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1912; The Great War

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And the countdown begins. 10! The residents of New York City scream. As the countdown continues, the last visage of absolute history as we know it also reaches it's end. 1! they scream and couples kiss and children scream. It is a new year, 1912! The past year had been difficult, and shown a lot of change. The Ottomans have lost their Libyan colony, and a lot of Balkan land. The German and English naval race continues. However it's becoming apparent an arms race on the continent is brewing. Russia and France in their alliance seek to out produce/compete German arms. The balkans are a powder keg, with a furious Bulgaria, and a emboldened Serbia. Russia has it's own personal problems, but is a growing economy. Germany is terrified, by even 1920 Russian rail roads could rival their own. The U.S is a fledgling state, dealing with what seems to be a massive problem. Every year more and more Mexican banditos raid U.S land in Texas. The army is left dumfounded, unable to hunt them down. Japan sees a rising wave of imperialism, they were now a great power. Russia remembers with fear, as they watch China practically collapse.


History up until the point of 1912 is exactly the same. The same people, alliances, and policy. However this will start to change very slowly. A butterfly beats it's wings, and the ripple spreads. The further we deviate from the modern timeline, the more outlandish nations will act. For now though most act the way they always have. But small changes are slowly seeping through, and 1912 is a perfect year to show that.


Expectations for post; I expect some pretty flashy post. This is the pre ww1 era after all! Imperialism and Nationalism is at an all time high. People are pioneering new fields, and art/photography enters a whole new stage. Your post don't have to be massive. But I expect at least a few paragraphs and photos to really capture a feel for your nation in this current era. ALWAYS have an 'Actions' tab at the end of your post. This will summarize everything you have done in the Half Year turns. It is there I will respond accordingly. Expect some harsh reprisals and things to not always work out! Things not listed in the actions tab will be ignored and considered moot.




Taken Nations













You may still apply for other nations!


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Qing Empire


Organising the Republic

With the fall of the Qing dynasty, a one-party republic is formed in Nanking. The Kuomintang of China, headed by Yuan Shikai, is the only party as it would better represent what the Chinese people want. The vice-royalties are disbanded and replaced by provinces which each have a vote on the new president every ten years. Parliament has 100 people each elected by lower party members, and only people of this pool may run for president.

incoming political reforms


reformation complete


Republic of China



Ending the Manchu dominance

With the republic being established, remaining Qing-loyal politicians are imprisoned for corruption or banned from government jobs, even in Manchuria. Members of the Qing Dynasty are exiled to northern Manchuria in an isolated community. [Mod]

The Five Nations

Manchuria, Mongolia, Tibet, and Xinjiang are not provinces but autonomous regions with a stronger local government of their traditional style (Theocracy in Tibet, or Khanates in the others). The autonomous regions each have one vote in presidential elections. [Mod]

Chinese National Army

With rising tensions all around China, the republic must protect itself and its people from invaders. Chinese families must send at least one son into military training for one year upon reaching the age of eighteen. Men who have finished the required training may join the military for further training to join a military branch. [Mod]


Chinese soldiers marching outside Nanking.

Fighting Corruption

With the end of Manchu rule, government documents are seized and brought to Nanking for organisation and archival. A careful eye is kept on documents, court rulings, and party members to ensure no corruption leaks into the government or slips past. Foreign traders, diplomats, or citizens are gaoled until their country of origin seizes them. [Mod]

Foreign trade rights and trade posts are guaranteed to remain in their current state.

Chinese Spirit

Outside of the parliament in Nanking, Yuan Shikai gives a speech after establishing the new state. "People of China, it is a new age for us. After two-thousand years of imperial rule, we as a people have seized the mandate of heaven, god has given us the power to rule our vast land. While we were held down by corruption by the Qing, we are now free to live our lives as Chinese people, no matter which nation we are from. From this day forth, we will become a modern China, a better China." A reporter from Hong Kong catches this speech, spreading it throughout China. [Mod]


Qing Dynasty members are exiled + Sinicisation of the government

Corruption Fighting

Four autonomous regions are established

National Army created and conscription started

Nationalism and stability propaganda

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Flag of Spain (1785â1873, 1875â1931).svg

The year is 1912 and King Alfonso XIII speaks with Prime Minister Jose Mendez within the palace chambers. Several maids fly in and out escorting many politicians from the Liberal Party into the talks. Something is occurring, and King Alfonso is scheduling large scale moves. Several days later, the Spanish government is called into council, several bills are set to be voted on. A pamphlet of expectations is signed by the King, it has his endorsement.


Countrymen, Workers, Noblemen, Spaniards;


It is time we must reflect on the changing world and Spain’s role within this land we call Iberia. Though it is of several hands and many shoulders by both our empire of gold has fallen and has been propped up, we must change. Spain, oh Spain, the land of our people. Though gold once leaped into our pockets, and silver down the streams from America, we no longer have. What I have to state is not to be seen as only citing a problem, no, it is to review the cause and work for a greater Iberia!

Our Army runs at abysmal conditions, not only for our enlisted, but as too for our officers. Officers you may question, but their conditions are different from that of enlisted. Our enlisted retain limited training with improper arms for the new generation of war, they eat only after officers have ate, their equipment is of table cloth and four generation boots, and when transported they must walk on unfinished railroads. Dear countrymen, this is not the way a soldier of Holy Spain should worry. To the bloated ranks of our officers, they move to declare a salary raise and promotion by seniority. Bah! I say Bah! For my Army I have 80,000 enlisted and 24,000 officers, of that 471 are generals. To this, we waste not only time, but the coin of our common man. This shall be ended.

Our Navy is weak, our rivals retain destroyer class weapons at sea almost ten times what we have, all new models. We lost our empire by having a fleet of fishermen boats and floating ferries. To my Marines and Sailors, I say I bleed for you. A Spanish fleet will be the prize of our nation. Modern with equipment designs equipped into armored titans. I say to that, Our cannons will light the sky and rip through streaks of power for all to witness.

Our empire, lost it has been. I do not wish for a Spain with weak holdings in Africa. Of our decrepit army, half must stay in the desert to protect a lost prestige, no. Our empire shall be wealth, transported through the Straits. There we will have conquest of not land but wealth. Trade was the mother of our civilization, again it will be.

Food, I wish to never see a Spaniard, whether a rich or poor man, starve. God created man to survive then thrive. I wish to see every Spaniard eat, for survival will lead to each man and woman thriving.





Related image

Actions Taken:

Updating the Army’s equipment, providing WW1 dated equipment from Spanish-American War equipment. Reducing officers within the military to 18,000 by the end of the year, each officer will be reviewed by sub-committees within Parliament and will be voted to stay in or be processed out. Officer pensions are to be frozen until 1918 to determine if retired officers rate the pay from their terms in the military. Petition for generals to be limited to 4 year terms, with extensions being only granted by Parliament and the King’s approval. The General corp is to be reduced from 471 to 430, to be reviewed by Parliament.

