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  1. William Veres wishes to join to nauzican brigade
  2. I’m coming back to LoTC ___________________________________________________________________________________ I’ve recently taken a six month break roughly. The story goes that I just kept making mistakes and the stress of this online community was beginning to be too much. From the drama within the staff team to the way I could see the server going downhill from there. I’d decided that I couldn’t play actively so I didn’t pvp really for hardly six months minus a single skirm. Within this time i’ve reflected on myself and matured. This isn’t me forcefully saying i’ve returned like the scenarios when I came back from bans. This is me expressing myself as a new person. Now don’t get me wrong, I'm not perfect but within that six month break of rarely logging on I had only gotten one ban, and it was due to miscommunication. My goal coming back is to fix my infractions and now i’m just looking for an active community. I want to go some place where I have a close community of friends from before my break. Lionbileti, Knox, Nectorist, Fuze, Capace. I Got big plans coming back. I will be having a following list of characters that are still in the works. X1 Sugarfoot : Shelved X1 Volaren : Shelved X1 Te Shu Horen : Shelved X1 Human : Active X1 Wood elf : Active Within my time back, my goal is to minimize my infractions and join the Development team. I feel the skills that I can learn can be quite useful for me. I want to help develop in builds as well as coding within the Java program language. I got big plans for a villain character, and this should hopefully bring the villain community closer to other communities through my ideas because that’s only ever been my goal. Not to force our roleplay upon others but to share our roleplay experience. Anyways If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask. I recommend that everybody take a break once or so within their LoTC ‘Career’. My official Return is Thursday.
  3. way to use the draskovits skin. i plan on playing mine again
  4. missed you man. seeing you come back makes me want to return.
  5. Irrelevant . says valdorik volaren
  6. Te shu asks "where's my throne." Valdorik Volaren looks at the depiction of the rectangular prisms stacked on top of each other then asks his fellow reivers "Small tower is better." @Thornz @MCPancakes
  7. Minecraft Name (s): (Include any alts) Largemagnum Qwuick Tharorh Blacklist Reason: For pugsying a friend who was not involved in the banter How has your blacklist helped you improve your overall/villain RP?: The blacklist had nothing to do with villainy roleplay but Pun using her better judgement decided I work better on villainy blacklist instead of coming back from bans and repeating my behaviors. It has helped me improve patience amongst the community. Time away from LoTC is a good thing and I decided to use it instead of wait till the very second to appeal. Are you aware receiving another blacklist after this one, will be more severe?: Yes Why should you be un-blacklisted? Well, truth be told I don't know why. I mean I've had how many blacklist and how have I changed so far? I don't want to make promises and lie about something like claiming to be a better person although I will say with this break from LoTC it's given me time to re-evaluate my standards between games and sports. I've had a lot more time to practice sports and without this game I think I've learned to have a piece at mind. I will say I want this to be my last form of punishment. All these bans and blacklist turn off LoTC for me so easy solution : Don't break rules.
  8. Well it's not poker but it seems like fun says te shu | king of oren | king of elves | 1 month sober | Friends of everyone | Division one soccer prospect |
  9. Okay, here's what you have to realize. If you think the video is scripted you must not know ghazrial because he thinks that shits cringy and stupid and wouldn't do that ****. Flame if actually doing it wouldn't make up all these lies, he'd stick to one story since its harder to find holes in smaller 1 part stories. He was at school, everybody in it said he wasn't and charcoal even admitted in video. Now calling admins low iq won't get them to look at it but I put the proof with the video of ghazrial admitting it and it was taken down. I understand wanting to ban somebody for other things but don't let this fall onto his ban cuz of prior mistakes
  10. When do 1.13 hacked clients come out? Also any ones recommended for me, autoclicker I used last map no longer works.

    1. PiousChorale_


      here’s a suggestion, don’t use hacks.

    2. Inferno_Ougi


      yeah if u find one lmk

  11. Chromie

    Help me

    I need a character and a skin for when I come back to lotc. All races available. Write me a backstory, explain why I should play it and showdown skin Will be accepting 2-4 personas although don't expect me online for 3-4 months.
  12. A developer legitimately did something. Ive never been more astonished over something so little. Fr tho I like the effort, keep it up and thanks for update.
  13. Chromie


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