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Godwein Stafyr (Z3r05t4r)

Onwards [Sci-Fi Nation FRP - RP]

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The Terran Federation

10.07.2110, Sol’s Rebirth System, Planet Terra


“Success is not final, Failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.” -Winston Churchill


Dr. Lalone and Edward Wilhelm stand in the Science Division’s makeshift laboratory, Lalone sighs “This is so annoying..” he states as Edward nods “Ya, you’d think that the science division having more proper facilities would be a priority..” glances around. Lalone nods “Unfortunately with resources to limited we must wait for a proper facility to be constructed but it’s on the Council’s list of top priorities once this mineral issue is solved.” he studies the odd crystal formation “Redundant...sturdy...and very very resilient..it took what to harvest it?” he asks


Wilhelm gestures to the destroyed diamond tipped saw “That and we only got a small amount.” he says “So it better be worth a true look if it’s so strong.” Lalone nods in agreement as he looks over the crystal “Beau..” he says quietly as Edward glances over “Hmm?”.


Lalone sighs “I said it’s beautiful. Besides the Science Division can give this crystal full attention now that the Drive System is pushed to the shelf for now.” he says as several other scientists whom’s uniforms bear the patches of several different countries, China, Belarus, Czech, with Lalone’s being France. “Alright then, let's get to work!”


Meanwhile at the newly constructed shipyard…


Vera looks through the window at the two new Freighter’s that will form the beginning backbone of the Federation’s Fleet.


“The Caterpillar Class Freighter..” she chuckles “Truly an odd name.” she comments as one of the chief engineers looks to her “Heavy Armor and a lot of cargo space...she isn’t exactly a blockade runner Ma’am but she’ll get plenty of equipment and ore from where it needs to go without issue. Being modular in design, like most of our colony we could arm it if need be but It wouldn’t be much a threat to any real problem. That’s what Uri and his boys are for.”


Vera makes an odd expression “Uri is...well..”

“Crazy?” he asks

“Russian...essentially the same thing.” she smiles as a constant alarm goes off from her datapad. She holds up the device tapping it’s screen “Yes?” she asks as a face appears on the screen “Head Councillor, the shuttles and recon craft are fueled and ready. Do we have a go ahead of our survey mission?” he asks as she gives a stoic nod “Yes..Quinn is it?” she asks as the young man nods with a stupid smile “Quinn Abercromby, Pilot and Explorer at your service Mam.” he replies as he turns his head “Alright Lads! Prep engines and let's get off this rock! My jimmie’s are gettin’ cold!” he says before the comms cut and she shakes her head “The Best and Brightest hm?” she comments to herself.


Taking off from the Colony are several small teams of Shuttles and Recon Vessels split up to survey the 3 moons that orbit Terra. The Solar System of Sol’s Rebirth holds only a few planets along with a massive asteroid belt at its outermost orbit of the sun.


Colony of Terra

Capital City, Sol


Freighter Class Shipyard

Notable Locations: Sol Colony, Crystal Chasm

Population: 105,000




The Federation Science Division gives its full attention to the new material discovered on Terra, testing it out in various ways, testing it’s endurance and strength. Including possibilities of being used to ‘Focus’/’Augment’ current Mining Laser Technology (1 AP)


2 Caterpillar Class Freighters begin construction at the local Shipyard. Length 100 Meters, Height 14 Meters, Crew Requirement 5 Max 2 Minimum. (2 AP)

3 Small Teams of Shuttles and Recon Vessels carry Mining Survey Teams are fueled and load to survey and scout the 3 moons of Terra. Luna, Light and Shadow. Luna’s orbit is similar to Earth’s moon, while the other two are either constantly in the dark or constantly in the light of Sol’s Rebirth. The Survey Teams will be searching for basic ores and resources needed for the colony, from Ores to Fuels needed for day to day operations. (1 AP)

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Silver Knight Company 






Chief Executive Edward Armathwaite

Security Chief Lyle Morgan

Chief Engineer Shinzo Sato

Chief Scientist Miranda Keynes


General Activity


The Security arm of the Colony was concerned, hearing of the ship heading towards the Colony, defenses were prepared around the Colony and a Curfew was put into effect. This had been drilled multiple times in the past, with food stockpiled around the City ensuring there is plenty in each stockpile to endure any siege. Anti-Air weaponry was prepared and could be effective. Security forces were organized accordingly and a possible defense was prepared.


The Executive arm of the Colony would attempt to contact the vessel in all human forms of communication that can travel through space to see if it might be a friendly ship of humanity or some sort of vessel from the unknown, either way first contact protocol demanded that the Company would not fire first.


Activity and Research


The Executive Branch of the Company would use all methods to attempt to contact the incoming vessel (1AP)


Research into the new material found that was extracted to identify its possible uses in all sectors of the Company (1AP)


Research into improving Exoskeleton design would continue (2AP)

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Map update.




Three new colonies make their appearance on the map.




Imperial Republic of Mankind


Funneling materials and manpower into industry to produce equipment for the mining facility proves to be a boon. The people are occupied, happy, things are moving forward, the stockpiles are growing. Assuming this, it should be beneficial in the long run of course.


After a set of futile attempts to boost sensitivy of the radio beacons and communication systems, the technicians propose the conclusion that the signal was a brief short lived one and too far away to be caught properly. What has been recorded from this strange transmission is mostly incomplete, broken pieces of words beneath constant galactic static.


The jump drive is being removed in a huge effort and safely stored away, whilst the engineers proceed to dismantle the remains of the colony ship. This goes quite well, as the modular structure of the colony ship allows it to be assembled into something else. They estimate they should finish by the end of next year.


New Sephoria


What has been found certainly has proven to be interesting. Further analysis and study of the found machines and technological remnants, along with the two (!) functional robots, allowed the scientists of Sephoria to start analyzing an entirely unknown language. Perhaps unknown first, until a strange relationship with very old languages of Earth can be established. The language of the found machines appears to be a mutated mixture of Demotic, Old Greek and Latin. Whilst further investigation might prove worthwhile, the scientist suggest to teach the foundations of this language to essential key people, to allow teams who encounter technology of this unknown origin, to read and understand the meaning of its visual and sound output.