Navy is to be expanded to have an additional Battleships (2) Destroyers (20)  Torpedo Boats (10) by the year 1915.

Begin diplomacy with European nations to sell Sahara Espanol, this is the; the land of Rio De Oro, Seguia El Hamra, Cap Juby, and Ifni. ($200,000,000) This is open to all countries.

Government is beginning to stockpile grain and establishing food halls to provide simple dinners everyday. This will only start in Madrid to see the effects first.

King Alfonso is having secret meetings to increase his influence on the weakened government. (End goal is to have the monarchy established as the executive branch but still retain parliament as a legislative branch.)

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The German Empire




The Crown Prince’s Palace, Berlin, 1912


The Kaiser peered through one of the windows of the palace, no sounds could be heard aside from the cheers outside celebrating the new year. The relative silence of the room was pierced as the door opened slowly.


“Mein Kaiser, a telegram has arrived from Konigsberg”

“That is correct”

“An excellent start to the new year I’d hope”


Wilhelm took the telegram, reading it over quickly before placing the paper on the table


“Send word to von Mackensen at once, development on project firefly is to begin at once. gathern the general staff, much is to be discussed”

“Right away Mein Kaiser”



German Army Headquarters, Berlin, 1912




An assortment of generals, field marshals, & commanders were gathered around a table. A map of Europe was spread out across it. The room was filled with discussion, argument, & debate that lasted for hours on end. However, a conclusion was reached & the 1912 course of action for the German Army had finally been agreed upon.


Several minor reforms are made to the Imperial Army, Calvary units are downscaled, a new corp the Beleuchtungskorps is founded, & the Pickelhaube is de-commisioned in favor of a recentley designed steel helmet popularly known as the Stahlhelm.



Project firefly is launched


Imperial Menu


  • Expansion of Industry, Infrastructure & Railways is to continue with greater emphasis being placed on Colonial holdings

  • Minor reforms are made to the Imperial Army (see above)

  • Project Firely is to begin

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The Empire of Japan


Both the victor

and the vanquished are

but drops of dew,

but bolts of lightning -

thus should we view the world


Location: The Imperial Palace

"The 122nd emperor of Japan is dead, his reign will be remembered as the Meji period and henceforth all who refer to him shall refer to Emperor Meji. Now his son, Yoshito will ascend as the 123rd emperor of Japan." Following this statement in the court of the palace former crown prince, now emperor Yoshito ascended to the throne and pledged to serve the people of Japan faithfully. This all went according to plan, following the standard procedure of asencion but then the emperor made his first act known to the people of the nation. "My people, prime minister Katsura Tora has served our nation and the Imperial court faithfully over the years but now it is time for him to give the reings of premiership to someone else. Him and I have discussed this extensively and have agreed that this will be in the best intrest of Japan. Thus I appoint Yamamoto Gonnohyou as the new prime minister of Japan."


This decleration was applauded loudly by the masses gathered in the courtyard. Yamamoto was a member of the Rikken Seiyukai, the largest party in the diet of Japan.  Furthermore, he was a man who supported an increase in the democratic process whils still keeping good relations with the military and the navy. He was the best fit as a replacement for the controversial former prime minister. Putting him in power would help quell the unrest rising amongst the public and even in the diet of Japan itself.The decision was a seemingly wise one but time would only tell if it would be a wise one.





In the business district of Kyoto was a tavern which seemed to be just like any other that could be found in Japan, the only thing that was different were it's visitors. These visitors were often quite mysterious men who valued privacy and eat and drank in a traditional manner. This tavern was amongst other things also a private meeting place.


So was it the case this time, in the tavern a private room had been hired in which there simply one large screen, a soft floor and a small lamp giving of light. The main purpose of this light was to cast a shadow on the screen, keeping the features of one man hidden. This was the sigh to which Matsumo Azumamaru was greeted as he entered this particulair room. Matsumo had been invited here by this man for his job, he sat down on the soft carpeted floor remaining silent as an old but strong voice came from behind the screen. 


"And ? Have things gone according to plan ?"

Matsumo quickly replied to this "Mostly, Yamamoto was appointed as prime minister but much earlier than scheduled. This could possibly turn out to be a good thing but it will offset the timing."


The older man hummed as he heard this before speaking. "That is unfortunate but we can not change the will of the gods, be on your way Matsumo, there is much to be done."


To which the young Matsumo responded respectfully"Indeed Sensei, indeed."





-With the ascension of the new emperor to the throne a new era has risen for Japan. So as to make sure that the state could field it's large army and grow in prosperity the government begins a campaign to improve the industry of the country. 


This is done by


A: Encouraging people from the countryside to move in the cities where they could work in the factories which were available in the city.

B: lowering the business taxes for industrial magnates and subsiding start-up companies as well as larger industrial companies so as to encourage these groups to expand their enterprises, create more jobs and create a larger industrial base for Japan.


C : offering western Industrial experts and business experts to come to Japan and instruct the local Japanese on Capitalism and the ways of consumerism. It would also help that these expert are also offered cheap land and cheap labour with which their own companies can expand as well. 


An emphasis is espacially placed on the steel industry. Considering that as of right now this industry is particulairly lacking. The iron for this would come from Northern Korea where a large amount of iron deposits were available.




- Yamamoto Gonnohyou is appointed as PM


- Around 5000 soldiers are to be trained as marines. They are to learn how to do effective naval landings, use island hopping tactics and to hold a beachead until more troops arrive. [MOD]


-As a gift of friendship to the US 3000 cherry trees are sent to the US as well as one bonsai tree.



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United States of America
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor us 48 star flag

E Pluribus Unum

Times Square, New York City, January 1st, 1912

As the new year begins, President Taft takes the stage in Times Square, giving a speech. Not many listen with a lot of interest... Taft isn't all that popular, he was when Former President Theodore Roosevelt gave Taft his approval for the next Republican candidate, but the two men had slowly descended into open rivalry during Taft's presidency, due to his policies. Now a crowd of New Yorkers and other Americans stood before him, listening to his speech, or well.. Some listened, others were just celebrating the new year in front of the stage. There were a few men quite near to the front that DID listen though, a small clique of politicians...

"Hey, is that Teddy Roosevelt?!" A drunk man standing close to one of the politicians suddenly yelled. Within seconds a large amount of people focused their attention on the clique of politicians- all of them were Republican progressives, Roosevelt in their center. "IT IS! HEY FOLKS! ROOSEVELT IS HERE!" Another voice yelled. "Franklin? The Senator?!" "NO! TEDDY ROOSEVELT!" were some of the more audible exclaims. Within seconds the crowd was no longer focused on Taft, who himself had halted his speech with a deep sigh, squinting at Roosevelt who grinned up at him. Within seconds, his grin faded though as reporters had already made their way to him.. This was what happened last months whenever Roosevelt found himself outside in his home state of New York.


