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  1. I love playing nomadic type characters. I had a farfolk nomad who would just set up a tent around the nations (with NL permission of course) and he'd sit near at the time and just trade his wares. Was pretty fun all things considered.
  2. Yes dwarves can use magic and they've used in for about as as long as the things been around. A notable example would be @z3m0s. I would wager however that generally the dwarves don't have many wizards as most of them require a sacrifice too pricey for most.
  3. Ahem. Conduits of Enlightenment. People wanna talk to birds or do disney style gourmet. I'd rather vulkan mind meld.
  4. What is your name, hero-to-be? Eldacar Marsyr What is your age? 33 What is your race? Adunian Where do you reside? Numenost What powers do you have to fight against this great evil? My will What is the meaning of a free-spirit, in short words? One willing to learn and move on from past regrets and mistakes.
  5. Signatory of Region: Gotrek UnionUser: DrHopePersona name: Kazrin StarbreakerPersona ID: #191591
  6. In a distant place sat an old cave dwarf musing upon the masonry of an ancient dwarven gate, the letter received by a wayward courier, he packed his belongings and began the long journey home.
  7. [!] Amidst the holy purification of Barrowton, a guardsman couldn't help but feel pride to bear the Star of Malchediael even as smoke obscured his vision. He smiled however as one of the youth joined his people in sending off Barrowton in a blaze of glory. It was a fine day for bbq as he sung a song from the rock concert. "♫-♫Our GOD is an awesome GOD. . .♫-♫"
  8. [!] In the Barrowlands, the guards bearing the heraldry of Michaels Star begin to assemble their forces. Clad in chain and armed with faith alongside steel, they muster for a battle soon to come for the sake of Acre. "By Owyn, I'll not sit idly for Acre's doom!"
  9. After the news had reached the gatekeeper, Emyr Briar, a smile tugged onto his face. He hurried off to the tavern, celebrating with a tankard of Reinmaren Golden. "'ere's ta you ol' boy" [!] Actual Reaction of Emyr upon hearing the news.
  10. After the news had reached the gatekeeper, Emyr Briar, a smile tugged onto his face. He hurried off to the tavern, celebrating with a tankard of Reinmaren Golden. "'ere's ta you ol' boy" [!] Actual Reaction of Emyr upon hearing the news.
  11. When word reached the gate of the death of Lukas, its keeper could only lament his passing with song. He would recall the fond memories of the hopeful lad, his brother in arms, a young guardsman.
  12. Enlistment Form: Full Name: Emyr Briar Age: 21 Gender: Male Race: Adunian [Username: ] DrHope [Discord: ] DrHope#7783
  13. [!] There in those dimly lit halls of the Kornazkarumm were a single figure wrapped in robes of brown. In the midst of a study, his grey hands caressed the bindings of a series of books, the sigil of the Clan Irongut beholden upon it. The Remembrancer spoke nothing yet a quiet smile adorned his weary face at the prospect. As the book creaked open at his behest, his silence grew into quiet contemplation for the age to come. Quietly he dipped a quill into the inkwell and began... So it comes to pass that a new age be upon this fractured realm of we khazamar. A candle kindled aflame by youths passion to see her clan restored unto glory. Briga Irongut, blood of the First Elder Clan announces her plea to become Clan Mother of the Elder Clan Irongut and her ancestors. Time shall tell if she be a worthy successor to her forebears and the mantle of duty that shall weigh heavily upon her...
  14. Amidst those gathered to welcome Auden to Paradise at the Golden Gates were a tall man garbed in shining silver plate and spear in hand. Atop his brow were a crown of the same color and a singular blue gem adorned in the middle. Though he himself were outside the gate, a soft smile crept onto his much more pleasant face. "Auden..." "I am glad you could join us..."
  15. Aloha there friend, One of the biggest challenges on LOTC as per usual with this online platform is that communication is often done by reading or by discord. A level of intimacy that is diluted compared to irl which for some is a debby downer and for others is a godsend. The biggest step forward to making friends is how you look at it. Don't get too much into your head, we're all here for creative writing and share interests in some cool roleplay. Introduce yourself, find common ground, talk about your day, most people here aren't out to get ye.
  16. This grudge has been approved and shall be accepted into the book. May Dungrimm grant clarity through justice
  17. Name: Fernaen Age: 30 Race: Chadly Adunian Notable Achievements: Existing ((Username: )) Fernaen ((Discord: )) DrHope#7783 ((Do you fully understand the disclaimer above?: )) Yes
  18. From the small banks of Cartref Mor, a certain Adunic lord reads this missive of treason. His expression neutral as usual though he made a small gesture of his hand. At this summon, several adunians came forth, each holding parchment and quill. "Send word to the King of Norland and to the men, we have work to be done."
  19. [!] Out there, a certain camel rider looked onwards into the dunes. A new bargain to be struck, a new shrine to be made. "what profit to be had..."
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