With the onsetting population boom, the construction of farms certainly is a wise move. New areas are being cleared to make room for crops from Earth, although some of the populace appear to have taken liking to a strange pearshaped orange colored fruit growing on bushes in sheer abundance. A light fruity taste and good nutritional value might make this fruit a potential addition to the ration system in place.


United States Of Arcturus


The first refinery being finished proves essential for the continuation of the project of the space station. With the newly produced fuel from Iris and the two new small freighters, the supply of raw materials and tools does not cease.


Given the circumstances and the effort that is being put into it, a masterpiece of work with no incidents takes place. The year is over and... the shipyard is built. Motivation of the workers? Magical helpers? Warping time? Who knows, what is done is done.




The roads are finished just fine. No encounters with hostile fauna, which mostly appears to either ignore mankind or retreats away further into the forest. Calm and quiet, docile, hm?


With being connected to this first road network, hauling off debris and soil and other overgrowth from the ship certainly proceeds much faster. By the end of the year, the ship is entirely uncovered and moved into a more stable position. It apparently had landing six landing legs, of which two in front and one at the back are missing. Whilst replacing what was destroyed on the ship might prove impossible, the engineers report from the "engine" room of the ship. There is a dusty reactor there they managed to activate by randomly slamming some buttons on the consoles there. Inside behind an extremely secured and fortified case through a window panel they can see a set of batteries with odd markings on them. The console in front of that window has a set of bars corresponding with the batteries. They show various, but rather low levels of energy, so the engineers say.


With the foundations done, the structure for the hall is being prepared to begin assembly of roof, walls and utility in the coming year.


Using old schematics from Earth, the scientists proceed to build a set of experimental engines to place onto small recon vessels, to try them out in orbit later on. This will take a while.


The Republic of Xie


It's not a well oiled machine yet, but it's getting there. More raw materials and ores go in, more finished parts and processed materials come out. What else is there to say?


The engineers report that supplies should be sufficient at current output to build the station within those four years. But they must keep at this effort and focus a lot to do that properly. During this first year, the structural grid is being built, preparing the whole station for its segments and habitats.


The Holy Kingdom of Eadn


Having spent the past two years to settle in and set up, things should be running smoothly as it stands currently. The past years have also been used to map the entire world with great effort and great success. The time invested has the result of knowing every major potential resource location and the valuable materials. Else, not much has been done?


Hephaestus Holdings Inc.


With the font of the ads growing each week, so does the amount of visitors. At first they were few, a couple dozen Grgl, then an expedition of fifty Tassareans. Whilst many are tourists bringing gold as suggested perhaps to pay for their fares and fees, a few bring knowledge. With the linguists of Hephaestus, the communications are soon settled well and language proves to be no barrier anymore. Whilst rainbow pearls are the luxury pure, Grgl have shown a sheer fascination with microwaves, in the latter half of the year, a report indicates that 10,000 microwaves were shipped off to the Confederation. What they do with it, well, who cares? They leave behind a lot of gold. So much it might almost become harmful for the economy.


No substantial effect comes from this ad-campaign. Capitalistic minds think alike, spending less money is still spending money. It appears though that a few Grgl and Tassareans have brought business and family to the colony, settling down, paying in gold.


Compact energy cells are nothing new to mankind and storage problems have been solved quite a while ago on Earth. This is wasted time, the scientist board loudly proclaims, heading back to business, enjoying their time with their tall Tasssaran escorts. Oh lord.


People's Council of Utopie


As military groups establish orderly outposts at key locations, valley entrances, hilltops and so forth, they certainly give a good grasp on the region aroun the primary colony. Given time, settlements might indeed flourish there, at spots with water sources and resources. This after all is supported from orbit.


In reference to the above, the scouting of the surface proves remarkably convenient to find the right spots and paths to get about. Whilst searching for deposits, one place strikes everyone's interest. A valley filled with vast crystalline formations, towering tall and upon trying, nigh impossible to break down. Some soldiers of a nearby outpost manage to break one of them by firing an explosive round from a grenade launcher into it. The following shower of chunks of crystal shards proves to be quite dangerous regardless.


The experimental jump pack technology might need a little bit more work, they sometimes still fail to lift the more muscular and heavier soldiers. Otherwise the training goes quite well.


The Saga Initiative


This new metal certainly has an incredibly high melting point. But it proves to be of incredible value for technical applications. Upon creating an alloyed plate of steel and this metal, it proves to increase its hardness and resistance without becoming brittle at least three times. The first tests with these plates show that conventional ammunition of an assault rifle on a one inch plate proves to be completely without effect. Armor piercing rounds make dents. Explosive show a reduced effect, but even an inch is not enough against that. The only drawback is the increased weight of this plate, as the metal is heavier than lead.


Much alike the colleagues of the Imperial Republic, the signal proves to be a brief one time flicker of something very distant. Trying to signal it appears to be pointless anyhow, given how much time would pass. Also, where to in the first place? The origin was unknown, it was just randomly caught.


The ship is constructed and prepared for launch.


The Terran Federation


A dense and enduring crystal, but brittle. Trying to test it as an augmentation to focus laser beams proves to be... the wrong approach. Once the prototype was activated, an explosion ripped apart the entire laboratory, damaged the adjacent corridor and rooms and wounded ten scientists and engineers heavily. This was certainly the wrong approach. Luckily, nobody died.


The constructions go quite well, aside from the brief interruption by the nearby explosion of the laboratory, they manage to finish one of them, the other one should be done this year.


The first scans show little but bland moon surface. In one of the impact craters a huge amount of ores is being detected. A beacon is shot down, marking it for future mining.


Silver Knight Company 


It was halfway at the colony, when the vessel halted, turned and proceeded to leave the system. Maintaining it in visual range, it was tracked until it was quite far away from the colony. Then all of a sudden it became distorted and literally warped away. That must be the drive this race uses to fly between the stars at high speeds.


