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  1. “The Master of the Honorable Company of Vintners, Brewers and Innkeepers votes AYE on the State of the City Address Livery Proposition of 1769”
  2. Get well soon! ❤️
  3. Alpha wonders how the man is going to give people tavern jobs.
  4. Discord: Merqurie#6192 Skin: White Nightdress Bid: 2,500 minae.
  5. white nightdress – 2k
  6. -The Novellen Festival - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPQPdYttl7U The year is 1762 and after decades of war, the Holy Orenian Empire finds itself entering an economic resurgence. In the twenty-fifth year of His Imperial Majesty, Peter III’s reign, centuries of feudalism and tyranny have given way to an era of fraternity and enlightenment. This year for three months we celebrate a quarter century of stability, under His Imperial Majesty, the second longest reigning Emperor in history. The festivities shall commence during Godfrey’s Triumph. Godfrey’s Triumph (Friday, April 3rd) Time: 5pm EST Where: The Basilica of Final Revelation, Helena The festivities shall open with Mass held in The Basilica of the Final Revelation in Helena. The faithful of the realm shall come together and be led in prayer for the empire. We shall pray for the health of his Imperial Majesty, the continued social and economic wealth of our realm, and that the antiquated servants of Iblees who would drag us back into the past, into an era of conflict and heathenism, shall never rise again. Time: 6:30pm EST Where: Kaedrin The day after the Mass, the citizens of the Empire will be hosted in Kaedrin, for a firelight vigil in the old city of Ves. The trouble years began five decades ago, with the burning of Ves. We light fires in memory of those we lost in subsequent years of anarchy. Tobias’ Bounty (Saturday, April 4th) Time: 6pm EST Where: Varoche Hall, Helena The second month of the festival shall be dedicated to games and competitions. The first event of this section will be 'Mina Madness.' 'Mina Madness' is a trivia style game, sponsored by the Ministry of Education, where competitors wager their mina, before being asked a question. If they answer correctly, they double their mina. If they answer incorrectly, they lose it. More details about the nature of the competition and participant registration forms can be found in the following pamphlet. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/190150-mina-madness-the-gameshow-sign-ups/ Time: 8:30 EST Where: Adria, next to Helena After Mina Madness, a boxing tournament shall be hosted in Adria. The victor of the tournament shall be named the first Heavyweight Champion of the Imperial Boxing Association (IBA). The champion shall win a monetary prize, and be awarded an honorary champions belt. Aspiring boxers can register with the IBA by filling out the following form. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/190241-the-tournament-of-power-become-the-first-iba-heavyweight-champion/?tab=comments#comment-1764502 Sun’s Smile (Sunday April 5th) Time: 3pm EST Where: Helena In celebration of the coming sunshine and birth of a new era, painted eggs will be hidden around Helena. Children and adults alike shall search for these eggs around the city. After one days time, the individual who gathers the most eggs will be rewarded with a 500 mina prize and a golden egg. Time: 6pm EST Where: Novellen Palace, Helena To conclude the three months of festivities, men and women of the empire shall come to the Imperial Capital to prepare for the Golden Liberty Ball. The ball shall celebrate the humble origins and the subsequent success of His Imperial Majesty. Throughout this time, early arrivals will be hosted in the tavern and the Imperial Palace. Information on the costume and procedures of the ball can be found in this pamphlet. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/190369-the-golden-liberty-ball/
  7. “I can’t wait to beat up some men!” Alpha said as she looked down excitedly at the sign up sheet.
  8. The Brave and Noble Sir Humphrey: The Musical https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iMjBsB9xHs A grand play will reside in the great Dragon’s Rest tavern located in Helena. The special act will be performed by the Noble Slayer Of Dragons and Courageous Crusader Across Every Corner of Every Realm; The Brave and Handsome Sir Humphrey! The play, based on a true story, entails the great Sir Humphrey’s journey to save a beautiful damsel in distress from a large hideous beast. The play is written by Sir Humphrey, Directed by Sir Humphrey, Produced by Sir Humphrey, and stars Sir Humphrey himself. During the play fresh drinks and food will be available to purchase, it is recommended that you purchase your food and drinks before the show. All who attend must remain respectful towards those who are performing. Every citizen and visitor of Helena is able to attend! No fee required for entry!
  9. Merqurie

    The Union of Mates

    Reza’Lur approves.
  10. -The Carrington Gambling House- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hx4gdlfamo “There’s no such thing as good money or bad money.There’s just money.” ~ Green Carrington The grand opening of The Carrington Gambling House will take place upon arrival of the voyagers who had travelled to far away lands as a welcome home celebration. Various activities will be going on throughout the night such as, Roulette, Ugluk Blackjack Carrington Craps, Dice & Card games, and many other activities. A raffle will be drawn at the end of night as a final activity with the grand prize of 1000 mina, a few other souvenir items will be drawn as well. Tickets will start at the price of 50 mina. The Gambling House is located underneath the Dragon Rest Tavern located in Helena. Various drinks will be sold during the opening time. All residents and visitors to Helena are welcomed to the grand occasion.
  11. Alpha smiles, giving a thumbs up to Peter!
  12. Reza’lur snickered at the speech but she’d let her pride down as she surrendered her Krugmar Snagagoth title as she long planned to retire. “Mi wihl be bak.” she stated as she ventured off towards Mau’Madur continuing her life as a Snagagoth there instead of Krugmar.
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