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  1. PRINCIPALITY OF VIRA’KER MILITARY REFORMATION: VIHAI’KER “For those we love, we die in battle, For those we distrust, we bring the watchful eyes and ears of the Vihai’ker, For those that call us friend, we are honor bound, For those that call us foe, we are ready.” depicted vihai’ker involvement in the War of Two Emperors, circa 1715 THE TENETS OF VIHAI’KER Bound by Duty Vihai’ker must serve for ten years before being allowed retirement. Vihai’ker shall be expected to raise their children as Vihai’ker. They too must serve for ten years before being allowed to venture to over professions. Adorning the Garb Every Vihai’ker must maintain their armor and equipment as if it were a living entity. Every member is heavily encouraged to wear their armor as often as possible. For beneath the helm, they may look different. But with it, all look the same. Vihai’ker are welcome to adorn custom armor pieces and such, to allow personality to each. ((As long as the skin maintains an overall 70% of its original look)) The Hearth Family has been deeply rooted in civil life since the dawn of time. Though Vihai’ker may not all be related by blood, they are to consider one another family. For in their armor, they all appear to look the same. Their bonds are to surpass the bonds of blood. Comrades-at-Arms Vihai’ker are fully expected to train and teach one another in the art of combat. Each Vihai’ker will have to uphold their own in combat regardless of sex, race, age, or profession. Vihai’ker are not allowed to retreat unless directly ordered to do so. They are to hold their ground, even if they stare death in the face. Coherent Institution Vihai’ker must uphold and maintain a steady education. Members unable to read or write shall promptly be taught how to do so. They are to teach their offspring how to do so. If certain Vihai’ker are lacking with access to information, it is the duty of another Vihai’ker to take it upon themselves to properly teach their fellow Vihai’ker. Loyalty All Vihai’ker must serve for the greater good, for the best interest of Vihai’ker, and for the crowned royalty of Vira’ker. Vihai’ker shall swear loyalty to one another, as each shall be entrusted with another life. Vihai’ker are banished from lying to one another. The punishment for lying is public flogging. pikes poised, viha’ker training exercise, circa 1713. RANKING High Prince Created beneath the rule of Vira’ker, The Prince of Vira’ker will assume overall control of the order. Orders will come directly from the crown, and handed down through the proper chain of command. Hortiator The Hortiator shall assume control of the military on day to day matters. They report directly to the High Prince. And shall pass down orders from the chain of command, or issue orders themselves to their troops of Vihai’ker. They will be in charge of maintaining military affairs, as the High Prince must run a nation. They will handle most situations unless the High Prince is directly required. The Hortiator shall oversee promotions to Ordinators, and Hierarchs. Ordinators Ordinators serve beneath the Horitiator as close advisers, and give out orders to the rest of Vihai’ker. They will be required to help document on matters. Ordinators will help oversee the overall affairs within the order. They shall be entrusted with the recruitment of new Vihai’ker. Ordinators may appoint new Hierarchs with permission from the Hortiator. Ordinators are expected to lay their life on the line for Vira’ker. - Hierarchs Hierarchs serve as junior officers, entrusted with up keeping the peace within the order. They shall be the ones to deal with traitors and rule breakers. They will be expected to submit elven bi-weekly reports on activities and events taking place within Vira’ker. As well as document criminals when they commit a crime. Hierarchs are entrusted with the promotions of Vindicators,Vigilants, Aspirants, and Medics. Hierarchs are sworn to lay their life on the line for Vihai’ker Vindicators Vindicators are senior Vihai’ker. Proven hardy over the years, and truly battle worthy. Vindicators are upheld with the task of protecting their comrades and allies. They report directly to the Hierarchs. Vindicators are also entrusted with the detaining of criminals within city limits. They pass down orders from Hierarchs to the rest of Vihai’ker. Vindicators are sworn to lay their lives down for Vihai’ker Vigilants These are the bulk of Vihai’ker. They are tasked with the betterment of themselves, trained even further in the ways of fighting and the sharpening of their minds. Like Vindicators, Vigilants are entrusted to capture criminals and man their post. They are sworn to lay their live for Vihai’ker Aspirants Newly joined Vihai’ker. Be it through their blood or their desire to join, Aspirants are the recruits of the order. They are trained in the paths of fighting and taught knowledge they did not possess. - Quartermaster The Quartermaster is entrusted with the arming of Vihai’ker. They are to produce a