It is clearly a metal. Melting the ore down at incredibly high temperatures, they manage to develope a resilient and heavy alloy by mixing it with steel. Many times harder than what has been known so far, it certainly may find military and civilian uses.


A year passes. And the first model for industrial use without corresponding armor plating of course is in production. It should assist workers in factories and mines efficiently enough to increase the production output by about ten percent. People say it gives... an edge over one's work.





Population growth


Republic of Xie - 108,500

Imperial Republic of Mankind - 107,000

Terran Federation - 107,500

New Sephoria - 111,000

Silver Knight Company - 107,000

United States of Arcturus - 108,000

Aurora - 108,000

Hephaestus Holdings - 105,500 Humans, 500 Grgl, 250 Tassareans

Saga Initiative - 108,500

The Holy Kingdom of Eadn - 62,000

People's Council of Utopie - 104,000






No unusual events on the colonies are reported.


Unknown vessels are being detected in the solar systems of Aurora, the Terran Federation and the Kingdom of Eadn.




Year 2111 by Earth's calendar..


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United States Of Arcturus


Arcturus system




The Hawk class shuttle docked with the station that orbited above Artemis now three times larger than it originally was, the station possessed a wide array of docks and hangers, in nearly a year the USA went from having nearly no fuel to a thriving colony with ships travelling back and forth between the moons. As several workers stepped off the shuttle they quickly found the correct path and followed it. Through several corridors they finally reached a large hangar filled with activity as the final pieces were being fitted and machines calibrated. This was to be their new workplace a massive shipyard hanging lazily in orbit. The workers moved through another corridor reaching their rooms. Eager to get to work they stowed their luggage and moved to the prep room putting on their jumpsuits and magboots as they made their way onto the hangar floor.



As President Hallsworth entered into his last year of his first term he was determined to leave a lasting impression on the citizen that they would hopefully remember in november. Enjoying a 82% approval rating his reelection was hopefully an easy run. Some of the citizens however had other priorities. The vocal minority constantly criticized him on TV, mocking his foolish plans for expansion they believed humans should stick to one planet. That however was not going to happen. “So Mr President given the chance what would you say to these...very angry, citizens. They believe you are getting to ahead of yourself and will harm the nation in doing so, I'm sure our viewers would enjoy to hear your response.” James laughed and cracked a smile as he confidently adjusted his tie sitting up to make eye contact with the host “Well Jerry, we are. We are getting ahead of ourselves. We are pushing against boundaries, and there is NOTHING wrong with that.” The host nodded as James continued “For centuries on Earth we were subject to the whims of the world having to please everyone else, for once we can focus on ourselves as a nation. Yes we are getting ahead of ourselves because nobody ever got anywhere sitting at home.” Jerry Man the host of Artemis nightly nodded in agreement “I agree with you Mr President along with a majority of the population. My father covered a lot of presidents in his days back on Earth and most would cower from a question like that, it's good to see that you are willing to take issues head on not avoid questions Mr President.” James smiled reaching out to shake the hosts hand “Thank you for having me on tonight Jerry, it was a pleasure.”



The colony was progressing well, they had for the time being settled in quite nicely, but the best scientists of the colony decided to focus on other projects. With the knowledge received by the reverse engineering of the jump drive it was time to dive back in. The parts were intricately being studied as engineers and scientists poured over the notes as a project began to develop a prototype drive.






4AP for research into a prototype jumpdrive using knowledge obtained during their reverse engineering 3 years ago.








-900 US army soldiers





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Aurorian Imperium


Reports of the inspection of the downed spacecraft would flow in steadily over the last year, August and her council reading each and every one of them intently. At the start of the new year as the inspections begin to die down and the groups look to their spokespersons for their next task the council would meet once more much like last time. August would stride into the council room flanked by two security guards armed with the basic weapons that was brought with them, quickly she would take a seat curiously looking about the council room. Two out of three of the members would be there, “Where’s George everyone?” She asks politely before looking to both Fernado and Cynthia. Cynthia would speak up first “George said he had to go help supervise the construction, he's been pretty busy over the last year due to the construction efforts we’ve been piling on him...pity” She says with a sigh to which Fernado nods a little “Yes, but hes doing good work...the roads are safe it appears which is a blessing upon itself due to the massive fauna and flora we’ve encountered here on our little piece of Utopia”. August would give a little nod “Very well, we must continue this meeting without him then” she snaps her fingers to the reporter that would have recently been implemented to type everything down and make sure it's recorded as well, indicating to begin the process. Standing, August would pick up her digital clip board and begin reading off the reports “Over the past year we have successfully finished road construction to all the sites of important, no threatening creatures have intruded on the workers luckily..Next the Assembly hall is almost finished and ready to build ships, all that's left is for George and Cynthia’s people to begin the finishing touches” She nods to the two council members “Next on the list, Fernado good job with your progress on the experimental drives...continue with the good work” She says before looking to Cynthia “Good job so far with the ship by the way, Ill need your people to write down all those symbols and send them to Fernado-Fernado ill need your people to try and decipher them later on...Also Cynthia ill need you to try and figure out how to power that ship up or at least figure something out with the engine room..”. August would give a sigh then a little smile “Good job people, we’ve survived another year on Aurora..Keep up the good work everyone also be careful on the road please” She says “Meeting adjourned” and with those two words the reporter would stop recording and typing. Soon the meeting room would be empty as everyone goes to manage their own sections.



Fernado would immediately head out towards his research wing which has over the year grown through the mountain size, he would begin working with some of Cynthia’s engineers to put the experimental drives on some spare recon ships and plan the next phase of the tests. Meanwhile Cynthia’s people would be busy at work, making sure to write down the alien writings in separate digital files while another half begins fiddling with the engine room. They would begin with the reactor going to try and power it up more with electricity generators; after these are done they would try and figure out how everything works with plans being drawn up. The site would be patrolled by guards and some heavy duty weaponry along with the roads; each and every transportation being escorted by armed soldiers.



~Ap points~

  • 1 AP is used instructing Fernado’s science team to begin trying to use old schematics of rail gun weaponry; trying to figure out a way to make the weaponry smaller and able to be held by the common man.

