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  1. Chromie

    [Pending]DarkSainthood's Lore Moderator Application

    An amazing person, with really good roleplay, if I could +1000 I would, but I can only plus one, So we will leave it at that. I recommend her highyly
  2. Chromie

    [Denied][I] draja's Game Moderator Application

    Draja is a really good guy, high quality roleplay and I believe he could be apart of the Game moderator team with his experience in other Classes and he seems to be a person who can handle this stuff. Overall he is mature enough to be a staff member on lotc.
  3. Chromie

    [✗] [Server] Chromie Ban Appeal

    When I read this comment I was genuinely surprised. I Appreciate it so much, through our differences that we can come to this, I earned a new level of respect for you man.
  4. Chromie

    [✗] [Server] Chromie Ban Appeal

    Yeah man for sure. Every group we've been in, We haven't had an issue and I understand and all. I hope you do well for sure, i'll hit you up now and then to you check up on you. Sorry I had to switch groups like that, But in the end oocly we can still be chilling.
  5. Chromie

    [✗] [Server] Chromie Ban Appeal

    I agree, nobody told me to play a blackling or do meme rp. When he said that he was not referring to you guys. My apologies, and yes you were one of those guys, since I got kicked out of whitepeak you were there for me, so I appreciate that, and I appreciate the support on the post, "Gang Gang" he'd say wearing a purple bandana. Good lucks man
  6. Chromie