steady amount of armor and weaponry when quested. Their job can be more seasonal. In turn, the Quartermaster is not required to make their children Vihai’ker. Medics The medical branch of Vihai’ker are entrusted with the general health of Vihai and Vira. They are expected to go out onto the battlefield to keep their comrades and allies alive. Even lay down their lives should it come to it. Medics are not required to raise their children as Vihai’ker. vihai’ker resisting foul creatures, circa 1711. CULTURE Vihai’ker are a proud people. And their roots to one another should go even deeper than any they have had before. For these are the men and women you will fight and die beside. There is no hate between one another. Issues with between one another Vihai’ker may spark a spar between the two. To prove who the better is. Small disputes can often be solved like this. Legal issues will be settled in court. Regardless of sex or race, each Vihai’ker are entitled to their own believes. However Vihai’ker will be creating their own holidays. To honor them and their way of life. Each Vihai’ker in encouraged to bring forth new ideas, to help better the order and bring those within closer. Children joining the Vihai’ker must reach a physical state that allows them to properly wield weapons before joining. Parents are encouraged to train them beforehand. As said in the tenets, all Vihai’ker must uphold a steady education. Knowledge is treasured by most all mortal races. And knowledge is not to be withheld from one another. Lying between Vihai’ker’s is nearly unforgivable and strictly forbidden. Flogging has been the settled punishment for adult liars. The armor they adorn would be considered a relic to the Vihai’ker. As it signals that the other is something more than family. It strengthens the unity of each Vihai’ker regardless of race or sex. Out of their armor, they may be diverse. Within it, they are simply Vihai’ker. TRADITION THE GROOK Once a year (In turn every elven week), all Vihai’ker shall gather for days, or sometimes even weeks of celebration, training, tournes,with a general carnival like atmosphere and games. During this, for a full day and night. ((1 hour)) The Vihai’ker shall retire to speak to one another. And discuss important events, share reports, and pass general knowledge to one another. This part of the event is not open to the general public of Vira’ker. BINDING Not literally binding, but this tradition implores Vihai’ker to seek a group or at least one other Vihai’ker to spend some time with, to get to know them better. This will overall increase the personal ties to one another. Each Vihai’ker should ideally perform this rite once a month. What each gathering will do is up to the group. It could be an ideal time to train, or finish up on work you were doing with the aid of others. MORNING LIGHT Vihai’ker that arise early in the morning shall prepare a glass of water, and a hearty meal before reach a spot where they can see the sun. They shall thank their comrades, and offer praise towards the order beneath the watchful and burning gaze of the sun. As they dine, Vihai’ker should reflect inward. Counting their mistakes and figuring out ways to fix them. (This should last at least four emotes) DUSK TILL DAWN Vihai’ker that arise later in the day and stay up through the nights shall prepare a meal fitting for the night. During this tradition, Vihai’ker may drink ale or a similar alcohol with their meal. Fish over rice is a very common dish for this. This tradition is best when practiced with other Vihai’ker, as it is to celebrate the life of one another and yourself. And offer praise to the good accomplishments you and your comrades have performed. REMEMBRANCE, and the Jiubian Bonfire. Once every two years, the Vihai’ker meet fully once more for a more closed off holiday. A day to remember their fallen brothers and sisters. To honor those that have died in the line or duty, or of natural causes. This holiday is the most formal one for Vihai’ker. They shall prepare food, after they mourn the loss of what was once alive, to sit down and have a feast together. After the meal is over, typically Vihai’ker retire back to their homes. In the case that the order does not wish to depart after the feast. They spread stories of the past, spar, and enjoy themselves. And as stated, an effigy of Jiub is to be constructed. Allowing offerings to be burnt, and the bodies of those that worshipped the spirits. Though the arrival of new religion enter the order, they too will be allowed to honor their dead as their customs allow. :Aspirant Armor: :Vigilant/Vindicator Armor: :Hierarch Armor: :Ordinator/Horiator Armor:
  2. Some ******* T W I N K might have to go hunting soon
  3. So, I logged off as a different persona from my main. When I returned, it said I was the main persona when using /persona view. But it kept me in the place and with the Inv of the other persona, whilst the card said I was the main. I had soulbound items as well on the main persona. Would love some help getting this sorted!