(Railgun rifle research)

  • 1 AP is used in continuing the inspection of the alien spaceship, Cynthia’s engineers working hard in the engine room and throughout the ship making sure to write down all the alien writing and symbols in digital files. They would attempt to power the reactor with electricity generators while also trying to figure out how the pieces function and work.

  • 1 AP is used in continuing the construction of the Ship Assembly hall.

  • 1 AP is used in trying to detect and identify the ship(s) that have arrived in their solar system, if deemed safe they would try and hail the ships attempting to make contact through the more notable ways. 


  • Population: 108,000 Total Population

  • Military: 15,800 soldiers
  • Spoiler


    Standard issued military uniform and weaponry:



    Colony Aurora: Current status is being used as a storage hub/home.


    Scout Spacecraft: Capable of short range travel, armed a little weaponry.


    Land scout vehicle: Armed with a mounted machine gun.


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The People’s Republic of Xie


“When society filters out all but the rich, nobody is rich.”


“Ou-our people, they claim they are suffering, they want a new leader. He calls himself Ho Chi Minh, formerly Chi, he was one of our generals and he claims to be a descendant of the great Ho Chi Minh himself, b-but he now wants to take over the government.” The advisor states promptly. Cheng groans, a grave look appearing on his face. “And how many people does he have?” The advisor shifts uncomfortably, “More than we do, sir.” Cheng sits up, his face turning a light shade of red as he squeezes it “And i didn’t know about this sooner because..?” The advisor gulps, “Because..”


A blinding flash of light strikes the room, an almost electrical feeling pulsates throughout all the guards,shouting in Mandarin echo throughout the floor as gunfire quickly erupts as the blinding light suddenly fades  a figure towers above him, a gun pointed to his face and then there is just cold, empty, darkness for Cheng…











An eerie silence fell over the moon, everyone knew what had happened as evening slowly dawned.

Ho Chi Minh II, as he was going by, stands atop the podium, looking to the large crowd of people gathered before him. “Today” He grins, pumping his fist in the air “We have defeated the evil captors, controlling what was supposed to be a democracy, I will be taking charge temporarily until we can create an appropriate system of government, but know we will no longer be using these Capitalist ways, for they are truly bad for our civilization. All shall work for each other and sharing shall be the only solution to our problem.” He takes a deep breath, “Everyone continue your jobs, for everyone has a part to play in this society, we will be continuing some of the projects Cheng was previously working on, including the space station.”


Ho Chi, a profound military general sits atop the Cheng Tower, the tallest building in the city, named after the previous owner. “Now,” He sits in a room with his advisors, all eyes rest on his face, “We will keep all the projects Cheng had been working on, especially the space station, for that is vital to my plan. I hear some of the parts are ready

With it's launch being accelerated to the next 2 years. The people to go to the space station will be the people with the most assets, though we will say it is random. Make sure to get a few poor people in their to to cover it up.” He takes another breath,” We need to build a huge industry and army, while keeping the people happy. The Soviet Union didn’t work because of the lack of free market, the plan is to keep the top 1% in control of their assets, but the bottom 99% in a communist like system.” He slams his fist on the, “Kāishǐ” he then shouts before leaving the room. 

As the research concerning the space station is now completely finished all available assets are focused on developing the factory, everyone over the age of 18 who is not already in a job is temporary allocated to the factory, the mines or the assembly station for preparation. The military and women are also sent to work on these projects.


1AP Building another factory for accelerated progress and to serve as a longstanding factory for future projects.


3AP Doing everything else concerning the space station. 



Population: 108,500

Military: 0


Factory workers, miners and assembly workers 40,000+

Scientists/ government/ high education work: 10,000 

Farming and misc: 50,000

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Imperial Republic of Mankind


Location: Novam Domum, deconstruction site 

Hans Friedrich was walking around the deconstruction site of the colony ship.

A lot of people were milling around the site most of them being engineers carefully salvaging the ship yet there also were some observers, watching as the ship that brought them to their new home was given a new purpose.

As he looked around Hans could also see large pieces of machinery cutting of pieces of the ship whilst trucks kept coming to pick up the pieces to transport to the storage facilities.



Hans thought about how much things had changed since they had first come to Novam Domum.

First there was only a barren Mars like surface with nothing around and almost no atmosphere whatsoever.

Yet now as he looked around he could see domes scattered around the planet surface and the smokes of industry releasing carbon dioxide into the air.

Much has changed and progress was being made and everyone was happy about that, yet some people still had moments of depression realizing that they were possibly the last hope of humanity had left and all the family and friends who had died on earth whilst they managed to survive.


Hans quickly threw away sad thoughts.
What were the use of depressing thoughts when there was work to be done.

He then started to walk around the construction site supervising the work being put into the Colony ship being deconstructed and gave advice to those who needed it and also gave a helping hand were it was needed.


Then as it became late and the sun set and the cold started to spread around the construction site the crew finished their tasks and then went back to their cramped homes in a biodome.


They then went to their homes and ate their rations for the day talked a bit with their wives or their friends if they didn't have wives and then woke up.

Then the process would repeat and work would progress.

Yet people were also happy to have work and to have routine, the first months on the planet were harsh without the biodomes but eventually everything was settled and people had progressed with their lives.


Unluckily or luckily depending on your perspective Hans had a slight difference in his routine.

Once per week or more depending on how much progress had been made Hans needed to bring a report to the Emperor.

At first had been nervous meeting the emperor yet everything had gone flawlessly and it was just a efficient activity with no problems being raised.

As the weeks progressed Hans could see little pieces of how the emperor really was behind his official stature and heavy responsibilities and began to have a bit of small talk with him.

Slowly Hans and the emperor Alexander Varellion became good friends and their talks were small breaks in their busy life and a time where they could both stop holding up appearances and just talk as two normal friends and have some coffee before going home.


This day Hans again went to the emperor his office and had in one of his hands two cups of coffee and with his other hand he knocked on the door.

Moments later he could hear a voice saying calmly "come in."Alexander then opened the door with his free hand and walked inside with a wide smile on his face.