    [✗] [Server] Chromie Ban Appeal

    Permission is granted to you, along with everybody else who wishes to comment
  7. What kind of ban are you appealing? Server Minecraft Usernames Ocean__ , ITzThatEz Ban Reason For blatantly X-raying in the mines for pixels, i.e Iron, diamonds Players Involved 501warhead By your own understanding, why are you banned? By everyones understanding, not just my understand, I was blatantly x-raying and killing the vibe of the game. See when people x-ray they know they are breaking a rule, when I was x-raying I was fully aware of my mistakes but being simple-minded all I thought was "They won't find out." But in all honesty I knew this would come. I knew if I kept x-raying I knew it would catch up to me. See with my past bans I took them as a grain of salt, i.e My animal killing one, That was my first ban and a deserved one, that was 1 month into the server. The bans following were all with a group and majority of my bans were deserved but knowing me, I brushed them off but this, this is different. I had just joined a positive group of roleplayers who were helping me control my roleplay, instead of being a goon and starting issues. Now because of a mistake I did before, I make the group look bad and I let them down because I told them I am going to be taking roleplay more serious. But if I am x-raying for pixels then have I really changed. This shows my immaturity. I thought of myself as a more mature person but if I get banned from a server for x-raying then that clearly shows I don't have the attention span for any of that. I am going to admit now that I did not use a texture pack, I downloaded Wurst and x-rayed (I did not use the client for pvp, I'm sure you can have everybody except ocelotslayer and Discoliquid tell you I clearly don't hack) The fact that I went to those lengths shows how childish I am, literally the biggest mistake I've made on lord of the craft, just for some iron to support my gooning. Why should you be pardoned? I'd like to start off by saying, if (and I hope when) I get unbanned in the near future, I will go to all my personas places, round everything up in a chest. and ask a gm to clear it, more specifically I will ask for 501warhead just to prove to you that I am really sorry about my mistakes. I could say sorry all day for the other bans and you would take my word with a grain of salt but action is when my word will be taken more serious. I have taken action for my past bans, not repeating the same reason ever for a ban I believe. But now this is where I really need to show Action, This ban is 100% deserved but it just pains me to think I am going to be missing some of the best parts of lotc. This is my first map I've every played lotc and everybody told me the closer to the end the better it got, and now I am going to be missing the end of the map for x-raying. So I am willing to screenshare with a gm and delete it infront of there face. along with the fact that when unbanned I want all my iron, iron gear, shields, gates, diamond tools. Anything related to iron or diamond to be removed. Whether it was legitimate or not. I say legitimate or not because not everything was x-rayed but the amount I x-rayed, It shows that I did not take lotc seriously, i only did it for pvp and i want everyone to think otherwise. this ban of mine was sad, not the ban itself but me. The fact that I am begging to be unbanned from the server, and I will be the first to admit it. But in all honesty you guys saw how much i was on the server, I played as much as i was capable of, It shows I was not just a goon. I literally had almost hit two days worth of hours over a week, that's how active I was, And you can ask anyone, how often the dominion ran into me, how often i was rping with the orcs. Before i was kicked out of whitepeak, you could even ask them how active I was and the grind and work i was willing to put in for the work, I rped there seriously. I want everyone to know that i am not just an lotc meme that everybody wants banned and only comes around, makes a persona to mess with people then leave. I am becoming a serious roleplayer, What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? In the future I am willing to have a gm screenshare with me before i go into the mines, then while im in there if they wish, along with random screen shares. I am also willing to put all my iron and diamond related items, legit or not into a chest and have a gm erase all of it. I will then mine the amount legit in front of you and toss it into that chest if you wish, I am willing to go to extreme limits to get unbanned. I have been changing for the better, I have been going further and further from meme roleplay and everything. I am getting my act straightened together. I take responsibility for my actions and this is one of those moments. I Deserve this ban but In all honesty I beg that I don't have to do the time. That is the message i am trying to stretch here. I feel horrible for x-raying for pixels when literally I would tease others saying "It's just pixels." But only saying that because I never did the work for it, they had to do the grind. They had to do the hard work and I can understand that I've let others down due to this ban. This ban is a disgrace, I can guarantee my name has been in the appeals too much. If I could put this in bibilical terms which may not make sense because this is Minecraft but still. When people asked for God's and Jesus' Forgiveness, They knew what they did was wrong, they repent there sins and they do the actions and then slip up again. God will still be there with open arms. i.e i request you guys accept me back with open arms to lotc (Do not try and twist my words and say i'm calling 501 god, That's the best example I could come up with) Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. I broke the first rule of community guidelines. "Be laid back and considerate." When X-raying I was not laying back and grinding with music in my ears and just grinding it out, yet I was in a hurry trying to get the iron. I broke the considerate part because I did not consider how others feel when they mine for an hour, get two stacks of iron and then i'm in there for an hour and I have quadruple their numbers. If I was them, that would make me mad, yet in the middle of the actions I was not thinking about how others feel, more about how I feel. I can guarantee that I have changed, along with the people around me. I barely grind anymore if I am being honest. but now that I will be tossing all my diamonds and iron stuff in a chest then I will be grinding more often. So this will be an act to show that I have changed. This application can vouch for that. I want to apologize to everybody i have let down as well, 501Warhead, The group of orcs i'm currently with. I can name a lot of other names but in all honesty it would be a longer list of names then it would be my ban appeal. So 501, I ask that you unban me please. spare mercy if that makes sense. I really regret the mistakes I have made and In all honesty I Love lotc and that's what I play day in, day out. So please accept this appeal with more then a grain of salt. I beg it. I agree with all community guidelines in general. They are what makes the server a place for people to have fun. I appreciate you looking at it and I ask once more you don't take my words with a grain of salt as I've done in the past. please
  8. Chromie


  9. Chromie

    [Pending]_Lark_'s Lore Master Application

    Lark, I can personally vouch for him as one of the best staff I know, he is unbiased, makes fair calls and handles things good in pms. I respect that and I hope he can get this. + 1
  10. Chromie

    The Descension of the Sugarfoots

    Donyae sugarfoot chuckles with him, for no reason whatsoever
  11. Minecraft Name (s): Ocean__ and ItzThatEz Blacklist Reason: For raid-baiting and low quality villainy roleplay How has your blacklist helped you improve your overall/villain RP?: If I am being one hundred percent honest, I thought my blacklist was off once I did the time, my apologies. But it helped me approve and reflect on the group I hang out with, I plan to make better emotes, put better effort and overall become a better roleplayer that could strengthen the roleplay on the server Are you aware receiving another blacklist after this one, will be more severe?: yes Why should you be un-blacklisted?: I should be unblacklisted because so much time has passed by, my apologies for not understanding the system but as well as my banditry has gotten a lot better, I don't raid-bait, I don't cause issues with over 1 person on someones tile while they are on cooldown, I don't bandit roads and I actually put over two lines an emote for little things such as pulling out a weapon, I describe the detail and as well as I don't powergame (not that that was ever an issue) And I don't yell slurs then run away. I believe I learned my lesson, I don't know how I could put it into more words due to the fact I hardly remember the events of how I got it due to it sliding out the back of my mind once I thought it was over so with the information given this was some of the best I could provide. please accept the effort I put into it and accept the application if you will please.
  12. Chromie

    Project Danehammer.

