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[Complete]Plots Sale Urguan

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-=- Land Sale in Urguan -=-

A Cross the Vast Kingdom of Urguan certain lands are for sale directly from the Grand King himself, the prices and locations are listed below.


-Plot Type A) Standard 30x30 plot 1000 Minas + 180 Minas tax Every Saints Week


-Plot Type B) Standard 50x50 plot 1800 Minas + 230 Minas Tax Every Saints Weeks


-Plot Type C) Standard 70x70 plot 3200 Minas + 320 Minas Tax Every Saints Weeks


-Plot Type D) Standard 100x100 plot 6000 Minas + 500 Minas Tax every week



- Any Plot Under 70x70 must pay an extra few to contain a sort of fort.

- For a Larger Plot contact me for discussions

- For another Location contact me for discussions  


-=- Some Available Plots-=-







Plot Type A: Lovely flat plot surrounded by valleys its shape is great for farming.







Plot Type C: A Great Plot its deep shape is well suited for a fortress and a possible town.










Plot Type B: A Great area on top of a mountains peak, its great flat area makes it a remarkable area for a town.








Plot Type A : A Suitable area for a town under the feet of Fort Amherst






(660, 219,-1600)


Plot Type D: This vast terrain on the hill side of a mountain provides a great area for a great castle and large town.









Plot Type B: The flat area overhanging  underneath a city of Haense , provides a great spot for a rich town









Plot Type A: This small area overlooking a large farm of the neighbouring Nation of Haence provides a great area for a small Town or Large Manor.







Plot Type A: This small plot deep into the deserts provides a great area for a large Manor and farm










Plot Type C: This vast area of the desert is a great emplacement for a strong fortress or large town.







Plot Type B: This big piece of land almost Bordering the Kingdom of Courland , is a perfect spot for a new settlement .


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17 minutes ago, SquirtGun said:

((May want to adjust your prices, considering players can get land of similar size from GMs without having to be tied to a nation/be taxed weekly.

Aye half true but its much cheaper buying a bigger plot from 70x70  or even less considering gm's sell a 70x70 for 5k, and also for smaller settlement(also big settlements)  who need protection get the guarantee protection from Urguan so no worries about sieges or raids.

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Wonders why he wasn't consulted since he is in charge of land, vassals, and land management.

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(760,200,-2200) Plot A

Is this still available and a negotiable price?

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21 hours ago, Hoster102 said:


(760,200,-2200) Plot A

Is this still available and a negotiable price?

Yes it is contact Lefty_Bojengles for more info

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