"So Alexander how are you doing,"Hans said with a warm tone in his voice and a smile on his face as he walked in

"I hope you haven't overworked yourself again.".

Seeing Hans was coming in Alexander relaxed, released his posture and leaned back against his chair and starting speaking  in a sarcastic but happy voice.

" Well I am having a nice day alright and me overworking what are you talking about I never overwork,"Alexander would say this with a smile on his face" and you don't have to mother me, I already have Lily for that."


The interaction would then go with both Alexander and Hans talking and simply relaxing ((that part of my interaction got deleted when I typed my post))



1 ap is spent further salvaging the colony ship and making the materials ready to be used in building the shipyard

1 ap is spent on studying the jump drive 

1 ap is spent on helping the entrepreneurs with setting up their mines and setting up and improving other mines with the new tools made from the factories.

1 ap is spent on improving improving the transport capabilities from the mines to the Industrial zone with a new road being constructed and trucks being made or if there is enough Industrial capacity create a train that picks up all the ore from the mines and then goes to bring it to the industrial zone.


Ap spent


-Domestic affairs and welfare-

5 ap is spent on mining (2 of it for making equipment for mines)

3 industry 

1 salvaging the colony ship


-Military and Expeditionary action-

2 ap spent scouting 



1 ap spent on trying to decode a signal


-Imperial guard-

5000 men in the army


population: 107.000

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New Sephoria



Date: March. 2111

Location: Alien Factory, Angelos-4

Documented Event: Examination of Alien Factory


Head Scientist Maria steps through the hole cut through the door. Just within the first room, several groups of scientists can be seen, investigating the factory. Groups of guards mill about the the room, making sure nothing happens to the scientists.


Maria looks around, and see's the scientists assigned to studying the robots language speaking with Director Rosita. Maria makes her way across the factory, to speak with them, coming up behind Director Rosita. "Director Rosita, to what do we owe this pleasure?"


Rosita turns to face Maria. "I was curious about the robots your scientists had discovered. I was curious to see what their opinions were about adding modified versions to our work force. I believe I did send you a memo about my visit today."


Maria nodded. "Right. I'm sorry, I've been frazzled recently, trying to decide where we should prioritize our research. The robots are such a fascinating subject, but there is so little we actually know, and a lot we need to learn quickly."


Rosita gestures to the scientists. "Well, these two have just been telling me about the similarities between their language, and some of those from back on Earth. Perhaps learning to understand them would be a good start?"


Maria makes several notes on her tablet. "I've already begun the process of learning everything I can about those languages, Director."


Director Rosita nods. "Very well. Then I'll leave this to you, Maria. Keep the council updated."




(2 AP) Prominent members of the science team take the time to learn the language the robots are using, as well as Demotic, Old Greek, and Latin, in an effort to reliable communicate with the robots.


(2 AP) The broken robots collected are transported to New Sephoria, and studied, in an attempt to learn how they were built, how they work, etc.





Population: 111,000


Broken Robots


Active Alien Robots: 2





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The Saga Initiative


“3….2…..1… and we have TAKE OFF!” A cheer could be heard within the command center of flight center. The initiatives first steps towards expanding its reach.


The Thrope class scouting ship, it was designed by Chief Engineer Lucas Thrope. It is a multi-purpose scouting ship capable of holding its own in a fight while being able to scout and scan moons and planets with the ability to launch drones for scouting purposes as well. Armed with twin-linked Vulcan mini guns for combat and planetary scanning devices and drones. Ben and Lucas also had spoken on other designs stemming from this ship. Adaptability is something the pair wanted within the Saga’s navy. They had plans for a new ship coming as well. But they had to focus on other things currently.

Image result for light space ship fighter deviantart


Back Council room, Ben walks in with a grin on his face. Exciting news and the plans for the future were booming in his ear and as he looked on his SI Pad he couldn’t stop from smiling. “Well well, do I have good news for y’all. We have successful launch of the scout ship and successful news on the mineral we found in the mines. The material is extremely resilient, it deflects regular ammunition and is only dented by a single armor piercing bullet. Explosive testing had destroyed the plate but it was only an one inch plate. The material however is extremely heavy, it’s heavier than lead. I want opinions how how this should be used. Should we put it towards armor plating on our ships, tanks, and soldiers? Or should we put it towards civilian uses?” Ben paused for a moment allowing the group to vote, the group voted unanimously in favor of the military side for the material as they saw it hard to not favor it as it would give them an extreme advantage.



Scouting the nearby moon of Noctum-1. (1 AP)


Mining of the mineral to build a surplus. (1 AP)


Building of a new factory that can produce bigger ships. Equipped with machines and minerals to equip the new mineral armor plating. (2 AP).



Population: 108,500

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The Digi-vision show "Hephaestus: The Company Line," was airing its final episode for the season. Today's episode, much to the pleasure of the execs and shareholders of the subsidiary, CEO Steven Penrith accepted an invitation for an interview as a cap-off to the series. The bubbly hosts, Sally Fisher and Ryan Cresthaven, we're wearing their million-dollar smiles and the studio audience erupted into cheers as he was introduced. Cordial, blithe small-talk and jokes started them all off, and when he was suitably comfortable the pair began their real questions.


"Steven-" Sally began, before almost immediately being cut off.
"That's 'Mr Penrith' for my employees, Sally love." The hosts and the audience laughed jovially.
"Mr Penrith, industrialist, merchant, entrepreneur, bachelor, and saviour of the human race--what precisely haven't you done?" 

"Well, a reasonable marriage, for one!" Polite laughter ensued.

"There are some black marks on your record, however!" Remarked Ryan in his imported British accent. "Some people say you're xenophobic!"
"Untrue, Ryan, mate! These are just silly rumours started up by very silly, soon-to-be-fired employees."
"Some say that you refer to our Tassarran customers as "Klingons!"
"What an absolute nonsense statement, Ryan! If any of you two are classic science-fiction fans like myself, you'll know that Tassarrans look nothing like Klingons and Grgl look nothing like Maltesers! Why would I make such a callous, spiteful statement? I, in fact, was the one who encouraged commerce between Hephaestus and alien cultures regardless of their outward appearance!" 
"I uh, sir, he never said grgl looked l-"
"And besides, even if I did make some sort of comment of that kind, hey, I'm still a businessman! And my business is the growth and success of our beloved Corporation!" A number of cheers erupted from the studio audience, and the interview moved on to favourite foods, and future plans for Hephaestus.