"Mister Roosevelt! Mister Roosevelt! We all know it, Taft is gonna lose! He's just defeatist! And Wilson?" "He's a racist!" A drunk man shouted, interrupting the reporter, though many bystanders nodded. "Yeah he's a supremacist!" Another person shouted. "I like mister La Folette.." "I don't agree with him!" "He seems approachable.." "Aye, like you could have a beer with him..." A man said sarcastically. The reporter had given up trying to ask his question as the crowd descended into arguing and chaos, but then, the crowd asked the reporter's question: "Dear mister Roosevelt, your fellow Americans would like to know who you'll be voting..." Roosevelt glanced to his friends "We should go home.." "Dear mister Roosevelt, William Taft doesn't stand a chance so who are you promoting?" "Now we should go home..." He said again, his friends and him making their way through the crowd towards their waiting car. "La Folette or Wilson? Tell us, tell us, tell us.." "La Folette or Wilson?! C'mon please tell us!" "Dear mister Roosevelt, William Taft doesn't stand a chance so who are you promoting?" They asked one more time before Roosevelt and his friends drove off and Taft was left on the stage without a crowd.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor times square new years eve 1912


"1800 all over again." Said the headline of the New York Times the next day. Taft read it with a glare. "Just like the New Yorkers looked to Hamilton in 1800 to decide between Jefferson and Burr and endorse either of them since Adams was sure to loose, New Yorkers now look to former President Theodore Roosevelt to support either Republican Robert La Follette or Democrat Woodrow Wilson, as Taft is sure to be out of the picture by the end of the year."

"That goddamn Roosevelt is screwing everything up! First he and his progressives clique of our party make it impossible for my administration to get any bills through congress and now he's going to screw up my re-election!" Taft shouted  at his butler, his wife sitting next to him and frowning. "Calm down, William.." "NO! I will not calm down! La Follette isn't one to draw votes! If Roosevelt keeps going like this he's going to make the Democrats win with Wilson! The Democrats Helen! The party that almost never wins an election! It's gonna be a landslide!" "I'm sure a democratic victory with Wilson isn't realistic.. Let alone a landslide.." She said doubtfully.

As the American politicians were busy tearing eachother into pieces, they had trouble making any progress in governing. Not much could be done against the Mexican banditos that were raiding Texas, no progress was made with better workers' conditions, no progress on the railroads, no foreign actions, nothing. The Taft administration tried to keep rowing with the peddles they had, the other half of the Republican party, most notably Roosevelt and his clique of progressives did everything they could to oppose Taft, meaning no work got done. And all the while Wilson and the Democrats were busy raking in the voters.


Town hall, Columbus, Ohio, June 8th, 1912


At the beginning of the campaigning season, in June, Taft and his supporters had a rally in Columbus Ohio. All of the Republican party was there, including good ol’ Teddy Roosevelt…


Taft was in his element, these were his supporters! These were the people that’d vote for him, that believed the republicans had a chance and deserved another chance. He grinned and mumbled to himself “Talk less..” “TAFT!” The crowd cheered. “Smile more..” “TAFT!” “Don’t let them know what you’re against and what you’re for...” “TAFT!” He went to shake a factory owner from Cleveland’s hand “Shake hands with him..” “TAFT!” and then proceeded to make a quick flirt with the man’s wife. “Charm her..” “TAFT!” “It’s 1912, ladies tell your husbands: ‘Vote for Taft!’” “TAFT!” The crowd cheered along with him.

Not all were there for Taft though, there was also a crowd surrounding Theodore Roosevelt and his friend Hiram Johnson. And still, the people asked him the same question. "Dear mister Roosevelt, your fellow Republicans would like to know how you'll be voting..." “I wish I was home..” He muttered to Johnson. "Dear mister Roosevelt, William Taft doesn't stand a chance so who’re you promoting?" “Please just hold on...” “La Follette or Wilson?” ”We know it’s lose, lose...” “La Follette or Wilson?” “If you had to choose, if you had to choose...” “If you had to choose, if you had to choose...” "Dear mister Roosevelt, William Taft doesn't stand a chance so who’re you promoting?" Finally, after being asked the same question for months, Roosevelt was sick of it. “Well then, if it ain’t gonna be Taft, for we all know the man’s daft..” Taft walked over to Roosevelt, having heard the commotion. “Theodore.. You’ve created quite a stir, sir..” Roosevelt glared at him. “I’m talking to the people, you boor..” “Sure.. You’re openly campaigning… That’s new...” Roosevelt snorted ”Aye, honestly it’s kinda draining…” Taft grunted “Is there any way to make you stop?” Roosevelt’s joking face turned to a serious one “No. I’m chasing what I want, the top..” People’s eyes widened, were they hearing this right? Was former president Roosevelt saying he was going to be running again, right in the current president’s face? “And you know what?” Roosevelt continued. Taft replied “What?” “I’ll make you drop...” Here and there, a soft ‘oof..’ or ‘ouch’ was heard in the otherwise silent crowd. Taft was furious. “You?! OLD MAN?! You’re ‘n old grandfather!” Teddy R. squinted “But still fit like a darn bull moose...” At that, Taft and his buddies stormed away. His supporters stood silent, confused as to what just happened. Roosevelt’s supporters cheered, the man himself grinning widely under his moustache. He had made his point. And he would be running for president again…


Just liked that there was another candidate for the presidential elections. Roosevelt and his supporters split from the Republican party to form the Progressive party- which everyone called the “Bull Moose Party” after Roosevelt’s metaphor. Taft’s support dwindled further as the remaining republican supporters that looked to him or those that had looked to the democrats with Wilson, now looked to Roosevelt. Good old Teddy Roosevelt. He’d been a great president! Surely he’d do a great job again, right?

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor bull moose party

Vote for Teddy Roosevelt and the Bull Moose party!


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VOL VIII No. 31 - 3654      TRANSLATED       2 LIRA




Written by: Issa El- Issa

Translated by: Edward Eastoft



←--ADVERTISEMENTS                             JAFFA - MONDAY MARCH      ATHLETICS --->




See the source image

THE HOLY SULTANATE vacates the Balkan lands after almost 400 years of the Ummah blessing their lands with peace, prosperity, and magnificence with its merciful presence. The Holy Army was defeated by the combined forces of the Balkan Armed forces, however it was not after our sons, husbands, and brothers fought valiantly to defend their families from the Balkan-Zionist Hordes.


After a war that started almost a year prior, the combined military forces of Christian Balkan States Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Greece, and rebels all converged on Ottoman Soldiers in Rumelia, making victory a difficult possibility. However, the Army, fought off 4 nations at once with very limited casualties.


While many are disappointed with the defeat, others, are happy.


One soldier, hailing from the Eyalet of Damascus, had this to say about the defeat. “It was not in vain! For every cubit of land they have seized, we have made them pay the price with 10 of their brothers and sons! They will think twice on whether to attack the Army of God again in the future! We will leave them without men next time!”


