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GM Update Log - September

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Hello there!

Team Roster and Changes


Our current GM Team is rather small in numbers with the departures of former Director Harrison, along with Hiebe, z3mos, ski_king3, DrPhilofLOTC, AstralPlatinum, Niccum and Assassinofawsome.With the beginning of a new month, we are looking forward to making new additions to the team and hope to see more applications.




As the tag implies, I have recently been promoted to Director of the Game Moderation Team after the departure of Harrison. With that, the GM Team is grateful for the work that he has conducted during his tenure as Director and wishes him all the best now being a filthy red tag under Mitto.


That being said, my go around as Director will hopefully be successful with both the GM Team and the community to help make the server a more enjoyable place for us all to gather. I hope to address the concerns the community have presently with the GM Team and will strive to build a sound and reliable moderation team to benefit the server as a whole.



Our only trial at the moment this month is Nate1450. We will be taking on more trials come October and we always are encouraging people to make applications to the GM Team. If you have ever considered it or debated whether or not you may be accepted, make an application! You never know until you try. You can find the application format here!


Modreq Data







There has been a massive difference in modreq levels this month compared to the numbers from August, from 5170 to 3388. With quota being 4%, the number of modreqs needed to be done in order to pass quota was 135. Quite a few GMs met quota, something we’re glad to see.


Right now the Team is working on a couple of projects mainly related to rule revisions, changes and fixes. Right now, we’ve been gathering your feedback on meta-gaming, and if you want to join the debate, here’s the thread.


We’ll be rolling out rule changes related to the community opinion on that thread that’ll hopefully reduce meta-gaming, and as well as that, we’re planning other rewrites in areas such as evictions and, more notably, we’re going to working on improving the general rules of LotC this month. Since the rewrite earlier this summer, a lot of people have complained about various rules being absent and GMs have complained about many rules being too vague, so we’re hoping to have that all fixed by this time next month. Look out for a Your View later this week.


Sub-Team Updates

War Team
Defy stepped down from War Team Lead this month and in his 
place MrPieman1111 has taken his position. 


Villain Team
Harrison was working on reforming this time prior to his resignation, something that the GM Managers will be picking up and tweaking. In the coming months, we hope to have something more tangible to work with and something more roleplay oriented.


Economy Team
Hiebe’s departure there’s not a lot going on in terms of the LotC economy. Given the new map that is on its way, the Economy Team will be dissolved until the new map and economy come into play.

Region  Team

A word from our Region Team Lead:

“The region team has been working hard with the other staff teams to pump out 6.0 to the best of our abilities. Many rule changes are coming in the very near future. We have been doing activity checks on all nations for the past couple of months, so expect announcements on nation status changes within the upcoming weeks.” -Malinor


Director Agenda

With my promotion to GM Director, I’m going to take a moment just to discuss with you all about my plans as a GM Director. It’s not going to be some long post about how I’m going to make the server the greatest thing or make any glorified promises. Instead, let’s talk reality.


The first priority on my list is getting the GM Team back into high-functioning order. I want a team that can work together within themselves and when handling situations within the community. It is paramount that the GM Team be reading for 6.0 and I hope to see some changes in the coming months.


As well, I want to establish more communication between the community and the GM Team as a whole. Support, feedback, Your View threads, all of it helps us as a team to understand how things are working on the server for you guys. I encourage the feedback and hope to hear back on the community’s view on the various issues on the server.


I believe that’s all for now. As always, if you have any inquiries, concerns or comments for the GM Team you are always welcome to message me or a member of my team.


-LadyRebecca <3

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Congratulations! I'm glad to see that you're back. Don't wear yourself out too much with this position. 



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welcome back rebecca glad to see you as director again : )

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oh god rebecca why did they make you DIRECTOR


im waiting any day now for my gold-laced letter informing me of my 4th perma ban

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leave while you still can i'm sorry

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huh ski didn't meet his quota?

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#Feminism #CanadianWitch

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3 hours ago, LadyRebecca said:

-LadyRebecca <3




I talk to a fair few GMs and a lot of them say that the atmosphere in the staff team is terrible at the moment (I can't imagine why) leaving them not really wanting to do much. Don't let yourself get manhandled by the admins Becco

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