Due to the overstocking of gold, and under the advisement of Phillip the Super-Accountant, the Corporation orders a switch to an electronic currency based on the current gold-reserves they have accumulated until a purported more valuable material is found. Alien currency may be hassle-free swapped with Hephaestus reps for 'HEcredits' at appropriate kiosks at the beginning of the next financial year. 1AP.


Upon hearing that the company had access to smaller energy sources already, Steven states that he is pleased to learn such. He also states that if the scientists mouth-off to him again in such a manner, he'll replace them with Grgl. Since they had been wasting a year of company time and saying nothing until that point, Steven assumes that they have plenty of time on their hands. He and the Corporation put in a request for a number of possible laser-weapon designs, with actual construction and testing occurring some time in the next financial year. 1AP

With the increasing number of alien visitors, the board-members believe some market research ought to be conducted about the customers they're catering to. Worrying that the purchases of Hephaestus products are due to novelty rather than purpose, they wish to learn about products their new customers use commonly. Tarrassans and grgl are sought out in the Tourist-Trap, and are are offered compensation (In the form of casino chips, free meals at selected venues etc etc) for completing surveys. 2AP


Humans, 105,500
Tassareans, 250
Grgl, 500

Military: 8000 Security forces. Volunteering dropped substantially, due to the normalisation of alien presence. 

Will be adding my own "Accumulation List" as it seems clever.

Mining Total: 2AP,

Manufacturing Total: 5AP 

Advertising and Market Research Total: 6AP


One disassembled, incomprehensible jump-drive sitting in a corner of some engineer's workshop. 3AP

One drive-less colony ship being utilised for storage and energy.





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The Terran Federation

4.27.2111, Sol’s Rebirth System, Planet Terra


If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking.” - George S. Patton


Vera stands in her heavy winter attire at the landing pad along with Quinn and two armed men for escort as a ‘just in-case’ measure. Uri stands nearby “Are you sure you only want two men going with you Head Councillor?..” he asks as she turns to him “I am certain, preferably I’d rather take none with me. Remember if you don’t receive a green light message from us..assume the worst and keep the colony dark until the alien vessel has left.” she orders, he nods his head as he departs the pad as they board the Freighter. “Not exactly a diplomatic ship, but the range is good I supposed.” she comments as Quinn straps into the pilots seat “Engines green...Airlock...sealed..Life Support green..” he talks to himself as he checks over the ship's systems “Alright it’s gonna be a bumpy ride until we leave atmo so..just strap in.”


Meanwhile in the Medical Bay

Lalone and Wilhelm are treated along with many other scientists and engineers. A nurse gives Lalone a his final checkup before he is told to take it easy. “I apologize Doc..” he sighs “I should’ve let you and your people study it more properly before demanding such a test.” Lalone chuckles “It’s just as much my fault, we won’t be doing that again anytime soon. We’ll need to take our time.”


The Caterpillar breaks the atmosphere as Vera looks out the viewport down at where the colony is roughly, it’s lights died out and communications kept on an absolute minimum. Once away from the planet Quinn attempts to open up communications using a couple different pre-recorded messages “Attention, Attention. We are representatives of the Terran Federation and Humanity. We wish for peaceful contact..” the message would be repeated in morse code as well.


Colony of Terra

Capital City, Sol


Freighter Class Shipyard

Notable Locations: Sol Colony, Crystal Chasm

Population: 107,500



1 Caterpillar Class Freighter




Repairs are made to the damaged sections of the city from the failed experiment (1 AP)


The 2nd Caterpillar Freighter is to finish it’s construction (1 AP)


The Colony is put on High Alert and all operations are brought to a minimum and only critical systems are kept running to darken the colony in hopes of keeping it hidden from the alien vessel. (1 AP)

Head Councillor Vera along with pilot Quinn and 2 volunteer bodyguards take the 1 operational freighter to approach the Alien Vessel’s location, once a distance from the colony it will attempt to open communications for first contact… (1 AP)

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People's Council of Utopie


The gears had finally begun to turn. The people were scared and listless, living in their large towers. But the Council had been furiously at work these past months. Outpost and forts were branching out from Utopie. Soon people would be shuttled to these new areas. The hope was indeed to gradually dot the nearby valleys with settlements. The Council wished to spread it's population out. The goal was to have many small villas working and sending yields back to Utopie. In fact plans went far further than even some council members thought. Many of the inner circle had been inclined to the same route. They wished to have the city for themselves. It was after all named by them, to resemble as English would call a Utopia. And so the lower caste had to be given their own land.


Fear was not the staple tactic however. Though control was a must, leniency is shown. Citizens are given the option to stay in the city, from the first generation. If they cooperate and swear loyalty, they will be bonded in. The rest will gradually populate the rest of the world. But that was hidden ambition. For now all the people of Utopie were told was simple. The People's Council wished to expand control to the whole planet. People are given the option to go have land in this new planet. As long as they stay in the dictated settlements. Mines and other industrial buildings are started. Housing is rough and spartan. Many of the initial frontiersman are soilders and single people in need of work. 


As for the city itself, a few laws are enacted. The ruling line for these are the absolute need for survival. And so the People's Council enacts a breeding schedule. Women volunteers are taken, to begin the first generation of citizens born from the program. The child and mother both gain full citizenship in Utopie. Alongside this all pleasure crops are removed. Though water is abundant, seeds and crops aren't. Within the domes only the best crops are utilized. A large portion is held over for seed. The hope is to increase their seed supplies and start planting in the valley itself.


As for the strange crystals, no large action can be taken. For now a team of scientist are sent over to examine them. Their ultimate goal is to brain storm how to extract it and it's potential use.


