Fireheart_ By your own understanding, why did you recieve a punishment? Because I obnoxiously pinged the staffs out of boredom and laughter to joke around with them. I forgot it pings every staff member instead of the ones I wanted to mess with. Why should you be pardoned? I dont know. If I come back I will try to stop but I dont want to give my word on it. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your punishment? Less meme pings upon the staff team Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. My community guidelines appeal expresses my emotions towards that
  12. Chromie


  13. Chromie

    What is your favorite thing about LOTC?

    Keening, screamingdingo, Simba, jason, reivers, dqnn, nectorist. The length of bans. And good villainy roleplay. Oh and hacking on lotc. Never got caught
  14. Chromie


    Rip ninja; I of all people know hes at least tried to change and I of all people know it's not easy to. He would PM me before his ban about making a serious persona and we let him into the draskovits but k got banned at the worst time. He repeatedly wanted serious roleplay. Now idc if lotc is active in 9 months cuz tbh when I was on it I can understand it was a mess. He stated an educated guess of it being a possibility it wont be a thing in 9 months since other rp servers are shooting out
  15. Chromie


    Rip bro, helped me alot on lotc, I guess that doesnt make you look good cuz some consider me toxic but you were a great friend, dont delete discord this time; we can still chat.