The Sultan has begun a series of actions to recover from this incident.  “In 5 years, we will have such an army that Allah himself will marvel at. “


A large amount of soldiers are released home and happily given their pensions. Reporters in Constantinople have increasingly seen a particular German Pasha inspecting soldiers and soldiers,  the Government anxious to create a powerful, organized army.


According to an unnamed source, the Government has committed a full review of the Ottoman Military and reorganized all the soldiers. Soldiers are seen brandishing sharpe, spiffy new uniforms. It seems like they are already making visible progress, with the men leagues better than  before the war. A sweaty soldier, returning home from a long day of drills, had this to say to our correspondent; “In 5 years, even the British will fear us!”


We will be monitoring this story closely.









A boy, no more than 16 years old, was found dead outside Jaffa saturday evening. His name was Mehedi Saleh, and he leaves behind a young wife, whom is left grieving. Murder is suspected, as a stab wound was found on him.


It is not known who the Murderer is, not the motive for the slaughter.


Pray to Allah to give him passage to heaven.






See the source image

Our correspondents in Arabia, and the Baghdad Eyalet have reported, in hundreds of locations, the presence of surveyors, drilling massive holes into the ground. This is mainly concentrated in the regions of the Baghdad Eyalet, and Arabia, however it is also located in sparse locations in Palestine, Anatolia, and Syria.


When questioning one of the officials, we received a simple, one word answer. “Petroleum.”


It is unknown the Government's plan on what to do with the substance, but it seems like the Sultan is hellbent on exploiting the untapped petroleum reserves.













See the source image

It seems that the Army is not the only thing the Sultan is hellbent on enlarging. All across the Empire, massive dry docks are raised in ports like Constantinople, Beirut, Smyrna, and even our own Izmir.


It seems that, according to our numbers, 2 battle cruisers, 8 light cruisers, and 2 destroyers are being built and constructed in numerous locations spread about the empire.


In a new sight from the government, near Trebizond, a particularly large ship is being constructed, with massive guns being loaded onto it. According to our sources, and several memos from key figures in the navy, this is the government's way of attempting to thrust the Ottoman Navy into the forefront of Naval Warfare by attempting to match the infamous British Warship, the HMS Dreadnought.


If the government succeeds, then no doubt the Ottoman Empire will be one of the most powerful in the Mediterranean Sea, which in a different time, our ancestors held almost complete supremacy over.





See the source image

Officials and Inspectors are seen canvassing highly arable areas, and instructing farmers on new, more efficient methods of farming.


The officials were even kind enough to provide the families with brand new tools, almanacs, and advice on how to use more efficient farming methods to harvest the most of their crops.


These acts were praised by many, including one Syrian man. “Allah bless that man, he came at exactly the right time. I have had 5 bad harvests in a row, if this continue, my family will die! With his help, my family will feast surely!”


Others, however were not as ecstatic. “Who is he to tell me how to run my farm?!” Said an old Baghdadi. “I have been doing this job for over 50 years! And so was my father! And his father! And his father before that! I don't need anyone telling me how to run my farm!”


Whether it is beneficial or not, the Government is evidently attempting to bolster agricultural production to avoid famine, and perhaps utilise the abundant fertility the Empire has as a market to become the breadbasket of the world.




Fatama Aljubori-87


Munir El-Ameni-74


Rashid Al-Saladin-91


Juhaina al-Moustafa-63


Aliyyah Al-Nawaz-70


























“If you call this Journalism, I swear by Allah I will shoot myself right here.” -Anonymous


“Good work on Mondays editions, I enjoyed it, it was very well written. Cheers.” - Mahmood Masri







-Return home of the Empires soldiers who fought in the war in the Balkans, many were left to go home, however some remain in the military and train extensively under new leadership as the military is reorganized and new training methods are implemented to increase troop quality.


-Bedouin boy found murdered.


-Hundreds of prospectors and surveyors are seen scouring the Empire, and digging wells and holes searching for petroleum to export for profit.


-Nationalist Propaganda Spread (Muslim Unity)


-Naval Expansion as warships are being constructed across the Empire, including a new piece of equipment in the works as well.


-The Empire implements new farming methods to increase Agricultural output across the lands.


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1912 (Early months)


With the start of the new year, things become clear. Almost every single nation is trying to update and expand their military forces. Many believed war was to not happen again. But industrialist are pumping weapons out as fast as they can make them. Border disputes become more dark, with each nation able to call in troops within weeks. 1912 will herald the start of nation’s focusing their economies and policy on efficient war, not trade and domestic life. Tension increases as a result.


The arms race between the Triple alliance and Franco-Russian pact is the talk of the new year. Each army is rapidly trying to out compete the other’s industry. If this continues on pace, it will eclipse the already large naval race between Germany/Britain. This shift could mean the end of Germany trying to contest the waves.


The Titanic is heralded as the “Dawn of a new age in which peace, technology, and trade rule Man.” It begins it’s voyage with world round celebration at this remark.  It promptly sinks with almost all hands.


Russian crackdowns on unions encouraged by the new Duma begin. Strikers in Siberian gold mines are killed or wounded, almost 500.

The International Opium Convention is signed.


The Balkan War’s conclusion leads to a shrinking Ottoman Empire. In the Balkans themselves territory is worked out. Bulgaria loses in the bargain, and it’s rhetoric indicates more violence to come.


In the United States things are looking bleak. The practically feuding parties are fracturing at the seams. The goverment shut down leads to nationwide panic. Stocks take a small dip, and foreign trade seizes. As the elections near the U.S finds it may need to act before then. Mexican banditos chiefed by Sancho Panza feel emboldened by this new shift. They increase their raids and skirmishes, drawing further recruits and riches to their cause.






Republic of China


And so 2,000 years of Imperial rule are ended. The new Republic will soon see the vast amount of problems cropping up. Problems the Emperor could barely contain.


Manchuria soon becomes the last bastion of “Qing rule”. Puyi and his family, followers, generals, and all other sorts now reside there. The local warlords are inclined to support them, and are rumored to be leaning towards a Japanese sphere of influence. For now they do not officially break away from the Republic. But Yuan Shikai’s rule effectively ends at the border of Manchuria, not in it. Officials not quick enough to flee there are seized. A Manchurian provisional government formed in response to the aggressive Republic moves demand their return.


Besides manchuria however the other newly made ‘autonomous regions’ make little fuss as long as life remains as it once was. They don’t appreciate not being as actively involved in the Republic’s politics however. They fear being voted or coerced into supporting the growing amount of generals looking for a base. Instead they actively seek to help stabilize the Republic if allowed more rights and powers. The ruling elite and local generals are the ones with this rhetoric, of course.


Families grumble about the new draft, but assent in hopes of keeping the Republic stable. However the logistics soon show it may not work. To categorize every family and take a son is a challenge. Alongside then recruiting them from all the Republic’s newly made provinces. And then training them and following up to see if they want to continue service. The program seems to be failing but there is a surge of chinese boys learning the arts of war, from all parts of China. Will this ultimately help or harm?


