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  1. I carved my name on your wall 🙂

  2. Wooo! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  3. Letter of Resignation Of the former Rassidun tribes of Ves From their offices and seats of power. It has been an honor to serve your city through its many vacant seats of bureaucracy, under the auspices of a just and fair prince, and it is with a heavy heart that I but thank you for this opportunity before hereafter swiftly resigning. I regret to say that the bureaucracy and civil state of the nation renders it untenable for the common man, and thus hereafter resign with immediate effect, if only to find greater comfort in a place with far less strife. I respect that many men may remain in Ves out of good faith, and the city may hold many virtues that should bring great appeal to many others who would dare grace its offices with their skills, passion and drive to act as cogs in its political machine; but for this, we objectively no longer have a place where we can continue to hold this spirit of public duty. Our former colleagues must now ask whether they still hold this passion for Ves, or whether they simply wish to watch as the absentee-government continues to drag the good Prince’s Ves down this path of failure, humiliation, and later, impoverishment under the Prince’s regent. The people of our government are an insult to Prince Eidr, our kin, and a disservice to the place we now refuse to call home. Signed by The Rassidi tribe and House Haraqqa, Alaria Al-Kassis Suhailah Al-Kassis Zahret Al-Qataffi Naasir El-Amini Erinia Sato Dresden Webber Hando Crane
  4. Emmalinea

    Conflict & War FAQ

  5. Emmalinea

    Conflict & War FAQ

    Story time +1
  6. Alaria sees the invitation and wishes she can go with her *true love*
  7. Alaria watches the fall of the claimed guard captain and red washed bandits. Her and many other’s blood shed way to many times and for what? Power? No. Faith in living has fallen to a staggering low all for prideful and foolish thinking. There’s a lesson in this life and in this death, and one can hope we all have learned lessons from this. We don’t need more life taken. “Assalamu Alaykum, may he be with the stars now”
  8. “I hope much good comes from this” The Rassisi women says
  9. Emmalinea

    Beet Beat-Down

    Alaria Al-Kassis can rest easy tonight knowing the city of Ves is well today. “Bless the helpers” she says.
  10. Me too! Have this issue as well, Only have had 20 of the total minas given to me
  11. Alaria wonders what’s going to take place, she hopes true peace will come.
  12. [Because you’re my daughter I’m going to this] Alaria and the Arab Crew gladly joins our fine Prince to such ball. “Such a wonderful treat” she says quietly
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