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  1. Thalion sat somewhere deep in the snowy-northern lands of Almaris, weathering the never-ending snow storms. Yet as if by sheer determination, strong winds carried a series of severely damaged pieces of parchment near enough to him; managing only to find some torn pieces of what used-to-be a formal statement by Aroiia, for Thalion it was almost completely unreadable, the only things he could piece together: a part signed by a former-princess of Fenn whereas for the contents of the actual letter he could only surmise a line about ninty-nine weak soldiers destined to fail. Forming his assumptions
  2. This post is a failure at all levels of staff, I only hope the remaining LoTC player-base can see how bad of a job the staff continue to do. Its only a matter of time until another race is screwed over. The Snow Elf community itself is unanimus in agreeing that our lore is sub-par and many changes needed to happen, which is why many of us were in the midst of rewriting and refining new and better lore, the attempts to reach out with staff has been met with no response or complete boycotting. There wouldn’t be this sheer amount of anger in our community if we had gotten any communication from s
  3. This should come as no surprise. Staff have hated the Snow Elf race but in the many years none stepped forth to even give a reason, even now whilst we’re in the middle of rewriting out our lore the staff find it good management to remove the race of soo many players. Its any wonder soo many have left LoTC.
  4. The signs of change 9th of the First Seed, 1772 *This personalized letter would be addressed to the citizens of Fenn, a copy would be posted on the city notice board, it would read: “The signs were there, and with it called destiny to our gates. - Thirty-two years; that is how long I have sat upon this icy-throne, within that time I have accomplished much as the Grand Prince. With my coronation came the solemn-vow, Fenn’ would rise once more from the ashes of our own self-destruction and with it, towards development of our lands. -
  5. If you have seen how many dogs spawn in Fenn you’d understand how true that statement may be
  6. World Lore – Wyrvuns Blessing Origin/backstory When the first of the Mali’Fenn came to settle in the tundra, the harsh environment did not seem to welcome them, and as such the Mali’Fenn did not feel that this new environment was truly their home. For many years the Grand Prince Aelthos I, the first of the ‘Fenn, made attempts to bring life to the hostile lands of winter. Year after year he would bring new plants and animals, only for them to wither and die, succumbing to the cold. Crown Prince Aelthir I could see how
  7. Grand Prince Akkar, patriarch of the Tundrak line would read the letter from Princess Lydienne, promptly responding to it: “Dearest Lydienne, as I write this letter in response I am truly hopeful for the future, of both our princedom and our Tundrak line. If by your father, Aelthir Tundrak II, it was decreed you would be isolated from war and placed far away outside of our lands, not out of your own volition then I sincely wish a day may come when I can welcome you into our ancestral capital once more. To answer your curiosity, I would exclaim that what I do as the Gran
  8. Grand Prince Akkar, patriarch of the Tundrak line, would laugh while he read Tenvars letter that he had addressed to him, after clearing his eyes of tears he would begin writing: “Dear son of Varan Atmorice, I write to you in response to your letter in the midst of the great revival of our Princedom. I understood by your wording within the letter I received from you, that you are almost completely oblivious to the current world around you. Firstly I would quote your previous words; “you have a fallen Princedom to manage for Wyrvun’s sake” and to say that this was ironic
  9. Merging the two discords seems like the correct course of action, if the intent is for new players to join into the casual playerbase over their time with-in LoTC more seemlessly, then breaking down the walls between where the new players initially reside and where the casual playerbase gathers, could play to the benefit of us all. It’s also only adding more steps for staff in terms of splitting work across two discord servers that probably isn’t neccessary in their already-busy days, atleast i’d imagine so.
  10. ((Not going to forum roleplay this topic anymore its dumb af, Ioannis is contradictory clearly.))
  11. Akkar Tundrak felt a sudden cold flow over him, suddenly wolves would howl in the distance. ”it has come”
  12. Grand Prince Akkar Tundrak would read the letter and along with his registeries in check he would respond: “Dear Aesilnoth, I regret to inform you that the Princedom of Fenn along with its governing body only recognises one Aesilnoth Annungilben, Valkyr within the Ivae’Fenn registeries of Atlas, later registery entries within Arcas place one Aesilnoth Annungilben as an adoptee of the Tundrak family this was later confirmed by your twin sister of the same Annungilben line. Seeing as I am patriarch of the Tundrak family, as declared by my father Aelthos Tundrak III when h
  13. Bofa region gang gang
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