The new Republic’s government despite careful monitoring would have their fair share of corruption and scandal. The one party system was all but a joke. Many influential members and government officials lead their own little armies. However it was true they were mostly under a broad coalition, led by president Yuan Shikai and his effective military force.


For now the Republic is off to a shaky start. There is horrendous mismanagement, bickering, and problems with enforcing new law. But by and large the populace was willing to give it a try. 






It would provide an almost impossible task to update Spain’s entire current military arms situation. They would have to be content with whatever left over equipment they had. They would need foreign help or a resurgence of internal arms production to even begin trying to retrofit their armies with modern equipment.


The reduction of officers and generals is passed, though it begins to build resentment to the ruling party. The officers and veterans did not appreciate being reviewed and having their pensions frozen even temporarily. The reduction does lead to increased state revenue and slightly better leadership. There is now 1 officer for every 12 troops, not 10.


Naval production will continue on pace though the ships are horrendously outdated in comparison to a U.K dreadnought. Trying to update the armies small arms and build ships would prove a slow plan. Spanish General Staff advises focusing on one.


The Madrid soup kitchens start off well, though take up a good amount of money and aren’t sustainable without proper taxes and committee planning. The citizens appreciate it alongside the King’s apparent concern for their hunger.


For now the King’s influence does not spread in the way he means though he does certainly try! The people are starting to trust and respect their King. But as of yet no one thinks that’d mean they should solidify his rule. A good start to earn their love though!


German Empire


The reforms to improve their colonies standards will begin in German East Africa, and Papua New Guinea. There they will see an increase in German officials, officers, and engineers. Work will slowly begin on binding the colonies together with compact dirt roads, small gauge rails, and telegraph outpost.


 On the homefront German industry is one of the largest in the world. Their growth will continue on pace. One arising problem however is their split production nature. The race to beat England’s navy is costly. The surface and submarine fleet production has been down/split. This was also direct a result from the developing arms race between Russia/France and Germany.


The formation of the Beleuchtungskorps fails almost as soon as it begins.The ideas simply aren’t there, and the General staff discounts it. Their doctrine is very different, and focused on the world as they know it. Progress like this was too radical to take effect.


Project Firefly however fairs somewhat better. Great minds gather from around Germany, and Germany debuts in the ever growing arms race between them and the Franco-Russo alliance. German small arms are to be worked upon with an updated model soon to be presented to the army.


The downscaling of cavalry units sent a ripple through the army. They were skeptical what tactical value it would bring. How could they sweep men off the field in smaller groups? Nevertheless the General Staff humors the Kaiser’s proposition and implements it in the army.


Though the pickelhaube is scheduled to be removed, it still thrives in the German army. Many units and generals refuse to alter their Prussian headgear. The German industrialist are too busy building ships and weapons and wagons. To implement millions of a new and untested design would be too costly. The Stahlhelm is instead showed in museums and classrooms, to show the growing might of the German scientist’s mind and industrial power.




Imperial Japan


The new Emperor rises smoothly to his new position. Many appreciate his taking the speech and issuing a proclamation. His strength and will to change the people are noted. The new PM is lauded as the start of a new Japanese state. Of course Koreans don’t feel the change and are routinely oppressed like any other non ethnic Japanese. A democratising state with shadows!


Many besides the poor and displaced came to the cities in Japan to work. Granted this indeed means a surge of jobs. But there was little regulation or basic decency. Families with a history of quietly tending their farms are now shoulder to shoulder in hovels. Cities are filling, but planning is poor. In short the factories are booming but quality of life is sinking.


With the opening of the market to foreign economies and primier Japanese ones, the economy is surging. Nations like France and the U.K are not the sole markets. Japan and Russia are prime examples. The New Emperor will find the national treasury is swelling in the early months of this year. 


Great Britain


Redmond and the Fiery Welshmen pulled their bill off without a cinch in the early phases. The support and voted were there in both houses. However conservatives and even some within the party make some protest. They have reviewed the new government's spending plan like everyone else. They fear the penny to pound would not be enough. They argue to attach a rider to the bill. It would dictate the Irish would have to help pay for the Empire’s growing cost. It was not just their own policy. The U.K was massive, and ran a massive tab. In general the conservatives would relish the increased funds even if it was only for five years. Lloyd could choose to go along with the rider or pass the original bill anyway. 


The Industrial act represents the growing social power within the U.K. It is expected to go ahead as planned, albeit a bit more costly than anticipated. State funded projects are performing well, with the north seeing a surge of jobs. The coal and steel industries would gradually see an incline of productivity and profits in the early parts of this year. However social changes and freer electricity don’t perform as well. The wealthy energy and steel industrialist didn’t want the government stepping into every one of their pies. Automobiles remain a more elitist luxury, and seem destined for that sector. Work into the cinema industry seems very promising but for now yields no results besides improvement of what is already there.


Reforms to the army training pay off as expected, men are learning better. The increased shells add to the bill. And of course for some men no matter how many bullets they shoot they won’t learn all the nuances. The artillery piece was scorned by some. But the veterans of wars like in Africa pushed for it. They knew what could be out there. Sometimes slower but bigger gus did pay off. The French laugh at this new gun. Saying if there’s ever a war, [the] “British will struggle just to mobilize in time.”


The review of the RN hitches off a bit worse. Many ships and men are flung across the world, or otherwise engaged. Of course a gradual review takes course. But some reports get confused, or some officers lie (or simply don’t know) how well their ships can preform. A gradual conclusion is Britain still rules the waves. But a good portion of their non 1906 and beyond era ships are decaying. In comparison to the German fleet (The ever growing bill continues in the Anglo-Germanic naval race) the RN is more modern, and have better guns and crews. But the German’s supposed ‘submersible’ fleet and armor/engineering are farther ahead than the RN.






Imperial Russia


Elections are in! If that’s what you wanted to call them. Many russian socialist, leftist, democrats, and that sort were clearly alienated or did not participate at all. So in reality it was just Tsar Nicholas flexing his godly powers again. He ushered in what most in his inner circles wanted. A shift towards the growing nationalism and autocracy. The Duma would be dominated by the right, and were even granted powers. 


This would be a messy start to the 4th Duma. Mainly because though they are meant to represent Russian interest and have power, they are flawed. There is no true opposition in the halls. In reality it seems the case will be the opposition is the Tsar. The Duma’s participants were men of ambition, power, and pride in their nation. This didn’t exactly equate to putting Romanov’s first on their list. So yes they will follow Nicholas in this shift, and support it fully as it helps solidify their own gains. But it was clear this could lead to problems down the road as votes became more focused on the Duma trying to give itself more power.