Continuing settlement of frontiers. Mines are to begin production along side other outlying factories. (1 ap)


Breeding program begins, to expand the population artificially (1ap)


Attempt to expand amount of seeds in reserve (1 ap)


Scientist sent to Crystals to find a potential use for it. (1 ap)

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The Holy Kingdom of Eadn
مملكة عدن

Eadni Year 04  - Eadn City

A year had passed since the first great scouting missions had begun with the probes, and in that time the Kingdom of Eadn was able to map out the entirety of their new world. After a careful amount of consideration, the most plentiful of sites would be chosen for massive "giga-factories" of massive scale. Inspired by the early 21st century work of Elon Musk, these factories would be sustained by solar panels and wind turbines on the top of the massive facilities. All available resources of the Kingdom would be devoted to the construction of these massive plants [of which there would be 20 to start] to be built over the next several years. These factories would be staffed with the first 'hatched' caste and consist of roughly 2,000 workers who worked alongside countless machines on the assembly line.


[3 AP -- The Construction of Giga-factories and their staffing w/ Lower Caste 'Grunts']

Meanwhile in the Palace of King Khalifa, the General Staff is made aware of the signatures being received from outer-space. Rather than make contact, the ruling elites decide to keep this information a secret - for now. Quietly, an increase in funds for defense spending begins; specifically research into space-based defense platforms. The most viable option for now seems to be to turn the ark, still in orbit collecting dusk as a colossal husk, into a working space station with turrets capable of defending the planet. Such research would take awhile and would need to be carried out quietly.


[1 AP - Research into the conversion of the ark into a working space defense platform]

Population: 62,000

Police Forces: 2,000

Militia: 4,000

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Silver Knight Company 






Chief Executive Edward Armathwaite

Security Chief Lyle Morgan

Chief Engineer Shinzo Sato

Chief Scientist Miranda Keynes


Colony Stats 


Population - 107,000

Silver Knight Company Security Forces - 25,000

High Skilled Workforce (Science and Engineer Corps, Executives and Administrators) - 25,000

Low Skilled Labour (Farmers, Builders, Factory Workers etc) - 50,000


General Activity


The Colony began to lower its security situation, martial law had been removed as the threat level decreased, allowing the workforce to resume activities of leisure outside of their working hours, which would raise the Colony morale and happiness across the City and outer settlements would increase. Security forces would continue their patrols as per normal, rotating which territories they would patrol so that they would not become bored. 




The Low Skilled Labour force would be trained in the use of Industrial Mech Exoskeletons so that construction and mining output could be increased. The Factories would begin manufacturing the Industrial Exoskeletons so that the amount of trained workers could keep up with the output quota that is desired by the Executive Branch of the Colony. 




Selected members of the Colonies Security Forces would begin to undergo simulations of combat Exoskeletons to see who would be the optimal pilots of the first prototypes that are very close to being built and allowing a Mechanized Company to be founded on the Colony.


Research and Activity


The Engineers and Scientists would seek to create the Military Model of the Exoskeleton, using the newly created alloy to make the armoured plating for the unit. They would seek to have it stand between five and six meters tall, have fully operational arms and legs and to create weaponry that it could hold and discard, to have it act similar to a soldier in that regard. Seeking to add additional weapons, chaff and other countermeasures onto the unit too. ( 2AP )


The Engineering and Science Corps would be issued a new project as its first would begin to come to a close. The Company would seek to construct the first Corvettes, small Military Craft for use in Space. ( 2AP )

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United States Of Arcturus

Wasted effort. At least some would say if they were looking for a jump drive. Instead, the year is over and the result is an prototype for a warp engine capable of going faster than light. The first tests have been conducted on smaller vessels, and thus the scientists count that as an achievement already. They highly recommend to explore the surrounding systems, for good measure of testing the engine's reliability and potential expansion possibilities.




Turning towards miniaturization, the magnetic accelerators are the first thing to tackle. The first drafts have been made, but it will take longer to get that issue solved.


Little success with little effort one would say. The language remains a riddle, the symbols unreadable due to a lack of reference. The engineers note that they turned around every bolt in the ship, but can't figure out a way to charge the reactor core of the ship.


With the time this year spent into finishing the interiors and the walling, the shipyard is finally done. And well built for a groundbased shipyard.


The contacted ship responds and soon communications are established... in English. The ship turns out to belong to the Confederation of Xaplonius, it's round orbling people with black button eyes and eager race, ready to help out. Chirping (with English subtitles) and gurgling they report that two other human colonies have been found as well. Hephaestus Holdings and the Terran Federation.


The People’s Republic of Xie


The next factory is well underway, but it will take a while to finish its construction. With the increasing output of the growing industry, the effort is well supplied.


Up in orbit, aside from a minor incident where a worker got his arm smashed, a good quarter of the station is ready and due to the engineer's foresight, operating independently and ready to house people and workers. The docking section is a bit overburdened currently, but with more sections established soon, that should be little of an issue.


Imperial Republic of Mankind


Giving the right nudges in the right places.


The colony ship is now completely dismantled, some parts already used for different buildings and machines. The remainder gets prepared to assist in the construction of the much requested shipyard. That should take one or two years to finish.


The mystery of the jump drive remains unsolved, its workings and mechanics defying the laws of physics and the minds of the scientists and engineers. It appears impossible at the current level of knowledge to get such a drive functional and running.


More industry, more pollution, more work, more resources, almost so much that there comes up a lack of workers, if the industry increases at this pace. Care is advised.


Wether a road or a railway system is better suited is something the engineers wish to leave up to the Emperor. In the meantime though, the architects began laying out where the infrastructure should be erected and remove the biggest blockades already. Being ready next year for further progression of the project, given enough effort it could be done within the year.


New Sephoria


Having solved the puzzle of the language, the scientists manage to discover an entirely new language. This language appears to have ties to many ancient languages on Earth and might even have a relationship with some of the older religions. Given there is a lack of source material to confirm more of this, the study stops there pretty much and speculations and theories take place.


