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  1. How do I get the gold rank after I got the crowns for it?

    1. Heero


      I think there’s a command in-game for accessing the shop. /crowns or /shop – from there you can properly purchase your gold VIP rank. If you run into any issues, try sending a message to any devs on the staff list or make a post in the support section of the forums. hope that helps!

    2. Merqurie


      Yeah! I figured it out, thank you!

  2. If a Znaga wishes to become an Honorary Orc or their owner wishes it upon the Znaga, the owner as well as the Znaga must announce this to the city’s current Znagagoth. Whilst the Znaga might wish to be an Honorary Orc, they must complete multiple trials/requirements to do so. First of all, Znagaz must request the teachings of the spirits from a local shaman. The archaic teachings do not need to be long, however, there must be enough information to know most of the basic things, after the Znagas have completed their training they will then contact the Znagagoth and then tell them that they have completed it; The shamans may need to be present when the znaga tells the Znagagoth in order to provide proof of the teachings happening. As an alternative, the owner of the Znaga could also teach the Znaga about the spirits. The Znaga must have spent at least four years or more as a Znaga; the Znaga must be trusted within the community of Mau’Madur. Special privileges can surpass this rule if the Znagagoth believes that the Znaga is more than worthy. Znagaz who wish to become an Honorary Orc must also go through a small amount of military/weapon training for basic defence, this process happens much like the shaman process and the same rules apply. The Znaga must show great passion and interest in the culture and religious ways of an Orc and they must show the Znagagoth this in either a verbal way or as an art piece; animal sacrifices are also accepted. Multiple Orcs will need to know who the Znaga is and it is beneficial if the Znaga is well known throughout the city. Znaga owners have a say in whether or not a Znaga can become an Honorary Orc. If the owner wishes for the Znaga to not become an Honorary Orc they are allowed to do so, however, if the Znaga deems itself worthy they are allowed to fight the owners opinion and can request to appear in front of the Tribal council, accompanied by the Znagagoth, for further inspection. Upon the completion of the Znaga becoming an Honorary Orc, the Znaga must get an adjustment to their current tattoo in order to symbolize that they are no longer a Znaga. Honorary Orcs are NOT allowed to have Znagaz of their own unless they pay double the highest bid for the Znaga they wish to have during auctions. If an Honorary Orc somehow obtains a Znaga they may NOT set the Znaga free without permission from the Znagagoth. Failure to listen to this rule could result in serious punishment from the council. An Honorary Orc may never become a Znagagoth under any circumstances. After a Znaga has become an Honorary Orc they mustn't do anything to offend a fellow Orc and they may not do anything that may be considered non-honorary. Under extreme circumstances, this could lead to an Honorary Orc being stripped of their position and exiled from the city. Under other circumstances, the Honorary Orc may be, again, stripped of its position and returned as a Znaga. Honorary Orcs will get respect from all clans within the city and will be treated as equally as other Orcs. The new Honorary Orc will have access to clothing and will be taught blah by another Orc unless they’ve learned it already. The new Honorary Orc will be provided with new clothing depending on the circumstances. The new Honorary Orc must accept the new culture that they have provided themselves with; it is beneficial in the case that Honoraries forget their previous culture entirely. The Honorary Orc ceremony will be placed shortly after the Znaga has completed all requirements and the Honorary Orc status has been approved by the Znagagoth as well as the owner of the Znaga. The ceremony may be planned by a clan that the Znaga previously served or it can be the traditional Honorary Orc ceremony hosted by the Znagagoth and/or the council. Proper clothing and accessories will be prepared for the Honorary Orc before the ceremony. Before the ceremony, a giant bonfire will be prepared near the center of the city or in any place of the Znagagoth’s or councils choosing. The event will be accessible to all citizens and they will be allowed to spectate and take place in the ceremony, either by helping prepare or being someone of use in the ceremony. The ceremony will take place at night time. The first part of the ceremony will be the council taking their places in seats that will be arranged in a horseshoe shape in front of the fire, the seats will include other higher-ranking officials such as the Znagagoth, Huntsgoth, and the Ghalzud. Citizens will be lined up around the fire and the new Honorary Orc will stand before the council directly in front of their seats. Other Orcs will be playing large drums as everyone enters; dancers may be seen, if requested. The Honorary Orc will be the last to arrive. Upon the arrival of the Honorary Orc, everyone shall stand and the council/Znagagoth will make a small announcement regarding the Honorary Orc; the council may sit after the announcement. After that, the Honorary Orc will then raise their hand in the air, clenching their fist and looking slightly towards the sky, the Honorary Orc will then repeat a vow given to them by the Znagagoth. “I promise to uphold the values of Krugs’ true Aengulic Descendents, the honor beyond the bloodlust, the fire within my soul, the grounding within my mind. I will serve my clan and help it prosper forevermore. My past and race does not define me, only my passion and ambition. Praise Krug, praise the spirits, all hail Mau’Madur.” After the ceremony, the Znaga will be perceived as an Honorary Orc. They will be treated with the same respect as you would give a fellow brother or sister. They will be given the same clan responsibilities as any other Orc would. In addition, the Honorary Orc will be presented with political freedom. Overall, Honorary Orcs will be seen as equals to the traditional Orc, we will welcome them with open arms. Praise be the Spirits. Ultimately the Snagagoth will be the final arbitrator of these laws. -Sign Reza’Lur
  3. Merqurie


    Esta Nallos was born in the year of 1600. She was born to a single parent, her mother who called Naomi Nallos. Her father disappeared on a trip to Belvitz from Fenn 2 days before the birth of Esta, sadly never meeting her father. As Esta grew up with her mother, she learned a lot of valuable morals and lessons from her mother. Seen as Naomi was a single parent, she began to teach Esta how to cook delicious meals. Esta began creating her own recipes, which she began to share with people in Fenn. Growing up, she was very interested in Wyrvun’fiyem, her religion. She grew up learning about her religion and about Wyrvun who interested her, as she would worship her god. She is currently 100 now, and she is still living with her mother in Fenn.
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