Russia’s industry was growing almost monthly. Their oligarchs, French/British investment, and rich foreign donors were a prime contributor. Russian railways were ever growing, something that terrified Germany to it’s very core. Russian arms were also growing. It was clear the Duma and French Government was in a growing arms race with the German Empire. Progress will continue steadily.


Reform to the army proves too costly and advanced to implement. The Russian army was comprised of millions. It would take time to try to shift their priorities. For now Russian industry is struggling just to equip and transport what it already has. The growing arms race with Germany however means this will soon[ish] change.


The Schools will start slowly in the main cities. Teachers are found and curriculum made. For now no clear results can be discerned from it’s progress.




Kingdom of Italy
The new liberal cabinet/minister’s education reforms seem to be doing well in the cities. It seems however the rich and upper middle class are the only ones benefiting. Your everyday Italian is too poor, or too busy working to pursue their child's education. In the rural areas it has almost no impact. For now a glacial start.

The move to Ethiopian borders elicits protest from some strong supporters of the government. Though they supported Italian nationalism, it was too much. They had just ended a war with the Ottomans. To continue asking Italians to die in deserts against Africans was too much. They lobby a halt to the operation before it begins. Of course it’s not an absolute. The Italian PM can choose to ignore the warnings and plow on. The Ethiopians for their part are heavily fortified in the mountains and receiving shipments of weapons. It does however take many eyes off the rising social and wealth problems in the mainland.


The move to update the army doesen’t go as expected. The army was a big, inefficient, and not so well led entity. Italian industry was also in shambles. To equip them would take years, but a painfully slow start begins. Of course their move to seek foreign capital would help. 


The concept of a ‘fighter plane’ is for now not tangible. Many have yet to figure out how to even conceive what a fighter plane would entail. However a gradual upgrade of Italian air models begin. Much smaller than the army, progress is slightly easier. They will have Europe’s premier reconnaissance planes by 1914.




Ottoman Empire


The Empire was on the precipice, clearly. They had just been stripped of several tracts of land. Their apparent response was to push the nation’s industry and budget to the very limit.


The work into the downsized army begins first. Without any foreign aid it would go painfully slow. Sure men can show off their new uniforms. But basic and up to date equipment, arms, vehicles, and arillery are far off into the future. Especially with a resurgent naval production. The more elite regiments however receive the best treatment. They will at least have all the standard equipment and ammo they need. 


The Search for petroleum goes well. There’s plenty of reserves to be found. It will of course prove a far more expensive task to extract it. The Empire if woefully incapable of doing it by itself in a large amount. Several foreign investors offer capital in return for high stocks in the project. It would speed things up but ensure they never truly owned the oil, foreign investment did.


Nationalist Propaganda is rather successful! Denizens of the Empire are terrified of the looming threats on their border. However it is also showing the wide divides in the Ottoman community, polarizing some.


The naval expansion fails relatively quickly. Currently the Greek navy was able to stop Ottomans from crossing into their Balkan land. This showed how out of date they were. To build drydocks and then pump out a new navy in a few years is discounted. Instead work begins on trying to even make a modern ship building yard in Constantinople. The “Ottoman” dreadnought is too expensive to build with every other budget the Empire has invested into.


Agriculture works go well however. It is expected in a year the market will be ready for small level exports. It also binds the small, sectarian communities together. They feel more unified when they share each other’s food. Overall a successful venture.




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Reino de España


King Alfonso XIII retires to his chamber after a long day of political debate amongst his internal governmental cabinet. Weary eyed from the day, he reads a final telegram for the night, in it the article reads:


Your Highness,


Manuel Garcia Prieto has retired as the Prime Minister. Only a few days earlier on 12 November had Jose Canalejas died from an assassination. Alvaro De Figueroa is to enter the role effectively now. As of now he still works as a diplomat to France, he is expected to return on 18 November to assume his role fully. Alvaro has already sent documents to several politicians within the Liberal Party stating a new budget and wishes to have you endorse the items on the bill. Please see the attachment provided to examine the proposed bill. The new Prime Minister also wishes to speak to you privately over the issues of corporations within Spain and the expansion of the industrial arms. Alvaro has also petitioned for you to examine the new laws pertaining to the increase of literacy within Spain and the disillusion of corporate bosses.


Humbly Serving The Crown,

Queen Mother Maria Christina Habsburgo-Lorena


The King pinches the stem of his nose in contemplation. Thoughts run through his mind, he has had too many ideas on his mind and he needed sleep for tomorrow he would address Parliament again.



A council of senior enlisted and officers within the Spanish Army gathering for a meeting with the king over the issues of a reduced officer corp and the expansion of the enlisted ranks.


Standing at the stage in the Congressional building, Alfonso is handed his papers, he begins to speak to the men.




You have come to hear the calls each man has made, now you shall hear your king. Our navy continues to be expanded and our army begins to be regulated. The regulation of our downfalls are being worked upon by the good men of this government, to that your king thanks you deeply. I now ask for the government to act further.

We must expand our army to be an Iberian protection force, with proper experience, maintenance, esprit de corp, and regulation. To this I suggest the increase of enlisted men from 80,000 to 120,000 by the end of 1913 and the officer ranks to remain at 18,000. The increase projected from the end of 1913 to the year 1914 to be 180,000 enlisted and 21,000 officers. The rank of Non-Commissioned Officers to have a route from Non-Commissioned to Commissioned through an application of merit.

The second matter is of a subdivision of the Navy to investigate the information of submersible craft to protect the waters of Gibraltar.

Upon the Third is the establishment of a Royal guard of 1,000 men hand pick by your King. With this establishment is to comprise of internal review of military personnel, quality of equipment, regulation of the military cabinet, and general protection force of the Royal lands, family, those dictated by Royal decree, and the Senatorial Congress while in session. This department is to be incorporated as a separate entity from the Army or Navy, in which I will be the Commander. When acting as diplomats or investigators, they shall be of the King’s will and should be treated in such respect.

Upon the Fourth decree each man is required to submit a census report at the beginning of 1913 to gauge the population projection, potential military strength, proper taxation, proper subsidization, and general welfare capability of the Spanish Peoples.

Upon the Fifth decree the expansion of the railways will begin across Spain. In order to pay for these routes, the land shall be sold to railway companies based solely within Spain.

And on the last decree, the land of West Sahara is to be sold to Spanish citizens. The lands of West Sahara are to be declared a colonial node. In which they will be exempt from military service unless directly called upon by the King, this privilege is limited to the Spanish citizens of the crown. Those who reside within the lands of West Sahara, not of Spanish citizenship, may be required to provide service to the armed services of Spain in times of war. The colonies of West Sahara are also declared to require all to observe Spanish religious tradition without question as dictated within the Constitution.