  4. To this, I address to the Race Traitors. Those that would further spill the blood of Malin. In regards to the Silver State, the Mali’aherals choices and actions little surprise me. Eons of inbreeding has corrupted their genes. Degrading them to the point of being Valah, which they imitate very well. They claim to not be barbaric savages, yet they started this war. Plunged Arcas into chaos. Simply for the blood of Malin trying to defend itself from future threats. They openly raid across the land. As as of the past month, the Mali’aheral are child beaters. Dirty Chikirs that are not worthy of the life Malin gave them. They throw away the blessings of our father, and turn their back to him. These heretics will not go un-punished. For their aid of spilling Mali blood, I promise a life time of hatred. What happens, Mali’aheral? When we survive for the next hundreds of years? Do you think we shall forgive the sins of the past? As of late, the Mali’aheral kneel before the Valah. Their lips planted firmly around the base of their *****. The in-breeder's have plauged this realm long enough. They claim to be the rightful leaders of the Mali. But how can you lead the Mali when you’re the chamber side girl of the Emperor of Man? Our actions in the next following years will shape the future. Will you be placed in history as the race traitors you are? What made you forsake the blood of Malin? The Mali’aheral adhere to no god, yet they support the Valah as if they were one. For this, I label the Mali’aheral of the Silver State to be Traitors to Malin and his children. Chikir’s, and heretics. To the brain washed Mali that serve the Emperor. It is strange, to see this slave mentality happening before my very eyes. Many Imperial Mali claim that the Empire is not as it seems. That we are simply mistaken. Yet, they attack with out ever being threatened. They jump to war and the chance to kill simply over a defensive pact. Mali children are beaten. Ears are clips, and Mali are openly subjugated. Forced to preform to the whims of Valah. Book licking, and far worse treatments. Are you Mali simply blind? Or have you lost all hope? All will to fight for a better life. You doom your children to the same life of systematic racism and forced hardships. To the Mali that fight for the Empire, I can say little. For these race traitors can hardly be worthy of the air they breath. Many claim they would not seek to harm another Mali. But as you idly stand by, our people grow abused by the hands of the Empire. But you do nothing, will you ever do anything? To those Mali Generals and public servants of the Empire. You are traitors to your race, and to Malin. No years of torment can ever forgive your crimes against his children. When all these Valah have died from old age, and their Empire shatters as it has before, where will you go? You could have found any of us, to find a place to call home. But instead you pick your slaver. Time and time again. There is no freeing a slave that willingly wears chains. There is no teaching savages how to act civil. For now, I wait. For the Valah today will all day, their children shall die, their children's children shall die. Entire generations shall pass before A Mali dies. One day, not one of their children will truly remember the rage and savagery of their lesser developed ancestors. But such a time is not now, hatred is all the Empire knows. And soon, the modern world will have no place for them. We are less then three hundred years away from the 2000’s. I implore you. Get your act together. Signed~ Daichia Jusmia Nimloth.
  5. Daichia Nimloth smiles beneath his helm. “Ah, it seems in-breeders are displeased. Let them, they have been withering away behind their walls for eons.”
  6. Hit me up at Funkybunch#2229
  7. FunkyBunch101


    Born into a disgraced High elven family on the days of Atlas. His ilk was cast out. His mother having cheated on her husband. The birth of Viadaen would prove to be her downfall. As he was not her husbands child. And this became clear with each passing day after his birth. Until he was at the ripe age of six. He and his mother were exiled. His mother raised him in the wilds of Atlas. Where Viadaen spent his days at home. Tending to crops, or reading about the arcane arts. Magic held a fascination to him from a young age. As he saw it as a mean to achieve greatness. And perhaps restore his mothers legacy. But all he could do was read about the arcane arts. He had no way to attempt magic or learn it on his own. Towards his finals days on Atlas, his mother fell ill. The woman falling into a deep depression that killed her in the end. Her body was buried, and it was then that Viadaen turned his back on his home. And on Atlas. Looking towards the far off shores of a land that had not yet been fully tamed. A wild land were nations would war, and barter with one another. Perhaps in these strange lands, he could find himself a proper teacher. Gain a connection to magic, and carve his families name into history itself
  8. [Ooc] Username: Qudlia Activity Rating (1-10): 8 Skype:N/A Discord:Funky Bunch#2229 Do you have teamspeak?:Not yet! Timezone:CST [RP] Name:Daichia Naalio Gender:Male Place of residence:Fenn Race/Sub-race/Culture:Dark Elf Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn and the Grand Prince: For as long as I stand
  9. FunkyBunch101


    "The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the deadly light into the peace and safety of a new dark age". Diachia spent his younger life as a elf of spirituality. His mother died during child birth, his father, named Gusiam took his infant son and fled far away from the depths of known civilization. Struck with grief he sought to raise his son into a life without true strife. For heaven was but a state of mind, and Hell could be easily escaped with ideas. Raised off the land, they two ventured too the far down south. Making their home between Rivia and Fenn. It wasn't until Diachia reached his fifties that he would leave home to live a life of his own. His father had passed in the night before he left, with nothing but his name sake the cheerful Dark Elf spent years trying to find The Dominion of Malin , the land where he was born. And the final resting place of his mother. With little knowledge on the world outside of his shack, Diachia quickly became aware of the need for supply and demand. Where food was grown, people would be. He traveled to Fenn, his father had told him of the cost line province. From there he took work as a fisher, learning all he could about the world he found himself flung into. And by night he mapped the stars, he swore he could feel a pull when looking into the cosmos. As if something beckoned him. How small was he really? That so much of the sky would never be touched by his hands. In his sixties, Diachia would take to the road once more. Traveling up along the western coast of Atlas. Where he came across the Provence of Sutica, known for its open trade relations, and kind nature. He didn't stay for long at all. Though it seemed like a place he would find himself visiting. He took to the sea, sailing with a trading ship towards Kaz'Ulrah. He was impressed with the Dwarven drive to build and control. Though it wasn't the life style he preferred. He would make his way on foot, sleeping in the wilds, caves. Hunting and selling skin. It was around his hundreds that Diachia took up the blade, and became a sellsword. And he has since bounced across the land, taking any contract he could find. His goal still the same. Find his way to Malin, to visit his mothers tomb stone. Even if he has been putting off the task for most of his life. Perhaps he is afraid of what he will find in the Wood elf city. But there is only one way to find out.
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