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  1. William smiled at the wanted poster, albeit knowing that he has done a little too much trolling this time around. Regardless, he looked between his retinue with an innocent shrug, and went on to write missives in turn! My actions have saved the innocent child from a lifetime of harm in the care of a mentally disturbed mother, whom is guilty of multiple severe crimes across the continent, including multiple counts of bodily harm and even attempted murder. Those who know this woman personally will know what I speak of. The child will remain in safe hands, and be given to a family capable of lo
  2. Count William Buckfort studied the Coats of Arms and Mottos closely before casting his vote forth. I). Yes II). Yes III). Yes IV). Yes V). Yes VI). Yes VII). Yes VIII). Yes
  3. After some feedback, a redesigned coat of arms would be sent out to the Chairman for approval! (Please find it here) jackelope.png (506×612) (discordapp.net)
  4. The ancient count, William, let out a sharp sigh as he studied the missive sent out by the honourable Chairman. With minimal delay, he called upon his squires to produce the required documents. -) A family registry of all relatives from the house wielding the peerage: A list of names of living relatives would be written down here: Matilda Buckfort, sister (MutatedPotato) Arazo Buckfort, wife (raeluvsyou) Aldigar Buckfort, son (MutatedPotato) Romilda Buckfort, daughter (FrostyGopnik) Bluebell Buckfort, daughter (WrathOfQuacken) Francis Buckfort, son (starav) Galahad Buck
  5. Name: William Buckfort Race: Highlander Birth Year: Unknown Peerage (if applicable): Sarissa Do you have a residence in Sutica, or are you guaranteed a residence as a government official, or are you currently in the process of acquiring one?: Yes Address of residence (if applicable): Brynrose Keep
  6. If the cops let you off with a warning, can they stop by your house a week after and take you in for a couple of weeks even if you didn't do anything and the first time she just fell?
  7. I've had a fair few experiences with Stefan. He has provided me with quality RP more than once, even in banditry encounters. On top of that, he was sound OOCly and made me feel welcome into his community. I have recently joined a faction in which Stefan was in. Understandably, I was sheepish and anxious OOCly as I was around people that I had little experiences with. However, Stefan has welcomed me in and treated me with respect and acceptance. Despite being new to the server, he is outgoing and friendly, even if does take part in banditry. I agree with Grool that RP shouldn't cons
  8. Bestia happened to be strolling by Rosenyr, a bottle of ale in one hand, mead in the other. He took a sip from whichever one he felt like as he stumbled by the library, where he chugged the remnants of his drink. With a broad smile beneath his beard, he let out a content sigh “Tooime foor ah pess!” he declared, fecking his bottles aside before lifting his kilt an inch or two. As he formed a natural stream right under the door knob, he faced ahead to come face-to-face with the poetry, mumbling as he read along. He perked a brow as he neared the end. “Oond yoor wooine…” he read out, letting out
  9. Of Cats and Mice 8th of the Grand Harvest, 1739 Told from the eyes of a Ves Republican Army leader. The lovely, peaceful streets of Kaedrin were disturbed as several terrorists entered the city, soon raising their voices into shouts and brawling against one another in an effort to draw out guardsmen from the gatehouse. After the ruckus, an innocent passer-by was captured and dragged off for wearing an Imperial Army uniform. Under torture and threats, the soldier was forced to give up his name and rank by the Ves Republican Army provos. Deciding to spare the soldier’s life, the republican re
  10. I think that the new war rules are a step forward. Previously, a single warclaim can cause an entire nation to collapse. However, I would like to address one problem I see: I feel that there should be staff intervention if it is asked for. For example, setting up ladders or perhaps siege equipment during a major raid or something like that. Without such, most settlements will be unraidable. However, that’s just my point of view and my suggestion. You may or may not agree with it. -Panda
  11. Auralia Arryn cracked her knuckles, "I suppose it is time to slay half-breeds, also." She commented.
  12. Pan_Porucznik


    Name: Eriksander “Goldbeard” Janowik Age: 26 Species: Human Gender: Male Height: 6’2” Hobbies: Archery, hunting, reading and teaching. Likes: Music, horse riding and fine wine. Dislikes: Beggars and the undisciplined men. Personality: Open with a good sense of humour. Serious when he needs to be. Eriksander Goldbeard was born near the city of Anganarum to a retired veteran and a housewife. His parents owned a small homestead which mainly grew wheat. They had a pair of milk cows and a lame farm horse. As a child, Erik would learn his lessons the hard way; his father was tough on him and he
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