King Alfonso XIII nods to the Senatorial Congress and leaves the stage. He begins setting up meetings with Senate leaders appointed by him and the deputies to draft a bill containing his ideas, forming them into more popular wording and filling in the nuances of the document. As the king leaves the building, he reviews the lack of guards protecting the area. In a muffled, “Hmm…” he turns to a deputy in his retinue, “Do you have a notepad on you? If so begin to write what I speak…”



King Alfonso XIII taking a royal picture for his debut into Spanish politics


A telegram is sent to England for the visit of The Royal Highness Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg to act as a diplomat of His Catholic Majesty Alfonso XII, King of Spain for one months time at Windsor Castle. In the letter it reads:


King George V,

It was only seven years ago that I first laid eyes on the Queen of Spain. She has been a stalwart consort to the crown and proves to be an ever fascinating woman. Her family of origin is yet though of the Brits and so I wish to see if she would be given passage to visit such family by the next month. She often writes to your wife about watching your wedding and I know she would be ecstatic to hear the news of a visit back to England. While in your empire, she would be an extension of the Spanish Crown. Should you accept, I shall have some magisters accompany her as well a royal retinue of marines.

His Catholic Grace,



A portrait of Victoria Eugenie sent to Britain displaying the Iberian cultural dress now encasing the British-born Spanish queen.


Actions Taken:

The continued increase of enlisted men from 80,000 to 120,000 by the end of 1913 and the officer ranks to remain at 18,000. The increase projected from the end of 1913 to the year 1914 to be 180,000 enlisted and 21,000 officers.

The rank of Non-Commissioned Officers to have a route from Non-Commissioned to Commissioned through an application of merit.

Officer income is under review and is being decreased across the board.

Researching how subs can be produced within Spain. Drawing up plans for the potential production of the vehicles.

The establishment of a Royal guard of 1,000 men comprised of internal review of military personnel, quality of equipment, regulation of the military cabinet, and general protection force of the Royal lands, family, those dictated by Royal decree, and the Senatorial Congress while in session.

Census for 1913 is to be submitted by Spanish citizens.

Expansion of the railways will begin across Spain. In order to pay for these routes, the land shall be sold to railway companies based solely within Spain.

The land of West Sahara is to be sold to Spanish citizens cheaply, allowing for a surplus of money to outfit the growing military with updated equipment from foreign industries. The lands of West Sahara are to be declared a colonial node. In which they will will be exempt from military service unless directly called upon by the King, this privilege is limited to the Spanish citizens of the crown. Those who reside within the lands of West Sahara, not of Spanish citizenship, may be required to provide service to the armed services of Spain in times of war.

The colonies of West Sahara are also declared to require all to observe Spanish religious tradition without question as dictated within the Constitution.
Reorganization of the military to accommodate new members, moving artillery regiments into the standard rifle battalions and labeled as Company Weapons. Moving cavalry brigades into Army corps. Establishment of 7 Army Corps.

The food drive ends and is re-examined by Parliament, the drawing up of a committee and the establishment of a tax is being written. The people are notified through newspaper outlets that the king plans to subsidize a tax plan by levying 3% of all crop yields and keeping tax revenue and benefits located only to the city the money is being taxed from.




Army Corp Madre de España (23040)

-Division A, B, C (7680)

--1st, 2nd Brigade (2560)

---Battalion 1, 2, 3, 4 (640)

-----Company A, B, C (160)

--------Platoon 1, 2, 3, 4 (40)

-----Company Weapons (160)

--------Platoon 1, 2, 3, 4 (40)

-Cavalry Brigade (2560)

Army Corp Reconquista de España (23040)

Army Corp Poder de España (23040)

Army Corp Escudo de España (23040)

Army Corp Fuerza de Expedicion (0)

Army Corp Roca Sagrada (0)

Army Corp Tierra de Hombres (0)


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United States of America

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor us 48 star flag


E Pluribus Unum

The election of 1912


Wilson Residence, Princeton, New Jersey, September 8th, 1912

Woodrow Wilson and his running mate Thomas Marshall stood in front of the window of Wilson’s study, looking out over the window. Marshall was in the middle of telling Wilson about his problems at home, tears in his eyes, when Wilson sighed, having had enough, he asked “Can we get back to politics?..” Marshall promptly sat down in his chair by the chess table, setting out a frustrated and somewhat depressed ‘please’. “Yo..” Wilson snapped his fingers as to grab his attention while he sat down. “Ev’ry action has an equal opposite reaction...” He said as he picked up a chess piece and moved it forth to knock over one of Marshall’s pieces. “William Taft shat the bed. I love the guy, but he’s in traction...” He grinned at Marshall, who looked a little less sad already, but frowned as Wilson picked another one of his pieces off the board. “Poor Eugene Debs? He.. Is missing in action… So now I’m facing-” Marshall moved forth one of his pieces. “Teddy Roosevelt..” “With his own faction...” Wilson concluded with a deep frown.
Thomas Marshall clasped his hands “He’s very attractive in the north, New Yorkers like his chances..” Woodrow Wilson glared and set one of his pieces in place to strike Marshall’s ‘Teddy Roosevelt’ piece. “He’s not very forthcoming on any particular stances..” Marshall nodded at his “Ask him a question: it glances off, he obfuscates, he dances..” He said as he moved the piece away to a safe place again. Wilson hung his head back over the back of the chair, sighing deeply and grunting “And they say I’m a racist, at least they know I know what race he is...” Thomas Marshall stood up, pacing across the room. “Woodrow, that’s the problem, they see Roosevelt as a less extreme option..” “HA!” “You need to change course, otherwise this race is not won..” Wilson looked up to him “What did you have in mind?” “Don’t laugh..” “What?” Marshall squinted “We’re gonna write a paragraph...”

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor woodrow wilson with thomas marshall

The Second Reynolds Pamphlet - The Norton Pamphlet

THEODORE ROOSEVELT tells the press
about his big secret. An affair of which he
informed the New York Times last night
through a letter he delivered, much
like first treasury
secretary Alexander
Hamilton did with
the Reynolds Pamphlet
from which
Roosevelt presumably took

Theodore Roosevelt had a torrid affair. “The
charge against me is a connection with one
Richard Norton. For purposes of improper
speculation. My real crime is an amorous
connection with his wife for a considerable
time, with his knowing consent. I had frequent
meetings with her, most of them at my own

 house. During these visits, Mrs. Edith Roosevelt
and our children, would be absent on a visit to
her friend. [...]

“Have you ever watched a man destroy his own life?” All over New York, Americans read the morning paper in shock… “Have you read this?” Was the most-heard thing on the streets. “Theodore Roosevelt had a torrid affair.. And he wrote it down right there!” said a man to his friend. “Damn!” the other replied after reading the article. “At his own house?!” A girl in her teens exclaimed before covering her mouth. “At his own house..” Her mother replied with slow nodding. In front of a kiosk stood a man reading the article out loud to a small crowd of passers-by. “...on a visit to her friend..” He repeated with a mumble. “Booo!” Exclaimed more and more people in the crowd. “Have you read this?!”