    I very well respect this idea, good to se some new changes, shoutout my nibba Knox. He hollin' It down for the hood B, REP YO SET HOMIE! FREE MY NIBBA OCEAN (Although he deserved his ban)
  13. Please name numerous times I've done so. Even if you don't have screenshots. Because I've only partaken in ONE event of yours and emoted breaking the tusk
  14. Look, I understand the instance you are referring to, I apologized to L0rdT0mas and MistelPistol after, but for you to say a simple accident happen is quiet an over statement. If it effects the gameplay and turns the tables then it is no simple accident. When fighting an arboronian, after me attempting to run into the gates, people not involved in pvp hit me out after saying close the gate and prolonging the fight, ruining everything, Then once I got hit out and it was opened again, He ran from behind the same men that were statused up in his status and armored, and if they were spectators they can not stand in the middle of the fight. Then when being chased down, beamon would then be hugging man as a spectator and being a meta-radar as some like to call it. he is not allsaid owed to get involved what so ever and if he spectates he can't be that close. So you may be wondering why I modreqed then because that might not have been made clear. That was a malicious intent to mess up the pvp. Now when L0rdT0mas Pugsied me, his only excuse was he was in the middle of typing an emote, Why didn't he pick me up after I told him i'm going to pop. I said plenty of toxic things, and when Gantar was trying to get a rise out of me by taunting me, mimicking me, and saying xD. It was not quite funny for I wanted to get my stuff and go. I attempted to down gantar after I multiple times said "Cut the ooc" or "shut up" which might not have been clear enough. So excuse me for letting my actions get the best of me but I can't recall another time that had happened. I agree I need to work on actions and I have been taking the steps to get there, although I feel like becoming an Et and distancing myself from what everyone calling me a goon is the steps, and for people to leave comments without half of them reading the ideas is what made me mad. I Feel that if they took the time to see the ideas then they wouldn't be focused on the past, or telling a lie in the comments instead of giving feedback on the actual events, On the ideas that could start a new line of Lotc events instead of focusing on something in character, a literal game of pixels, people are focused on what my character does. Now what I said to L0rdT0mas after being pugsied was not the way to go and I apologized, but for it to hinder my chance at becoming an ET is what I believe is wrong. I Am taking the measures to change my roleplay because it seems no matter the type of roleplay I do, I always am "Stirring up trouble."
  15. On My adande ser Williams I emoted breaking off the tusk, I have never abused it and that is just baised and false information. I wish for screenshots of my powergaming, now I understand I may fall into pvp quiet often and as stated I have been banned and blacklisted before but you do not even have the simple back knowledge as to what was done so for you to add that in as a useless waste of information causes me to wonder the point of your comment. I believe it was constructive and I respect it but the past is not what we worry about because if you look through the events you can cleary see I have tried bringing something well over new to lotc that not a lot of event team members do? Is that wrong of me because I ran into a ban in the past and a current ban for being pugsied then saying things I shouldn't have. Although as I began to progress into roleplay and even talked to Skylez, the old gm director about joining a group of his to get back into slice of life roleplay because it seems no matter what type of roleplay I do, as long as it is villainy it will also be looked down on and frowned upon due to the fact that if a villain calls pvp default or the villain attempts to capture somebody. And I tend to call pvp default quiet often in popular areas because at that sense, more and more people can join mid fight, although with pvp. That is not allowed. So excuse me for playing a mercenary character who's roleplay is villainous but every time I go to holm they attempt to get a rise out of me saying "Reiver scum." Which is in character so there is nothing wrong with my character instigating a fight with them after being antagonized. and if you wish for me and you to do an rp duel I gladly will, Just not against a kha' to a halfling, or a kha' to a human for the battles don't match up at all