The parts show highly advanced motor systems and electronic systems giving the robots immense physical power and durability. With the language barrier gone, the active robots are questioned about their technical components, to which they state a series of parts and their properties. What powers them apparently is a "Xylorite Crystal Battery". As it was requested, one of the robots opens its body, revealing a battery case in which two blue crystals are placed opposite of eachother, a visible, extremely strong energy current visible between.


The Saga Initiative


Aside from the usual minerals deposits and a surprising abundance of ice in the nothern craters, it appears to be quite uneventful.


Stockpiling this hard metal appears to be tough at first, until the first mining drills and saws using the new alloy with steel come into use. Then it appears to be as easy as normal mining. The drills barely take as much as a scratch and should last for a very long time, giving more value to the mined materials as a whole.


The engineers proceed to extend the launch pad and lay foundations for a bigger shipyard right next to the existing one. Given enough time and effort, this should be done within the next year or two.


Hephaestus Holdings Incorporated




With foreign currencies now being accepted, a lot of tourists and new inhabitants (Grgl and Tassaran alike) begin to trade in their own currencies. This leads to slowly growing but substantial stockpiles of Arbl (Grgl currency) and Rishan (Tassaran currency). International business with the two nations should be far easier now.


Upon the notion of replacing the scientists with Grgl, the head of the employment offices notes that they had a number of job applications from various Grgl and Tassareans. A few of them are actual engineers and scientists, one Tassarean in particular shows to have a degree in particle and energy physics of the Grand University of Tassarea. Might be worth a shot.


The Tassareans are bemused, the Grgl are eager as usual, as there are plenty of questionaires filled out and the survey accumulates plenty of data. The Grgl purchase the microwaves due to their practical size, fitting into most Grgl homes, and to warm Blabr, which is a very nutritious and tasty gooey soup. It's lightly spiced and salty taste has found plenty of followers amongst the human populace as well, Blabr stalls located in one or the other corridor or plaza in the biodomes. The Tassareans on the other hand are a race of deviants. The survey reveals that a Tassaran business man has even opened an "escort" service and a bar. Whilst language wise the Grgl are at a disadvantage as opposed to their tall humanoid Tassaran counterparts, they seem to work hard and honest. The Tassareans are a bit more... relaxed.


In the meantime the government in Xaplo requests the establishment of an embassy at the colony, as well as the Tassaran government. Furthermore, they note that they have encountered two other human colonies, Terran Federation and Aurorian Imperium by name.


The Terran Federation


Repairs proceed as planned, with tests for the crystal being put on hold for the time being.


The second freighter lifts off successfully, bolstering the Federation's fleet by yet another ship.


Whilst all of the station goes into "cloak", the encounter turns out to be peaceful. The ship belonging to the Confederation of Xaplonius trades greetings and some information about other human colonies they have encountered already and then proceeds on its way, leaving the system. Later on, an envoy brings note from the Confederation and the neighbouring Tassaran Republic that they would like to establish an embassy, as well as informing that they have encountered the Aurorian Imperium as well.


People's Council of Utopie

(Comic Sans, really?)


The prominent and previously scouted mining locations are being taken care of, with perimeters setup, mining soon starts. It's not much at this point, but it will increase in time.


Whilst expaning the populace by utilizing a breeding program may work, the people do not see that it will suit the newborn children well if they have no ties with their parents, or if the biological parents have no access to their technically own child. A difficult issue, but some volunteers are found for it. It will take a while to set up.


Growing the populace and holding back on the food supply is something that does not bode well. Whilst the latter is done, sentiment in the populace grows, many understanding the need, but more considering the luxury they had back on Earth, and still demanding something that is coming close to it.


The first and foremost proposal of the scientists is to use it as a capacitator or focusing crystal. That might yield usage, otherwise they are not certain what else can be done with the crystal at this point.


The Holy Kingdom of Eadn


As a technological masterpiece, it certainly requires time to be built. By the end of the year, the first halls and structure of the factory stands, but none of the energy facilities or other utilities are finished. Such an undertaking might be a lot of work, given the limited resources of the colony.


Whilst still in orbit, reworking the ark into a weapon's plattform is a task that will take a long time. Building missile launchers and basic railcannon turrets, producing the ammunition for them and shipping them from the surface up to the orbiting ark, is a task asked to much to be done in a single year. So, piece by piece they proceed. The designs are priority.


The ship vanishes without further notice, apparently done with whatever it was surveying.


Silver Knight Company 


Before these mechanical monstrosities can be constructed, it requires a lot of prototypes and research into that. The engineers claim, whilst making everything bigger than the normal exoskeleton suits would work, but they need time and resources to do so. Two years, the chief claims.


Whilst recon vessels can be built quite readily, bigger ships require way more focus and resources. A corvette designed for military purposes currently outdoes the production capacities the colony has at this given point.


Sirens, alarms and whatever is at hand go off. The ship has returned. And it's not alone. Accompanied by several other ships, it is clearly en route to the colony. Who the visitors may be, is unknown. Let's hope for the best.




Population growth


Republic of Xie - 113,000

Imperial Republic of Mankind - 110,000

Terran Federation - 110,500

New Sephoria - 115,000

Silver Knight Company - 110,500

United States of Arcturus - 112,000

Aurora - 111,500

Hephaestus Holdings - 108,500 Humans, 1,000 Grgl, 500 Tassareans

Saga Initiative - 111,500

The Holy Kingdom of Eadn - 64,000

People's Council of Utopie - 106,000






Migration picks up more for Hephaestus Holdings. More Grgl and Tassareans move onto the new world (for them, new).


Hephaestus Holdings, Terran Federation and Aurora Imperium are gifted a set of Quantum Communication Systems, allowing for interstellar and instantaneous communication (given you know the coordinates of the other, which have been shared).


An unknown fleet of seven vessels are approaching the Silver Knight Company's colony.


The surveillance and sensor systems of the Republic of Xie strike alarm as they observe a space battle taking place on the other side of the solar system. The footage is in rather horrible quality, but it appears that a dozen ships of unknown origin are engaged in this battle.




Year 2112 by Earth's calendar.


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