“Have you read this?” asked Ellen Wilson to her husband as they walked through Princeton with Thomas and Lois Marshall. Woodrow and Thomas glanced to eachother with a brief smirk as Ellen Wilson read out the article. “Well he’s never gon’ be president now...” Lois muttered in disbelief. “Never gon’ be president now...” both Thomas and Woodrow said simultaneously with a grin.

“Where is Roosevelt even?! Is he not around to give word to the press?” A shopkeeper in downtown manhattan asked a politician that read the New York Times. “I.. I don’t know.. He wasn’t home when people went to look for him this morning.. He probably fled the critique..”

Mexico-US border, Fort Bliss, Texas, September 9th, 1912


Teddy Roosevelt had his typical grin on his face as he and his men rode into US army camp Fort Bliss. It’d been a long journey, by train to the southwest and then on horseback for the last part. But here they were. Everything had gone according to plan. Roosevelt knew that the army officials he was meeting today were sick of the government not doing anything against the Mexican bandits raiding Texas and New Mexico, so he’d taken the gamble to head to Texas, rally up a bunch of cowboys through his contacts, and meet with the army at the location they discussed, Fort Bliss. “Good afternoon folks!” Roosevelt cheered as he and his dozens of cowboys rode into the army camp. Hundreds of soldiers watched the iconic figure ride by and waved with big grins. The military had taken it upon themselves to garison the forts on the Mexican border, but they were afraid they’d get into an argument with congress. Then Roosevelt rang them and said he was on board. Now he was there, travelling from fort to fort to motivate the troops, take pictures for his campaign and rally cowboys and local farmers to his ranks to deal with those darn Mexicans like they did in the old days: with guns and horses.  “Who’s ready to kick ‘em Mexicans back across the border?!”

Roosevelt stayed in the southwest for a few weeks, nobody except his family, some close friends and some colleagues knew where he was, this was to be a suprise. Together with the army he made sure all the forts on the border got manned, that any bandito raid was met with gunshots straight away, that any attack on the US would be met with a counterattack and most importantly, that everyone knew it was him taking action, not Taft or Wilson, who sat around campaigning rather than protecting the nation.


The White House, Washington DC, November 4th, 1912

The last speeches were given that day. Taft, Roosevelt and Wilson, all speaking to the press one last time to ask for support from the voters. Tomorrow, November 5th was election day. Taft was simply acting defeatist, his support had dwindled more and more over the last months, less Republicans supported him by the day, all switching the Progressive “Bull Moose” party, or even the Democrats. Though, not the Democrats as much anymore though. Wilson had been doing great in the polls until mid-September: The Wilson Newspaper Scandal.

When Roosevelt returned from his trip to the Mexican border because he caught wind of the news of the affair that had spread about him, he was furious. He immediatly claimed it’d all been lies, and the government started an investigation. From the start, Roosevelt had had an alibi: he hadn’t been anywhere near New York when “Theodore Roosevelt” delivered his letter to the New York Times late at night. He had been in Texas, defending the states against the Mexican bandits. Within two weeks the pretender Roosevelt had been found, he truly looked like the presidential candidate. In the face of being sentenced to prison, he confessed that he’d been paid by Marshall and Wilson to deliver a fake letter to the New York Times; a measure taken by the democrats to kick Roosevelt out of the race and strengthen their position. It isn’t necessary to tell how badly said plan backfired.

Now they stood in the White House, all four candidates. Most of the planned time went to Roosevelt and Wilson, with interest for Taft and thus the press’ interest for him being more moderate. There was also Eugene Debs, the presidential candidate for the Socialist party, but he had even less support, not many people wanted to hear from him all that much.

The Democrats spoke out for tariff decreases, banking reforms, Philippine independence and Marshall’s “really good five cent cigar”.
The Republicans spoke out for breaking up monopolies, less protectionist tariffs and “trust busting”.
The Progressives spoke out for improved workers’ rights, universal sufferage for women, a social welfare programme, increased action against the Mexican agressions to protect the union, regulating monopolies and lastly, greater tapping of Alaskan resources.

Then now, it is time to cast your VOTE!


-The military as well as a large quantity of cowboys are rallied to garison forts and outposts along the Mexico-US border to protect against the bandito's. [MOD]
-Elections are held. [MOD]

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The Empire of Japan



Holding forth his sword

I cut Vacuity in twain;

In the midsts of the great fire,

a stream of refreshing breeze


Location: Tokyo, residential district

The wind blew softly through the streets of Tokyo, sweeping fallen leaves with them and swaying tall proud trees with it's force. Milk white clouds scattered accros the sky, creating a canvas for any artist to pain on it with their own imagination. But the sun shone hardly, both bringing life to the green plants as well as taking it away.


Yet these forces were tame compared to the rising force of progress, great machines could be heard througout the city. Long lines brought invisible forces accros the city whilst black smoke rose into the air. Men sweated, warm drops rising on their heads and falling. They sweated in large rooms filled with burning heat but billowing forth great quantities of steel, tempered by the skill of masters.


Men and women sat together with families in rooms made for couples, humanity and nature were repressed in return for civilization.





- Seeing as Japan was importing most of it's steel from other markets both the prime minister and the emperor agree that the domestic steel industry should grow. Thus a plan has been made to improve the steel industry of the nation.


This plan involves 
A: Improving and expanding mining operations in Northern Korea. Where large deposits of Iron are available.


B: Creating steel mills in Korea. This would help improve local prosperity and industrialization as well as giving the state more acces to large quantities of steel for it's own use. 




- With many families moving to the cities where there is now a lack of houses for the increasing number of immigrants a dire need for more houses has been established. Thus the government has ordered several building companies to build large apartment complexes in the industrialized cities of Japan. These apartments do not have to be luxurious but they should be relatively cheap and able to adequately house the new workers. 



- In an effort to democratise the country even more the voting laws are changed in Japan. Rather than only having a certain percentage of the population to vote prime minister Yamamoto proposes that the wealth requirement of voting should be lowered so as to make the middle-class able to vote in the elctions of Japan. This would help to make the nation more democratic, more inline with Western standards of democracy and it should help raise political awareness amongst the middle class.


For this project prime minister Yamamoto has the tenative support of the Rikken seiyukai and the full support of the Rikken Minseito.



-3000 Cherry trees and one bonsai trees are sent as a gift to the united states of America as a sign of friendship. Though due to an administrative error by a young official the bonsai tree which was meant for the president was sent to Theodore Roosvelt. With the young administrator responsible for the error saying 'Is he not the next president of the USA ?'


-If there is still government funds left over from building more housing and increasing the steel industry investments are put into modernizing and improving the efficiency of Korean farms. This would be to help the agricultural produce of Japan so as to prevent a famine due to a lack of food production on Japan itself in the future.



-A few young men are approached with the proposition to develop new rations. These rations should be able to not spoil for a long time whilst still being nutritious for a relatively small amount of space. This is to make the issue of supplying say a large army, much easier.


-The alliance with Great Britain is re-affirmed

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