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  1. Minecraft Name (s): (Include any alts) Blagofroot Vtyx Blacklist Reason: Breaking blocks leading to PvP [Extended ->] Partaking in raid when unaware How has your blacklist helped you improve your overall/villain RP?: If you ask anyone who's partaken in my roleplay, including enemies they would know that my roleplay itself is on top, I don't do none of that *draws sword* I detail, I enjoy, I'm fine with losing and i'm willing to rp fight. As well as for the instances involving my VB, I never break blocks to go through places, my land or not. As well as I've experienced new types of roleplay to keep my busy. Are you aware receiving another blacklist after this one, will be more severe?: Yes, That is what this blacklist was compared to my last one a long time ago Why should you be un-blacklisted? Well starting with the fact that the previous VB should have been up until it was extended. Once Extended I've served more time after along with the extended VB. The reason it was extended was a misunderstanding with me and another previous gm, which was handled by murlocs with an extension. My VB being extended just gave me more time to try more types of rp. I've Experienced prime Hou-zi Roleplay, I attempted Undead roleplay, most of it being soft-shelved. I've been partaking in human roleplay in curon as well as I've overall just been helping Nottingham and many places. My behavior itself has gotten better, you can ask Lumiin or Murlocs, the two involved in this vb. Although I've yet to rp with them, they haven't had any instances called since the extension. I know my VB goes to January second but it's very troublesome leading a group and not being able to partake in rp politics because If you get mad you cannot attack them, antagonize them. Or for example fighting enemies of the nation, if we see roadside bandits, although it's not villainy to approach them. We can't emote halting them. We cannot raid enemy settlements (Which is why it was extended because I was unaware that we couldn't from what a previous gm told me). Overall I'm attempting to give back to the community with my roleplay, compared to any other actions you guys wish to ask about, please ask for me to elaborate on this in the comments. Also I request no comments on this post unless GM.
  2. Chromie


    See ya man, didn’t know you would be leaving on terms like this but too be honest I understand you, LOTC was great my first few months but slowly you just get more and more connected, and with that comes toxicity and that’s what it was like for me a month following my four month ban. I’ll see you, good luck. Stay off the cigs bro.
  3. Chromie

    Skin Shop

    Yes, yes and yes, but no. It’s him not her.
  4. Chromie

    Skin Shop

    I make Banger Skins, Trust. If you want proof, PM me on discord Rarechris#7985. You won’t regret it, if you’ve seen me on lotc you’d know I never walk around not looking fresh. Got a marriage? I gotchu, Gotta bandit? I gotchu, Gotta go frame somebody for murder? I gotchu. I SPECIALIZE IN ARMOR! IT is very GOOD, just take some quotes from some friends of mine. “You’re retarded and useless but your skins are on point.” – Infero_Ougi “Sure why not, you have cool skins.” – Shuggie_ “Shut the **** up betamale, go make me a skin for thronecraft.” – Ghazrial I HAVE SO MUCH MORE! MY CREDIBILITY IS THROUGH THE ROOF!
  5. Te Shu Horen Basks in Glory alongside Lian Po Te shu, other known as the white one amongst the lands of karoulstadt would have ventured down the roads of adria ended up next to a familiar monkey from before leaving the hou-zi city, it’d be lian po. He’d gather around at the people then noticing two men on horseback and one on foot come for the head of lian po. While Te Shu was unaware of the situation he attempted at boasting his last time to pause the conflict in a frenzy, he shouted, “Horen!” That doing nothing the monkeys backed past the tavern gates and the white one using the little mental capacity as of now he has to jump to the lever of the gate pulling it down and unto the next. Once doing so the men gathered up all there fear and molded it into there honor as they walked off allowing the white one and Lian Po To tell the story another day. Signed : | Te Shu Horen | The white one | The Ape Monger | The late Ser Alfred Rubens Political pet | The Kha Dark Elf extermination Captain | Cassius’ Travel Buddy | Cassius’ Interogation Buddy |
  6. Chromie

    Rhysten Smithy [Arms, Armor, and tools]

    Te shu Horen would nod his head as he attempted to read then realizing he wants to learn the craft of blacksmithing and went on his way towards the smithy
  7. Vasilli Draskovits peers around for people around him awaiting for somebody to approach him in persuasion of who he and his family should vote for with the payment of minae in minae
  8. Chromie


    ((That’s literally the second one and it’s not funny whatsoever and once we request it to be put In the proper area, they deem it fit to be here when it’s clearly not intended for here.
  9. Chromie


    Reginald The Sly-Blade Gasps
  10. In depth story told from the seed of Denis The Quick-Blade Reginald The Sly-Blade was wandering the lands of atlas more so exploring alongside Nemok, The Rock and Raguk Wargoth.While venturing they head north of cloud temple past the jungles behind krugmar. They ventured unto glaedwynn, the boy running around with joy once stepping on the land at the new sights would soon be abrupted by the sound of an obnoxious warhorn by a man on the wall. The Nottinglad boys would then come together questioning the sounds as to why they were threatened, many quarter hours passed and the people would began to leave there homes, some weapons already drawn for the matters of which the nottinglads were unaware. The men would step towards Nemok and The Raguk in which they’d soon deeply regret. One man swinging his sword at the raguk from behind in which the raguk simply ducked the sword then drawing his blade in a motion at which he stabs at the man, slaying him in a single blow. The Elf lying dead on the floor, the boy stepping back readying his legs for the abruption of a fight, at the sight of Denis they trembled and called “Blasphemy.” And would not allow the man to partake in the fight. The Royal Rumble would happen between only the truest of seeds of Denis. Reginald… Reginald The Sly-Blade. Along with the Raguk they’d then outmaneuver the racist elves along with a true horen in blood. Once finishing the fight, the nottinglads would head home with a smile on there face and a set of gear telling the tales of how they won an outnumbered fight that was 5:1. Do Not Mess with nottinglads or your heads will roll across the roads of atlas and the blood of your ancestors will be spewed from the veins in your arms. Signed Reginald The Sly-Blade : | Lord of Manor Sheckle Wes | Head of Bokolo Tribe, Molo Bumba | Carpenter of the letl dez hoza cullin Ship | Head of the Yezchec guez chec’ rel rech boat | Son of Denis The Quick-Blade
  11. Chromie

    The Epic Victory Royale of the Nottinglads

    Reginald would meta the halflings location and ask "may I have an orange. I need some vitamins after all that winning I did."
  12. Chromie

    Skylez1's Lore Master Application

    Definite yes, name one person better for the job as of now?
  13. Chromie

    Southeron's Wiki Team Application

    Really active member of the LoTC community, he’s been a good man to me and taught me roleplay. He commonly is on the wiki posting lore and hanging around. Any group he’s lead he’s been writing nonstop and the wiki is practically where he is so why not just give him the hammer to fix up his home. so what im trying to say is make him Wiki TEAM now +92
  14. Chromie

    Al- Gul (Character sheet)

    Awesome man! What’s the skin look like, as well as I may have something that interest your character. Add me on discord Rarechris#7985. I should be getting back to you tonight.